How Can I Combine Two Switches on Two Circuits on 1 Timer Switch?

Since you have two circuits (i.e. two home runs from the electrical panel) in play here, you can't "combine" the switches in the manner you're thinking of. This leaves you with two options:You can buy a second RPLS540A EconoSwitch and install it in place of one of the 3-way switches for the outdoor lights as per the instructions. This is the simplest approach, but leaves you with two EconoSwitches to program and the possibility that your two sets of lights will wind up "out of sync".

If you have a neutral in the box for the single pole EconoSwitch, this also raises the possibility of a setup using a SPDT relay in place of one of the three-way switches with its coil controlled by the existing EconoSwitch; this would require running an extra cable from the box with the single pole switch to the box with the three-way switch for the outdoor lights, though. You would also need to swap the existing EconoSwitch for a RPLS740B: the RPLS540A you have passes the power it uses to operate through the load, while the RPLS740B uses a neutral wire of its own to get its operating electricity "back home", so to speak

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Cutting a circle out of a sleeper to a certain depth

I was thinking about a hole saw attachment, however I do not think this will extract the wood if the depth does not exceed the total depth of the sleeper. That's correct, and in addition you could easily find it nearly impossible to withdraw the hole saw from the wood (for the same reason that it can be difficult to remove the plug from a hole saw when it is used to cut through a board).Probably the ideal tool for this is a Forstner bit (or saw-tooth bit, similar to a Forstner and often mistaken for one):Source: About Forstner/Saw Tooth Bits on Lee Valley.

There are two buts though, and unfortunately they're both biggies.The first is a safety issue: in general Forstner bits (and bits of a similar design) are not intended to be used freehand, but instead with a drill mounted in a drill stand, or in a drill press/pillar drill. Although many people do use them freehand chucked up in their power drills this is not good practice and the manufacturers of the bits themselves will often warn against it "For use in a drill press only" or words to that effect. The greater the diameter of the bit the more caution you want to take on this front, and 64mm is a very large bit.The second is that a 60-70mm Forstner bit is fairly specialised and as such is not cheap. Expect to pay around $50 or the equivalent for a good one.


What is Rs 40,000 crore smart village project that SAD-BJP government has planned for Punjab?

The SAD-BJP combine will form the government for third consecutive term in Punjab, Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal said today, as he spelled out a blue print for Rs 40,000 crore smart villages project.He said the project includes concreting of streets, installation of solar lights and other infrastructure development projects which will be completed in coming five years. He said that smart village project will be launched from Rode village in Moga district which will have all ultra modern facilities. Sukhbir said that SAD-BJP combine will go to the public with the agenda of development and expressed hope to form government for third consecutive term. Touching the developmental aspect, he said that apart from making Punjab a power surplus state, the road network has also been fully strengthened and transformed. He said that most of the developmental and welfare measures in the state was held under the leadership of Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal. Taking on Congress, he said that Punjab Congress chief Amarinder Singh cannot spell out even a single development oriented measure during his tenure as Chief Minister from 2002 to 2007. He said that in October a free medicine and skill centers would be operationalised and every year, nearly 1 lakh youth would be imparted skill development training to enhance their employability. Branding Congress and AamAadmi Party (AAP) as "anti-Punjab", he said that these parties are deliberately defaming Punjab. What is Rs 40,000 crore smart village project that SAD-BJP government has planned for Punjab?


Can I wire my entire music studio on a single circuit?

I don't have the reputation to comment so I'll jot this down as a partial answer.Install 12A wire in the building You are outfitting an accessory building to do music production; not just lighting a room. By July it will occur to you that you need a small AC window unit and a mini-fridge. Don't skimp on the wire now.

Strongly consider installing a sub-panel This allows you to run separate circuits for lighting and electronics. Not to mention a 20A circuit for your future wet-bar.Think about lightning risk; think about ground loops If lightning strikes this building what is the path to earth? If you ground the sub-panel locally you can introduce a ground loop. Especially since you probably have a mix of grounded electronics (computers with 3-prong plugs) and un-grounded musical equipment (amps with 2-prong plugs). I suspect the best approach will be to avoid a separate local ground and tie back into your main house ground. So make sure your grounding conductor back to the house is of sufficient gauge. I don't know if putting the dimmers on a separate energized wire from your wall outlets will help avoid magnetically induced hum. If it does, this would be one justification for running MWBC as others have suggested


Durability of solar sails. How big of a problem is high-energy proton flux?

Solar sails are generally envisioned from very lightweight reflective materials like aluminized mylar and this is what the Planetary Society vehicle used. This material is regularly used in multi-layer insulation (MLI) blankets which are on the outside of a great number of spacecraft. Structural degradation of these materials is slow but steady, even in relatively high radiation environments. Optical degradation occur quicker and can be quite rapid if you have contamination from the rest of your spacecraft. Because outgassing from the spacecraft gets less as time goes on, most of the optical degradation from contamination occurs in the first few weeks. Radiation darkening is steady, of course. To put time scales on it, it would likely take many years, maybe a decade, to see any significant perforation of the sail that would show up in its performance, say 25%. Some loss of reflectivity and thus performance will occur due to contamination, but it will take a very large flux of protons to affect the aluminum coating so the performance hit is likely to only be around 10% after a decade or two. Some interesting data on MLI performance can be found looking at material collected from Hubble servicing missions nasa.







Near-future novella by non-pro, feat. life extension, solar system colonization

This novella may actually be a short novel by Joe Haldeman, called Buying Time, also known as The Long Habit of Living in some countries, and published in 1989. Dallas Barr, the protagonist, is one of an elite group of people who are both rich and entrepreneurial enough to repeatedly purchase the Stileman Process, a full physical rejuvenation, whose effects last a decade. The price for this treatment is all the wealth that the purchaser possesses, at a minimum of one million dollars, so those who are capable of acquiring a fortune every ten years get to experience a form of semi-eternal youth. Dallas' love interest, Maria Marconi, another long-lived member of this group, has opted not to purchase rejuvenation again and is due to die a natural death in a few years, but later, she receives a variant of the Stileman treatment whose effects last a natural lifetime, not just ten years. The existence of this treatment is the source of the conflict between Barr and the shadowy Steering Committee, who want to keep the Stileman process, with its deliberate limitations, as the only one available.Dallas and Maria flee off-planet during their work to keep ahead of their assassins, visiting several exotic locations on Earth and in the Solar System. I don't specifically recall if Mars is visited, though I believe so, but they definitely spend some time on an asteroid, which could be part of Jupiter's or Saturn's belt. Joe Haldeman is a published American author, which doesn't square with your memory, but the plot similarities were such that it was worth noting. Since the book is out of print, it is perhaps vaguely possible that someone posted it online.


Solar with dual battery setup - keeping both charged?

If you trickle charge the starter battery using voltage from the panels rather than the MPPT controller output you have ample voltage to add a blocking diode and prevent backflow. The current drain is low enough to not significantly affect how the MPPT controller functions. Long term trickle to a lead acid battery may cause damage. A simple voltage regulator set to a suitable "float" voltage is probably all that's needed to prevent this. This can be cheap simple and compact. You could join the batteries with a "switch" for charging purposes, with the switch being activated only when the panels were providing energy. The switch could be a transistor but in this case a relay is probably an easy and good solution. Drive relay from panel with a "controller" that senses panel voltage - or use MPPT output or signal to switch relay.Joining the batteries via a diode prevents back-feed but if the main battery is properly managed by the controller then the lower voltage on the other battery caused by the diode drop can noticeably affect battery lifetime. I've seen this in practice. Using a Schottky diode reduces the drop. The diode may try and handle starting currents in some cases so a little thought may be needed.


How many plants should everyone seed if we want to get fresh air and to secure our future in India?

I feel the need of the hour is to plant as many trees as possible. The forest cover destroyed by man has to be compensated.Agricultural land has been converted into residential areas or industrial set ups. Every person must plant as many trees as possible to cover the barren land. Low maintenance plants should be planted in their localities. Initially they need to be watered regularly. Once they establish, they can live on rainwater too.Along with this rain water harvesting is to be introduced in areas having plenty of rains and ground water charging projects should be set up. This will recharge the ground water, as water table is going too low. All the natural disasters are a result of deforestation and overuse of our natural resources. Air pollution is at its highest level because of industrial growth and too many vehicles emitting gases.We have to preserve this earth for our future generations, for which individual u2018s participation is required. Following steps can be taken to improve our environment:-Reduce the use of natural resources.Plant more trees. Inculcate the habit of taking care of existing trees in children in school only. Gardening can be introduced as a hobby for students. Avoid misuse of water electricity. Teach every individual to preserve these.Car pooling can check vehicular pollution. If four to five persons are working in the same office/ institution they can practise car pooling. Keep your surroundings green neat n clean.Rain water harvesting n ground water recharging projects should be introduced in buildings.Power consumption can be checked by using maximum use of sunlight. Solar lights can be introduced. How many plants should everyone seed if we want to get fresh air and to secure our future in India?

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