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Kemeco Lighting has been standardizing the products like white solar lamp post light manufacturing process. Our standardized production process management runs through the whole production process. We have employed professional senior technicians who are devoted to the industry for years. They map out the workflow and incorporate the standardization work contents of each stage into the operating procedures. The entire product production process is very clear and standardized, making the product be of superior quality and competitive price.The philosophy of our brand - Kemeco revolves around people, sincerity, and sticking to the fundamentals. It is to understand our customers and to offer optimum solutions and new experiences through ceaseless innovation, thus helping our customers maintain the professional image and grow business. We are reaching out to discerning customers with keen sensibilities, and we will develop our brand image gradually and consistently.To relieve the worries of customers, we support sample making and considerate shipping service. At Kemeco Lighting, customers can get to know more detailed information about our products like white solar lamp post light and check the quality.
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A Guide to the Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
A Guide to the Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
How wholesale solar light street suppliers worksMost of the world's people live in countries that do not have laws on how to operate their own electricity. If you are looking for a reliable source of solar light then the best place to start is with an authorised dealer. You can also check out their website and contact them if you have any questions. Most of the people who sell solar light products use local hardware, some are based in cities and some are based in cities. This means that they can get a discount on their solar light purchases.What is the difference between wholesale solar light and wholesale solar light?' 'No one knows how to do it, but what we do know is that there are two types of solar lights, either in the form of LED or solar lights, and these lights use an array of LEDs. In wholesale solar light street lights, you can get an array of different LED lights for different applications. The biggest advantage of wholesale solar light street lights is that they are able to create a wide range of colors and styles to match the surroundings of the area.The main purpose of wholesale solar light street is to make sure that we have enough bulbs and other electrical equipment to use in our home. They also help us to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. So it is important to choose the right kind of solar light so that we can be using the best products and provide good service to our customers. It is not only about energy efficiency but also about providing a better lighting experience to our customers. If you want to learn more about wholesale solar light street please visit you have an idea of how solar light street lights work then we can try to put it into practice. We are able to offer them in different shapes and sizes, so you can get a good idea of how they work. The main difference between wholesale solar light street lights and solar light street lights is that they use the same types of materials as conventional street lights. This means that they use the same kinds of material as traditional street lights, so you can choose the type of material you want and be sure to use the right type of material for your project.Types of wholesale solar light street suppliersHow to choose the right solar light commercial furniture? There are two types of solar light commercial furniture: natural and electric. A good solar light commercial furniture will work in any type of home or office, but also be used for recreational purposes. You can find many different types of solar light commercial furniture at low prices. We recommend choosing the right type of solar light commercial furniture for your needs. This will make your living room look better and save you money.Most of the money we make goes into our electronics and some of the rest goes into our electricity bills. This is how we spend our money. A lot of it goes into our car, which is an object that we use to drive around in. The majority of the money goes into our vehicles and most of the money goes into our electric cars. If we can't find a way to pay for our lights then we have to spend more money on them. When we buy them they cost less than they used to be. And when we buy them they cost less than they used to be.You need to check what type of wholesale solar light you need. Most of the times, you can save yourself from having to spend hours looking for the best deal on a product that will last you a long time. You can always go for a different type of solar light or buy solar light online from an authorized dealer. When you have found the best deal on solar light, it is best to get in touch with a professional.This article focuses on wholesale solar light street suppliers in Australia. If you are interested in buying wholesale solar light street suppliers then the following article can help you to make informed decisions about the best wholesale solar light street suppliers. You can learn more about wholesale solar light street suppliers by visiting their website or you can find them on their website. Also, if you have any questions about wholesale solar light street suppliers then please send your question to [email protected].How to select the right wholesale solar light street suppliersNo one can predict what will happen to their house in the future. If they are planning to build a large home, then solar lights are going to be an effective way to use them. There are lots of options when it comes to buying solar lights, but if you are looking for a good way to use solar lights then there are some great products that you can choose from. For example, you can buy a small LED solar light bulb for your garden and solar lights for your patio.No one knows what will happen to our industry in the long run. If we don't know what is going to happen to our industry then we can use a combination of data analytics and AI to predict what will happen to our industry. Our systems will work on time and at their best, they will be working well together. It will take us longer to figure out what will happen to our industry in the long run. And it will take us longer to figure out what will happen to our industry in the short run.Most of the people don't have a lot of money to buy solar light fixtures, so they are very often working in an industry that is highly specialized in building products. In order to make sure that they can be efficient and efficient, it is important to look at their research. The next time you need to purchase solar light fixtures, ask for help from your local Solar Plumbing and Heating Company. Most of the time you will get help from your local Solar Plumbing and Heating Company.Many of the people who are looking for wholesale solar light street suppliers, do not have much experience in buying and managing their own business. They need to go through an extensive background in finance and order book, learn how to use credit cards and check how to get the best deal possible. Most of the people who are looking for wholesale solar light street suppliers will be doing business with small-business owners and trying to figure out how to manage their own business.
12v Led Aluminum Garden Lights
I don't like those solar lights with low brightness and cheap materials that fade within few weeks. So I made my own LED garden lights to use in my drive way and backyard that are modern, elegant and cheap to make. Powered by 12V controlled from my alarm system which turns it on automatically at given hour, made from anodized aluminum. Parts for those lights cost about $3/piece.You need:You also need power supply to power it, but I'll not go into details here because each installation is different. I'm powering my lights with 12V 20W power source controlled with my alarm system. You can use a switch, light sensor, PIR sensor or whatever you like.Start with cutting each aluminum profile in half. That way you will end up with 6 pieces, 50cm each. Also make two holes about 3cm apart with 4,2mm drill. Best to choose the side that your previously cut. This side is going under the ground so if your cut is not clean you don't need to don't worry about it.The cheapest way to make sure that your light is installed securely in the ground is to equip it with an anchor. This will make the light more stable.I'm using 4x40 screws to create an anchor-like shape.Now cut LED strip into 15cm peaces. You can go for more but I decided that in my 50cm light only 30cm will be above the ground and only half of that will be glowing.Solder two wires to the strip, use shrink tube to make sure that moisture is not going to be a problem in the future, then stick the strips inside each aluminum profile and close the white milky cover.Now you need to connect lights to your power system and stick them in the ground.If you like it, you can vote for my project in top right corner of this page. Thank you!
Solar Street Light for the Home and Business
The introduction of solar street lightSolar street lights are a great solution for urban areas, as they can replace the need for electricity.The introduction of solar street light is not only to meet the demand of the users but also to help people save money on their energy bills. The introduction will be done through various ways, like a series of solar street lights around the city and along our highways. It will also be implemented by setting up mechanism like "Solar Street Lights" or "Digital Citizen's Grid".Tips for solar street lightSome cities have already started installing solar street lights to put the solar power on the streets. However, they are still far away from being fully functional. As a result, they often need some manual work done by a maintenance man.How to use solar street light?How does a solar street light work?The specifications of solar street lightSolar street light is a type of lighting system that uses solar energy to produce light. The technology has been around for decades and we can rely on it to provide electricity for our homes, offices and even the streets. However, these solar street lights do not have a long lifespan. They require constant maintenance as they need to be replaced when their efficiency drops below a certain level (around 30%).The product instructions of solar street lightThe instructions of these solar street lights are important. They tell the consumers what to expect when they are buying a product and help them make smart choices.Not only do the instructions help in making smart choices but they can also be used to increase brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.The application of solar street lightIn the last two years, solar street light installation has become a popular and efficient method for power generation. This is because it can be installed on the roofs of residential or commercial buildings. It works when the sun shines on the roof and creates power in an efficient way.
Bureaucrats Get Thousands of Dollars in Gifts
VICTORIA'S top bureaucrats were treated to thousands in free flights, lavish lunches, bottles of champagne and tickets to Melbourne's top sporting events.Documents released exclusively to the Herald Sun show since June 2010 top private companies offered almost $70,000 in gifts to help schmooze the state's public servants.Among perks officials gleefully accepted were tickets to the Australian Grand Prix, corporate seats at AFL Grand Final and hospitality at the Australian Open Tennis.While corporations spent thousands flying Departments of Justice, Education and Health staff to exotic locations around the world.Of the four government departments to provide access to their gift, benefit and hospitality registries, the Education and Early Childhood department officials accepted the most - netting almost $45,000 in corporate largesse.Computer giant IBM was one of its biggest benefactors splashing out close to $900 on a lavish lunch for nine staff and then later also providing $1300 in Spring Racing Carnival tickets.Department of Justice officials accepted $12,509 in gifts, flights and dinners.The documents released under Freedom of Information show Victoria's Emergency Service Commissioner Michael Hallowes accepted a $300 charity dinner from Telstra.A Corrections Victoria officer also accepted the strangest gift - two solar garden lights from a parolee offered as gratitude for helping the offender complete a court order.Department of Health doctors and officials were given $7935.35 in freebies with one policy adviser given $2500 in free flights and accommodation to speak at a conference in Dubai.The Office of Public Prosecutions only accepted $550 in gifts - mostly presents from victims after a trial.A senior solicitor even rejected a $500 gift card offered by a grateful victim after the completion of a trial.It can also be revealed that Arts Victoria did not record a single entry on its gift registry.The department was involved in a kickback scandal in 2009 were a staff member bought $100,000 in inflated printer toner cartridges in exchange for $8,300 in gift certificates. None of her gifts were declared.In wake of the "tonergate" scandal, which cost the taxpayer almost $80,000, the Victorian Ombudsman slammed the freebie culture at Arts Victoria and its poor gift-reporting procedures.But government spokeswoman Carolyn Jones said Arts Victoria only reported gifts valued at $150 or more."Under this definition, no Arts Victoria staff members have received a gift in the last three and a half years."DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE- Corrections Victoria officer was given two garden solar lights, a puzzle book and chocolates from an offender who completed parole.- Strategic Communications staff accepted $750 in Australian Open centre court tickets from Australia Post.- People and Culture officers were treated to a $500 conference at a day spa in Hepburn Springs.DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT- IBM spent $900 on a lavish lunch at glamorous city restaurant for nine department staff.- The Office of the Secretary was given $800 in Western Bulldogs' tickets.- The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation flew one official to Seattle to speak at a conference.OFFICE OF PUBLIC PROSECUTIONS- A defence barrister gave a prosecutor a $40 brooch during a serious sexual assault trial.- Meldrum and Hyland Barristers Clerks splashed $75 on bottles of sparkling wine for the OPP briefing staff.- The son of culpable drive victim gave a solicitor a CD of his music.DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH- The department was presented with a signed Geelong jumper after striking a partnership with the club.- A staff member from the food safety and regulation unit was given a double pass to see comedy duo Flight of the Conchords live at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.- A policy adviser was flown to Dubai to speak at a conference on Arab iginally published asThe perks of the job
Solar Powered Garden Lights - Reviews and Suggestions -
Solar Powered Garden Lights One great way to upgrade the look of your garden or backyard this summer is to add solar powered garden lighting. Solar lights make for an ideal choice for outdoor accent lighting as they provide a green and renewable source of light that will not add any additional cost to your utility bills. They can be used to illuminate pathways, shine direct light on trees or along fences, or simply to set a certain mood in your garden by adding a splash of color. Carefully placed solar garden lights can help to extend your living area throughout your property and make outdoor living more appealing. Traditional outdoor lighting can be costly and often involves extensive wiring which can make projects prohibitive to the average homeowner. One of the biggest advantages to going solar is the ease and simplicity of getting started. You don't need to have any background in electric wiring and many of the outdoor solar lighting kits on the market today are sold 100% ready to use. The price also makes choosing solar an attractive option. It some cases, you can buy a set of 10 stake lights for as little as thirty dollars.Reviews and Suggestions If you have never worked on a project of this nature before, choosing an outdoor solar lighting solution can be somewhat of an intimidating task. Several years ago, there were very few choices and only a few major brands worthy of consideration. In recent years, the number of different options has expanded exponentially as consumer demand for renewable energy sources has grown. The good news is, with the rapid growth of the industry and increased consumer interest level; the quality of these products has improved significantly. This has lead to the development of outdoor solar lights to fit almost any project need. While the choices available to you will be extensive, I will provide my own personal reviews and suggest products that have broad general appeal.Moonrays Solar Garden Lights One of the easiest and best ways to get started is to experiment with a pack of garden stake lights. These can be used to place along either side of a path, to form a border around an area of interest, or to create gentle light between plants or within a flower bed. There are several reasons I recommend using Moonrays. First, they are very economical and can be purchased in a pack of ten for $29.95. I consider good stake lights to be a great starting point for any outdoor lighting project and the versatility as far as positioning is concerned is second to none. If you decide you want to move them and try something different in a few weeks or a few months, you have the freedom to make a quick adjustment. Each light has a single white LED light in a black casing which allows them to blend in with their surroundings. Installation is as easy as you will ever find with solar lights; pop in a battery and firmly push it into the ground wherever you want it. They are very sturdy and can stand up well to the elements. In my experience, I've always found these to offer good quality light and they hold up well even in difficult conditions.Moonrays Color Changing Glass Ball Stake Lights These are perfect for adding some color to your garden. Each stake light has a crackle glass globe at the top and gently transitions through seven different colors. The solar charged battery (included with the kit) will keep the lights going for up to eight hours at a time. I really enjoy these for a number of reasons. The first thing that appealed to me about them was the instant visual effect they add to your yard or garden. I have several of them placed throughout my flower garden and it's almost mesmerizing to watch the colors gently dance back and forth. It really adds a fun and stylish element to your outdoor property. You will be surprised at just how much beauty these can add to your backyard! They really do add a new dimension to your home by bringing to life an area that might otherwise not even be visible at night. I have several friends who use them to line outdoor swimming pools and the effect around water is nothing short of brilliant. These make for an instant and very affordable way to upgrade the appearance of your property and come highly recommended!In my search for a good outdoor accent lighting solution, I've had the opportunity to try many different solar powered garden lights. You will find that not all brands are created equally and many of them are of questionable quality. If you are just getting started with your first solar lighting project, I suggest starting with one of the Moonrays products as their quality is outstanding and in my opinion; you will not find another product that is easier to set up and install. In fact, after opening the box; my kids took the lead in placing many of the garden lights themselves. I did a lot of my own research prior to making a purchase and based on a lot of other reviews, they really do make some of the best solar garden lights on the market. When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor setting, everyone has unique needs but I believe that the two products reviewed above provide an excellent starting point. Like any other home improvement project, you can always continue to build and expand on it once you have explored your own creativity and developed your ideas.
Integrated Solar Street Light in Nigeria by Green
12 Best Solar Street Lights Reviewed and Rated in 2021 Apr 04, 2021· The Brillihood solar street light houses 12 watts of LED power. This provides a brightness of over 1200 lumens with a 6000K clear color. If fully charged, these solar lights can last up to 5-8 hours. With this, Brillihood's solar street light can sufficiently light up the dim spaces and areas in your home. find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 2500000lm commercial solar street light cssty 240, solar 250w 576 led ip67 dusk-to-dawn w/ remote at the best online prices at ebay! free shipping for many products! 150/250w 576 led wall street light solar panel remote control outdoor floodlight. c $36.40 2x 30m universal ceiling fan lamp Get a QuoteWhy is Internet so expensive in Nigeria, despite not being available everywhere?Scarce products are usually expensive. Since not everybody has access to the internet, the network providers or ISP's increase the price seeing as we hardly have alternate choices. But if the reverse were the case, that is, if internet services were available everywhere in Nigeria, trust me, the price would be really low as there would be serious competition among these Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and some of them would reduce their tariffs to attract more customerswhat should i do about my dad?In addition to the above responses, there is a second problem. About your father sending money to lonely single ladies in Nigeria so that they can buy plane tickets...your father is falling for the classic Nigerian 419 Scam. In this particular case, it is called a Romance Scam. She probably is posing as a supermodel and has already used a picture of a beautiful lady in a swimsuit. The scammers follow a predictable scenario, of which you have already described. What happens is that they ask your father to send money for plane tickets. After he sends them the money (most likely through Western Union), they tell him which flight and on what date they will fly to the UK. On the day they are expected to arrive, they will suddenly send your father a message that an emergency has occurred. Such emergencies include that they have been in an car accident and need money for medical expenses, or that they were robbed at gunpoint of their tickets and now need more money to buy a replacement ticket. How do their tricks work? Simple: they play on your father's emtional instability. Your father is probably lonely and they know this. Any guy who is lonely will think to themselves that they are lucky if they land a very beautiful supermodel who purports to love them very much. Once the scammer has your father on the hook, they will then start to get money from him by making urgent pleadings for money for various reasons using emotional appeal. Forget about making decisions using a rational approach, for if your father were to do such as that, he would not fall for a scammer's tactics. In short, I recommend that you try to help your dad break his addiction to these scam artists. They are the primary source of his financial destitution and emotional problems. Once you break him from the vicious cycle being proffered by the scammers, you will have taken care of most of his mental and emotional problems.Why cant i send money to nigeria through western union?Because it seems the majority of scams in this world come out of Nigeria. You know how many desperate women have wired money to Nigeria thinking they were dating a Marine Corps Captain online who was deployed to Afghanistan?Why is Nigerias population so big?Well, I think in Nigeria's history, there has been mass migration to Nigeria for better opportunities, especially to some of Nigeria's larger cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Kaduna and Port HarcourtWould you have sex with Nigerian women in Nigeria?as*holeWhy are Igbos marginalised in Nigeria?Would told you so?And why do you believe this?No tribe is happy within the Nigerian national framework and the problem stems from looking at ourselves primarily in light of our tribal nationalities.If you ask why the states in the southeast of Nigeria are relatively underdeveloped, then clear objective answers may start coming up.Hunger, greed, corruption and nepotism do not know tribes.
Solar Garden Lights Vs Normal Garden Lights?
Solar garden lights vs normal garden lights?it's all about taste and where you live, I guess! solar garden lights are getting better but for my taste they are more like ambiance/decorative lighting. Just for safety in some area around my house I really need the real thing (electric motion detector).— — — — — —I have small to medium sized rocks. Don't know what to do with them.?if you have a garden make a little fence— — — — — —What garden feature should I include in my garden?A small fish pond surrounded by lilies of the valley and ferns behind the lilies. They are two of the few plants that thrive in shade— — — — — —What can you do on 2 acres of land?i dunno . mow it lol . you could put a dairy cow on it, use the poopy to fertilize a garden or two, have a few chickens and build a coop . depends what you want to do on it— — — — — —Anyone have pained mural ideas for bathroom?How about a french garden look.if you have a decent sized wall you could make it look like there's french doors opening out into a garden full of flowers and butterflies and such. Or a rustic Italian look.with the look of large pieces of plaster broken off and cracks in the walls. ADDED: with the french garden could also make it look like there's a window if your wall space is smaller that opens up overlooking the garden.and around the window or french doors can just be a solid color like you are looking from inside to outside.— — — — — —A world wide food shortage is being orchestrated. More food thats around the better Are you guys growing food?I hunt , I fish and I raise a garden every year. Cant do it yet as Im waiting for the ground to unthaw. edit. Ive been stocking up for months and months because I knew this was going to happen. people can laugh all they want , as many do. but I like you will be prepared.— — — — — —Is it possible to grow faerie rings? PLEASE ANSWER!?no you cant grow a fea ring they have to put it there them self's, i found one this summer on my lawn, it was about 4ft width we have mushrooms on our lawn but never had we a ring of them till this year and it most prob not be there next year as they only come once or twice in a garden unless it is a fae garden that they take over but i will say to those who will laugh at faes they love all flowers and my mum was throwing out some nearly dead roses so i took them home an replanted them and within a few weeks the roses had bloomed so much that my mother hd asked for them back, it is well known that fae will care for sick and ill garden plants all i can say is all my flowers are still in bloom even with the frost and small amount of snow we have had and next year i will not mo that part of my lawn just in case that fae ring comes back— — — — — —Best tasting tomato? About to plant my garden soon.?WE plant a garden every year and we get beefsteak tomatoe plant or big boy . dont forget to feed your tomatoe plants with tomatoe food. as your tomatoe plant gets bigger we use a steak our tomatoe plant and tie the plants to the wooden steaks with pantyhose other wise the plants will fall over and the tomatoes will touch the ground and rot. dont water the tomatoe plant . water around the plant near the gorund.— — — — — —How do I get night crawlers out of my garden?Why would you want to? Earthworms are the best thing to have in a garden, in fact people BUY them to add to the soil because the aerate and fertilize it. In fact earthworms are a major source of topsoil. People pay money for bags of their droppings.— — — — — —this one is for the gardeners?Yes, but it's a constant battle. You need to do a combination of motion-controlled sprinkler "alarms", olfactory deterrents (like HOT pepper powder or spray) and maybe a pet to stand guard meanwhile. I know rabbits are afraid of loud noises, too. You may need to build fences around your crops as well. In short, it's an endless battle and one that led me to declare endless war on squirrels. You will be wishing you were not so humane after they chomp on all your delicious tomatoes, at which point it's safe to buy a pellet gun.
I Am Going Camping and I Need to Light an Area Without Using a Car, Fire Or Using a Generator, What
I bought Solar lights from an outdoor center, (OSH or Walmart sells them). The solar panel charges rechargeable batteries that power 3 LED spotlights during the day which provide enough light to keep a campsite lit well past midnight. Place the solar panel (about 6"x9") in sunlight for about 5 hours and you are good to go the next night.1. How long does it take for new solar lights to work?One good sunny day should give them sufficient charge to turn on for awhile. My mother has a set and they charge up and work pretty well after a sunny day. Make sure the batteries are installed OK and properly oriented and maybe double check the instructions for any tips you may have missed.2. Do solar lights work in colder cloudy climates?yes! but not as bright as it would if it was sunny all the time!3. What are your green gift ideas?Try google search with keywords like : 'solar panels', 'solar battery charger' , 'solar lights', 'solar ____' whatever you can think of like - garden lights. are newable energy', 'solar air conditioning' , Also give 'windpower' a try. There are allover some very successful and interesting projects that can be done. Enjoy.4. How to Make a LED Flashlight CircuitWhite LEDs have become so common nowadays that even school kids today know how to use them for making simple LED projects. LEDs are typically used for illuminating purposes, the discussed circuit is also intended for similar applications. The post talks about how to wire LEDs and battery to make a simple DIY LED flashlight. Before the advent of the efficient white LEDs, incandescent bulbs were the only option which could be used for making flashlights. Though not as bright as a white LEDs, filament bulb type flashlights served the purpose quite well, until LEDs were invented, which completely transformed the scenario. White LEDs are so efficient that they produce 4 times more light than a conventional incandescent type flashlight yet consume 60% less power. No surprise why white LEDs are being considered as the future option for all lighting applications. The LED flashlight circuit explained here is very simple, and it simply requires to follow the instructions as given for making it successfully. The proposed circuit utilizes just a single high bright white LED, three 1.5 volt button cells and a switch. As we all know, a white LED typically needs a 3.5 volt supply for illuminating directly, without the need of any current limiting resistors. Therefore here we connect the three 1.5 volt button cell connections directly across the LED terminal for switching it ON and for getting the intended illumination from it. Being low in current the 4.5 V output from the cells does not produce any damaging effect, rather automatically adjusts to illuminate the LED very brightly. Now add a switch anywhere in between the above cell and LED connection, it becomes switchable manually, your simple LED flashlight circuit is ready. The discussed flashlight arrangement will require a proper casing for holding all the parts in place securely so that it can be comfortably operated by hand. A sample design is shown below, which may be copied for making the enclosure for the above circuit. Due to the fact the full illumination of a flashlight is not always required, an appropriate dimmer might be a pleasant power saver. The device was created around an astable multivibrator whose duty-cycle could be adjusted through potentiometer P1. The diode is included to enhance the rise time. The diode can be a 1N4148. Through T3 the AMV switches transistor T4, which in turn switches the LED lamp. T4 can work without any heatsink. The control range is such that the lamp could be tweaked to consume at about one third of its total brightness level; which means the batteries will likely then continue to operate 3 times more than its normal life. The implementation of the circuit is naturally not restricted to flashlights alone; it could likewise be employed for solar lights, radio dial brightness, etc. If an LDR is used in place of P1, it might be possible to achieve an automated dimmer that self adjusts the illumination of the lamp depending on the background light conditions.
Tomshine Solar Lantern Light,Outdoor Hanging Garden Lights Metal Lamp for Patio, Patio Decor Metal Y
I bought this item at the end of August 2020. Thought it was lovely and used it for about 8 weeks before putting it back in its original packaging for safe overwintering. I can not say how disappointed i am on finding the lamp dead and not working despite being left to charge over many sunny days. I can only say it has been a waste of money given the amount of use I had and the care I had taken to keep it safe for this year, eight weeks of use is unacceptable . Not happy I will have to bin it, unfortunately I can not recommend. This is a gorgeous solar light with a pretty pattern from the shapes cut out. Size is just right. I absolutely love it. It hangs nicely on my patio and it's lovely and bright. I think I will buy another and it would make a fabulous present for my sister. Lovely lovely lovely. Very happy. Looks expensive not cheap or tacky. By Kate S. on 27 May 2020 This is a gorgeous solar light with a pretty pattern from the shapes cut out. Size is just right. I absolutely love it. It hangs nicely on my patio and it's lovely and bright. I think I will buy another and it would make a fabulous present for my sister. Lovely lovely lovely. Very happy. Looks expensive not cheap or tacky. Really good quality, not a massive Lantern, , however, that did not bother me. The stronger the sun the brighter it is and makes lovely pattern on paving slabs below I would recommend it, you may have to wait a while for delivery, however, you are kept updated Via e mail Footnote: (29thJuly) my solar light does not work now, only had it since back end of May and it was a birthday present from my close friend so very disappointed 2nd footnote (6thAugust) I e mailed the company regarding my lantern not working and in all fairness they were quick to respond and after a couple more e mails back and forth they are sending me a replacement and have told me to be patience as it could take 20-40 days to arrive, they have not asked for the broken one back either. If it arrives and works I will be a happy bunny again 3rd Footnote(sorry) - I received a replacement free of charge very quickly and am pleased to say all is well Really good quality, not a massive Lantern, , however, that did not bother me. The stronger the sun the brighter it is and makes lovely pattern on paving slabs below I would recommend it, you may have to wait a while for delivery, however, you are kept updated Via e mail Footnote: (29thJuly) my solar light does not work now, only had it since back end of May and it was a birthday present from my close friend so very disappointed 2nd footnote (6thAugust) I e mailed the company regarding my lantern not working and in all fairness they were quick to respond and after a couple more e mails back and forth they are sending me a replacement and have told me to be patience as it could take 20-40 days to arrive, they have not asked for the broken one back either. If it arrives and works I will be a happy bunny again 3rd Footnote(sorry) - I received a replacement free of charge very quickly and am pleased to say all is well Do not buy this does not last. This has not lasted more than 6 months. Serious design fault. In August 2020 We were given one of these lanterns as a present and thought that it was lovely, so bought 2 more for the garden. They all worked well for the remainder of the year but stopped working over winter...which I put down to low sunlight levels. But now that spring is here and the sun is shining more again I expected them to come back on, and they have not . I tried all the advice online about trying new batteries, leaving them off, trying a "regular" battery, without success. So I looked at the bulb, and in all 3 cases one of the connecting wires has rusted through (see photo). Given that all 3 lanterns have failed suggests that this is a systemic design/manufacturing fault rather than a one off occurrence and so would not recommend this product to anyone. I have sent a message to contact Tomshine via their support section on their website, but have not had any response. Given what other people are saying here about their responsiveness I fear that I will not have any think these will have to be "upcycled" into expensive tea light holders! :( Do not buy this does not last. This has not lasted more than 6 months. Serious design fault. In August 2020 We were given one of these lanterns as a present and thought that it was lovely, so bought 2 more for the garden. They all worked well for the remainder of the year but stopped working over winter...which I put down to low sunlight levels. But now that spring is here and the sun is shining more again I expected them to come back on, and they have not . I tried all the advice online about trying new batteries, leaving them off, trying a "regular" battery, without success. So I looked at the bulb, and in all 3 cases one of the connecting wires has rusted through (see photo). Given that all 3 lanterns have failed suggests that this is a systemic design/manufacturing fault rather than a one off occurrence and so would not recommend this product to anyone. I have sent a message to contact Tomshine via their support section on their website, but have not had any response. Given what other people are saying here about their responsiveness I fear that I will not have any think these will have to be "upcycled" into expensive tea light holders! :( Lovely quality Solar Lightsand great design. They look gorgeous day and night hanging, especially lit up at night displaying a beautiful pattern on my fencing and walls in the garden. Have had them a couple of weeks now and have had no issues with them whatsoever. They charge efficiently and keep hold their charge for a good couple of days/nights until fully charging again. I tend not to leave any of my solar lights out in the rain because I would prefer they not become weather tarnished nor risk their solar powered units, But with the little rain that they did endure the other day, just prior to me noticing it was raining and getting them in, their solar powered units proved to indeed be water resistant. Although again I personally prefer not to allow them to get wet for sustained periods in order to preserve them for longer. These gems are worth that little extra effort so as to keep them working and looking just as good as the day I received them and for as long as possible =).Good compact camera for med/low light outdoors?There's something critical to what you want that you are missing. Cameras, especially small pocket toys are never good in low light. They are fully automatic so the camera is making all of your decisions. An upper end bridge or dslr camera is what you really want for low light - especially indoors. A bridge camera is limited also because you can not always get down to the f/stop you need for the available light. No camera will do everything for you and that's what you are apparently expecting - that wo not happen.
The Best Post Lights: Illuminate Your Entire Garden
The one ray of light that cannot be corrupted through the post-truth and imposter syndrome society is the practice of science, technology, arts and math or STEAM. Either you can articulate or demonstrate STEAM to an audience or you just talking trying to push STEAM into an attention economy model as a clickbait revenue strategy.I came across an article by the Blavity AfroTech revealing an historical ugly pattern of black-on-black social structuring carried out by pseudo-Bourgeoise blacks sponsored and funded by white people like Ev Williams of Medium (well call Ev Williams and Frieda Kapor out at another time on this dishonest diversity crap) where the white majoritarian funds and sponsors pseudo-Bourgeoise blacks to serve as gatekeepers to exclude organic black talent like myself who is just trying to live out my own personal story and journey.Keep in mind this practice of gatekeeping is not exclusive to targeting us African-Americans. This tokenism practice is also used against professional women where the bro culture finally compelled to include women are hiring the cool girls that dress in tight clothes and loves to hang out with the bros versus the bros accepting and understanding the journey of everyday women who wish to be loyal to her partner and give birth and raise her own family.This tokenism practice happens a lot with Asians where you go overseas to do business with Asians - very proud people of who they are and their culture but again Western white bro culture is looking for the china doll docile Asian woman or effeminate Asian guy stereotype to make their corporate diversity photo-ops on their web site look exotic.The common denominator behind this practice of picking and choosing, funding and giving a platform to non-whites and women the white bros like is the white majoritarian belief system practiced in Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Madison Avenue instead of truly embracing diversity and treating people equally as important contributors.The Blavity AfroTech article titled 4 Companies That Are Creating Our Wakanda and Committing To Advancement in the Black Community is revealing enough by the story headline alone. It is an attempt to establish Blavity AfroTech as the so-called black authority that can pick and choose among us black people in the technology industry who they wish to be notable within the black community. This is a disgusting practice already carried out by another gatekeeping magazine called Black Enterprise that was also corporate-sponsored by Ford and American Express for decades to profile only certain blacks in businesses while excluding other black businesses based on petty like/dislike of the petty Black Enterprise editorial staff.The biggest problem and flaw with the Blavity AfroTech article is obvious none of the so-called 4 companies are based in Africa where self-determined African tech entrepreneurs have made the biggest gains and improvements and progress on creating technology solutions for African locales and nations.Our African family are doing everything from blockchain-based land rights management to establishing solar energy and hydro-electric dams to commercial drone airports but they are not even mentioned in this Blavity AfroTech fluff article because Blavity AfroTech was putting out a self-serving propaganda piece and thats the problem here with the dishonest diversity. If anybody in the world is building anything close to Wakanda its our brothas and sistas in Africa.I want to take a moment to acknowledge all African tech entrepreneurs for the contributions they making for betterment of their homeland and my motherland.I want to give a clear message to Blavity AfroTech quit it and give it up. You are not going to be the authority or gatekeeper of the global Black Digerati and never will be.and let me explain why.Blavity AfroTech Dont Own the Story. African-Americans, Africans, Afro-Latino and Afro-European and our emerging Afro-Asian members of the African Diaspora own their own story and in an Agile / DevOps process the entire tech world is moving towards, the focus is on the stakeholders, not self-appointed gatekeepers trying to write gatekeeping propaganda about 4 companies they think is building Wakanda. That means the story and focus is on black issues, black challenges and black solutions, not black AfroTech people who want their 15 seconds of fame and recognition to impress their former high school classmates.Blavity AfroTech Dont Deliver Fulfilment of Stories. If corporate-sponsored Blavity AfroTech is writing propaganda articles focused on pick-and-choose politics instead of speaking of black problems and how we can overcome with applied STEM practices and patterns, then obviously they are just bullshitting in the tech space, no other way to say it. Only a fool think the average black person in America gives a damn about 4 companies trying to create Wakanda when black folks are struggling to make ends meet in a system of social/economic inequality and injustice. Real black people cares about cities getting rid of cash bond requirements for misdemeanors that lock up homeless and poor blacks and building grocery stores and affordable housing in areas of divestment, real black issues stuff. And obviously Blavity AfroTech is not talking about them or how to fulfill the needs of black people.Blavity AfroTech Dont Give a Damn About Black People. I personally know Blavity AfroTech doesnt give a damn about black people because Im real tech talent that gives a damn about my black people. Im not seeking no corporate sponsors or white majoritarian validation I want to take ownership as a black man of the platforms, the frameworks and the process to deliver solutions for black people and black communities and any other people that we black people can help by owning the talent, skills and gifts to give and share. Thats the real Wakanda in case you didnt get the message of the Black Panther movie the struggle among us blacks when it comes to offering and sharing skills, talent and resources we possess within ourselves to help others who need our help and support.Because Im the one staying up 3:35am and got to wake up at 7:00am learning a new code or technique to empower my brothas and sistas and when I write articles, Im discussing how-to and strategy based on research and our own practices. I simply do not have the lightweight mindset to write about 4 companies trying to be like Wakanda when I personal know hundreds of talented African Diaspora tech entrepreneurs around the globe I engage with regularly so we all can collectively better the lives of black people and black communities worldwide with technology.The funny part about all of this is the original AfroTech was started in Africa by a white man living in Africa in the early 2000s who was also a developer who ran a podcast on creating solutions for Africa. The AfroTech scene started in South Africa and merged with both South African blacks and South African whites and published information that spread around Africa. The South African house music scene adopted the term AfroTech from the Latin house music style of tek some of you may have heard of Showtek, thats the style of house music that was adopted in South Africa.The real AfroTech scene pioneered by the white guy in Africa was solution-focused for the people in Africa. This Blavity AfroTech stuff is about trying to engage in petty pick-and-choose, gate-keeping, name-dropping and clickbait nonsense that has nothing to do with identifying real black issues and resolving them with real technology solutions to better the lives of black people and the black community. And the article I referenced above is a perfect example and exhibit of Blavity AfroTech motives.In the 21st Century and the Advent of the Age of Value, it is value-creation, not pseudo-elitist social status that is going to be the exchange of value between people, machines and platforms. Meaning if entities like Blavity AfroTech is structuring themselves to be another corporate-sponsored AfroTurf organization that pretends to be about black progress showing pics of black kids and computers coding stuff and try to leverage simple followers as their clickbait army to believe they can push propaganda as the authority voice, they just plain stupid and let them waste their time.People make me laugh thinking I spent 20 years as a technology expert and Im just this solo nutcase and wannabee that dont know anybody, dont have a crew and allies and no one heavy out here got my back. What makes me sad is when Im working with awesome African women in Africa creating advanced tech solutions and I see some simple African-American smiling in a media piece acting like they done something special playing around with XCode.As a real African-American technology entrepreneur who is truly immersed in my community and connected to my black people, no one from Blavity AfroTech is going to break my stride or run propaganda over me because Im living out my own story and leveraging the skills, work and techniques I honed over the years on my own accord and my own purpose.My black technology contributions and the work I put in is my journey and I own it and no one is going to provide the narrative for me or exclude me because I dont fit the Blavity narrative I will not allow it.Im not going to allow anyone to tell you these other black tech companies are better than myself no matter how many corporate sponsors or simple followers of entities like Blavity AfroTech have running behind them. Everybody has their own story and this Im doing right now is my journey and Im the one telling my story without any gatekeepers setting rules on me.Real black people and real black communities are going to be the final and authority stakeholders and storytellers in any future black technology topics.Our upcoming Global Urban Collective platform will quickly eliminate nonsense like Black Enterprise and Blavity AfroTech creating these pick and choose gatekeeping elitists listicles like 4 Companies That Are Creating Our Wakanda and Committing To Advancement in the Black Community because the user-stories of real everyday black people is a lot more interesting to read about and hear from and watch videos because those stories are real and authentic. Im confident of that. Beside, Blavity AfroTech YouTube views are pathetic a leading indicator they are not reaching in the black community despite the propaganda they putting out.Black user-story fulfillment wont be black tech faces with photos of smiling black people featured in Techcrunch or Black Enterprise magazine it will be likely a Vietnamese developer in Vietnam using his/her tech talent to deliver a solution for the black community in Toledo, Ohio thats the true direction of the true Afro-Tech ecosystem; no black identity gatekeeping nonsense, just real diverse talent working real story fulfillment for black people just looking for solutions.Second, Im the one with a true Fooky API platform and natural language blockchain platform that will allow almost any person create natural language workflows that will be carried out by microservices developed by talent all over the world. All this stuff is already developed and been in testing for at least 6 months and working fine. I have the platform for Urban-based API solutions, have the platform for media streaming, have the platform for exchanges and have the digital lifestyle platform to perform everyday transactions. I already know my story and what me and my crew is bringing forth so Im just honest.It is no secret real talent like myself is already flipping real cats out of that Blavity AfroTech group towards our way because at the end of the day, black people recognize real black people like myself who cares about black people and our community. I always flip real talent out of fake black groups, thats what happen when you are better and real because the real recognize real.Beside, black people naturally know fake cats and no amount of white majoritarian sponsorship or funding of people like Tristan Walker and that one drug dealing character selling digital family pics to convicted prisoners (several black non-profits already offer digital pics to incarcerated prisoners at no cost, btw yeah, well call out Kapor and that pigeon crap later) is going to fool the real black community out here anyway.No one gives a damn about the white bro editorial staff at Techcrunch or in the Silicon Valley VC community sponsoring these sellout-seeking tokens the black folks know whats real. So I was never worried about anything because I know what value creation is and Blavity AfroTech aint delivering it.So as a real pro in this and someone that really doing work for my people, just advising certain people out there dont bother wasting their money and time trying to be elitist black technology gatekeepers when these people are too simple to understand the true global scope and depth of the real Afro-Tech movement.·RELATED QUESTIONCan I use 14/2 indoor wire to wire a outside post light if I put the wire in conduit underground?You can but I would use the UF standard for underground installation. I would run it through a conduit for safety
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