Are There Solar Lights That Can Be Put Inside Existing Lamps?

You could maybe buy some cheap solar lamps, and tear them apart to use guts to replace your existing lamps, but my guess is you are going to have trouble mounting the solar panels somewhere that does not look goofy. If you mount them away from the lamp itself, then you are going to have to run wiring (and as you said, that was not done well and has been disconnected). If you are willing to run new wiring, then you can definitely use low voltage LED bulbs, where you just need low voltage cable that goes back to a transformer somewhere (or battery solar panel) - this is much easier and safer to install than high voltage cable (where you pretty much need to run it in a conduit anywhere underground).

1. Is the content of fluorescent lamps poisonous?

they are all 'natural' products ............if handled properly, that is.But, the 'chalk dust' includes a blend of phosphor, so that when the uv light hits it, the uv light gets converted to visible light.One additional element , is the vapour of mercury, that enables the arc stream to happen.Since it is a vapour, it dissipaters in air fairly quickly. I would not breathe the vapour, but there are exposure limits depending on your region.If you subscribe to the concept that anything over 0 is too much, then use incandescent light bulbs.yes, there is a little in each bulb.far less than there was in the 1920s

2. What color should I paint my room?

attempt vacationing the library or bookstores(my well-known) to benefit the abode adorning books and magazines to get ideals. Or attempt interpreting the essential colorings on your needed or present day furniture and adorning accents alongside with lamps, pictures, vases, bookshelves, and mattress covers. optimistically you will come across a colour which will circulate with all those products. If nonetheless caught, circulate to Sherwin Williams, abode Depot or Lowes or any paint broking that has quite a few paint pattern enjoying cards, and take each and all the paint pattern enjoying cards that seize your fancy. Take turns taping them on your wall and notice the form you like those colorings in the process the day and night. as quickly as you narrowed down the strategies, circulate decrease back and notice in case you may get those pattern paints in the two or 3 ouncesjars and paint a pattern board (white poster board or white cardboard field from food market) to work out a bigger pattern that could be useful you are making an exceedingly final determination. desire this helps.

3. What Size of Toggle Switch do I Use for Fog-Lamps?

Why is the cop a douche bag for telling you your fog lamps are too surprising? Do you get called a douche bag for doing all your job? I guess you get called one besides, it quite is why you are bitter. in the event that they are too surprising, they seem to be a danger. in case you purchased a cost ticket for that, which I quite doubt, i will guess it became greater on your approach. i wish you save that approach for the decide, good good fortune in court docket. **you are this form of huge guy to %. on hopeful. She's no longer the sissy whining some non-cost ticket.** *nicely, a minimum of I taught you to spell "douche". lol. you are very relaxing. you are so labored up! you may supply it yet no longer take it curiously. good good fortune. :o) *

4. Can anyone help me install Fog Lamps in my 1992 Dodge Stealth?

you start by mounting them on the out side,where the cables are located ,there's a spot there that they will mount in,then you,ll need a switch then you,go inside and make sure there's a harness behind where the switch is,or the switch will be if so connect it there,and then look for a blank spot in the fuse panel for a fuse to control the lights,there may also be a relay on the outside for then if so all you will have will be a pig tail for the relay,you,ll have to locate a relay and use it ,there's a lot of work to doing this,if your not real good with wiring id suggest you let a shop do this,wiring those up wrong can get your car burned up,and there more to adding those on than just mounting them,there's a lot that i cant explain here,and there no pages or details i can send that will can get a shop to wire them after you have installed them,good luck on it

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I Would Like to Ask What Are the Ways to Improve the Brightness of Solar Street Lamps?
I Would Like to Ask What Are the Ways to Improve the Brightness of Solar Street Lamps?
I would like to ask what are the ways to improve the brightness of solar street lamps?1. Determine the brightness of LED solar street lamp before purchaseBefore purchasing solar street lamps, if it is a large number of recycling, the best thing is to choose manufacturers with industrial plants and drive to the processing plant to have a look. If you decide where to buy, you must talk to the other party about the regulations on chromaticity. If you don't have much definition of this chromaticity, you can let the other party make a sample to have a look.If the requirements for chromaticity are very high, the size of LED light source should be larger. Some manufacturers will choose the most suitable scheme for you out of your own consideration. If it is not particularly bright according to your specific situation, you can also listen to the manufacturer's suggestions.2. Lower the LED solar street lamp equipmentIf solar street lamps are to be installed on both sides of the road, we should fully consider whether there are green plants on both sides of the road. Because the solar street lamp is converted into electromagnetic energy by digesting and absorbing solar energy, if something blocks it, the actual effect is undoubtedly impossible to be very good. When such a situation does occur, why not reduce the height of the solar street lamp and not completely cover the solar panel.3. Query LED solar street lamps on timeMany solar street lamp projects are not easy to hold meetings after the equipment is good, which is naturally not very good. Although solar energy does not need maintenance or cleaning by full-time personnel, it must be queried on time. The damaged position should be repaired immediately. If the solar panel has not been removed for a long time, it also needs to be inadvertently scrubbed.
Technicians Tell You: What Is the Construction Scheme of Solar Street Lamps
Technicians Tell You: What Is the Construction Scheme of Solar Street Lamps
Today, solar street lamps not only illuminate the road for people, but also save energy consumption for national energy consumption. They are not only environmental protection products, but also cost saving and contribute to the country.1. Selection of disassembly and assembly location: the disassembly and assembly location shall be near the installation location to facilitate transportation after assembly. In addition, the installation point shall be paved with rainproof cloth to place the wear, scratch and stain caused by the bulge or fine sand and stain on the ground.2. Installation personnel and tools: there are 3-6 professional installation personnel (personnel can be appropriately increased for heavy installation tasks), and each person is equipped with a set of installation tools, including a multimeter, a large movable port (installing anchor nuts) and a small movable port (installing other nuts), a flat screwdriver, a triangular lock tooling, a cross screwdriver and a pointed nose pliers, several rolls of insulating tape and waterproof tape, etc. In addition, there must be a crane and a lift truck.3. Count the lamps according to the delivery list: disassemble and check all parts one by one with reference to the packing list, and check whether there is any damage such as collision, wear, deformation and scratch. The installation of unqualified products is prohibited.4. The lamp pole components and easily worn accessories (components and lamp caps) must be padded with soft pads to avoid unnecessary damage such as scratches during installation.5. When the lower lamp pole assembly is placed, its upper end must be supported by an iron frame to facilitate the installation of the upper lamp pole assembly.1. Assembly of lamp pole assembly: upper lamp pole assembly, lower lamp pole assembly, lamp arm assembly and solar cell assembly fixing structure.A. Install the lamp arm: bind the exposed sheath wire end on the lower lamp pole with thin iron wire and wrap it with black tape: the other end of the thin iron wire passes through the lamp arm assembly; Slowly pull the thin iron wire at the top of the lamp arm assembly so that the thin iron wire with the movable sheath wire passes through the lamp arm assembly. At the same time, the lamp arm assembly gradually approaches the lower lamp pole until the panel on the lamp arm is aligned and close to the lamp arm boss on the lower lamp pole, and then fasten the lamp arm assembly on the lower lamp pole with appropriate bolts; When fixing the lamp arm assembly, avoid squeezing the sheath wire, resulting in damage or even cutting of the sheath wire skin; Disconnect the thin wire from the sheath.B. Installation of lamps (equipped with equal source): close the opened lamps to the upper end of the lamp arm, and the exposed sheath wire passes into the lamps from the tail of the lamps; Pull the sheath wire and insert the lamp into the lamp arm at the same time. The overlapping length of the two is 150mm; Connect the sheath wire to the wiring terminal inside the lamp, and pay attention to the correct positive and negative wiring during wiring. Rotate the lamp with the lamp arm as the neutral so that the lampshade is facing the ground, and then fix the lamp on the arm; Turn off the lights.C. Pole assembly on assembly:1) Fasten the bracket assembly and corner post on the upper lamp post assembly in turn, and the threaded connection parts shall be stressed evenly and fastened; While connecting the support and the angle steel frame, use fine iron wire to lead the sheath wire from the lamp pole to the angle steel frame through the support assembly;2) . place the component guard in the angle steel frame, and then place the component on the guard; When placing the components, the junction box shall be at a high place. When the components are placed horizontally, the junction box shall be close to the light pole assembly;3) . connect the components according to the system voltage and component voltage of the street lamp. If the system voltage of the street lamp is 24V and the component voltage is 17V or 18V, the components shall be connected in series. The series connection mode is that the positive pole (or negative pole) of the first component is connected with the negative pole (or positive pole) of the second component. If the component voltage is 34V, the components shall be connected in parallel, The parallel method is to connect the positive and negative poles of the first component and the positive and negative poles of the second component correspondingly. When connecting, press the small slotted screwdriver to the terminal of the junction box. The red wire is required to connect the positive pole and the blue wire to the negative pole. After wiring, fasten the anti nut at the outlet end of the junction box, and apply 7091 sealing silica gel at the terminal of the junction box, The amount of glue shall be subject to the complete sealing of the incoming line in the junction box, and then the junction box cover shall be fastened without reverse buckle.4) Use a multimeter to detect whether the component wiring (connected to the controller end) is short circuited, and also to detect whether the component output voltage meets the system requirements. In fine weather, the open circuit voltage shall be greater than 18V (system voltage is 12V) or 34V (system voltage is 24V). After installing and testing the components, the power line is connected to the positive pole of the controller end, and the exposed wire core shall be wrapped with insulating tape, which shall be wrapped in two layers;Note: the components shall be handled with care during installation to avoid damage to them by tools and other instruments.5) , components and component supports are fastened with M6 * 20 bolts, N6 nuts and washers 6. During installation, the bolts shall be installed from the outside to the inside, and then the washers shall be sleeved and fastened with nuts. During fastening, the bolt joints shall be firmly connected without looseness.
Solar Street Lamps Are Common in Daily Use
Solar Street Lamps Are Common in Daily Use
First, the lights of solar street lamps flicker and the brightness is unstable. In case of this phenomenon, the first thing is to replace the lamps. If the lamps are replaced or flicker occurs, it can be determined that it is not the problem of the lamps. At this time, it is necessary to check the line. It is not ruled out that it is caused by poor contact of the interface of the line.Second, solar street lamps can only last for one or two days on cloudy and rainy days. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:1. The charging of solar battery is not satisfied. The charging dissatisfaction of solar battery is the reason for solar charging. First, observe the recent weather conditions and whether it can ensure charging for about 5-7 hours a day. If the charging is only 2-3 hours, it is normal. Please rest assured to use it.2. Check whether the solar battery is aging. Under normal working conditions, the service life of the battery is 4-5 years.Third, when the solar street lamp stops working, we should first check whether the controller is normal, because generally, such a situation will occur. A great reason lies in the solar controller. If so, we should carry out maintenance work in time.Fourth, when installing solar street lamps, do not let the solar panels be blocked by foreign objects, so that they can normally absorb solar light for charging. The maintenance and cleaning of solar street lamps should be carried out periodically, especially in some dusty areas, the cleaning frequency should be once a year, while in areas with relatively little dust, the medium frequency rate can be adjusted once every three years to ensure the normal charging of solar panels.For more questions, please click the right figure to consult online customer service.
Advantages of LED Street Lamps
Advantages of LED Street Lamps
Due to the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and convenient maintenance, LED street lamps have been highly praised by mass consumers. At the same time, LED street lamps have strong corrosion resistance and long service life. They are suitable for any climatic environment. The surface is hot-dip galvanized spraying process, which greatly improves the performance of LED street lamps and achieves the most stringent production indicators.The laying and maintenance of LED street lamps are very convenient and fast, save manpower and material resources, and greatly improve the construction efficiency. Even so, the management of LED street lamps can not be ignored, because LED street lamps, like other street lamp poles, are in the open air and are vulnerable to the hazards of lightning, strong wind and other bad weather, so they need to be inspected and maintained regularly.The maintenance of LED street lamp is convenient, which greatly reduces the human and material resources required for the maintenance of traditional street lamp pole. The design of charge discharge controller takes into account the complete functions and cost control, so as to realize the high cost performance of LED street lamp. In order to ensure the long-term and reliable operation of LED street lamps and prolong the service time of LED street lamps, it is necessary to establish sound LED street lamp management rules and regulations, form a long-term management mechanism of LED street lamps, and permanently manage and control LED street lamps.LED street lamps are economical, environmentally friendly and have broad development prospects. We should vigorously promote the use of LED street lamps. At present, China's LED street lamp lighting technology has been relatively mature, which has laid a good foundation for the large-scale promotion of LED street lamps and contributed to alleviating energy shortage and reducing environmental pollution.
Instructions for the Use of Solar Landscape Courtyard Lamps
Instructions for the Use of Solar Landscape Courtyard Lamps
Solar landscape courtyard lamp is the combination of landscape lamp and courtyard lamp. Its composition is mainly composed of solar cell module, lamp pole, support, special light source, lamp cap, battery box, ground cage and battery. With solar energy as energy, the solar light collected during the day is photoelectric converted through solar energy panel, and then the battery is used to supply power for the lighting of high-efficiency LED light source. In addition, it is characterized by stable and reliable work, environmental protection and energy saving, the layout of lamps can be moved at will, there is no need to pay for electricity, and there is no need to lay complex lines.After the solar landscape courtyard lamp is fully charged each time, it can continue to illuminate for 4-5 days, and the daily lighting time can reach 8-10 hours. All processes do not need manual operation. At the same time, due to the rich and diverse shapes of solar landscape courtyard lamps, they can be designed exquisitely and elegantly. The beautiful decoration of amusement parks, courtyards, parks and many public places is mainly applicable to the lighting and decoration of park roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, scenic spots and squares. In addition, the solar landscape courtyard lamp also has the following characteristics:1. The appearance design can be customized according to the customer's own requirements (within the scope of meeting national requirements and standards).2. Advanced time control and optical control technology can also be used.3. Colloidal battery or lead-acid hybrid battery can be used without maintenance.4. The height of lamp light source is generally 3.5-5m, and the color of lamp column surface can be determined according to the customer's requirements.5. Its current anti-theft function improves its security a lot.
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