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Solar Security Lights create a well-lit outdoor area for you which enhances your sense of safety and security. Our premium quality LED motion sensor lights are solar powered and very easy to install. You can install them without wiring, cables and switches and there is NO electricity consumption. Stylish and high performing outdoor garden lights also help you to create a pleasant garden and enjoy your entertainment area after dark. These wall mounted solar lights are perfect to be used in your outdoor area, building entrance and car ports as security lights, garden lights, shed lights, or wall lights. To see how outdoor security lights help to keep criminals on their toes, check our blog here!

• Easy DIY installation with no wiring, cable or switches

What does Flood Light mean? Generally, a Flood Light is a wide-beamed lighting fixture. It 'flood' your area by light! They are mainly used for outdoor lighting; to illuminate backyards or entertainment areas in residential buildings, and outdoor sites, playing and sports fields in commercial buildings. LED Flood Lights use light-emitting diodes as the source for the light, which is much more efficient than the conventional light fittings and consume considerably less energy. It is a Flood Light which gets its energy from the solar. Solar flood lights come with a solar panel and a battery. They grasp the solar energy from the Sun during the day using their solar panel and save it on their battery. At night, they use this preserved energy to emit light. What are the best Outdoor Flood Lights? The best solution for outdoor lighting is by using Solar LED Flood Lights. First: They are solar-powered, green and environmentally friendly. You reduce the consumption of fossil fuel energy while saving on your electricity bill. Second: As they use energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs), they do not get hot. As a result, they have a minimum impact on the environment and are safe for kids, pets, animals, and plants. Third: They are DIY and easy to install. You do not need electrical wiring, trenching, or switchboards. It's just the matter of fixing the solar panel and light fitting to the wall, fence, outdoor beam or any other desired place. And last but not the least, they are portable, and you can easily relocate them if needed. Proper lighting enhances the safety around your property and outdoor living and entertainment area. Solar security lights are an energy-saving and cost-effective option for outdoor lighting. They are off-grid and independent from the main power. Their installation is very easy to DIY, and you can use them literally on all sort of outdoor areas. They are mostly dusk to dawn auto turn on/off lights with motion sensor. You do not need to worry about remembering to turn them on/off when you need them.

What a great light, have this installed outside our office for late arrivals. The low light setting keeps enough light for people to find where they are going and once they enter the doorway it lights up the whole area wonderfully. Easily installed and plenty of wiring for installation. Love it. Great light. Easy to install. Good amount of lead wire from solar panel to light. I like the 50% setting then 100% light when movement is activated. The solar motion sensor light in our garage is fabulous, I have it over my work bench and lights up the garage saving turning on lights or opening doors. I installed this product and found it quite easy. It is serving us well.Further to that product I purchased and installed a small solar light for the rear yard steps. As we approach the steps the solar light makes the steps visible and so safe for use at night. Again a very easy to install.Great products that have no ongoing costs, thanks SunShare solar and Saba for your guidance and great products. I bought 3 Rotatable Solar Sensor Lights and have been very impressed by the product. Installation was extremely easy and took a matter of minutes. They light up areas of my yard which the fixed powered lights do not and are not costing me one cent extra to run. I bought a 1500 lumens security light which has the flexibility of using inside with the motion sensor turned off. This product feels solid with enough weight that tells me it's likely a quality item. The light is very bright. I can use it for painting on canvas in the workroom. The service has been excellent. Friendly and attentive to my many questions. After the light was installed, they also showed interest in my level of satisfaction with the light. I definitely recommend Sunshare.

Can i install garden lighting to my 20amp Hot tub feed.?

the answer is no your 20amp is 220 vote most hot tube. and they use a 20 breaker. if you have a 110 outlet tube then you can . but you put your light on 220,you won,t have light you burn them up.

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