After Massive Led Streetlights Drive, Vmc now Looking

Vijayawada: Vijayawada Municipal Corporation which is focused on saving electricity has decided to introduce solar street lights in a big way. The civic body is already saving huge sums after it began replacing all 32,296 street lights in the city with LED lights. Now VMC aims to utilise renewable energy sources, accordingly the corporation is all set to replace centrally controlled LED lights with new solar lights. "The money we save is equal to the money we earn. Saving every rupee is needed now considering the future. There are proposals to install solar street lights which will help save power. Moreover these lights do not have any maintenance cost," said municipal commissioner J Nivas, adding, "We are planning to install solar-powered lamps at walking tracks and green spaces on a trial basis and we will replace all lights once the trial is successful," says Nivas. Officials of engineering wing of VMC are searching for modern solar lights which work without additional solar panels to reduce maintenance cost. Adiseshu chief engineer of VMC said dirt and dust accumulated on solar panels will reduce the efficiency of these renewable lights and regular cleaning and maintenance is needed for this. "We are looking to bring advanced panel-less solar lights which have built-in solar panels in the stand," he said. One advanced solar-powered light cost Rs 1.60 lakh. VMC will instal 55 lights on a trial basis and the corporation is hoping to save Rs 2 crores power bill on these lights in the coming five years. "These solar lights are completely maintenance-free and it is very easy to install. They do not need any wiring. One cannot see battery or internal parts of the light and we hope we can save huge on power bills," says Adiseshu.

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