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For gama sonic royal bulb solar lamp post and suchlike products development, Kemeco Lighting spends months on devising, optimizing and testing. All our factory systems are created in-house by the very same people that operate, support and continue to improve them afterward. We are never satisfied with 'good enough'. Our hands-on approach is the most effective way to ensure the quality and performance of our products.'These products are the best I have ever seen'. One of our customers gives the evaluation of Kemeco. Our customers regularly communicate words of praise to our team members and that is the best compliment we can receive. Indeed, the quality of our products is excellent and we have won many awards at home and abroad. Our products are ready to spread over the worldThe service at Kemeco Lighting proves to be flexible and satisfactory. We have a team of designers who work hard to cater to customer's demands. We also have customer service personnel who answer problems with shipment and packaging.
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Solar Street Lamps Are Common in Daily Use
Solar Street Lamps Are Common in Daily Use
First, the lights of solar street lamps flicker and the brightness is unstable. In case of this phenomenon, the first thing is to replace the lamps. If the lamps are replaced or flicker occurs, it can be determined that it is not the problem of the lamps. At this time, it is necessary to check the line. It is not ruled out that it is caused by poor contact of the interface of the line.Second, solar street lamps can only last for one or two days on cloudy and rainy days. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows:1. The charging of solar battery is not satisfied. The charging dissatisfaction of solar battery is the reason for solar charging. First, observe the recent weather conditions and whether it can ensure charging for about 5-7 hours a day. If the charging is only 2-3 hours, it is normal. Please rest assured to use it.2. Check whether the solar battery is aging. Under normal working conditions, the service life of the battery is 4-5 years.Third, when the solar street lamp stops working, we should first check whether the controller is normal, because generally, such a situation will occur. A great reason lies in the solar controller. If so, we should carry out maintenance work in time.Fourth, when installing solar street lamps, do not let the solar panels be blocked by foreign objects, so that they can normally absorb solar light for charging. The maintenance and cleaning of solar street lamps should be carried out periodically, especially in some dusty areas, the cleaning frequency should be once a year, while in areas with relatively little dust, the medium frequency rate can be adjusted once every three years to ensure the normal charging of solar panels.For more questions, please click the right figure to consult online customer service.
Is It Legal to Lock a Bike to a Street Lamp Pole?
not illegal if you ask their permission... most people are cool if you talk to them, just ring the doorbell, explain the situation, and they will probably give you the green light.1. A hole is drilled form North pole through the center of Earth to South pole?We need to know the effect gravity will have - will it pull the ball toward the wall of the pipe, thus apart, or will it pull the balls together. Since each ball is closest to its respective wall than its partner, the net effect of gravity will be very, very slightly greater towards its respective wall. So the balls will be slightly farther apart when they emerge, guess by 1mm.2. anchor-based vs. embedded: what's the difference?The choice between anchor-based and embedded installation for your light poles comes down to location, aesthetics, and budget. Here's what you need to know. Anchor-based poles include a metal base plate welded to the shaft of the pole. This plate provides provisions for typically three to six anchoring bolts. When the concrete footing is poured, anchor bolts are "cast" into the mold and emerge above the surface. The protruding area of the bolts attach to the light pole's base. Embedded, or direct burial, poles are installed directly into the ground. As a result, the poles do not require a base plate and anchor bolts, creating a cleaner look. A longer shaft is required for embedded installation to compensate for the length of pole buried in the ground. To determine the total pole length required, the general rule is to take 10% of your ideal fixture mounting height and add 2 feet. For example, a fixture mounting height of 20 feet requires that 4 feet be buried, equaling a 24-foot pole. Because they eliminate the need for anchor bases, embedded poles are less time- and cost-intensive to install. However, they are not ideal for sandy areas or locations with loose soil. The embedded portion would need to be significantly increased to accommodate such conditions. At Lyte Poles, we provide both anchor-based and embedded installations for light poles. Click here to view our products. Have questions? Teresa has the answers.3. Who maintains the ATM at the South Pole?Probably the Commonwealth bank, they are in everyones pocket4. I am thinking of taking pole dancing classes as ago to the BadaBing and ask the girls who dance there. great idea tell him to have plenty of singles ready5. how do you put string on the fishing pole?1 Step Two Thread the new line through the eyes on the pole. 2 Step Three Tie the line to the reel. 3 Step Four Wind the line onto the reel 20 cranks. 4 Step Five Check the line for twists. If twisted, turn the spool of line over. 5 Step Six Fill the reel to 1/8 inch from the spool rim.6. Building a pole barn, Stall question?I've got a mare that hates stalls too. I've never been able to get her over it. SHe wo not eat if she's in a stall, she just weaves, and weaves, and weaves. I truly do not think locking a horse in a stall will just make them get over it. What I've done is attach a pen to the stall, so I can leave the door open. Just having that door open makes a big difference to her. She does not feel trapped. So she will still go in her stall if the weather is nasty and she can not be in the pasture. But if I close htat door, it's a different story. You really do not need to force her to be inside when the weather is nasty. Horses are smart enough to know what kind of weather they can handle. Stalls are an invention to make people feel like they are doing something. But stall living is not natural to a horse. So just give her an option of in or out and let her make the choice.7. Just a General Pole I'm Taking?Do not you think it's kind of inappropriate to talk about the poles that you are taking on yahoo answers?8. Pole Dancing Outfit Ideas Please!!!?Hmm.. why do not you not pole dance. Would not you rather have some pride? Earn money a different way
China How to Choose Good All in One Solar Street Light, 10080lm Solar Street Light 351w Outdoor Ip65
Best Solar Flood Lights for 2020 [For - LED Light Guides Best Outdoor Solar Flood Lights Reviews. The current most popular choice for outdoor lighting is that of solar-powered LED flood light. Solar powered flood lights can cover very large areas and are surprisingly effective, as well as affordable.. By turning sunlight into electricity, there is no additional cost of electricity from the grid as it all comes from the solar panels built in.Solar Street Light - 25w (Refurbished unit avaialble)Led street lights outdoor built-in motion sensor and light sensor regulates light automatically with 30% brightness(turn on at dusk, turn off at dawn). Bright mode, 100% brightness for 40s when motion detected. Solar street light easy installation, maintenance-free dependable operation without the need for wiring or trench. Built-in large capacity lithium battery 12.6v 12000mAh. Working temperature: 32℉-140℉. Please turn on the switch before installation or charging. Suggest pole diameter 5cm-8cm (1.97-3.15 inch). Suggest installation height is 13 ft; 10-15 meter (32.8-49 feet) distance between pole to pole. Important notice: pole is not included. Be sure to charge solar panel in full sun for 8 hours before use. When solar-powered 25 watt led street light does not work according to manual, please charge in the sun for 3 days before use. Low battery power will affect normal operation. The light only comes on at night Or in the dark.How Long is the Lifespan of Led Solar Street Light?Led solar street lights have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, easy installation, economical and practical, and provide more convenience for our night life. But no matter how many advantages led solar street lights have, we also need to consider the lifespan of solar street lights. Due to that the solar street light is not cheap, but it brings long-term benefits. The lifespan of solar lamps is much longer than that of ordinary electric lamps. If you want to know the service life of solar street lamps, you must first understand the composition of solar street lamps. Solar street light is an independent power generation lighting system, which is composed of batteries, street light poles, LED lamps, battery panels, solar street light controllers and other components. During the day, the solar panel converts light energy into electrical energy and stores it in the solar battery. At night, the battery supplies power to the LED light source to make it glow. Led solar street light can last longer than we expected if properly taken care of. Each of the component has its own lifespan. Solar street light integrate these components together. Let's go over these parts and find how long is the lifespan of the led solar street light? Everyone knows the solar panel, which is the power generation equipment of the whole light system. It is composed of silicon wafers and has a long lifespan, which can reach about 20 years. However, if you want to make solar panels reach the expected lifespan, you also need to pay attention to maintenance during use. The main function of solar panels is to convert solar light energy into electrical energy by absorbing solar energy, which is stored in rechargeable batteries. Therefore, the solar panel can not be shaded during use. If the top of the solar panel is blocked by trees, the trees need to be pruned regularly. Or if it is used for a long time, there is dust or snow on the solar panel after heavy snow, etc., it is necessary to clean the surface of the solar panel in time. If it is regularly maintained and the solar panels are used correctly, its lifespan can certainly reach 20 years. With the development of technology, led solar street lights are constantly upgraded. The new led solar street lights use LED light sources. The previous high-pressure sodium lamps and other light sources have serious light decay and have a short lifespan, while the light decay of LED lamps is only 3% a year. The LED light source is a low-energy-consuming product. Its power consumption is one-ninth of that of incandescent lamps and one-third of other lamps. It consumes very little energy, but has a long lifespan. The LED light source is composed of at least dozens of lamp beads containing LED chips, with a theoretical life of 50,000 hours, which is normally about 10 years. The key to affecting the lifespan of led solar street lights is the battery. Generally, the lifespan of lead-acid batteries is 2-4 years, and the lifespan of lithium iron phosphate batteries is 5-8 years. When buying a led solar street light, it is recommended to configure the battery to be larger. The lifespan of the battery is determined by its cycle discharge life. The cycle life of a lithium iron phosphate battery is more than 2000 times. Although expensive, it is easy to install, small in size, pollution-free, and has a long lifespan. The selection of battery capacity generally follows the following principles: First, on the premise of meeting night lighting, store the energy of solar cell components during the day as much as possible. At the same time, it must be able to store the electrical energy required for continuous rainy days and night lighting. The battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting. The battery capacity is too large. On the one hand, the battery is always in a state of power loss, which affects the battery lifespan and causes waste. The capacity of the battery is several times the daily discharge capacity, which can guarantee a longer number of consecutive cloudy and rainy days. The role of the solar controller is to control the solar panel to charge the battery and to supply and illuminate the led solar street lamp. A stable solar controller plays an important role in the lifespan of the battery. Generally, the controller has a high level of waterproof and sealing, and there is no problem for 6 years of normal use. As we mentioned above, quality of the components will affect the lifespan of led solar street light. Battery plays the most significant role in the street light system. Street light that adopt top grade materials can ensure the lifespan of 5 years. The led solar street light saves a lot of cost compared with conventional street lights. When purchasing the led solar street light, we should take all these factors into consideration. Be sure to find a reliable led solar street light manufacturer and check the warranty period of the solar street light.
What You Need to Know About Wholesale Solar Lighting
What You Need to Know About Wholesale Solar Lighting
The introduction of wholesale solar lightingAs with any small-scale project, there are many people who want to start their own business and their dream is to become a professional and innovative manufacturer. However, it is always better to get your hands on a solution that suits your needs and budget. You will have the tools to build the right technology and take your dreams to the next level. You will be able to hire someone to design the product, implement it and make it more efficient.Before we get into wholesale solar lighting, it is important to understand what kind of energy we use. We are all different and each of us has different needs. In general, the use of solar lights is limited to one type of light and there are many different types of light bulbs available. When you buy a new car or have an electric car, you need to know what kind of light bulbs you need. A good person will tell you that if you buy a new car or have an electric car, you need to know what kind of light bulbs you need.I am so excited to announce that I am offering my customers a fantastic discount on my new e-book, The Best Ways To Make Your Home Safer And More Welcoming. They can choose from a variety of styles and we have been impressed with their quality and service. We know that when it comes to choosing the right products for your home, you need to be careful what you choose. So if you want to make your home more welcoming and welcoming, then this is the best way to do it.A wholesale solar lighting system that can be used to light up an entire building or place in a darkened room. With this type of system, you can have a roof over your home and make sure that it is protected from sunlight. You can use this system to turn lights on and off as well as switch on the backlight so that you don't have to take any more electricity out of your home. This system also allows you to change the position of your main lamp or lights so that they are at their best when they are in their original position.Related popular brands of wholesale solar lighting industryMany of the manufacturers of wholesale solar lighting products are working in China, so you should check out their product reviews and compare their offerings. These companies have made sure to offer great service to their customers. It is best to check out their own customer reviews and ask them if they have any problems with their product. When you are shopping for wholesale solar lighting products, make sure to read the company reviews and find out if they have any problems with their product. They can help you find out if they have any problems with their product.With more than 500,000 people buying solar lights every year, there are more than 3 million companies that sell solar lights in the United States. With so many products to choose from, it's easy to start a new business with no long-term commitment to selling them all. This is what makes them great employees. These companies also provide cheap solar lights that can be sold at very low prices. It's not always easy to find the best deal on solar lights and how to make sure they're going to work for you.One of the biggest challenges facing us is to find the best and the cheapest way to light up our homes. When we first started out, we were told that there were many different ways to light up our homes. There are so many different styles of lighting, but one of the biggest challenges facing us is to find the best way to light up our homes. For example, if we have a large family then we would need to go for a more efficient way to light up our homes. The only way to light up our homes is to take advantage of our inbuilt solar street lamp.As the market continues to grow, there are many new products that are designed to fit in with the trend. These new products are being introduced at major global events and conferences. In addition to the great variety of products that are available, you will find some great deals on them.The benefits of wholesale solar lightingIt is an affordable way to reduce electricity bills in the United States. In order to save money, it is possible to purchase wholesale solar lights. However, most of the other solutions that are available are based on off-grid technology. The main disadvantage of these solutions is that they can only be used by people who have a financial need. Most of the other solutions that are available are very expensive and not as effective as those that are available on-grid systems. This means that they can only be used by people who have no financial need.With so many products on the market today, it is very difficult to decide which product to buy. This is because we have been doing research on the various products and what kind of technology they are making and how they are creating them. If you have an idea of what it is you want to work on then you need to make sure that you have a good idea of what it is you want to work on. The product will be easy to use and can be designed to suit your needs.Our goal is to make our industry more efficient by providing low cost solar lights. This means we can use less energy and improve our homes and businesses. With this in mind, we are also making a goal of becoming the first manufacturer of solar lights in Australia to provide them with all the power they need to get through the day. They have already made some incredible investments in their business and now they are going to make it much easier for everyone to have access to their own home.If you are interested in buying wholesale solar lighting then please contact us directly. You can choose from many different types of solar lights, including 2-wire solar light bulbs, 8-wire solar light bulbs, 1-wire solar light bulbs, and much more. It is also possible to purchase one or several solar lights at a very low cost. Most of the time you will find that there are some great products that you can buy at low prices. We recommend checking out our reviews and check out our store's website to see what we have to say about it.The product instructions of wholesale solar lightingLed solar lights are an incredibly efficient way to light up your property. If you are buying a new home or need to use them for business, they are very popular and you can use them to make sure you have everything you need in place. You can choose from several different types of solar lights and they can be used to provide the best light for your home. There are several types of solar lights that you can choose from and they can be bought at low prices. They can be used to create beautiful views over your property.Led solar lights are used to light up your home in the dark and then power your home with low voltage solar lights. If you want to save energy and energy, you should choose a high voltage solar light. It is possible to install solar lights in your home by installing a small solar light that will last you a long time. They can also be used as security lights and as night lights. You can install solar lights on your property or in your garden.Wondering how to install solar lights in your home? The first step is to find the nearest store and order it online. Most of the people have already ordered their products online and many have already paid for their orders. In order to do this, you need to be able to make payment online using your credit card or Paypal account. If you don't have an account then you can always use your credit card or PayPal account to make payment online using your credit card or PayPal account.It is easy to use and has an incredibly low energy consumption. When compared to other renewable energy sources, it is not as expensive as you think. This means that it is much more efficient to run your lights than to run your batteries in the night. The high cost of these types of energy saving products makes them ideal for commercial and residential use. With the right research, you can be sure that your needs will be met.How to maintain wholesale solar lightingAll you need to do is put together a great deal of information and go about it, so you can easily make informed decisions about what kind of product to buy. And then there are other things you can do to keep in mind when purchasing solar lighting. It is very important to have all the necessary information about the type of solar light you are buying and also how to choose the best one for you. You need to check out the various kinds of solar light products before you decide on a solar light product.The biggest problem with wholesale solar lighting is that they are just not very efficient. They have become very cheap and inefficient and are becoming more and more expensive. This makes them difficult to find a good deal on for-profit companies. We need to make sure that we can use our power efficiently and effectively. That is why we need to be able to make sure that we can use our resources efficiently. In order to do this, we need to know how to manage our money wisely. And if we don't know how to manage our money wisely, then we need to start using our money wisely.If you want to look into solar lights, then make sure you know what they are. Most of the time they are from different countries and so there is no need to hire a local supplier. Most of the time they are in China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and some other countries. When you have an order from your supplier it will be shipped to you and sent to you by post. It will take about 2-3 business days to get it delivered to your door. The good thing about this is that it is quick and easy to install and does not require any additional maintenance.
Craft an Enchanted Garden with Solar Landscape Lighting
Imagine walking through lustrous greenery and discovers various wonders within.Do these beautiful scenery in enchanted stories of a movie make you feel with envy?If it does, then you should keep a close attention in the few next paragraphs.Every household has different style of garden that truly reflects the taste and creativity of the homeowner.If the garden looks dull and lackluster, the first impression that come to people's mind is the image of the homeowner been unfriendly and somber.People will think negatively whenever they pass by this garden.If you have a choice, won't you think it's better to craft your unique style in your gardens?One of the styles that I would like introduce is the theme of an enchanted garden with the help of various type of Solar Landscape Lighting.There are 3 areas that will create a perfect landscape for an enchanted garden, i.e. Main Entrance, Pathway, Water feature, Enchanted corner and Doorway.Let's start from the main entrance. Here you can spread beautiful Flower Solar String Lights such as daisy flowers on top and front of your fence.They can be easily disguised as real flowers under the sun and really brighten your main entrance.At night, these flower light up the main entrance brilliantly with LED lights.Next add a solar address stone to display the house number.Next we work on the water feature.Erect a water fountain with solar water pump and add different colored floating solar lights to the water surface.Add some spice to your water feature by erecting a solar lighthouse next to the fountain.Standing at the height of above 1m, its fiberglass wall is a truly eye-catching piece of structure that will shine an orange glow at night on the water fountain.Along the pathway set up some Rome Solar Lights to give the feeling of an ancient trail waiting for people to discover.They can really make the pathway look like off the beaten track.On an empty land exposed to strong sunlight, it is best to set up an enchanted corner that can be filled with little wonders. Place a white round garden table and chair here to enjoy reading book or light snack in the enchanted atmosphere.Let a Solar Lantern Lights illuminate the table top at night. Bring in the little wonders into this corner by placing little angels and dwarfs using fairy solar lights and gnome solar lights.Their appearance easily triggers the image of the enchanted characters in a movie full of fantasy.At night, these little wonders beam their spot light across each other creating a dazzling display of light.At the doorway, animal solar lights such as Dalmatian dogs or any other pet dog hold a solar lantern lights and wait patiently for your arrival.Dogs are man's best friend and they can make you feel ease at home after returning from hard day work. Most importantly they light up the door and safely lead you to your house.Nowadays Solar Lights have become a definition of style more than just to replace electric lights for cost saving.With more modern designs built around different type of solar lights, you can craft different theme of landscape lighting that suit your personality and taste. So start exploring the option offered by the large variety of solar landscape lighting.
(PDF) Development of Semi-integrated Solar Street Lamp for Rural Area
Abstract. A solar street lamp is a lamp technology that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrica l energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then use the electrical energy to provide light at night. Sem i- integr ated lamp tries overcome complicated installation and expensive price of normally solar street separated using cable. This configuration makes sem integrated lamp cheaper and easier for installation that is suitable for rural area. Therefore, in this paper we - The illumination of semi-integrated lamp was measured using lux meter. The power of the la calculated to meet the energy needs for 12 hours. The results show that the semi- with low power LED 2W has been successfully develop ed. The solar lamp can be automatically tur ned for around 12 hours, from 5: 50 PM to 5:31 AM (UTC7). of th e lamp is 17.42 lux with 6. 97 lux deviation. The measurement result of illumination shows that the solar street lam p has maximum distance of more than Street l amp is a necessary part of every part of the street, with a primary function is to provide comfort to t he driver and pedestrian. Street lamp also has a sec urity function that is to prevent accidents and criminality. On the other hand, from environmental d economical uses far more energy during its operational life S olar street lamp is a lamp that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrical energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then stored in the battery the energy saved in the battery is used to provide light o n are each component, i.e. lamp, solar cell, controller, and battery, separate from each other, as shown in Figure 1(a). However, the lack of this solar street is in need of a complicated installation. Different from all the components of each la mp, as shown in Figure alth ough the component price of this type is expensive both problems, that is expensive and co mplicated is separated using cable. This configuration makes semi- Therefore, in this paper we new type solar lamp. For the measurement of the solar stre et lamp, t illumination of lamp was measured using lux meter. Furthermore, the power of solar street la mp was calculated to meet the energy needs of the lamp for 12 © The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons AttributionDifferent human-survivable universesElectromagnetism cannot even be modified by even a fraction of a %. Molecular structures found in biology are formed under very tight controls. Minor alterations would cause the rules of chemistry to change which would make your DNA restructure in ways that would for all intents and purposes turn your body into solid cancer. It could also cause materials in your body that do not react to spontaneously combust as things resettle into thier new chemical bonds. Between the two of these issues, jumping into a universe with even slightly different rules of electromagnetism would probably be a very unpleasant way to go. Such a universe may still have life, it just would not be compatible with our version of life. Because the speed of light is so tied up into electromagnetism, it is reasonable to assume that manipulating the speed of light would have unintended consequences that would affect how electromagnetism works; thus, also off limits as far as safety is concerned.The strong force, weak force, and gravity would give you a bit more wiggle room as long as you do not need your timelines to match up between over-layed universes. Messing with these you could mess around a decent amount with the way stars and planetary cores form, without making the universe total inhospitable. Planets have the same orbits as in our own universe.If gravity were greater or less than it is, you would have to speed up or slow down the orbits of the planets to maintain the same orbital distances. This mean your other Earth with lower gravity would have a longer year and vise versa. If you mess with the strong force you can change at what points stars fuse and explode. Messing with this could mess a lot with the composition and behaviors of the planets and stars without changing the orbital distance or period.Messing with the weak force will not have a lot to do with this. Stars are larger and cooler (I. e. redder) but do not significantly change the Goldilocks zone, save perhaps to move it outward such that Earth would be hotter but still survivable.Higher gravity would cause a smaller bluer hotter sun that burns out more quickly, and lower gravity would cause a larger redder cooler sun that lasts longer. Despite being bigger the red star would make Earth colder because there were be less fusion happening; so, less energy would be radiated by it. The physics of a helium burning red star, and a hydrogen burning red star are not the same; so, to make predictions about your stars, you should think of your sun as a large red dwarf and not as a small red giant.Changes to the strong force could also red/blue shift a star since it would make fusion easier or harder under the same gravity. But doing this would make your red shifted stars smaller and your blue shifted stars bigger which is the opposite of what changing gravity would do. Changes to the weak force could push radioactive decay to make the Earth's core hotter or cooler. Making the weak force stronger would make the Earth's core hotter in its infancy, but would expend the Earth's radioactive fuels that keep the core molten faster. So, there are a few ways to play with this to heat or cool the world a bit differently, to compensate for the heat of the sun a little bit. Brighter night sky due to more/closer/larger/brighter nearby stars, and/or a hydrogen-fusing JupiterJupiter fusing enough hydrogen to light up the Earth's night sky requires significantly more gravity or weaker strong force. This means you would not have this phenomenon with a red sun, but rather a blue one. This creates a bit of a paradox though because blue stars burn out so much faster than yellow ones that changing gravity enough for Jupiter to become a red dwarf like this would not give life on Earth enough time to evolve before being consumed by the sun's Red Giant phase. If the Earth somehow survived in this universe, the sun would merely be a solar remnant by now like a white dwarf or a neutron star. I would not put money on Earth having any life on it at this point... also, there is a good chance that the Earth and Jupiter alike would have been destroyed by the red giant and supernova phases of the sun's life cycle. A better approach here would be to bring the moon closer to the Earth. The relative brightness of a full moon is 11 orders of magnitude greater than that of any star; so, a small change here will have a much greater effect than on the stars themselves. The moon is believed to have been created by a massive asteroid impact long ago. Even a very tiny change in the constant of gravity could have caused this massive impactor to miss the Earth, or put the Earth in the path of other impactors, or just make the massive impactor have to make a few million more laps around the sun before syncing up with the Earth's orbit. So, a slight nudge in the constant of gravity could make the moon hundreds of millions of years younger (and therefore closer), it could make multiple moons, or it could make no moons at all.Changing the weak force should not have a huge impact here. An earth-sized world in the same position as Earth with respect to its primary with lower surface gravity and an atmosphere with equivalent pressure.A noticeably lower gravity would not have the same atmospheric pressure. Less gravity would make the Earth's core less active which means the Earth would be slower to release new gases into the atmosphere. Lower gravity also means a shallower gradient to the atmosphere that we do have so less of the air would be down low for us to breath. Putting more of the air up higher and less magnetism from our active core also mean that solar radiation would whisk it away faster. Some of this may be offset by a less radiation from the weaker sun though. (Higher gravity would reverse all these variables and probably give the Earth a runaway greenhouse effect leaving us looking a lot like Venus.)A stronger weak force might make the Earth's core warm enough from radioactive decay to compensate for less gravity, but again, you have to worry about having enough fissile fuel in the core to maintain that heat. Messing with the strong force too might produce an Earth with enough fissile fuel to maintain this, but then you are looking at a complex balancing act of these three forces which will have all sorts of consequences for the universe as a whole which would probably prevent our entire solar system from actually forming. Clusters of separated solid and liquid matter suspended in an atmosphere with equivalent pressure to that of earth at the equivalent distance from the centre of gravity as earth's sea level. Very low gravity. For this case, gravity bleedthrough from a very close parallel/alternate universe (our own) would be permitted in order to allow such a world to be human-viable.This would require a re-writing of physics on a much bigger level than some basic universal constants, but my guess is that whatever makes this happen would probably be so alien to our physiology as to result in a very unpleasant demise. Making Your Hellscape:To get a darker world with red skies and increased temperature you want to start by increasing the weak force. This will hasten radioactive decay making the core of the Earth much hotter and increase volcanic activity. The increased number of volcanoes will spit out more CO2 and water vapor into the atmosphere which scatter lower frequency lights than O2 and N2 which will both create a greenhouse effect and shift the appearance of the sky toward white instead of blue. As an added bonus, nothing says hellscape like a planet with lots of volcanoes!Alone, this would give you a lethal runaway greenhouse effect; so, you also need to drop the intensity of the sun by either decreasing gravity to reduce the amount of fusion causing pressure inside the sun or by increasing the strong force which would stabilize nuclear binding strengths making fusion harder to achieve. Either way you get a redder darker sun.With a red sun shining through a "white" atmosphere, the sky should then appear red at all times.This said, small changes have big outcomes, and the more you you go back in time the more significantly changes impact the present. If you make these changes at the beginning of time, then Earth will never form the way we known it. If you want planets that are in the same places between universes you should introduce a divergent point in the timeline. Basically, you say that instead of two universes that have always existed, you say that the universes split X number of years ago and thier constants drifted apart after the split. This way you can place the stars and planets along with what they are made out of all in the same places, but then go back a few million years ago and then allow them to evolve separately past that point. This way the Earth will still have continents in about the same places, and still have all the fissile fuel it needs to keep the core molten, etc.The only significant hazard this might have on human physiology could be a greater amount of ambient radiation. Minerals that are not radioactive on Earth would be radioactive on Hell; so, your colonists will need to be a lot more careful about heavy metal poisoning. A lot of your early colonists will probably die of cancer, but by eliminating things like tungsten, lead, and gold from consumer products and designing architecture to insulate against ground radiation should solve these issues. If the humans on your other world natural evolved there (not a colony from this world), then this can just be handwaved away by saying these humans have evolved to live in higher radiation levels. On Earth, there are creatures than can survive in 100 times the radiation a human can; so, we know biology allows for some variance here
You Can Curtail Your Energy Bill by Installing More and More LED Solar Lights
Industries and offices toil hard, but when it comes to announcing balance sheet, energy bills chew a good amount of profit. To sustain profits, companies have brought a bit of change in their strategy. They are installing more and more LED solar lights, and this has put their gains back on the track. There is no doubt, solar fixtures are gaining popularity, let us know more about them.LED Solar Lights Better Than Pole LightsPreviously Metal Halide Lights were in vogue. With time, LED pole lights became an intrinsic part of streets, walkways; and bridges. For a long period, LED pole lights ruled the market, nowadays solar lights are in vogue. Reason? Superior solar lights run purely on solar energy and perhaps that's why many companies are picking them over conventional pole lights.When there are solar lights, there is no energy billSolar lights run on solar energy, and this makes them money-saving fixture. Globally, big entrepreneurs are investing a lot of money on these lights. According to them, when the world is fighting with energy crises, there is nothing better than solar lights.Let's know more about the most sought after solar designs. LED Solar Spot LightWhen you put these lights amid plants and trees, they illuminate every minuscule detail. Like, a crawling caterpillar which you can not spot from your naked eyes. Here we would like to mention, spotlights provide light equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent bulb. LED Solar Garden LightThese are best for open-air restaurants, walkways, and pathways. When the beam of these lights fell on leaves and flowers, plants appear fresher.LED Solar Street LightThe sun rays recharge these lights. When pitch dark nights envelopes everything, smart solar lights illuminate bridges, roads, highways, and pathways.Conclusion:There are many LED Solar Lights in the market viz. Solar LED Wall Pack, Solar LED Flood Light and Solar LED Street Light, which of the lights meet your need, this you better know. In short, if you are looking for a special light fixture, then stop running around, just type on Google, and you will surely find an answer to your queryBest Outdoor Solar SpotlightsOne fairly recent innovation in home lighting equipment is the advance of outdoor solar spotlights. In the past many homeowners would have liked to take advantage of outdoor lighting for both decoration and security, but the cost of running outdoor wiring was prohibitive. Hiring landscapers or electricians to string power around your property just was not worth it. But recent advances in solar technology and LED lighting made high quality outdoor solar spotlights affordable and easy to install by almost anyone. As a result, more and more homeowners are enjoying the added safety and beauty of strategic and decorative lights. Of course, not all solar spotlights are created equal. Cheap units can under perform and cost you more in the long run. To help you avoid making a poor choice, we put together this solar spotlight review. For those in a hurry, here are the units we looked at: The field of solar spotlights available to consumers continues to grow. To help you find the right ones for your situation, we went over the top units on the market. We compared features and analyzed owner feedback to help weed out the poor performers. From that research we came up with these picks for the best outdoor solar powered spotlights: These solar landscape spotlights come in a four pack of completely adjustable LED lights with a total of 600 lumens. The included solar powered 18650 rechargeable lithium ion batteries allow for a long-lasting solar charge. These fashionable and practical solar spotlights have 2 brightness modes: Low Light produces 12 hours of use and High Light allows for 6 hours of light output to accommodate all your lighting needs. These solar landscape spotlights ensure automatic detection of brightness and motion, automatically changing from energy storage mode to lighting mode in an instant. They are very durable and are made of high-impact ABS plastic. They boast a unique IP67 waterproof design that can withstand all types of weather and are heat resistant. They are easy to assemble, and you can install them in the ground or wall mount with the included hardware. A repeat customer said all you have to do is just open the box, push in the stake, set the light mode to high or low, tighten or loosen the knob to adjust the angle, plant and enjoy. The 120-degree lighting angle and 90-degree adjustable solar panel angle allows you to adapt the lighting for your needs and modify the position of the solar panel for maximum coverage and light output. The streamlined one-piece design also makes it a cinch to mount to any surface. Just make sure to follow the directions included in the packaging and charge before using. One user noted that the solar landscape spotlights can turn on and off when pulling in the driveway at night with headlights on, but this was to be expected and was only a minor inconvenience. One customer stated these lights must be placed in direct sunlight and may not be as bright if they are not able to charge properly. Another concern is that these cannot be pointed downward because they do not bend beyond a horizontal position, so make sure to keep this in mind during placement as it can affect their performance. This four pack of solar lights make great waterproof outdoor landscape lighting or can be used as spotlight wall lights. They have an auto on and off feature that instinctively detects changes in the environment and switches on and off as needed. They feature a high conversion rate, with 200 lumens output by four super-bright LEDs that are strongly sealed and omit white light. The solar panel and light are independently adjustable - with the light head being adjustable to 90 degrees. The 2200mAh lithium-ion rechargeable 18650 batteries are included for fast charging. There is a separate, fully adjustable light and panel with two lighting modes: Low for 8 to 12 hours of light production and High for light lasting 4 to 6 hours. Many users stated that the button is sealed really well, and the plastic ABS housing makes them waterproof and heatproof to withstand any weather conditions. You can stake these solar powered spotlights into the ground or mount them to any exterior or interior surface with the included hardware. This upgraded version has a lengthened stick to insert deeper in the ground for greater stability during the highest of winds or harshest of environments, enhanced brightness, and the solar panel and battery capacity have been enlarged. They look great in daylight and super bright at night, and customers rave about their simple assembly and easy, no-hassle installation. As with many solar spotlights, working time for this model is weather sensitive. One user warns that the switch must be turned on upon initial setup before use and another that the solar spotlights are a bit bulky. There is limited adjustability because of the non-pivoting solar panel, so positioning matters. One reviewer advises to move them around until you get the look you want. These solar outdoor lights come in a two pack and have an upgraded solar panel measuring a whopping 15.3 square inches. There are three lighting modes: Security with a motion sensor that can detect up to 26 feet within a wide 120-degree angle, Permanent On, and Smart Brightness Control. The third setting is a permanent light on in dark conditions, then it gets brighter for 15 seconds when motion is detected so it wo not bother your neighbors, and if motion continues it stays on. These features also help to conserve battery time, making the light emitted last longer. The included 2200mAh lithium ion 18650 solar rechargeable batteries power PET laminated solar panels and premium LED lights. A customer stated that the solar outdoor lights can last about 6 hours in the summer and 3 hours in the winter after an average day of charging, which can be more on full-sun days. The IP65 technology makes these sealed solar outdoor lights waterproof and heatproof to protect the whole device from the elements. Many customers liked that they can be attached anywhere. One gentleman says you can tie it to a fence, fasten them to a tree, or attach them to a deck or post. They come with sheetrock anchors and screws for easy installation in a closet or a back entrance, just follow the easy instructions for installation and placement to receive maximum sunlight. Also, a buyer cautions that the switch located on the back of the device can be inconvenient, so just make sure to choose the setting you want before permanently mounting. One customer was concerned that the lights can often go out due to cars or pedestrians with flashlights passing by them and there is no adjustment you can make on the device itself to rectify this issue. Otherwise, they were very satisfied with their purchase. Another individual states that the solar panel is always at an angle and cannot be faced straight up. Also, these lights may require additional hardware to install that is not included, like galvanized steel screws to protect from rusting. The four included outdoor solar spotlights feature 200 lumens LED lights that omit a warm white light. The light is always on, but there are two modes: Low and High. Light lasts for 6 to 10 hours after a full charge of the included lithium ion batteries. There is a dusk-to-dawn sensor, which receives environmental feedback to turn the lights off and on in times of low or high light coverage. The fully adjustable light and solar panel allow for maximum coverage and charging ability. The light angle can adjust up to 180 degrees, and the solar panel angle adjusts up to 90 degrees for optimum sun exposure. One customer was surprised how easy setup was, because you can quickly stick them in the ground using the included sturdy posts or wall mount in a few minutes with the included hardware. These outdoor solar spotlights are water resistant, heat resistant, and frost resistant. So, they are safe to use during rainstorms, snowstorms, or extreme heat and humidity, making them an ideal option for all climates. One reviewer mentioned to make sure to turn the manual on and off switch located on the back of the solar panel to the on position before installing and remarked that their lights stay lit for up to 8 to 10 hours on a normal day's charge. Another buyer remarked that the plastic used is not high quality and the lights could require additional silicone caulking to be truly waterproof. These 2-in-1 adjustable solar spotlights emit a warm welcoming light with four LEDs producing a total of 200 lumens. They come in a two-pack and have an automatic on/off sensor that will turn the lights on and off depending on the amount of light it is exposed to. The lights can be wall mounted with the included hardware or staked into the ground. A customer commented that setup was very easy - just attach the included stem to the light and insert it into the ground where you want it. After some simple repositioning, they were casting light on the areas they wanted. They are made of waterproof and heatproof ABS material to tackle any weather Mother Nature can throw at them. These solar spotlights are adjustable up to 180 degrees for the light and solar panel. Both the light and solar panel have their own easy to set vertical angle adjustments. The 2200mAh lithium-ion battery can function 6 to 9 hours after a full solar charge. There are two brightness modes: Low and High for strong and powerful bright focus, and a large solar panel for prime charging. One reviewer suggests for best results, these lights should be charged for 8 hours and must be installed in an area that receives full sunlight every day, otherwise, the battery will not fully charge and this will reduce the amount of illumination produced. Another customer voiced concern that the lights produce more of a spotlight effect, that the light path is a bit narrow and not a floodlight pattern as they would prefer. Otherwise, these solar spotlights met their needs and exceeded their expectations. Outdoor Solar spotlights typically have three main parts: a set of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, a light housing using LED or another high quality and high output lighting source, and a solar panel to catch the sun's rays. During daylight hours, the solar panels capture the sun's energy and then stores it in the lithium-ion batteries. During the evening or when it is dark, the rechargeable batteries power the spotlights. The amount, duration, and quality of light they emit depend upon the amount of charge they can hold and the amount of sunlight they are able to be exposed to. For this reason, it is extremely important to place the outdoor solar spotlights in an area that receives maximum exposure to sunlight for optimal light production. The solar panel may be attached directly to the top of the light housing or it can be attached to the back of the light and protrude upwards and away from the lighting shroud. They come in all shapes and sizes, from spherical to rectangular and small to large for a variety of applications. Oftentimes, solar-powered spotlights can be used indoors or outdoors. Many models come equipped to be installed in the ground using a stake or pole and can also be used indoors or on the sides of buildings or other structures by mounting on a wall or other surface using screws. They also happen to use technology that makes them usable in any weather situation, from the desert heat of the southwest to the brutal winters of the northeast. They have sealed and enclosed cases to keep the elements out. Thus, solar powered spotlights require minimal effort for installation and upkeep. Many models feature automatic dimming or motion sensing characteristics. Many models we reviewed had capabilities of sensing motion up to 50 feet or more away from the installed unit, but this depends on where the lights are installed and what angle capability they possess. A good solar powered spotlight will be able to be adjusted and positioned in a variety of ways and will also have options and modes for brightness or intermittent light exposure. Outdoor Solar spotlights look professional and cost much less than a quote from a landscaper for their wired counterparts. People have reported spending thousands of dollars on entire wired landscape lighting packages, only to discover later that they could have saved money and time if they had just purchased solar powered spotlights and installed them themselves. And you do not have to pay a landscaping company or electrician for upkeep or repairs when an issue arises. An added bonus of using solar powered spotlights is that they can help save you money on electric bills. Many users describe a reasonable decrease in their use and cost of electrical services after installing solar powered spotlights. You no longer have to keep your front or back porch lights on and bother your neighbors with unwanted light coming in their windows all night. For those concerned for the greater good of mankind, these lights also lessen environmental impact by not wasting electricity. They only use what energy they have stored, and many feature an automatic on and off that allows for the lighting fixture to conserve energy when not in use during daylight hours or when intermittent lighting is present. Solar powered spotlights are virtually hassle free. Since these spotlights are wireless, this means no rodents or other animals can wreak havoc on your landscape lighting by chewing the wires - there are none! This also means you do not have to worry about underground wiring when moving objects or replanting in your garden or yard. Here is a good YouTube video that discusses how a set of solar spotlights hold up over time: What are Outdoor Solar Spotlights Used for? Solar spotlights have a variety of applications. They can be enjoyed as an accent to highlight target areas, making them an excellent decorative accent to landscaping features. You can mix warm and cool white lights to add contrast and depth to your landscaping for a dramatic or romantic feel. Use them to light up house numbers for better visibility from the street, or for the main lighting for your yard, garden, driveway, porch, walkway, pool, garage, and patio. Because of their relatively small size and compact design, they really are ideal to place anywhere you want and need light. Outdoor solar spotlights can also provide you and your family with the safety and security of sight in the darkness. Nowadays, porch pirates feel free to come on people's property and steal packages or expensive landscaping features. By using spotlights with a high lumen rating, you can deter thieves and those wishing to do others harm. You can add them to your home for an economical indoor lighting choice. They can easily be installed in closets or areas of your home that receive very little exposure to the sun or daylight. One traveler expressed his opinion that they could be used almost anywhere, as he uses outdoor solar powered spotlights as the main light source for his motorhome or RV for added visibility while camping.
The Significance of Beautiful Handmade Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
The Significance of Beautiful Handmade Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
The introduction of wholesale solar light street suppliersIt is very important to understand that we are not just buying products, we are also using them to make decisions about our business. We have become very successful in our own backyard and it is only natural that we will be using them to do so. The new global regulations are now in place and they will help us to protect ourselves from any type of threat from these new regulations. It is really important to understand that wholesale solar light street suppliers are becoming more and more popular as they have started to gain traction in the market. They are an excellent way to save money on electricity bills and keep their business going.Most of the time we are buying our house from China, but there are some people who sell houses in different parts of the world. There are many other countries and countries that sell houses from outside China. They all have their own websites and social media channels. These companies use to market their services to each other. All the different products are called wholesale solar light street suppliers. In order to get the best price for your house, you need to know about the company's website and its phone number. All you need to do is check the website's URL and make sure that the information is correct.No one has the right to control what we buy or sell. Our staff can help you find the best deal for your needs. If you are buying a product online then it is your responsibility to make sure that you get the best deal possible. This will help you save money on your purchase and also ensure that you get the best deal possible for your needs. For more information on wholesale solar light street suppliers, please visit product instructions of wholesale solar light street suppliersAs we move towards more renewable energy, it is becoming clear that we need to work harder to keep our environment safe and our power systems safe. We need to do all we can to make sure that our customers have the best service in the industry. It is not just about us. Our planet is getting smaller and smaller, and so are our batteries. If we want to reduce our use of fossil fuels and use less fossil fuels then we need to start by using solar lights. They are much brighter than incandescent lights and have better color reproduction than fluorescent lights. And they also provide much higher efficiency.How to buy wholesale solar light street supplies? Simple, follow the steps: Start by getting your needs met. And don't forget to check your local municipal authority's website for details about how to find their own factory or make sure they have enough money to buy it. Also, be sure to check the materials that are available and get some help from the manufacturer if you need help with anything. If you need help with any of the problems, do not hesitate to contact the distributor or go to their website.If you have any questions about the product instructions of wholesale solar light street suppliers, contact your local dealer. You can contact your local dealer for information about the products that are in wholesale solar light street suppliers. They can give you some ideas about what they can do for you. The best way to find out about wholesale solar light street suppliers is to ask them about their contact details and get their opinions on the products they are selling.These products are designed to run on electricity and they do not need to be fossil powered. These products have low cost energy efficient technology and therefore offer great value for money. We can make these products affordable by using a variety of different types of solar lights. The majority of these solar lights come from small companies who use them for emergency purposes. They also come with batteries that are capable of running for long periods of time. They also come with high efficiency battery cells that are suitable for various applications.Tips for taking care of wholesale solar light street suppliersThe first step to take is to contact the warehouse and find out what kind of lighting system you are looking for. The next step is to determine what kind of lighting system you are looking for. Then, get some recommendations from people who know about solar lights and see if they have any problems with it. If they don't, then it is not their fault. When you have found the information you need, contact the store and ask them to get back to you as soon as possible. If they do not get back to you as soon as possible, then it is their fault.No one knows how to take care of wholesale solar light street supplies. However, everyone knows that it is difficult to save money when you buy from an unsecured supplier. Most of the times people will only be able to pay for their own products by using a bad deal or payment plan. If you are not careful, then you will end up paying more than you would if you did not have the money to pay for your own products. The worst part is that the system is so complicated that it takes about 2 hours to get all the data and files.They are great for people who want to use solar lights and need to install them as soon as possible. It is not always easy to get solar lights into your home, but it is important to take care of the safety of your property and you should make sure that you have taken care of all the different kinds of solar lights. There are many types of solar lights, but there are a few that are available in a lot of different colours and styles. You should also check if there are any other types of solar lights that you can choose from.
Sizing a Solar Panel and Battery for a Simple Solar Application
Using a 120 VAC inverter and a light bulb to keep your pipes from freezing is just a dumb idea.If you need 40W worth of heat in an enclosed space, just select a bunch of power resistors that add up to that amount, screw them to a heatsink and run them directly from your 12 V battery. For example, a 15-ohm resistor will dissipate about 10W @ 12V, use four of them.You can also get CFL lamps that run directly from 12V.Let's say you need a run time of 48 hours, and you have a minimum of 6 hours to recharge.Your load is drawing a daily average of 3.33 (heater) 5/24 1 (lights) about 3.5 A.Multiply by 48 hours to get the battery capacity: 170 AhBatteries aren't perfectly efficient, so it'll take about 170 / 0.8 212.5 Ah to recharge it.If you want to drive the load and recharge the battery in 6 hours, you need a panel capacity of about 40 A @ 12 V, or 480 W.I am a novice. I want to correctly size a solar panel and battery for the following application. I will be powering 2, 6 watt cfl lights and a 40 watt incandescent light. I am planning on using 400 watt inverter from Northern Tool. I need the inverter because of the need for the 40 watt incandescent bulb which will be used as a heat source. The 40 watt bulb will be on 24 hours a day when the temperature is below 32 F. The two 6 watt cfl lights will run a maximum of 5 hours a day year round. I have done research on the internet, but so far some of the information I have obtained is contradictory. I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. What I need to know is the size of the solar panel in watts and the size of the battery Ah.·OTHER ANSWER:I am a novice. I want to correctly size a solar panel and battery for the following application. I will be powering 2, 6 watt cfl lights and a 40 watt incandescent light. I am planning on using 400 watt inverter from Northern Tool. I need the inverter because of the need for the 40 watt incandescent bulb which will be used as a heat source. The 40 watt bulb will be on 24 hours a day when the temperature is below 32 F. The two 6 watt cfl lights will run a maximum of 5 hours a day year round. I have done research on the internet, but so far some of the information I have obtained is contradictory. I live in southwestern Pennsylvania. What I need to know is the size of the solar panel in watts and the size of the battery Ah.
Can Solar Lights Work in the Dark
Yes, the panels charge batteries that will allow it to work in the dark, until the charge runs out.. .Yes. They put out light in the dark of night and then they charge up when the Sun comes up.. .Solar lights collect solar photon energy during the day through their solar panel. This energy is converted into electricity and stored in the rechargeable (usually Ni-Cad) batteries. A photocell sensor detects whether there is sunlight available or not and acts to switch the lights on based on this. The electricity stored in the battery is regulated by a control board and, at night, the charged batteries provide power for the LED light. Once daylight returns, the panels repeat the process of charge.IBM Thinkpad T20, I want to use some car batteries... how would I do this?If you want longevity but not portability, please plug in the power cable to the power socket. You can run the notebook until the power to your home is cut or your notebook dies. But to answer your question directly, I do not think it's a good idea.How would i power multiple guitar food pedals without batteries?Yes. there's pedalboards and boxes which provide power for multiple pedalsHow to use car batteries for breadboard projects?THOSE SMALL LEAD ACID BATTERIES FROM YOUR LIST CAN PROVIDE AS HIGH AS 30A CURRENT WHILE ACCIDENCELY SHORT BOTH TERMINALS. BURNING THE BREADBOARD WITH SUCH POWER SOURCE AS FAST AS IN SECONDS. UNLESS, AS A SAFE WAY TO USE THEM, INSERTING A 2A FUSE TO LIMIT ITS CURRENT BEFORE LINKING TO BREADBOARD POWER INPUT. THIS WAY, FUSE BLOWS AND CUT OFF 12V POWER IF YOU MAKE MISTAKE ON BREADBORAD CIRCUIT. 12V CAN BE CHANGED INTO 9V POWER SOURCE BY USING A SIMPLE VOLTAGE REGULATOR IC CALLED LM7809.How the batteries in the vehicle recharged during moving?Your vehicle has an alternator, this is similar to a generator. As the engine spins, it drives the alternator which sends power to the batteryiGo electric screwdriver batteries type?if it takes batterys then u should be able to open it some how and then u can tell just on size alone and normally its written on it but if u see a hole in it some where than it probably is a rechargeable driver then u need to find the charger and its not a good idea to open itDoes brand matter for AAA batteries?not really.. but some brands are better quality and will last longer than othersAre my batteries safe to use after I made their contacts touch each other and it triggered a sound and a smell?If was just accidental short circuit then you just release some watts in the atmosphere. You should do a watched full charge. Anyway the charge controller should tell you if is gone. If it is not, carry on and be more careful next time. If they got hot then you just damaged them and you should replace themHow long will these batteries last if the radio has a resistance of 200 ohms?I came up with the same formula as Bill but with 133.3 minutes rather than hours: 240 / .03 = 8000 8000s / 60s/m = 133.3minutes = 2.22 hours Interestingly, the article below (quoting another article!) states: "The amount of charge that travels through a typical alkaline AA battery is about 5 kC = 5000 C = 1400 mAh. After that charge has flowed, the battery must be discarded or recharged." If that were true, we would have 4 * 5000C / .03C/s = 6.67E5 s = 6.67E5s / 3.6E3s/h = 185 hours = 7.7 days. .Solar controller with BJT transistor and PIC24 microcontroller to charge 3.6V NiMH batteriestl,dr: In your case, you do not seem to need charge control at all, and it is more complicated than you seem to sink because of various reasons. Just put a 1N4001 between the solar cell and the battery.The NiMH battery is a quite low impedance, pulling as much current from the solar cell as available at the cell voltage. During charging, it is likely around 1. 4V/cell. This is an output voltage of 4. 2 Volts, so in bright sunlight, you likely exceed the 170mA quoted for the maximum power point, expect something like 200-220mA, which is below C/10 of the cells. I have no idea how you want to do NiMH charging control at widely varying charging currents that never exceed C/10 (no -deltaU, no dT/T seems applicable, but let's ignore that).First thing to notice: Your circuit will not work as drawn. You drew a NPN transistor. It needs a voltage at the base that exceeds the emitter voltage (by around 0.6V) to make it conductive, but the uC has no access to provided the needed 4.8V (battery voltage 0.6V). You need an PNP transistor instead. In that case, you need to to provide current from the base terminal to a more negative sink. Also, you would connect the emitter to the solar cell in that case. Note that to turn off the transistor, you need the base voltage to go up to 0.5V below the unloaded solar cell voltage, this is around 8V. Start with the desired collector current (220mA maximum cell output) and take a look into the transistor data sheet. Let's choose a BC327 for it's higher current rating compared to the typical 100mA transistors. Take a look at figure 4 (Saturation region) if you want to have low losses on the transistor, which seems like a good idea now (but see later). They have curves for 100mA and 300mA collector current. As we do not have a lot of energy to waste, choosing a base current at the low end of the neary flat end of the saturation voltage curve is a good idea, which yields something around 4mA if you interpolate between the 100mA and the 300mA curve. To turn in the transistor, at 4.4V solar cell voltage, 200mV transistor drop, and 4. 2V battery voltage, you need to sink 4mA at 4.4V-0.6V (emitter-base voltage). To turn it off, base must rise to 8V (see above). This means, you need a pull-up resistor between base and emitter, providing the turn-off voltage from the cell instead of the uC and a diode (1N4148 will do) to protect the uC from that high voltage. So the circuit looks like this: PNP with emitter to solar cell, and collector to the battery. A resistor connecting emitter with base (the value does not matter much, and something around 100k will provide enough pull-off effect without disturbing the circuit while the transistor is on), a diode and a resistor in series to the uC. The uC needs to sink 4mA to turn the transistor on. This results in an output voltage of 0. 4V. So the resistor has to sink 4mA while having 0.4V above ground on the uC end and 3.8V above ground on the diode end. 4mA at 3.4V is 850 ohms. So 900 Ohms in your circuit does not seem off that much.You will not be happy at all with that circuit for different reasons, though: Constantly sinking 4mA takes too much of the charging current (getting 220mA outdoor on a bright sunny summer day is one thing, on cloudy days, being inside, expect something like 10mA maximum), and you are wasting 4mA of that just to turn that transistor on. Furthermore, when it gets dark, the solar cells draw power due to their leakage current and discharge the battery by operating the transistor in reverse mode (collector acts as emitter, base current is provided by the solar cells and the 100k resistor meant as pull-up, and the emitter acts as collector). Common wisdow is you need to protect against that, for example by putting a diode between the collector and the battery. You will lose voltage there, though. Another possiblity would be a "secondary pull-up" that will pull the base up, even if the emitter supply (the solar cell) fails to provide power, by connecting a resistor from collector to the base terminal. This resistor has to be low enough to pull the base up against the 100k that pulls it down, so go for something like 20k there. Of course adding all these resistors does not make the thing more efficient.Actually, your charging current is very low compared to cell capacity. As estimated above, you only get to C/12 on extraordinary good conditions, you the charging current can safely be considered as "trickle charging" unless you put the device into the beam of a bright headlight 24/7. You do not need any charge control. You just need to prevent discharge through cell leakage, and this can be povided by a single diode between solar cell and battery
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