10 Garden Solar Lights to Brighten Up Your Outdoor Space

An outdoor-friendly floor lamp? Yes, please! This single light can transform the look of your space, and make it look super bright come sundown. Not just that, but since it's solar-powered, you can pop it anywhere you like - no worries about wires and plug sockets! It's also completely weatherproof so you can leave it outside year-round, and it will tie your space together when popped on your patio with your fire pit, garden furniture set and outdoor rug. *adds to basket*

How do i split a 30Amp 250Volt dryer socket to 120volts? (like a regular wall socket)?

you do that on the panel itself. please get a pro, as you can kill yourself if you have no experience. you change the breakers, the wires, and the receptacle. you keep the conduit and the box.

Do items sell for more if they are socketed?

Here is the item without the specks:And here is the item with the specks:The difference in sell price is 110 Gold, which (correct me on this) is the sell price of the specks combined

Are DIP sockets against overheating worth the cost?

I Never overheated my ICs and even if I use microcontrollers I just reprogram them with wires just soldered directly to the pins. Also I add pin groups for reprogramming the IC if it is only a home-use PCB. But if you are worried about the overheating just solder one pin and let it for 5 secounds to cool down. So I do not see any reason to use sockets

Is some protection necessary for a RS232 link between PIC-MAX232-Computer?

Ideally on an interface you want signal ground to make before any signal lines and break after any signal lines. If it does not you can get surges on the signal lines as any potential difference between the grounds of the two circuits discharges through the signal lines rather than through the ground wiring.Unfortunately rs232 is an old interface. The plugs and sockets do have a shell that can be grounded but there is no gaurantee that any given serial cable or port will actually have wired that up. The main pins are all the same length so there is no gaurantee which will mate first or break last.Normally I would not worry too much about it but the fact your device is a hipot tester probablly means a greatly increased risk. You say you have "no opto isolation", does that mean that one side of your hipot output is tied to the signal ground of your interface? if so then I really think you need to build isolation into your device.

Why is ping6 using IPv4 socket?

Your strace output shows that ping6 is trying to make DNS requests to find the IP address of www.google.com.The first DNS request is being directed to, which is resolver1.level3.net. This DNS request timed out after five seconds, at which time it falls back to the second DNS server, 2001:4860:4860::8844. This server returned a DNS response almost immediately.How this got into your system's configuration, I do not know, though it may have been placed there by your service provider when they provisioned the machine for you. If you are not on their network, the DNS server might not provide service to you. Your system's DNS servers will be listed in /etc/resolv.conf. You can edit and correct them there, after verifying with your service provider that the DNS servers you are using are correct and functional

What do you think of Megabus services?

I have been a few Megabus journeys, including Leeds to London.nI found this journey to be pleasant enough. As long as I had something to occupy myself. I was impressed with the plug sockets to charge my phone and iPod with. However, I have found that not all plug sockets work.nPrice wise, I am very impressed. 5 for a return to London is a well worth bargain. nI have yet to try their international bus trips, but it is certainly something I would do, so I am obviously okay with travelling with them on even longer journeys.The only thing that really lets Megabus down are the appalling hygiene in their on-board toilets.nEvery one I have been on has had the worst smelling toilets I have ever smelt. I think on one bus all my nostril hair was burnt off.Overall, I think Megabus is great value for money and for a little longer travel time on the bus, you pay very little. Personally, I would recommend using Megabus, just still as far away from the toilet as possible. What do you think of Megabus services?Megabus Great Britain: What do you think of their services?

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