How to Choose Solar Lights Outdoor

Neither need of charging the solar light with electricity, nor installing the bulbs as other ordinary light fixtures as well, solar lights is an energy-saving and wallet-friendly choice to improve your life. utdoor solar lights are able to withstand all sorts of weather since the solar cells are made of higher technology that have longer lifetime than other lights. Exactly, most solar lights outdoor on the market can last up to 10-25 years. Solar outdoor lights are powered by solar energy which is renewable and inexhaustible, so they absorb the sunlight during the daylight and provide illumination at night for you. Thus, installing solar lights as your outdoor lights like , yard lights etc. is another way to protect environment. As an energy-saving and eco-friendly lighting item, solar light is another popular new-type product following the prevail of solar heaters. The concept of low-carbon lighting is known today by most people, but few people actually know about the solar lights. So next, the great advantages of solar lights will be listed below to show you how solar lights become so powerful.Equipped with rechargeable solar panel, outdoor solar lights sustainably convert the solar energy to electricity without producing any pollution, which perfectly do help to prevent global warming caused by harmful pollutants. Also, outdoor solar lights have no radiation problems during using. These two aspects are in full accord with the concept of green environmental protection.Although the upfront investment of solar lamps is slightly costly, the solar lighting system requires little maintenance but occasional check-ups and cleaning throughout the year to ensure the longevity of the solar lights.Outdoor solar lights have various types with different appearances, functions, applicable occasions, sizes and more. For instance, the solar lights from LOHAS LED all are a kind of , which perfectly free your hand while saving your electricity bill. Therefore, they can be used as general lighting lamps, signal lights, pathway lights, landscape lights, marker lights, street lights, insect-killing lights, torch lights, flashlights, solar yard lights, and any other lights for your patio, hallway, garden, fence, street.

1. My solar light not working, I messed up with it please help?

I doubt if the manufacturer's warranty would cover the damage you caused. As a firm believer in the "Owner's Manifesto", I've voided the warranties on 100's of 1000's of dollars worth of equipment by making modifications that suited my needs. On rare occasions I was not successful and those became "educational experiences". If you do not know what you did wrong, take it apart and try to figure out how it once worked. Then go buy a new one. Don

2. How can I use solar to light up my garden?

No hidden,no shade and then you will have a wonderful light to your garden

3. Consider a cosmic sail-boat moving under the influence of the pressure of sun-light.....?

A comment on this point "How do those light-pressure forces compare with the gravitational pull of the Sun?" which was addressed by the two posters who replied. This is not so relevant, because you do not need the pressure form solar light to stay in orbit around the Sun. You can have some satellite that is in orbit around the Sun. Then that satellite can unfold a big solar sail. This sail makes an angle of, say, 45 w.r.t. the line satellite-Sun. Then the pressure from the sunlight will exert a force in the tangential direction as well as in the radial direction. Now, the force exerted in the radial direction looks important but it is not . If the force exerted by the solar light is less than the force exerted by gravity, then this force plus the force of gravity behaves similarly to what the force of gravity would be if the mass of the Sun were bit less. Instead, the tangential component of the force is much more important. This increases the orbital velocity and the satellite then moves away from the Sun as a result. Since this effect persists at all distances from the Sun, what happens is that the satellite gets pushed away from the sun further and further without limit.

4. Canu200b I make a solar light on my own?

Yes. All you need is a panel and an led bulb and a resistor. As long as there is sun this will lightup. You can improve this with battery daylight sensor etc.

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