How to Design and Calculate Solar Street Light System?

Result of the calculation is the minimum number of PV panels. If more PV modules are installed, the system will perform better and battery life will be improved. If fewer PV modules are used, the system may not work at all during cloudy periods and battery life will be shortened.

General question regarding installed modules and performance

Also better saving pages just into ee and not as files will bring you huge improvements on the performance side !

How do other modules update elements using AJAX callbacks?

I think you must to create block_wrapper in the $form before ajax as a container :to make ajax wrapper found it

Will WD40 kill my DDR RAM memory modules?

Quite possibly. I would keep WD40 far away from all PC components

Trouble with installing additional modules on Postgresql 9.1 on ALT-Linux

In this particular situation what did help me:It was needed just to copy extension directory from /usr/share/pgsql/extension/ to /var/lib/pgsql-root/usr/lib/pgsql/extension/.That's all folks

Python 3 adventure game in modules

StyleThere is an official standard Python style guide called PEP 8. This is highly recommended reading. It gives guidelines to help writing code that is both readable and consistent. The Python community tries to follow these guidelines, more or less strictly (a key aspect of PEP 8 is that it provides guidelines and not strict rules to follow blindly). It deals with various aspects of the code style: naming conventions, indentation convention, etc.You will find various tools to try to check whether your code is PEP 8 compliant and if is it not, to try and fix this:In your case, the major point is that indentation should be 4 space. Also, you should not have trailing whitespaces. ModulesSplitting the code into small modules can be a good idea. However, I find page_01 to be a pretty weird name. Also, the way the code is splitted in different modules does not seem to be perfect to me. The way you use storage suggests that is should probably be a data structure (a class?).For the time being, let's move everything back to a single file:Functionsplayer_update does not update the player, maybe print_player would be more relevant.Similarly, I would expect ask_player_for_move to be a function returning the move asked to the user. In both cases, it seems like the functions could be used in the "main" part instead of duplicating the code.Hidden recursionYour game loop relies on a hidden recursion: player_move calls ask_player_for_move which calls player_move. This makes things heard to follow but also will add another level of function calls in the stack. This can be an issue if you need a backtrace because you will get something like:but the other issue is that you could end up reaching the recursion limit.You could write something like:Then you could move the call of game() behind an if __name__ == "__main__": guard

ERROR: could not open directory /lib/modules/4.2.0-25-generic: No such file or directory

I just needed to set the kernel in Digitalocean. Now I have the correct kernel ( and iptables are working, too

Do I have more thn one wireless driver modules?

mac here does not have any relation to Macs: MAC stands for Media Access Control. The module described in details here and it just provides a framework for Wi-Fi drivers to build upon.Also, cfg80211 provides the configuration layer. As I understand it, iwldvm just provides lower-level functionality for iwlwifi (thus the dependency) and other Intel WLAN device drivers. For the record, I have a Intel 1030 wireless and this is what I have (looks similar to what you have):

My GCSE Maths & Science Modules...PLEASE HELP..TIPS!?

the best thing i would recommend is practice. You will get to know about your mistakes and revision will also be done

$K[X]$-modules are $K$-vector spaces with a linear transformation

Working with $K$-vector spaces and (unital) $K$-algebras

Exactness of sequences of modules is a local property

Yes, exactness is indeed local, and localisation commutes with $ker$ and $operatornameim$ (since localisation is exact). In fact, exactness is so local that you just need to check it at the maximal ideals. Here is a sketch:

load mod_proxy and mod_proxy_http modules of apache in centos

Under centos, you will not find the path /etc/apache2. You can will find /etc/httpd

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