Specification and Price of 6m 40W Solar Street Lamp

Specification and model of solar street lamp: 6m solar street lampOutput power of street lamp light source: 40WKey advantages of light source: no operation delay

Specification and Price of 6m 40W Solar Street Lamp 1

Heat removal method of light source: air convectionLamp port style: l7086Specification height of street lamp: 6m [M]

General style of street lamp: tapered seamless steel pipeUpper and lower specifications of street lamp: 60mm / 132mmCantilever design optional: bow arm

Price of solar street lamp: 680 yuanStreet lamp interval installation: 30m longStreet lamp installation scenario: rural roads

The processing technology of street lamp shows that there is no burr, etcCommodity installation cost: 100 yuan per piece

Specification and Price of 6m 40W Solar Street Lamp 2

The 6m solar street lamps of our manufacturer have undergone rigorous quality inspection before leaving the factory. You can sign a quality agreement when purchasing goods. If the quality is unqualified, the full refund will be made. With the continuous development of high and new technology, the level of pavement lighting engineering is getting higher and higher. We can see that there are basically 30W solar street lamps, buried lamps, landscape lighting, lawn lamps, LED street lamps, solar energy street lamps, wind solar complementary power generation street lamps and street lamp poles on any kind of pavement, The various styles of pole lamps have produced a beautiful scenery on the road. Different street lamps have different equipment, and different solar street lamps have different prices!

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For the evaluation of solar street lamps, it depends on whether the solar street lamp manufacturers strictly control the quality. Of course, we can also see the quality of solar street lamps from several aspects to see whether they meet the requirements we need. We can see from the number of days it resists cloudy and rainy days, the illuminance and service life of light sources, the service life of batteries and the technology of controllers, Judging from the overall system equipment, the solar street lamp is good or bad.The use of solar street lamps depends on the sun's light to provide energy. Therefore, in rainy days, it depends on whether the capacity of its solar battery can resist 3-5 rainy days. The amount of rain in many areas is not much. Solar street lamps that can resist 3-5 rainy days are very good. Of course, the service life of solar battery is also required to be better.In addition, its lighting brightness is bright enough to ensure people's safety and long service life. Don't turn off the light after using it for a period of time. What is more important is the use of solar controller, because it determines the number of days that solar street lamps resist rain, product stability and quality. Choosing a good solar street lamp saves the price of solar street lamps.
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