My Lamp Post Light Is on All Day Long, What Can I Do?

try a light sensitive switch...adjust to daylight so it will turn off when the sun comes up. Oh your electric bill...100W at 12 hours times 30 days times .10 per kwh equals $3.60

1. I put in my first CFL light bulb into my lamp. It's 27W (equivalent to 100).?

Those lights suck. Especially if you buy the real cheap packs. like 4pack for $5. They never last that long. I think my record is about 9 months with regular use. I recently went to LED bulbs. They use about 7w for a 100watt equivelent light source. They are about $20 up front, but they really will last the long haul. . Also the CFL lights cannot really be handle having less than the exact power imput required (Like dimming is out of the question). LED can be dimmed, flicked on and off, just left on, whatever. little power, lots o light.

2. Who knows about T.Capote story A lamp in a window?

In 'A Lamp in the Window,' a sweet little old lady who offers Capote shelter on a cold night turns out to have a freezer in which she's preserved the bodies of all the pet cats who have ever died in her possession

3. I bought a lamp made out of lead crystal. Am I endangering my health?

if you are overly worried about it, bring it back. if you put it on a table and like it,keep it. if you are hungry, do not eat the crystal part of the lamp,it has lead in it.

4. Can plants photosynthesise in artificial light i.e light from a lamp?

Providing the lamp emits UV, yes it can. Hence growers of cannabis, have huge electricity bills.

5. I have an old steel clarinet that I'm going to make a lamp out of. What can I use to clean it so it sparkles?

If it still has the little leather pads under the keys you need to remove those, they will mold and stink and start to fall apart. You can use a product called metalax, a mesh you pull a bit off of and polish with then rub with a soft cloth, or many old clarinets were not metal but silver so you may try a silver polish. Bet your lamp will be gorgeous

6. Can I light up a 220-240VAC, 20W, Energy Saving (PLCE) lamp with 24VDC incoming supply?

Rhyled is correct. You do need an inverter if you really want to use that bulb in particular

7. three men find a magic lamp a cliff...?

I would not want to be that third guy. But at least he had something soft,all be it smelly, to land on

8. Is it possible to run SVN Edge, LAMP and Samba on one server machine?

Short answer: Yes. Go ahead, install your favorite distro, use the package manager to install all your various servers, and have at it. Samba is often already installed for you. More important answer: Everything about this is good, except this part: "able to access it from anywhere". You do NOT want to open your home network to this. Use a VPN, or better use an ssh connection.

9. Name a type of lamp that provides perfect lighting for a small bedroom?

Depends what the bedroom is being lit for... A simple candle or a bunch of them...? A small nightstand lamp...? An ceiling fan with 4 bulbs that can change the number of lit bulbs...? A light dimmer switch...?

10. how hard is it to change coolant in a rear projection tv LAMP?

HI TV TECH Rear PROjection are the ones that have coolant as yes it is very time consuming First YOU have to remove all 3 tubes red,blue,green. then you have to drain the coolant wipe the lens off THIS job I would leave to a professional.......

11. If my python's vivarium has an under-tank heating pad, do I still need a heat lamp?

well u ahave to remember ball pythons r weird but like to let mine go outside a lil but if he has a reguler rock put the lamp over the rock & use 80 watt bulb for 20 gal but make sure he has water to bath & help him poop

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