What Is the Best Solar Lights to Buy?

Sorry, Lynn T, but I've tried a few, and researched several, and I do not recommend any of them, unless you just want something to glow dimly in the dark, rather than light an area. The technology just is not good enough yet.

1. How many solar panels easy math question?

2 x 6 x 6=72 You did not include the power output of a module for us to calculate that.

2. Are solar cells ever worth the investment?

Solar water heaters are worth it. People have been using them for decades

3. Do we receive solar insolation at night when the the moon is visible because it has a high albedo?

I disagree with your argument that Moon's reflected light is a reflection and not a re-emission so the wavelengths should be similar. It is differences in which wavelengths are reflected vs absorbed that causes an object to have color. Yes, the Moon is basically gray, in visible wavelengths, but not necessarily at all wavelength including infrared and ultraviolet. I also say you are being overly picky and technical and the obvious intention and spirit of the term "SOLAR insolation" means energy coming DIRECTLY from the Sun. So I agree with your professor.

4. What solar watt would work to charge a dump trailer battery?

Since it's recharging the battery and not simply maintaining it, you will need the highest wattage you can get in a recharger..the more you pay, the better it will work

5. Is Solar Power Sustainable? If so Why?

man there is only one anxswer....because the soure THE SUN is inexhaustible........until it dies one day then the whole milky way will die

6. Could our solar system actully have 2 suns?

As I remember, this was a plot device for '2010'. Most star systems are binary systems, so a terrestrial planet in a close orbit might have too many perturbations too stay at a constant temperature. We have it pretty good here. A single star that burns at a fairly constant rate, a nice balmy nearly circular orbit, and a good sized moon that helps 'clear the path' of any remaining 'creation' debris. Jupiter also does it's fair share of deflecting and altering asteroids and comets that might have hit us repeatedly in the past although neither Jupiter nor the Moon have been 100% effective. Had Jupiter been been more massive to ignite to at least be a 'warm dwarf', there might be even more places that life might have found a foothold, and light up our night sky for years at a time

7. How do we protect ourselves from solar flares? What will be our survival options?

> > i heard that energy would be equal to hundreds of hydrogen bomb explosions > Which Element lf substance would be useful

8. How would adding a wind deflector in front of roof-mounted solar panels affect drag on an RV?

If I've interpreted the sketch correctly:I am guessing that the detractor's thought process went like this:I am not an expert on fluid dynamics, but the rising air from the ramp would clearly affect the air which would have hit the panel. I do not know whether this effect is greater or lesser than the additional drag of air no longer being able to pass under the panel.In terms of a better solution - you should try and remove vertical faces, therefore extend the ramp so that the top of the ramp coincides with the top of the panel. I can state that this will have less drag than your design (assuming I interpreted your sketch correctly), but I am afraid I do not know whether it's better than nothing at all

9. What is Solar cell phone charger?

including batteries could defeat the purpose of a photo voltaic charger, till your purpose is to cost the batteries interior the photograph voltaic in the process the day, then use the day's value to cost the telephone in few hours. To make ot greater effective, use 3-5 circumstances the cells, perchance 250ma at 6V, to cost a 4.8V NiMh p.c.. of AAs

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