Solar Lights Aren't Working When My Electrical Lights Are On!!!?

It relies upon on the wattage that it needs. a gentle bulb has a lot, a lot less ability than direct solar does, yet for a gadget like a image voltaic powered calculator it is sufficient. once you attempt to ability your total homestead, a gentle bulb is genuinely not sufficient. somewhat than looking up its ability requirement for the ipod case and doing each and each of the calculations, it would want to be more suitable accessible to really attempt it and word if it somewhat works

1. "Solar Plane" isnt that cool?

if it's runnin on a solar panel then it do not need any fuel but that would be a different story if you are flyin on a plane with solar panels and it's a night. but I kno there are some cars like that but jus not that many & there's the electric car 2. but they really need 2 do somethin b-cuz gas prices r gettin 2 high.

2. Another question about solar eclipses?

Well, there are 2 sun eclipses a 12 months, someplace in the world. Where it's all depends upon wherein the umbras are. There are eclipse seasons every 12 months. This subsequent one might be in overdue august and early September

3. What is the downside of community solar?

Only power when the sun shines.Storage costs as much as the solarYou still have to keep all the conventional generation available for when the solar under produces.Still, we have to run the rest of the unity as if the solar was coming from traditional sources.The main advantage of community solar is less costly to install than rooftop solar on houses and reduced fuel consumption for a traditional generation. Does 5 help enough to justify community solar?

4. What is the size relation between our solar system and the Milky Way?

To put it graphically, if our solar system were the size of a CD, then the Milky way would be the approximate size of the Earth

5. solar enegry?

Solar energy is converted into heat energy and electric energy by utilizing solar panels and solar vacuum tubes through physic and chemical effect.Solar energy is more and more popular ,government encourage huamn to use solar energy,it is widely used in every country,also,solar enery will be the trend of energy

6. About our solar system?

Our solar system orbits the galactic centre, just like all the other solar systems/stars in the galaxy. It takes between 225 and 250 million years to orbit the centre once.

7. coal vs solar energy? help?

You could answer this any way you like, really, depending on how you address cost. On the one hand, once solar is operating, it is cheap. Not free because electronic things break down and need repair, you need to keep the panels clean etc. Once coal is operating, you need to keep buying coal and putting it on the fire. But think about the prior costs. There are the obvious ones like buying and fitting the solar panel. This is a cost. Many old homes have fireplaces where could could burn coal so probably not much of a cost there. Then there are the less obvious ones like how much it cost for society to advance to a state when it could make solar panels. How much it cost to research solar technology, build the factories, etc. Whereas coal you can dig up from the ground. Okay you have to mine it but really it is still just a hole in the ground. If you look at China you will see which is cheaper. Mainly, the Chinese burn coal. If solar was cheaper presumably they would do that. As would everyone else. But then there are the social costs, i.e. reduced life expectancy from smog, etc. How you price these up is anyones guess. But clearly coal has a greater social cost than solar where it is used.

8. Simple Solar Setup question

The charge controller will handle the current coming from the panel. As LsD mentioned, it should prevent overcharging, but check the manual via model number online if possible. It's essential you have the instructions on hand to ensure you do not fry the controller when hooking it up. Typically when the battery charge becomes close to 100%, the controller switches into a trickle charge mode.Hope this helps

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