(357) Things I Overheard Because Kids Have Zero Stealth

Student 1 (7yrs): What piece are you on?Student 2 (same age): Im kinda on two songs, I think.S1: Oh she does that sometimes. Usually when she knows you can do better on the old piece.S2: She always thinks I can do better. Sometimes its annoying.S1: I mean, shes usually right, though.S2: Yeah, thats why its annoying.Student 1 (eight years): Mrs Heejin really liked my performance.

Student 2 (seven years): How do you know?S1: I just know.S2: Ok but if she really likes it, shell say its fantastic, and smile at you like you did more than play violin.S1: She didnt say it was fantastic, but I got the smile.

S1 (11yrs): Shes going to make you do those fingerings.S2 (10yrs): Not if I play my own fingerings perfectly.S1: Are you going to do that?S2: Nope. Aw man. (practices correct fingerings furiously)S1 (7yrs) (whispering backstage): Pssst dont forget to not rush ok!S2 (7yrs): Also high threes!S3 (7yrs): What if we all rush together?S1 and S2, in a monotone unison: Staying together is the goal.

S3: Im scared.

S1 (8yrs): Opera semester is my favorite.

S2 (9yrs): Mine too.

S1: Because the stories are funny!S2: I think Mrs Heejin just makes them up. Who else would write about a flying mouse.S1: No, thats real! She said that was real!S3 (8yrs): I like donut day.

S1 (8yrs): I practiced this a lot. A LOT. I really hope she likes it.

S2 (9yrs): What will you do if you get stuck on it for another week?S1: Ill cry forever!!! Just kidding. I wont care. I dont mind what piece Im on, I just like to play.S2: Whoa.Pay Heejin Weisbrod using PayPal.MeGo to paypal.me/ClassicalSass and type in the amount. Since it's PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don't have a PayPalwww.paypal.me


I have two lamp post lights, wired in line. No dusk/dawn eye. The first post light lights. The second does not

Do you have power to ground on both the hot wire and the neutral wire at the lamp socket? If you do, you have a broken neutral between the light and the neutral of the first light. If you have power across the hot and neutral (usually black and white wires) then change the bulb as mmathis said. By the way neutral and ground are not the same at the appliance.

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