Led Solar Street Light Price Is Affected by What Factors

How efficient is the windmill assisted solar powered street light?

Solar installations usually don't care much about efficiency as the fuel is abundant, free and zero emission. I presume you are asking about effectiveness.I think the windmills are required to counter the effects of low daylight availability to solar PVs. They might also reduce the size of the battery depending on the wind characteristics of the location.In a country like India, solar alone is usually sufficient to do the job.In India, I have seen pure solar street lights in many locations - particularly rural. (Source: OdishaDiary - Fuelling Odisha's Future)Almost all newer highways have signals & lights run by solar PVs.n(Source: NGO installs solar lamps on Pune-Mumbai Expressway | Latest News & Updates at Daily News & Analysis)


"How to Promote solar street lights business?"

The best way to promote solar street lights is:1. Put up solar street lights at the visible needy locations as an advertising strategy. Promote your company by displaying the company's logo on the battery (which would be visible as the battery is placed below)2. You should fix up meeting with big shot companies who have remote locations as their installations (mostly industries) and promote your product.3. Or you can team up with governments for providing street lighting at remote villages. 4. You can take up a pilot project of Corporate Social Responsibility at one of the remote villages, and by this you can promote your work to other interested parties.


How did my ground and neutral become energized by a short in the buried main line?

Your breakers are on the hot side , from your description your neutral was connected to one of the hot wires underground. Your ground rod or grounding electrode system must be at a fairly high level. I have seen 2 ea 10 ground rods have over 100 ohms code allows 1 rod if the value is 25 ohms or less and no measurement is required when you have 2. When the hot connected the neutral every thing that was grounded was now live. Remember the neutral is not switched this is why everything was hot. A ground value of 6 ohms is only going to be pulling 20 amps the power company would not even notice the short at that level. The one thing that surprises me is that the utility ground at the transformer must be at a high level also because if it was a good low value it would have blown the utility fuse. Think I covered the areas you asked about. If you want more specific answers, we can go there, but did not want to waste your time if this meet your needs.


How do we monitor the function of solar street lights?

The function of the street lights can be monitored by a central management systems better known as CMS systems. To monitor the street lighting you need to create a node of each street lighting luminaire and connect them to the master and then connect each master to the Control center. The connection can be based on any wireless technology available on the market. Since it's solar street lighting you will also to need monitor battery status, over charge and deep discharge along with the monitoring status of the luminaire like the Switch ON or OFF, Dimming level, etc.Hope this answers your question!


Do you know any form of a solar street light controller? What's the principle behind it?

Not sure if you are asking about solar powered street lights (solar panel charges battery during day- uses a pretty much basic solar controller to handle battery charging duties during the day and often controls the lamp (usually LED) during the night) or the photovoltaic light controller that turns them on when it gets dark (some solar powered streetlamps use these- but they usually just use the solar panel itself as the light sensor)- as do many grid powered streetlamps which use usually an LDR (light dependent resistor) as the basis for switching on the lamp when it gets dark enoughMany others simply use either timers or a switched control wire to turn on


What can I do about my strong RF noise?

Welcome to hamSE, Robert. Since you say that it's only slightly out of tune, I seriously doubt that this has anything at all to do with your antenna. You say that you shut off the power to your house, yet the noise is at your house. I suspect you have something on or near your electric pole arcing. Power lines are notorious for doing that and making our hobby less than what we should expect.Have you checked the coax? A loose shield might be the cause. And check the SWR right at the antenna, as what you measure at the station end might very well be incorrect depending upon the electrical length of the coax.


What solar event caused massive aurora borealis in the mid 1960's?

It is unlikely that identifying the particular event that caused the aurora is going to be possible. Solar monitoring was in its infancy in the 1960s. However, while rare, it is certainly possible for aurorae to be visible at latitudes even further south than Belleville.

From the Wikipedia page on Aurora:Auroras are produced when the magnetosphere is sufficiently disturbed by the solar wind that the trajectories of charged particles in both solar wind and magnetospheric plasma, mainly in the form of electrons and protons, precipitate them into the upper atmosphere (thermosphere/exosphere) due to Earth's magnetic field, where their energy is lost.The first direct measurement of the strength of the solar wind was made by the spacecraft Luna 1 in 1959. You can read more about the history of our knowledge of the subject on the Solar Wind Wikipedia page.

At least one aurora was visible even further south, from Washington DC, in the time range you remember, and was reported in the Washington Post on 27 May 1967:


What is the required illumination for a solar street light?

Required illumination does not depend upon the type of light but on the use of the space and type of the work or the visual task to be performed. Based on the CIE115 standard when lighting a local road of classification P2, the illumination required will be 10 lux. When designing lighting for an application, you should ask what is the level of illumination required and then determine the lumen output of the lamp that achieves the required illumination. Based on the energy requirement of the luminaire you would have to size the solar panel, electronics and battery.hope this answer your question, Do comment back if you want to know an illumination level for a particular task.


Where can I get solar panels and solar street lights in Mumbai?

Please download IndiaMART app. Register your requirements. They will send the list of suppliers at Mumbai to you and subsequently the supplies will be contacting you. If you can manage your business with them well and good. Otherwise u ask them the company name and note down. Later u browse in the computer and see their company website for their credentials and about the details of the products.If u type in the Google about your requirement the details will come. U search List of suppliers of solar panels and solar street light in Mumbai in Google. The list of details of the supplies will appear. U can select the suppliers according to your choice.U can search best quality wise and best suppliers wise and best offer wise in the Google search. Nearest suppliers and fastest suppliers all u can doOr u approach an user nearer to you or known to you and discuss with them about the performance of the street light and solar panels and the details of the brand and supplier. It will give you an idea about the performance of the products. Moreover after sales maintenance services are must. That is very important in solar industry. U ensure about AMC amount and services whether the company is providing or not.


Can I start solar power business despite having no any technical knowledge?

Yes you can,I am doing the same since 5years without any knowledge about Solar Industry, just get enrolled in a Solar Industry training course conducted by the government or by a private institute,Get basic ideas and pick a fast moving product and use it for yourself, for example :-Solar rooftop systems, Solar lanterns, Solar street light,Solar toys etc,Examin how they work and you and you will even come to know about installation,Then bring a fast moving Solar product form the market and sell it among your relatives or friends then if you are confident rigester a firm in your name, create a brand name and start business in a small premises with a small budget if it goes well hire some experts and go-ahead......Best of LucknSolar Energy is the feature of the world.nNote never give credit Sorry for the grammatical errors and spelling mistakesnSince I am not too educated.


Is it possible for a nebula to hide a solar system(s) from scientists here on Earth?

Since nebula are clouds of dust and gas that scatter light, most of the sorts of signals which would indicate a star or solar system to astronomers on Earth would be blocked.Only very powerful sources would be able to "punch through" the intervening clouds of dust and gas (much like you might see a street light though a foggy or misty street), but even then the signal would be blurred, attenuated or otherwise distorted.So there could be any number of things hiding in a nebula! Astronomers would be able to infer if there were stars concealed within, as blurry patches of infrared radiation, but very little beyond that with current technology.


How does a solar garden light work?

Solar Garden Light is a stand alone system which consist of an LED luminaire, battery, PV modules, electronics with inter-connecting wires or cables, a battery box, and the pole and mounting hardware. The solar garden lights are powered by photo voltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The Solar Graden/Street Light photo voltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. These lights turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Solar street lights are designed to work throughout the night.There are sevral reason you to chose solar street lights :1. They are indepedent of utility grid which make them cost effective.2. Solar street lights require less maintenance compared to that of conventional street lights.3. Solar street lights are environment-friendly since they eliminate carbon footprints. 4. Easy to carry to remote locations. 5. No need to worry about power cuts as it works on solar energy.6. Less accidents as it doesn't have external wires.You can get more details and procedure of Solar Garden Lights installation from solar energy companies. They will definitely assist you further.

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