35 Diy Yard and Garden Decor Craft Ideas

Would you like a beautiful backyard that looks like it was designed by a landscape artist? Yeah, I would too. But, since landscape designers come with a hefty price, we'll have to settle for the next best thing. That, "next best thing," is a list of ideas which include great photos and links to the tutorials. These are all DIY projects, most are very easy, but with some projects you may need a little help.

You'll find the tutorial for making the concrete globes shown above The Garden Glove 1. Bird and Butterfly Water Feeder You'll want to make this bird feeder/ birdbath project because it is super simple, and inexpensive to make. Find the tutorial at hometalk 2. Mosaic Garden Vases Use PVC pipes to make these beautiful garden vases. Find the tutorial at IKozas 3. Fire Pit The addition of a fire pit to your yard or garden is like an invitation to family and friends. You, and they will enjoy the warmth and beautiful of the fire pit.

The Garden Glove shares a great tutorial.

4. Penny Covered Ball I really think this copper penny covered ball looks attractive and unique. To make one for your yard or garden, go to Kindred Style for the directions.

5. Fan Blade Dragonflies A table leg and ceiling fan blades combined to make garden dragonflies. Find the directions for making these large dragonflies at Lucy Designs 6. Garden Bird Stakes You can't see them in the photo above, but you'll love the super long legs of these birds. The tutorial for this craft can be found at WOOD you like to craft?

8. Recycled Glass Flowers You can buy inexpensive glass ware at the Dollar store or at garage sales. You'll get a lot of compliments on these additions to your garden or yard. Go to BIRDS & BLOOMS for the directions.

9. Solar Lights Chandelier And to think I threw my old chandelier in the garbage last year. Sure wish I had it back now so I could make this for my patio. The instructions for this project are found at homeJelly 10. Petunia Planter Box I think petunias are the easiest flower to grow, they are very proficient in blooming and come in beautiful bright colors. I love this planter that makes the petunias look like a huge bush. The building plans for this planter are found at Her Tool Belt 11. Mason Jar Solar Lights Imagine how nice glass jar solar lights will look in the evening while you are resting in your back yard. The tutorial for making these lights can be found at garden therapy 12. Summer Flower Mobile The little wood slices used to make this mobile can be purchased at a hobby store, or you can cut them yourself. The directions for this project are found at woo jr.

13. Pixie Stick Fireflies In this tutorial, by RAVENVIEW , the poles are wooden. I wonder if PCV pipe could be used instead. And spray painted with the hammered look paint? I really like these and can imagine them at a number of different heights.

14. Build a Pond Find out how easy it would be to have a beautiful pond in your backyard or garden, by going to The Garden Glove for the tutorial.

15. Lady Bugs Be sure to hit the Translate button when you visit this site. The tutorial for making cute ladybugs is at artdrops 16. Glass Marbles in the Fence Imagine how beautiful the colored glass appears through the fence boards and then fix up your privacy fence in this way.

Garden Drama shows us how it is done.

17. Bee House A really cute decoration for the patio....without worrying about getting stung by the bees. For instructions go to CROISSANT AND LAVENDER 18. Garden Treasure Jars A cute idea for secret garden containers which can hold treasures or notes. Follow the directions found at Empress of Dirt 19. Mushrooms Tuck these cute little mushrooms between your garden plants. Enjoy color before and after the blooms. Go to Birds & Blooms for the tutorial.

20. Serving Bowl Bird Bath I love the looks of this bird bath, and it's easy to make when following the directions given at HomeJelly . Another item, the large bowl, I'll have to watch for at garage sales.

21. Colandar Planters Don't you love it when you see an item that could be trashed made into a beautiful useful project? Go to Creative SAVINGS for information about this craft.

22. Bottle Cap Flowers You'll want to start saving your bottle caps so you can make these flowers for your yard. These really nice flower stakes can be made by following the instructions at Suburbia unwrapped 23. Painted Stone Garden Markers Your garden will be stylin' when the rows are identified using these stone markers. They look to me like game pieces, I wonder if a game could be invented using them.

Adventure in a Box shares the tutorial.

24. Pony Bead Flower Lights These flower covers make the solar lights as beautiful during the day as they are at night. Find the directions for making them at instructables 25. Tin Can Creatures Make these little creatures pop up at unexpected places to give your garden a whimsical look.

My Very Educated Mother shares the tutorial for making them.

26. Stone Bird Houses Be aware that these birdhouses are meant to be decorative, not to house birds. You'll find the instructions for making these stone birdhouses at EMPRESS OF DIRT . Impressive!

27. Beaded Frost Luminaries Very pretty and elegant! Make these frosted and beaded luminaries by visiting the CRAFTS BY Amanda site.

28. Pebbled Garden Ball If you've been wanting to try a mosaic project, this is a perfect start. Go to Make the Best of Things for the tutorial.

29. Caterpillar Let the kids help with this garden caterpillar, they'll be so proud of their achievement. Easy instructions are available at Nellie Bellie 30. Draped Cement Pot Planter I love this draped cement planter idea. Go to HydroPro for the written instructions, or watch the video below 32. Broken China Mosaic Pots You can make these beautiful flower pots for your yard or garden by following the tutorial at Running With Sisters.

33. Rocky Bucket Planter Find the tutorial for making this pebble covered planter at Centsational Girl 34. Golf Ball Ladybugs To make these cute golf ball bugs, go to The Whoot 35. Star Wind Chimes Find the instructions for making this wind chime at Crafts Unleashed . Although I like the painted version, I think I'd want to keep them with the rusted look.

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