How to Deal with the Heat Removal Problem of LED Solar Street Lamp

Now there are many solar street lamps on the road. Every night, they will work quietly to produce brightness for everyone, but they will also be tired. After a long time of operation, they will get hot. At this time, they need to exhaust heat. What is the heat exhaust method of LED solar street lamps?

How to Deal with the Heat Removal Problem of LED Solar Street Lamp 1

For the professional skills of solar street lamp heat removal, the general application of heat transfer plate method is actually a 5mm thick copper coin. In fact, it can be regarded as an even temperature plate to evenly temperature the pyrogen; There will also be modifications to the radiator to remove heat, but the net weight is very large. The net weight is very important in the street lamp cap management system. Generally, the height of the street lamp cap machinery and equipment is more than six meters. If the net weight is too high, many risk factors will be added, especially in the work that may have accidents in case of earthquake disasters and storms. Recently, some manufacturers in China have begun to adopt the world's pioneering professional skills of fibrous heat removal. The heat output power of fibrous heat pipe radiator is much better than that of traditional block heat pipe radiator, which can make the junction temperature above 15 ℃ lower than that of ordinary heat pipe radiator, and the moisture-proof performance is improved. Ordinary aluminum profile radiator is better, Together, there are also improvements in net weight and size.

LED solar street lamp is a key direction in the application industry of solar power station. LED solar street lamp management system adopts the method of "solar power generation and energy storage technology", which is a classic management system of single solar power station. The daytime sunshine is satisfactory, the solar cell power generation capacity is satisfactory, the battery is charged, and the battery is charged and discharged at night to provide electromagnetic energy to street lamps. In specific applications, if there is no effective operation of the battery, the battery charging method is unreasonable, excessive charging and power loss will affect the battery cycle times. In order to better reduce the maintenance cost and carry out a scientific and reasonable battery charging for the battery in the most effective way, natural charging and discharging should also be effective.

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For the evaluation of solar street lamps, it depends on whether the solar street lamp manufacturers strictly control the quality. Of course, we can also see the quality of solar street lamps from several aspects to see whether they meet the requirements we need. We can see from the number of days it resists cloudy and rainy days, the illuminance and service life of light sources, the service life of batteries and the technology of controllers, Judging from the overall system equipment, the solar street lamp is good or bad.The use of solar street lamps depends on the sun's light to provide energy. Therefore, in rainy days, it depends on whether the capacity of its solar battery can resist 3-5 rainy days. The amount of rain in many areas is not much. Solar street lamps that can resist 3-5 rainy days are very good. Of course, the service life of solar battery is also required to be better.In addition, its lighting brightness is bright enough to ensure people's safety and long service life. Don't turn off the light after using it for a period of time. What is more important is the use of solar controller, because it determines the number of days that solar street lamps resist rain, product stability and quality. Choosing a good solar street lamp saves the price of solar street lamps.
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