Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights?

If there is a Batteries Plus near you, give them a call. They might have the batteries you need in stock, or get them quickly. That's where I got mine. Hope it helps

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AA batteries... is there a way?

Take a good look at your batteries. I am sure they have a warning not to recharge them. There is a good reason for that. The chemical reaction in regular batteries is ONE WAY. Once the chemicals are used up there is no way to restore it. Trying to recharge them will only cause you grief. Replace them when they die or consider rechargeables. Most devices that use AA batteries will work just fine with rechargeables even though the battery voltage is a bit lower. In fact, regular battery voltages drop too so they may start at 1.5 volts but end up closer to 1 volt when they die. Unless you are using the batteries to power something you use only once in a while - like a flashlight, I would go with rechargeables myself

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how do i fix a depleted camera battery?

The batteries loose power every time that you either use the batteries sit over time or constantly use the set of batteries which eventually the batteries would become dead. Solution: You would either REPLACE or CHARGE the Batteries back up.

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How to Change the Batteries in a Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

The first Toy Story movie came put in 1995 - if you've got a battery powered Buzz Lightyear toy from 1995, you will likely have changed his batteries more than once already! Maybe your Buzz Lightyear is new to you or perhaps he's a model from the 2019 movie and this is the first time the batteries have run down. Whatever the scenario, the process for changing the batteries in a Buzz Lightyear action figure toy is the same. See below for details.

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Current flow in batteries?

I think another thing which might be confusing you is that we say the voltage in a conductor is always constant. While this is mostly true it is kind of a lie. All conductors still have a finite resistance. Because of this if you hook up a wire between the two terminals of a battery one end of the wire will actually be at a different potential then the other and the current in the wire will follow ohms law. I do not know if you've ever tried shorting the two terminals of a battery like this but because the resistance of the wire is so low ohms law gives a very large current which will heat up the wire and burn you. Now the reason that we usually say that the potential in a wire is constant is because there are usually other components in our circuit whose resistance is much larger then the wires. Because of this most of the voltage will end up being dropped across the other components in the circuit and there will only be a very small voltage drop from one end of a wire to the other. So we can simplify our problems by saying that the voltage is constant in the wires

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Diode OR 4 batteries

No, a diode circuit as you describe wo not automatically balance the load across the batteries in the manner you describe.Note that everything below this comment only applies if those packs are raw LiIon packs with no internal regulation. If they are internally regulated, then all bets are off. It will work more to keep the state of charge of all four batteries more or less equal as they discharge. However, if you have three bad batteries and one good one, that good one will take the load. If you have three halfway discharged batteries and one fully charged one, that fully charged one will take the load. Etc. There's a good chance that if you take pains to get lots of four batteries and use them together (i.e., charge them at the same time and always load all four at once into your rig) that a simple circuit as you describe will mostly do what you want, because the batteries' voltages and the diodes' drops will be close enough together that the batteries' internal resistances will handle the match.If you want to absolutely enforce a rule to "do not take more than 10A from any battery, ever", then you will need some sort of fancy power supply management circuit, and it will probably have to be custom made for your purpose.

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