Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 1
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 2
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 3
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 4
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 5
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 6
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 1
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 2
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 3
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 4
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 5
Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light 6

Kemeco Brand Classic Custom Solar Light

Switch Style:
Push Button
3.8 Volts
2.5 watts
Shade Material:
Power Source:
Solar Powered
Light Source Type:
Glass, Metal
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Company Advantages

· Every Kemeco white fence post solar lights is brought out by our professional designers who are inspired by the thousand-year-old tradition of wellness and thermal history.

· The product is innoxious. All of the chemical agents used in it such as dyestuff, fixing agent, sterilizing agent, etc.

· The product has been universally recognized with a bright development prospect.

Overview of Details:


    This product is solar-powered. Push the switch button beneath the solar panel to ON position. The lamp will turn on automatically at dusk and off before sunrise, charged by 3 x Ni-MH 2300mah rechargeable battery.



    SIZE 18.5(W)x18.5(L)x76(H) inches. No wire is needed. It's designed for easy assembly. All you need to do is follow the installation manual and build the unit with screws (all included) from the bottom up. It can be easily removed whenever you want. Just be sure to always place it in a location where it can receive full sunlight during the daytime for as long as possible.



    Led shines at 130~150 lumens, depends on your geographical location, weather conditions, and seasonal sunlight availability. Working hours normally could last 6-8 hours. There are holes at the bottom of the planter for watering plants. Remember also to fill the planter with soil and gravel, or stone as ballast for safety.



    Cast-aluminum metal structure and ripple glass panels ensure the quality, require little to no maintenance. Square plastic planter balances the weight to make sure move-free. To achieve the best performance, we suggest wiping the solar panel roof regularly with a damp cloth to ensure it receives maximum sunlight all day.



    This product is guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year following the date of purchase (excluding the battery/batteries). If you have any questions, please contact us via Customer Service.


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Bring this Kemeco ST4311AHP solar post light with planter to your home, garden, backyard, driveway, or any outdoor location with sunshine to light up a new life. There is no need to run electric wiring. The combination of Cross-Frame appearance and the best Kemeco solar-powered patented technology not only provides a beautiful landscape but also enhances the lighting performance environment-friendly. It's 100% solar-powered, can be easily installed in several seconds, and is ready to move at any time. All you have to do is place this self-contained lamp in a spot where it can receive full sunlight to generate energy-efficient outdoor lighting. Do not put it next to other strong night-time lighting sources or shades.

Company Features

· Kemeco Lighting is a China's professional manufacturer and supplier of pier lights outdoor with a significant presence locally and internationally.

· Our factory has advanced manufacturing machines. The use of these machines means that all major operations are automated or semi-automated and that increases the speed and quality of products.

· Kemeco Lighting is committed to providing customers with one-stop shopping convenience. Inquire online!

Product Details

The overall quality of Solar Light has been greatly improved through the optimization of the following details.

Application of the Product

Solar Light of Kemeco can be used in different industries to meet the needs of customers in different fields.

With rich manufacturing experience and strong production capability, Kemeco is able to provide professional solutions according to customers' actual needs.

Product Comparison

The quality of Kemeco's Solar Light is better than the quality of its peer products. It is shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Kemeco brings together a large number of professionals engaged in related projects, and establishes good cooperation with many outstanding enterprises in the industry. All this provides a strong guarantee of the production of high-quality products.

While selling products, Kemeco also provides corresponding after-sales services for consumers to solve their worries.

With a focus on customer's needs, Kemeco always adheres to the business philosophy of 'people-based, market-oriented, innovation-driven'. Based on that, we constantly innovate business management methods to promote us to become a high-end, innovative and excellent company.

After years of development, Kemeco now has had modern production facilities and perfect management system. Moreover, we have mastered scientific management means and excellent production technology.

Getting rid of old ideas, our company draws support from the current e-commerce trend, and actively develops domestic and foreign markets. With the excellent quality of our products, we have successfully broken the space and regional barriers and opened up a vast market.

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