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The solar vinyl fence lights always ranks 1st by annual sales in Kemeco Lighting. This is a result of 1) the manufacturing, which, starting from design and ending in packing, is achieved by our talented designers, engineers, and all levels of workers; 2) the performance, which, assessed by quality, durability, and application, is guaranteed by the said manufacturing and verified by our customers all over the world. Kemeco has been chosen by many famous international brands and has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. According to the sales data, our customer base in many regions, such as North America, Europe is increasing steadily and many customers in these regions are repeatedly making ordering from us. Almost every product we offer is getting higher repurchase rate. Our products are enjoying increasing popularity in the global market. solar vinyl fence lights and other products at Kemeco Lighting can be customized. For customized products, we can provide pre-production samples for confirmation. If any modification is needed, we can do as required.
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The Complete Guide to Understand What Is Solar Street Light?
The majority of solar lights switches on & switch off consequently through detecting open-air light utilizing solar board voltage. Solar streetlights are intended to work for the duration of the night. Countless can remain illuminated for over one night if the sun is not available in the sky for an all-inclusive timeframe. Older models comprised lights that were not LED or fluorescent. Solar lights connected in breezy areas are usually outfitted with flat boards to all the more likely adapt to the breezes.10 Best Solar Camping Lanterns 2021 | Buyer's Guide & Reviews | GoFast&LightThere's nothing better than a hassle-free camping trip. A weekend away completely isolated from city life. Nothing but the sounds of nature and that feeling of clean fresh air being inhaled. Sounds great right? To successfully accomplish the above, you are going to have to ensure you've brought the right equipment. One vital piece of equipment that is an absolute necessity is a solar lantern. To truly enjoy your experience you will need a light to illuminate your camp at night. Plus a portable light source is an essential piece of emergency equipment too. You do not know what situation you could end up in, accidents happen. And if on the off chance something bad does happen, you do not want to be relying on your campfire as your only source of light. So let's get on with it, in this buyers guide we will tell you our top picks for solar camping lights, we will then provide you with our buyers guide that explains how we rated the lights and lastly we will list our top 10 best solar camping lights on the market today. Now let's dive into the reviews: This is hands down my favorite on the list. This light has it all and it's fairly priced too. Honestly, I can not recommend these lights strongly enough, if you are a camper or a hiker this is the best buy for you! Let's begin with the weight, the MPowered Luci Pro Outdoor 2.0 is not that heavy. These types of lights generally are not but that being said it's one of the heavier lights on this list. They are very compact and will take up next to no space as they collapse. When driving you could place them in the back on top of your stuff so that they charge through the car's rear window. The Luci Pro Outdoor 2 offers a great light quality. In fact, it's one of the brightest lights on this list. You have 4 modes to choose from. These are: low, medium, high, 1-second flashing. The maximum lumen output is 150 lumens. I was really impressed with the brightness actually. That being said you probably wo not use the 150 lumen high option much. There are 10 cool white LEDs packed within the compact shell. So let's talk about the shell. The shell can be blown up by using a small blow valve. This is a really nice innovative feature that makes the light compact. I am assuming you are now starting to see why this is one of my favorites. You would assume the features mentioned so far would make the light expensive but you would be wrong! This is actually a very cost-effective light. This is by far one of the best camping lanterns on the market. There are also mobile charging capabilities too, although I do not particularly use it I like knowing its there. The handle can unsnap which makes it easier to hang the lamp. Overall I am impressed and would recommend this lamp to anybody looking for a powerful, durable, and compact solar lantern. I actually purchased one of these a few years ago and it's still going strong. It's not the most modern item on the list but it does the job! I've certainly put mine through the wars and it's still functioning properly although there are a few scratches. Now I would not recommend using this light for your main source of light one bit. I would however recommend having it as a nice little backup or even a tent light if you have space. This is a collapsible lantern that has two main charging options. You can charge it via solar power or a USB port. It's easy enough to carry, there's a plastic handle on the top of the lantern. The light features three different lighting modes. You've got the high mode that offers 65 lumens and the low mode that offers 25 lumens. Then there is the SOS flashing mode in case you ever need to use it in an emergency. The light has an integrated 800mAh lithium battery that offers 10 hours of battery life in the low mode option when fully charged and 5 hours of battery life in the high mode option. The AGPTEK 5 mode camping lantern has 5 different options when it comes to charging. Yup, there are 5 different ways to power this 36 LED light. Let's go through all five options. None The first is the solar panel that sits on top of the lantern. None The second is a USB charging port. None The third is a car adapter charger. None The fourth is hand cranked. Yep you can manually charge this light. None The fifth and last option is 3 sets of AAA batteries. You will need the 3 AAA batteries to store the energy generated by the other options. So i bought this light after having a shop around on amazon and seeing the amazing reviews this lantern had. I am not a fan of hand-cranked dynamo lights - you know the ones you have to spin the hand lever for ages until your hand cramps? It is however useful to have in case you have no other option to power the lantern. This is certainly the last option I would try. The primary charging option for me would be the fastest source of charge which would be the AAA batteries or the car adapter. However if I was on a long road trip I would make a point of carefully positioning these lanterns on the parcel shelf so that the sun could charge them as we drove. The LEDs on this light are designed to effectively use the energy generated in order to maximise the runtime of this light. AGPTEK say the light has been designed so that it has an operation life up to 100,000 hours. Thats twice now that SUAOKI has made the list. They are a very popular brand amongst solar powered products. This product has quite a low price point considering the specifications. The product comes with an incredible turbo charge mode that uses the USB port - this will charge the built-in 680mAh lithium battery to full charge in around 3 and a half hours. The Suoaki solar lantern looks great in terms of aesthetics and it collapses too - which is always a plus for campers who are concerned about weight and how much space they have to carry things. The light has a hook which makes it easy to hang onto things like twigs. The three solar panels on the top need to be positioned in direct sunlight though. However the lantern does well for basic needs. It's nothing amazing but with a low price tag, it's worth the money. The light has three different modes, these are, high which has a battery life of 2 hours, low which has a battery life of 4 hours and an SOS blinking mode which is designed for emergency situations. The light functions well overall but the power-charging element of the light really fails it. You are not going to be relying solely on the solar light, this is purely a backup power source. But this one does not do anything well when it comes to charging it. I guess that's what holds it back. Is it still usable? Yes. The Goal ZERO Lighthouse is not the most modern looking lantern and it does not fold like the others. It's still a really good lantern if you have the space though. The legs are a nice feature too - especially seeing as it has a hand crank as an option to charge the light. This makes cranking the light so much easier when it's propped up on its legs. The legs are not flimsy either, in fact there quite robust but if that is not enough you can also use the hook to hang the light up. The lantern offers a 360 or 180 degree angled beam. It utalises a 4,400mAh lithium battery to power the 400 lumen lamp Yes they are. There is a chance of them catching fire but the likelihood of that happening is very slim. Plus you will be monitoring or nearby your light anyway otherwise you should have it turned off so that it does not waste charge. Therefore as long as you are a sensible person the risk is very very low. Can solar lanterns still charge in cloudy weather or under shade? Well, solar lanterns require the sun to charge their batteries. So if the weather is cloudy and there is not much sun you are not going to get the most out of your solar panel. There will still be some rays coming through but it will not be the same. So yes they will but it will take much longer to fully charge and it depends on how bad your environment is too. Try place your light in an area that gets hit with the sun the most i.e do not place it under a tree. Can you leave solar lights out in winter? Yes, if the light is waterproof it can be left outside all year. However that being said we recommend you keep your kit indoors if possible as it will help keep the condition good. Plus make sure you get one of the best brands and it will be capable of enduring a lot more strain than other lesser quality lanterns. Normally if the solar light is not working it's down to a fault with the battery. How many lumens should solar lights have? When it comes to camping, you are not wanting to light the whole place up. In fact that would be really annoying. You just need enough lighting to see where you are going so that you do not trip or fall. 100 lumens is sufficient for a lantern light - anymore and you will probably annoy other campers. What is the average lifespan of a solar lantern? If you are buying from a well known brand who is known for manufacturing quality products you will likely get a few years out of your lantern at the very least. The LED bulbs will last for decades, it's the solar panels that do not have much of a life span. Well built solar lanterns can last on average for about 2 years. What are the Different Types of Solar Camping Lanterns? Solar powered camping lanterns can be categorized based on a few factors. You have your fixed design category that consists of solar lanterns that do not compress. These are large lanterns that need to be carried around. They do not lack in performance but they do lack in storage and portability. Then you have your collapsible solar lanterns. These are my personal favourite as they take up a small amount of space when not being used. This means its easy to carry them and store them in my backpack. You could also categorise solar camping lanterns based on their charging modes. So either a USB solar lantern or a single-charging solar lantern. How do I light my campsite? There are many ways to light a campsite. Let's go through some of them now. Starting a fire in the center of your campsite will be a great way of providing some warmth and help illuminate the camp. We recommend keeping glow sticks handy too. Use these to mark anything like poisonous bushes or jaggy nettles. The best way of lighting up a campsite is by using solar-powered lanterns. You can hang these around the campsite in strategic areas to maximise the amount of light produced. Some lanterns have a run time of up to 40 hours and produce a nice amount of floodlighting. How Many Hours of Light Can You Expect to Get from One Charge? It totally depends on the lantern you buy but I can give you a rough idea. We have touched on this question briefly in the buyers guide section of this guide but let's go a bit more in depth. The hours of light that you will have available depends completely on the battery that the light uses and the lighting mode you have selected. Most lights offer multiple modes - each mode offers different lumen outputs and uses different amounts of power. Lanterns used for camping typically have a battery capacity that works for anywhere between 4 and 20 hours. Where Should You Place the Lanterns around a Campsite? You want to keep the lanterns near common places that you are going to walk by. Leave them hung up and make sure that they can get exposed to sunlight during the day. You could even carry about with you. There is not a right or wrong place to put your lantern, mainly because it's very dependent on your campsite. Just focus on making sure your solar camping lanterns can get sunlight during the day. Today buying lights for your campsite is more affordable than ever. Lights are cheaper, more durable, brighter and much more compact than the old gas lanterns that used to be the norm. Does anybody remember the old dolphin torches? Technology keeps getting better and it can be hard to keep up. There are a few features you want to look for when buying a solar-powered camping lantern. We have listed them all below: The first thing you have to consider is the number of lumens you are going to need. What are lumens? Well, think of lumens as an indicator of the amount of brightness your light offers. More lumens, more brightness. This lumen parameter will help you compare solar powered camping lanterns pretty easily. You are obviously going to want a light that can sufficiently illuminate your camp but how many lumens will I need to accomplish this? The brightest light is not necessarily the right light for you. A lumen output of 100 is about sufficient to light up the inside of a tent. So I would recommend you look for a product that has a lighting mode that can offer that. There are lights that have upwards of 1000 lumens. These are great for very specific situations but not for camping. 1000 lumens is most certainly overkill and by turning that on the nearby deers / wild life will probably think it's daylight. Your campmates would probably get annoyed too as it is the equivalent of shining a car's headlights (which are typically 1300 lumens). Even 500 lumens is too much! You are trying to illuminate your campsite, not hunt Pablo Escobar in a Columbian forest. You will want to have the ability to cycle through different lighting modes too. Let's look at three different scenarios and why you need different lumen outputs for each. None You may want a 20-30 lumen option to help you navigate your way to the toilet without tripping at night. None Having a 100 lumen output option is good for sitting around the camp at night. None You would also want a higher lumen output mode for emergencies, something around the 2-300 range. This is bright enough to bring attention to yourself. It is also worth noting that the color of the light will also influence your perception of how bright it is. Warm or yellow LEDs will not attract insects as fast as a blue colored light would. Each lighting mode will drain the battery at a different rate too. The higher the output the fast the battery drains. So you can use this to filter through the products mentioned too. It's hard to find a healthy medium between all the different requirements, but only you know what would suit you best. Now you are out in the wilderness so the chances are you are going to get wet or muddy. You have to pick a light that is not going to break if it gets a little wet. Make sure you look at the IPX rating and pick something that will be sufficient. When purchasing any light you should carefully consider the charging requirements of the light. Does it require lithium batteries? Can you charge it with a car plug-in? Now obviously you've landed on a page that focuses on solar-powered camping lights but we should be considering other methods of charging too. Remember there might not always be enough sunlight to fully charge your light. Your light will still charge with clouds but it will not charge as fast. Generally the more charging modes the light has the better the light will be. Now obviously the smaller and lighter the better. You do not want to be carrying unnecessary big items. This is just extra weight and more things to carry. Most of these lanterns can compress now too, well the best ones can. It's worth noting that you should not have to sacrifice brightness or battery capacity. The best lights on the market are small yet powerful.
Turning Concern into Positive Action
Nicholas Pasieczka, of Oak Bluff, is actively working to conserve Earth's resources and plans to make this his life-long mission.The 18-year-old, a Sanford Collegiate alumni, was inspired to attempt a 100-kilometre non-stop run, dubbed Change is Possible, around Birds Hill Provincial Park on April 27 to raise money for and awareness of international non-profit Pollinate Group.Pollinate Group works with women in India and Nepal to provide a range of quality life-improving products, such as solar lights, to their peers. The solar lights are meant to lessen impoverished people's reliance on kerosene for lighting thereby saving them money and reducing air pollution.An engineering student at the University of Manitoba, Pasieczka also belongs to the UMEARTH group that brings together students who are concerned about the environment. He was one of the members who attended a conference on sustainability in engineering in Prince George, B.C. in February. He said he heard experts speak about the need for conserving resources and using renewable energy sources but didn't learn anything about specific actions that can be taken."Following the conference I felt pretty depressed about the pathway humanity is on in relation to the environment. Many people my age are cynical about the influence they can have, or the impact of their actions to make a real difference," Pasieczka said.After returning to Manitoba, he searched for an organization actively changing the future and found Pollinate Group.While India and Nepal (where Pollinate Group works) and Canada are culturally different, Pasieczka feels that we can all learn a lot from each other and adopt each other's models of success and speed up the transition to cleaner alternatives too.He hopes to study electrical engineering and has earned certification as a solar panel installer.Later this month Pasieczka will represent Canada at the Clean Energy Ministerial / Mission Innovation Ministerial in Vancouver, where world leaders from more than 25 countries will attend to tackle energy issues."I look forward to representing our country and showing how the people of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the world are supportive of the energy changes we need to see now so our economies, environment and communities can prosper for generations to come." he said.When interviewed on April 24, Pasieczka admitted that he was nervous about his upcoming run although he has been training.Donations made at will be matched until May 10.
Best Quality Integrated Solar Street Light All in One
sqi led 60w solar post light with cctv solar street light products 60w. was r1 799.00. now r899.00 . view offer. 11% off. solarway uranus solar flood light 1500 lumen. was r899.00. now r799.00 . view offer. 5% off. sqi 25 led solar powered led wall light set 12-pack. was r899.00. now r849.00 . view offer. 18% off. the cps warehouse light rope solar cool white led with 192 globes & panel 8m. was r655.00. nowgel battery long system introduction solar street light, Solar Battery - Types, technology, price, brands and allSolar Battery. Solar battery also known as solar panel battery, solar power battery or solar battery storage. It refers to devices that store energy generated from solar panel for later use. Solar battery designed to connect with solar charger controller or solar inverter for power backup. You may buy garbage integrated solar street light. Choose the four parts correct, you will get the neata street light garden lamp use long life solar geldailyart 30w solar street light 90 led solar lights outdoor ip65 waterproof solar street light with motion sensor dusk to dawn security light for yard, garden, street, basketball court, gutter 6000k 4.2 out of 5 stars 24 solar street lights - cleanarc power | cleanarc powerdesigned for simple installation as A solar battery is one that receives its energy from the sun or from some other light source through the use of photovoltaic. In most cases, a solar-powered battery is implanted in an electronic device and not capable of being removed. A solar powered battery is usually capable of fully charging after just an hour or two of exposure to sunlight. Solar Street Light. A battery based solar street light is a stand alone system, which will store electricity generated by solar panel in solar battery.Solar LED street light is powered by photo-voltaic panel, generally mounted on the light structure or integrated in the pole itself. Mighty Max Battery is an industry leader in SLA, Lithium, Motorcycle, GEL, Powersport, Wheelchair and all general batteries. We are a proud member of the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce. hunting for solar light for road manufacturer?Malawi specialized in intelligent aluminum alloy case waterproof 180w solar street light, solar street lighting system. mobile: 86-139 2539 5351 e-mail : Malawi newest design outdoor park road lighting ip65 solar powered street light GES Solar Street Light. Solar Lights 18 Lights for indoor, outdoor and street lighting applications, for 12V, 24V and 48V DC input. Lumina Ecolite Outlite SOX, PL street light LED street light Glowstar Street Lighting 22 Complete self contained system with column, lantern, battery, module and controller. Glowstar Lantern 23 Glowstar GS5 (5 Watts) and Glowstar GS7 (7 Solar Battery. Solar battery also known as solar panel battery, solar power battery or solar battery storage. It refers to devices that store energy generated from solar panel for later use. Solar battery designed to connect with solar charger controller or solar inverter for power backup. All types of solar system run the connected load in the day time during sunlight and export the extra 1/1/2021 cheap supply super outdoor lamp ip65 solar led street light with separate solar panels. for indoor solar light what is commonly used are fuloon 80w led solar street light light street lamp (8w with a separate solar panel. this solar panel is installed independently from the light. you can place the solar panel away from the light and to an area where it is directly exposed to sunlight for efficient charging. Deep-cycle batteries - Trojan Battery Company is the worldwide technology expert for long-lasting deep cycle flooded, AGM, gel and lithium batteries. In addition, we have become one of America's most successful deep-cycle battery manufacturers. Solar Battery Calculation: How to Size the Battery for 7/2/2018· if the battery's capacity is 100KWh, only 60KWh can be released to power the solar system, its DoD is 60%. Therefore, the DOD is a very important factor in the calculation of sizing the battery for solar street lights. as we known, a LiFePO4 battery type's DOD is 80 percent, while GEL battery DOD is . SOLAR STREET LIGHTS; DC BREAKERS ACCESSORRIES; SOLAR PUMP INVERTERS; OUR SERVICES; OUR PROJECTS; Deka Solar Battery, 6v, 420 at C100, 370AH @C20 MK Deka Solar Gel Battery 12V, 210Ah - 8G4DLTP-DEKA Read more. ROLLS S2-1046 GEL, 920AH 2V Read more. Rolls Surrette S-550 Read more. Rolls Surrette S6-460 AGM 6Volt L16 Battery Read more A gel battery is a valve regulated, maintenance free, lead acid battery. Gel batteries are extremely robust and versatile. These type of batteries produce few fumes and can be used in places without much ventilation. How does a gel battery work? A gel battery s a valve regulated, lead acid battery in which a pre-determined quantity of an Solar Battery Storage Systems: If You Ca not Tell Your . If you choose to use a gel battery bank, the charging voltage must be limited to a very precise range. In addition, gel cells are more expensive than flooded cells, do not provide much better amp-hour capacity and will generally not last as long as FLA. When you buy a gel cell, you are paying for extra convenience, not extra capacity. SOLAR STREET LIGHTS; DC BREAKERS ACCESSORRIES; SOLAR PUMP INVERTERS; OUR SERVICES; OUR PROJECTS; Deka Solar Battery, 6v, 420 at C100, 370AH @C20 MK Deka Solar Gel Battery 12V, 210Ah - 8G4DLTP-DEKA Read more. ROLLS S2-1046 GEL, 920AH 2V Read more. Rolls Surrette S-550 Read more. Rolls Surrette S6-460 AGM 6Volt L16 Battery Read more
Best Solar Garden Lights
The introduction of solar garden lightSolar Garden Light, a company that specializes in innovative and sustainable outdoor lighting products has just launched their new solar garden light - the Sunlight. This new product promises to bring a lot of convenience and peace of mind by illuminating your outdoor space while leaving this place cleaner than ever before.Solar Garden Light’s founder, Sam Lafferty, is excited about this new product as it is a symbol of sustainable living. It can also be used as a wonderful gift idea for your friends and family.This solar garden light is perfect for places where you want to have some brightness but don’t want to bother with ugly wires or batteries.The introduction of this solar garden light will bring convenience and peace of mind to all the people who need it most in an eco-friendly wayTips for solar garden lightA solar garden light is a great addition to your outdoor space. It can bring color and life to an otherwise dull or gloomy backyard. If you own one, it is important to know what general care and maintenance tips you should follow in order for your light to last.Lights typically don’t need special care, but there are some things that you should keep in mind when owning a solar garden light. For example, while they do not need water they will still rust if exposed to rain too often or if the shade isn’t protected from raindrops. You can also extend their lifespan by putting them in the sun every now and then so that they will have more charge for your next night out under the stars!Solar garden lights work by converting sunlight into energy through a deviceHow to use solar garden light?Solar garden lights are a good way to light up your home in the evening and use the power of the sun. However, they take time to charge and they're not usually powerful enough for outdoor applications. There are a few changes you can make that will increase their usage and help them last longer.Using Solar Garden LightsSolar garden lights are a great way to save the planet because they draw power from solar energy instead of using electricity generated by fossil fuels. They need time to charge before they're ready for use, which is why it's important to make sure that you have enough sunlight during the day so that you can benefit from them at night.The key things people tend to forget about solar garden lights is that they need sunlight during the day in order for them to work properly at nightThe specifications of solar garden lightThe specifications of Solar Garden LightSolar garden light is a compact, durable, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly lighting device. It has a compact design which makes it easy to carry around the home. It is powered by solar energy and is perfect for outdoor use.The unit is well suited for both indoor and outdoor usage.The product instructions of solar garden lightSolar garden lights are becoming a popular fixture in homes. They can be a replacement for traditional yard lights and give off a soft light that can help reduce eye strain during the evening hours.The instructions for solar garden light include the following - how to install, wire, charge and use. They also provide safety warnings in case you should decide to put it outdoors. The instructions also tell you what features they come with like the power modes, dimming range and color temperature.The product instructions of solar garden light provide an overview of what comes in the package, what to do before installation and after installation as well as any warning messages or limitations that may come with using the product.The application of solar garden lightWith the increasing demand for renewable energy sources, solar garden lights have become a popular option for homeowners.Solar garden lights are installed to provide lighting and make them an attractive feature to their gardens. They are a cost-effective way to brighten up your yard, but they don’t offer enough light to illuminate the house.While solar garden lights may not be ideal for illumination, they are great at providing ambiance with their soft, natural light.
How to Make a Solar Powered Walkway
I sure loves me some sun jars! They incorporate several of my favorite things to mess around with: LEDs, Solar panels, hot glue, man it's all there and they look great to boot! However, there is one big fat problem: the sun! When it's dark out, oftentimes the places I'd really like to have a little extra light are just the spots you can't leave a sun jar due to lack of direct exposure to sunlight. The obvious solution to this dilemma is to separate the solar panel from the sun jar. I extrapolated this a bit further and realized that the only thing you actually need in the jar is the LED, and since you don't have to cram all the other electronics in there, you don't have to stay with the classic sun jar shape. With this in mind, I combed craigslist for some suitably shaped glass blocks, went to Home Depot for the appropriate solar light, stocked up on speaker wire and came up with the Solar Powered Walkway!***UPDATE 5/5/10: If you build this project yourself, or something similar, post some pictures and I'll send you a patch!*******UPDATE 1-1-11 If you are the first person to post a picture of your completed light-up walkway to the comments, I've got a 3 month pro membership to instructables that's all yours!Here is the little path that goes from my driveway to the front door. I decided this was the best place to put the lights, mostly because Iwouldn't have to move a bunch of concrete, but also because I'd get to walk the path each night when I came home from work. I figured I'd put one of the glass blocks in the path first just to see how it would look during the day. I dug a little hole, just a bit deeper than the end result would be. I poured a little fine gravel into the bottom of the hole, so you wouldn't just be looking at dirt through the glass. I filled it back in around the block, and left the top just a bit higher than the surrounding gravel, as I figured it would settle out a bit. Everyone who saw it thought it looked nice, so it was off to the next step.I found these awesome solar lights designed to clip on to a patio umbrella at Home Depot for about 8 bucks. I decided to go with these because the solar panel was separable and the batteries drove six separate LEDs. If I'd used the standard solar lights it would have meant six little solar panels and a lot more wires running around. I separated the solar panel from the battery/circuit board case and extended the wires that connected them. The panel went on my roof just over the front door (see picture) and the battery case went under my newspaper box, with wires running discreetly along the corners and the edge of the window. ****Edit 1/30/10: It has been brought to my attention that this type of light is no longer available, at least for less than $60 each anyway! Here are a couple of possible alternatives I'm thinking about trying out for the path I'm going to build for my brother: ***Update 4/26/10 -- User Candor has pointed out this alternative to the lights I used, looks like it might be a good one: ***Update 3/2/11 -- IMPORTANT -- Looks like the IKEA link above is dead, here's a new option from their website: Also, I did a quick amazon search that revealed some possible good options for this project. I just want to say that I don't recommend the dealextreme lights for the walkway project, they were a bit dimmer than I would like for this. They worked out well for the bottle lights instructable I did, but I don't think they'd be so good for this one.7/30/12 -- IMPORTANT UPDATE I don't recommend ANY of the christmas light options for this, they are all too dim. All of the other links above are dead or useless . . . *** Update 5/8/13 -- Thanks to Liv Laster and wickedq for some more suggestions for solar lights!
Visitors After the Baby? 10 Tips for New Parents
Do you feel special when you're pregnant? Well, step aside, Lady, because a baby is here and people love babies.The dilemma that comes with having this little rock star in your home now is that billions of people will want to come visit it. Some will be helpful, some will not.So here are a few handy tips I've picked up along the way so you're able to show your magnificent little miracle off to the world like Simba in The Lion King.Don't let anyone stay with you that you can't cry in front of or you can't tell to "shut up" There may be a few people that offer to stay with you when the baby comes. This can be a Godsend or a sh!tshow. Really think about that person and how much you want them to see behind the curtain. You may be too tired to delicately say, "I know she's not latching properly, but I'm just trying to get the hang of it," and instead say, "See off? You need to f#ck right to it!" Decide carefully about who you want to be around 24/7 when your inner filter isn't working at full capacity.Spread out the visitors.People love to see the baby immediately. That, or they feel obliged to see the baby immediately. Either way, try to spread them out as much as you can so you can get settled and enjoy everyone's company long after the fanfare typically dies down. Try not to book too far in advance either, you seriously may feel great the day after you give birth and feel like a back alley crack whore by week two.Go to people that you think will overstay their welcome -- don't have them come to you Sometimes, this really isn't their fault. I was one of these people before I had kids because I had no idea how tiring a newborn can be. I would sit there gabbing on about some new bar I'd been to while staring into the vacant doll-like eyes of my best friend holding her newborn. I'm sure she wanted to tell me to shut my cake hole and get the hell out of her house, but just didn't have the energy.These are the people you should meet for a coffee or go to their place.First of all, newborns are very portable because they eat, sleep and poop and that's about it, so take advantage of this window when you can cart them anywhere and they don't care. Secondly, it's all on your terms when to pull the chute and you won't have to drop the little hints that go unnoticed. By the way, some of these single people, elderly uncles, etc. are fantastic to be around because they are often just as self-absorbed as a newborn and it's strangely refreshing to talk about something other than babies sometimes.Put them to work Some people are just itching to help when you have a baby and you know what? Let them. These people are like damn border collies and if you don't give them a task, they get destructive and are liable to chew the leg off a chair or worse, start throwing stuff out. Let them do dishes, tidy up, clean the bathroom, take out the garbage, take your other kids to the park, whatever. Don't want them seeing your gross underwear? Throw it in your closet and let them deal with the rest of the pile.Just leave *your* to-do list out and if they ask if they can help, just point them to it and tell them to help themselves if they feel like it. Not everyone is comfortable around babies but really want to help, so give them the satisfaction of doing something for you and just enjoy it and thank them profusely so they don't start installing a sprinkler system.Tag team Remember the first point? That kind of applies to visitors as well. If they aren't the kind of person you can lose it in front of, then have a buffer person with you to entertain or deflect if you need to pull a batsmoke. Just have these people over when your partner, close relative or friend is around in case you need to excuse yourself for an hour to cry on the bed for no particular reason (I did this... twice).Partner plays the bad cop If you think you're second string to the baby, just imagine how your partner feels. This is his chance to shine because I can gua-ran-tee you that there will be some tricky situations when visitors come; like the cousin that announces he's just getting over the flu in passing conversation while holding your 3-day-old infant. Or the great aunt that insists that the baby needs to be brought out in a snow storm to meet her bridge club. Or the nephew that drops by and could "really go for a sandwich." Dad (or partner, or sidekick), it is your job to step up and say, "Oh, hell no." You know why? Because everybody thinks a protective father is cute and everybody thinks a protective mother is nuts, so do everybody a favour and unhinge.This is also a perfect opportunity for an Al Pacino impression.Have them bring food As my friend's Jamaican grandmother used to say, "Don't come wid you two long han". Which loosely translated to don't show up empty-handed. Most visitors like to bring something whether it's a gift, flowers, etc., but food is always such a great thing to receive when you're tired and just learning the ropes with a baby and people are usually more than happy to help. (If you're dealing with people who think you should be honoured with their presence -- see point 3.) Have them pop it over or sit down and share it with them, either way, they get a baby fix and you get some lasagna. I say win-win.Treat it like an Out-of-Office Reply* Sometimes people think it's nice to pop in to see how a new mother is doing if they haven't had an immediate response to a message they left an hour ago. This actually isn't too bad for the people you can tell to "shut up" because you can tell them if it isn't a good time and their feelings won't get hurt. For the rest of the population, it is not cool to arrive unannounced at a new parents front door because there is no telling what kind of Stephen King nightmare is going on that day.To avoid these awkward moments, I like to treat it like a vacation notification. Change your voicemail and your email to let people know you're kind of off the grid. It may seem like a no-brainer to you, but some people feel the need to constantly "check in." Just have an auto-reply that says, "Thanks for your email (call). We're just getting the hang of parenthood so forgive us if it takes a little longer than usual to get back to you. Don't worry, we're just fine and loving every minute of it." I know this may be a little over the top and may feel like the equivalent of adding the dog's name to Christmas cards (I love that actually), but it's an easy way of letting them know they've been heard.*Obviously, if you're alone and live in the woods in wolverine country, disregard this advice and be grateful someone is checking to make sure the cat isn't eating your corpse.Pre-Prep Do you think Aunt Kelly is going to be a problem? Get your responses thought out NOW or start laying the groundwork NOW. If you think she's going to show up on your doorstep the day you give birth then start telling her the story of a co-worker's mother-in-law that showed up the day she gave birth and how awful it was and how you're so lucky that your family just gets that you need a couple of days to settle in. Get an email ready saying, "Aunt Kelly, we can't wait for you to see the new baby! I'm just getting the hang of it so can I give you a call when I come up for air so you can come over and meet her?" then hit *send* when she fires off the first email.Go with the flow Does Aunt Kelly still show up? Does your Mother-in-Law that you've never met fly in from the Ukraine and set herself up on your couch? Does your sister drop in everyday to tell you about the disgusting brunch she had or everything about her wicked pilates instructor?Roll with it and save your energy like a solar street light on a dimming switch. Ask Aunt Kelly to hold the baby while you go have a shower. Say "Diakuju" when your mother-in-law makes dinner, then go lie down with the baby. Tell your sister she needs a f#cking punch in the throat then apologize and blame it on your hormones while savoring the good vent.The best thing you can do with visitors, a new baby, and I suppose life in general, is just roll with it.Even though you are now regarded as the remaining husk that brought this precious, perfect gift into the world -- you will be asked how you feel as a courtesy but no one gives much of a sh!t how you are now, so try not to ramble -- it's still your show, honey. So remember, choose your visitors wisely and enjoy the little star that everyone wants to see shine.
What Is Smart Solar Street Light Project?
"We are going to make smart solar street light project for Halifax,northern Canada."A USA smart grid supplier has announced.Lighting is only the first requirement. Real-time monitoring of smart solar street light project can improve law and order.Unlike other LED streetlight projects, this 43,000sets LED streetlight is intended to be an smart street light project system.This USA smart grid supplier will make smart solar street light project and provide a service that includes a smart streetlight solution and Streetlight.The monitor and control software connect 43,000 street lights to form a smart solar street light project system. In this smart solar street light project,these street lights are provided by LED lighting company.Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia, Canada. It has a population of 400,000 inhabitants and covers an area of 5,490 square kilometers. It is the largest municipal area on the Canadian coast.The manager for smart solar street light project and the local public facilities coordination manager, said: "We all want to live in a good environment. It also includes luminous streets, roads and public spaces.In this smart solar street light project,it provides real-time monitoring status from streetlights, eliminating the need for people to call for streetlights, allowing us to better manage maintenance and replace burnt street lights more quickly."Data and systemization, hydropower and lighting are moving towards the future city.Doyle added: "This solar street light project also brings a futuristic smart city application to Halifax. All data is digitized. It is easier to manage from water and electricity data to advertising panels and traffic billboards. "Vice president of smart solar street light project , said: "We are honored to provide an excellent, reliable and sustainable update of the smart street light network to Halifax. With open standards We can perform calculations in several different cities on one network. Our solar street light project helps Halifax to add more LED street lights in a simple way in the future. At the same time, we can add more smart city devices in the future and procedures."·RELATED QUESTIONWhich custom lighting design manufacturers would you choose to work with (as in, your preferred list of custom lighting design manufacturers for new projects, renovations, and/or construction of a new home and/or commercial property) and why?Residential and commercial lighting are different products. You do not give a reason for wanting custom vs. off the shelf products.A unique custom lighting product is backlit onyx and hinoki wood walls, desks, columns, and stairs by GPI Design of Cleveland. The onyx and hinoki veneer are sandwiched between glass.Boyd Lighting is a San Francisco Bay Area maker of high end lighting.Phoenix Day is another Bay Area custom manufacturer.Holly Hunt is a collection of custom lighting manufacturers.Working with a lighting designer will save you time and money while guaranteeing your project will meet codes, function, and look good.
Broke One of My Neighbors Outdoor Garden Lights, How Do I Cover It Up?
This is extremely funny (this is the asker posting) these "neighbors" have harassed my mom and have wrote a letter to the state over something very simple that they could've solved by simply asking us. **** these people I am not confessing anything to them1. What is good substitute for Gold Fish food? (outdoor garden pond with approx 50 fish 2-4 inches long)?ground up some dry cat food they love it. I go to a park alot that has a golf fish pond where you can buy food out of candy machine looking things and i was told it is pretty much just like cat food (so now i bring my own cat food in my purse so i do not have to pay a quarter for 10 little pieces) they love it . GOOD LUCK2. What specific time of year do i plant vegetables in my outdoor garden?Vegetable gardens are a lot of fun, but do require care and special preparations to have a nice one. This would not be enough space to go into detail, but visit the link below for all the info you need to have a nice and wonderful vegetable garden. Good luck!3. im getting married in a outdoor garden , what can i wear ?bride in formal dress white w light blue small beadsWear a seersucker suit. So chic for a small outdoor wedding. It's cotton so it will be lightweight and breathable, and it's not wrinkle-able. Ask the bride which color she prefers, they commonly come in blue and tan. Here's one from J. Crew bridal:4. can you use peat pots to plant in an outdoor garden?I agree, transferring young plants from the plastic tray pots to a peat pot is a waste of money and actually delays its growth. I have tried container gardening, but the results are disappointing with low yield. Your money is put to better use in buying inexpensive soil amendments to mix into the top soil. If you plant tomatoes and have clay soil, then I dig a hole about 15" in diameter and a foot and a half deep, put some granular plant food at the bottom and cover it with 2-3 inches of good soil. Then I bury the plant and start back-filling the hole with 50% native clay and 50% redwood soil conditioner/amendments (cheap, I bought a 3 cu.ft. bag for $6.99 at a local Home Depot Garden Center.) Initially the plants did not even come to the top of the hole, but I kept adding soil mix as they grew. 3 years ago I had a bumper crop of Beefstake tomatoes. One plant yielded 75 pounds of fruit, including the green ones I harvested at New Year's Eve (no frost to that date) and put in a box covered with newspaper to ripen them. Even those late harvest fruit tasted not much worse than the ones I've bought at Safeway for $2. 50 a pound.5. What herbs can i grow in my outdoor garden this summer in Canada?You grow medicinal plants for everyday ailments like Toothache Plant - toothache Peppermint Geranium - clearing of the sinus Garlic - aids in the removal of catarrh I recently got hold of a book "The natural way to better health and longer life" by Vaughan Bullivant - it is only a small booklet of 64 pages and I have found it to be a wealth of knowledge as I am setting myself up to do exactly the same as yourself - I simply do not believe in the medical institution and all their toxic chemical drugs.6. where do I buy moter for outdoor garden clock, the hands rust and the motor does not work anymore?hobby lobby or michails .hobby shops .or look up clock works online.hope this helps7. outdoor or garden wedding venues in dfw area 1200-1500 budget.?I would select the garden in a heartbeat. What number of humans are you inviting? Only some toilets is enough in my view, it can be not like every person will ought to go while..And in the event that they do...(which they wo not )..They are able to wait a minute or two till any one else finishes. The climate---just have a again up plan. If it rains, you could use the tent like you mentioned. Many humans do this. WE have become married in a backyard as good. The risk of rain certainly will not discontinue us. We each LOVE outside weddings. Our ceremony will handiest be 10 minutes lengthy. .With a few minutes of mingling before and after. Then we are off to a restaurant for the reception. If we would have the reception within the backyard--we might, but they do not enable it. The backyard the place we are having our ceremony--has NO toilets, NO dressing rooms. It sucks...But everybody (35 friends) knows about this forward of time...And considering we are best having the ceremony there it is just not too much obstacle. Our plan in case of rain? Light rain (sprinkle) we can still have the ceremony on the garden with the usage of umbrellas. Rough rain- we are relocating the ceremony to the restaurant. Fingers crossed for NO rain!!!!! In the event you like the garden you are considering--use it.
Intelligent Solar Street Light System & It's Advantages | Solarclue Blog
The search for the renewable energy has taken a while and we all are trying to quickly transform the world for the betterment of the society. Solar energy is one of the best forms of renewable energy while keeping in mind the amount of damage we can provide to the environment.We are blessed with Solar Energy in abundance at no cost. The solar radiation incident on the surface of the earth can be conveniently utilized for the benefit of human society. One of the popular devices that harness the solar energy is solar based street lights. Conventional street consumes a lot of electrical energy.The electrical energy that we generate consumes a lot of resources which is mostly generated by burning coal which in turn degrades earth's atmosphere. Here is the comparison of conventional vs Solar street lights on different aspects: Good solar panels last for at least 25 years, making them the most durable lighting solution at the moment.LED lights are made very differently from regular incandescent lights and bulbs. They also happen to utilize less energy and have a lifespan that extends way beyond those of incandescent lights. Solar panels are highly efficient since they absorb the energy from the sun's rays during the day and store them. The energy gathered from the sun during the day, is good enough to last the entire night.LED lights being one of the most efficient lighting solutions around today, utilize very less energy while producing a much brighter light. LEDs utilize around 90% less energy than regular incandescent lights. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); 3. Low Maintenance Initially, the cost of the street lights is expensive as it is a one-time investment.After installation, we can forget electric bills. Because of the material used in lights there us barely something that goes wrong.Thus low maintenance cost. LEDs last for an average of 7 years when used continuously. However, since they utilize less power and last for a much longer period of time, one does mean that in the long run, LED lights to work out to a lot cheaper than traditional lighting. Traditional street lights use direct current which means it will require a converter to convert the energy from alternating to direct current which causes loss of energy.In another case, LED uses alternating current which means final output is extremely efficient.LED has the best lumen per watt ratio making solar street lights best lighting solution for the world. The traditional lighting system uses electrical energy, which can sometimes prove to be dangerous.Sometimes due to a large amount of passage of current, there can be break or tear and so a person can get shocked.But this problem can be eliminated by solar street lights. The global street lightning system marked size was valued at $2.8 billion in 2016 and it is forecasted to grow by 21.2 % during 2017-2024 As of 2014, over 1.2 billion population across the globe had no access to grid electricity. The situation does not seem to have changed much since then the highest demand for off-grid electricity is arising from Asia-Pacific and Africa, where urbanization is increasing at a high rate. This huge demand for electricity can be catered by standalone systems, which do not require grid connectivity to provide lighting, rather they can generate power by taking energy from the sun. This factor is benefitting the standalone solar street lighting market throughout the globe. One of the key players in Solar street light industries is Intelizon Solar street lights.Intelizon is creating cutting edge technology products for indoor and outdoor lighting using lithium-ion battery combined with LED and solar. Intelizon is a pioneer in the design of inbuilt Lithium Ion battery based wireless solar street lights solutions which are much more reliable than the conventional lead-acid based streetlights. This technology provides a wireless lighting solution reducing the huge costs associated with cabling and maintenance. Intelizon products come with majorly four variants. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push(); Zonstreet Zonstreet is based on Lithium-ion battery technology with an inbuilt dimmer, battery and light sensor.Some of the key highlights of zonstreet are as follows: Zonstreet with an integrated lithium-ion battery and an inbuilt sensor turns on in the evening and provides 10-12 hours of lighting at night This category also has four variants LI-1, LI-2, LI-3, LI-4 which differs only in solar panel wattage, system wattage, the area which it covers and price.So the customer can choose their product as per as their requirement. It is designed in such a way that it automatically adjusts the brightness level based on the movement of the road.It is the first indigenously designed motion sensor and inbuilt lithium ion battery based outdoor light. Zonstreet Plus is a highly reliable product and involves minimum set-up costs with a high return on investment (ROI). It has three variants namely LI4, LI5, LI6 and all these variants varies from each other by system wattage, battery size, solar panel wattage, pole height and the area each light can cover. Some key highlights are as follows: • None Inbuilt GSM card allows remote ON/OFF and dimming of lights • None Allows user adjusts light intensity as per backup hour required. • None Enables remote monitoring of solar panel, battery and lead voltage and current. • None Automatic notification in case of system and components failure. • None Battery charges to a maximum level even on cloudy days as there are low wire and electronic loss. • None Partially charged battery intelligently provides long backup by auto-dimming the lights. • None The proven reliability of more than 5 years of field operation. • None Use of reflectors and lenses provides great aesthetic appeal. • None In-built Lithium-lon Battery prevents battery theft 150 Im/W LED with advanced lenses provides up to 50% higher light intensity per watt. Overall Intelizon Solar street lights take care of all the various type of requirements of the street lights customer can ask for. A customer can go for any type of variants according to their needs. Intelizon also provides 1 year and 2 years of warranty to their customers on street lights.Zonstreet is widely used in college and commercial campus areas to light up gardens and for perimeter area. It replaces the 40W tube light and has been widely accepted by gram panchayats for village lighting also. There are many platforms where you can find this product online. Solarclue is the best platform where can grab these amazing solar products at a much cheaper rate compared to other platforms in the market.Solarclue also gives shipping charges free for their customers and it can deliver all over the country.How can I surround myself with intelligent people, if I'm not intelligent?You are doing it by being on Quora.Aside from that, you are most certainly intelligent. People with high IQs can do some very dumb things and those who do not think they are smart can still be societal geniuses or inventors. Follow your passions and know them well and you will be able to meet like-minded people via sharing or pursuing those passions in real life.
China Outdoor 8m60w Led Solar Street Light Top Sale
Mar 19, 2021· Established in 1995. Focus on R&D, Quality control, Sales, Marketing, After sale service For LED lighting products. ABOUT PRODUCTS Manufacturer and exporter of Solar Street Lights, LED Street Light, LED Housing, Solar Battery, Solar Panel, Solar Controller and Solar Home Lighting System. COOPERATION MARKET We had successfully sold our solar jan 16, 2021 we ensure that we deliver qualified and innovative solar garden and street lighting solution to fulfill the energy requirements of all our customers. all in one outdoor led solar street light price list with life po4 battery 50w 80w 120w led lamp 5 years warranty led street lights, solar home power, solar power streetlight ld 110 jiangsu Get a QuoteI broke my lava lamp in my room, i cleaned it up and all but i wanna know if its toxic?? its watery w./ gliter?its not toxic.... by law it can not beBall Python, feeding questions and heating lamp question?I have a 5 month old baby ball python and it is a good idea to feed them on there cage, because they do get aggressive when they sense food, also u should get a UTH(under tank heater) you can them at petsmart, get the zoo med brand, so you don have to keep the light on all night. The light should stay on for 12 hours, and it is best to keep it on during the day. And after it eats leave it alone for about 2-3days. ohh and thumps up on the adoption.Should I take the top off the Lava lamp I just bought?no! that will ruin it. then when it gets hot it will ooze out the topdid this science experiment and it was about putting a cup with ice under a lamp.?Why do you keep asking the same question? How many answer do you want? And apart from the first sentence the previous answer is rubbish and personally I think you messed it up. Do it again but with a different amount of water and ice THEN ask the question again..I am moving my rabbits in my garage for the winter, it is NOT insulated. What type of heat lamp should I buy?I would highly suggest talking with your vet or local feed store. Remember to hide the cords they are tastey and rabits love to chew on them! I can not remember but we used a heat lamp with I want to say a 100 watt soft bulb. We got it from Orschlans or Home Depot but its been awhile. Also, you might want to check and see about vitamens in their water if you do not already use some. Without the real sun providing vits it can limit what they get and they can get very sick. Just call you vet and ask! Good luck!How can I keep a snake warm without the use of a heat lamp?get a heat pad and a thermostat for it, then you can control how hot it gets and it wo not burn your cage. i do not know how much the thermostat would be in a pet store, but you can order online from big apple herp, it's like $15 and definitely worth itWhere to find replacement shade/deflector torchiere lamp?Torchiere ShadesI'm looking for a timer to turn on my lamp in the morning to wake me up.?Hi there! You can go to Target and pick one up. They are called "automatic light timers" and they are in the home improvement section. I would recommend getting a digital timer though, because they are much easier to program. Hope this helps!! :)What is the unit that measure the amount of light that comes out of a lamp?Luminosity Lux Opaque Short Wavelength Glass Prism Ray Model of Light Diffraction Illuminated source Inverse square speed of light You obviously recorded the terms down incorrectly.Would a normal everyday lamp harm or stress my Ryukin out? 2: Electrical safety; the standard aquarium light is usually designed with the possibility of water exposure in mind, the standard desk lamp is not, DO NOT position the light above the tank if there is any risk of it falling in, or it getting wet from splashage, it could be harmful to both you and the fish.
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