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On this page, you can find quality content focused on solar lights for railing posts. You can also get the latest products and articles that are related to solar lights for railing posts for free. If you have any questions or want to get more information on solar lights for railing posts, please feel free to contact us.

The solar lights for railing posts is a targeted product of Kemeco Lighting. A complete and scientific modern production model is the assurance of its quality. For improving performance, while the R&D team completes its design, the quality inspection department will strictly check it from the raw material to the shipment process, not allowing the defective one to enter the market.Over the years, we have been collecting the customer feedback, analyzing the industry dynamics, and integrating the market source. In the end, we have succeeded in improving the product quality. Thanks to that, Kemeco's popularity has been wide-spreading and we have received mountains of great reviews. Every time our new product is launched to the public, it is always in great demand.In general, the regular products showed at Kemeco Lighting are available for free samples, and so is solar lights for railing posts. Customer service is always available for consulting related questions.
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The New Trend in Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
The New Trend in Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
Why Should I Buy wholesale solar light street suppliers?There are many companies that sell cheap solar light bulbs but it is important to check what they are actually selling. There are several different types of solar light bulbs, and you can choose the one that suits your needs best. They are available in various shapes and sizes and can be used in a variety of ways. You can choose the type of solar light bulb that you want, or choose the type of solar light bulb that you want.We buy wholesale solar light from all over the world. Our customer service is outstanding and our pricing is very good. We have also been successful in supplying them with many products, including energy efficient LED street lights. If you are interested in buying wholesale solar light please contact us at [email protected] or call us on [email protected] to discuss your needs. You can order directly from us, and then email us your requirements.It is easy to make good money from solar energy and it is not difficult to make good money from it. If you are buying solar light street then you should be aware of the various benefits of the solar energy and how to choose the best solar light street for you. They can provide you with an affordable price that will last you a long time. It is also important to note that there are many different types of solar lights and they can be purchased in different sizes and styles. These types of solar lights are more expensive than regular solar lights and they need to be installed by someone who has experience in installing solar lights.If you're interested in buying wholesale solar light then please contact us. We are so excited to be selling our products. Our service is top notch and we have all the necessary tools to help our customers save money. If you need any help then please do not hesitate to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.How to Choose the Right wholesale solar light street suppliersAs you will have seen, we all have different opinions about what kind of solar light to choose from. There are many different types of solar light and there are a number of different types of solar light available in the market. The majority of solar light is produced by renewable energy sources such as solar lights. If you are looking for a reliable solar light that will last you a long time then this is the best option for you. It is also one of the most important things to consider when choosing the right solar light.As with any electrical item, there are some things that you can do to ensure that you are purchasing the right one for your needs. Most of the items that you will be buying will have their specifications set by the manufacturer. If you have an electrical item that you want to purchase then you should choose the right type of lighting system. The only thing that you should do is choose the type of lighting system that you want to use and also make sure that you get the right kind of lighting system for your needs.Many of the world's most popular brands of solar light bulbs have been found to be harmful to human health. Some of the companies that make these lights are best known for their powering up their wattage and output. The majority of these companies also offer installation services. These include; purchasing, servicing, cleaning, and even installing solar lights in your home. They all come with a warranty.With many businesses in the industry now struggling to survive, there is no time to go through all the changes. The government has announced that it will announce a budget of $11 billion for 2021, and this will be used to create jobs and provide affordable electricity for everyone. However, if you have not already decided on the right wholesale solar light street supplier, then read on to find out what you need to know about wholesale solar light street suppliers.Features to Consider When Buying a wholesale solar light street suppliersFor all your needs, you can find one of the best deal online. A good customer service representative will tell you the price of the solar light and how much it will cost. The customer service representative will also give you an estimate of the amount of money that will be needed to make the purchase. They will also provide you with an estimate of the total cost of the solar light and how much it will cost.Led solar street suppliers are good in their own right and if they have solar lights that can help them save money on electricity bills. They also have good battery life and low energy consumption. There are some important things to consider when buying a solar light street supplier, and you should be sure to choose the best one for your needs. There are some great deals on solar lights that can be found at low prices. This will make your purchase much easier.It is not always easy to find the best deal and it is best to check on the prices. It is better to buy from a reputable source than from a good source. You should always check on the latest deals before you purchase them. There are many different kinds of solar lights, but you should always check on the specifications of the lights before you purchase them. A good solar light will make your life easier and help you save money.Some of the most popular options are solar post lights, which are inexpensive and easy to install. These types of solar post lights can be very helpful for home or business in the day to day use. They are not as expensive as other types of solar post lights, but they can add up to a lot of power consumption in the long run. If you want to save money on your energy bills then these types of solar post lights are the best option for you.
Solar String Lights: Perfect Lighting Accents for Parties and Holiday Occasions
Solar string lights are a perfect example of outdoor solar lighting that immensely beautifies your home exterior but with minimum costs involved. Inexpensive and environmentally friendly, these solar lighting is easy to install, need no special maintenance and will work efficiently for many years. Do you want your home exteriors and garden accentuated by colorful lighting in the evening? Or do you simply want some cheerful tiny illuminations this Yuletide season? Fret not, as solar string lights can very well do the job. These outdoor solar lights are great for exterior decoration, especially for party occasions, the Christmas holidays or simply to brighten up any ordinary evening. Many of us have been used to the traditional string lightings of different colors used in our parties and holidays. However, they consume a good, and expensive, amount of power. On the other hand, solar string lights can do the job just as well, yet they are so affordable to own and can be labeled as environmentally friendly because it only uses solar energy as its source of power. Imagine putting a string of lights around your Christmas tree, lending great lighting accent to it, without any cost at all. Solar string lights requires no complicated installation procedures; all you need to do is expose the solar panel fully to the rays of the sun for alternative power to be gathered and used in turning on the lights. It is so unlike the conventional lighting that needs to have long electrical wirings that usually go around the home. Unless the wires, which have live power running through them, are properly kept out of the way, conventional lightings can be prone to accidents such as people tripping over. You just have to make sure that your solar string lights are able to maximize its collection of energy coming from the sun in order to fully change the batteries. Place the panels where there is no chance of shadows and shades hampering the gathering of solar energy during daytime. Remember your solar lights will not work to its optimum capacity if the batteries are not fully charged. What makes these solar lights work? It is all because of LED or Light emitting diode technology. LED lights are small bulbs which work efficiently as they illuminate because of the fraction of power that they need. LED lights are also of excellent quality and very reliable. Hence, you are assured that your solar string lights will work for many years to come. For more interesting solar string lights and other outdoor solar lights and sun-powered gizmos , do visit us at our blog.
Solar Garden Lights Benefit Your Garden and Our Green Earth
So, when it comes to solar garden lights, there are many benefits and a few cons as well. We will cover those in this article so you can decide if these types of lights are right for your garden. To begin with, there are a variety of reasons why people choose solar. One reason is for the sustainability of the lighting source. We will probably be outlived by the sun, just a guess. For this reason, we can be assured that our solar lights will never need to find an alternative form of power.In relation to this, because your lights will be powered by the sun, they will not be causing an increase in your utilities. This is a benefit in two ways. Not only does it decrease the cost to you but it also decreases the footprint on Mother Earth. With less utility usage, you are doing your part to be a 'green neighbor'. This might even make your neighbors green for other reasons when they see how nice your garden is illuminated.This happens to bring up one possible downside to solar lighting. In the event that you have a rainy day, overcast or snow covering your solar cells, the lights will not work. Since unlike your home solar power unit which has backup power from being connected to the grid or alternative generator power, your garden lighting is not that sophisticated. If the weather is bad, your lighting will not be there. Just a small downside as it does not take much sun to power these lights.A second reason in the 'pro' side of this debate is that they are much easier to install than traditional low voltage lighting systems. With the majority of these solar garden lighting styles, it is as simple as sticking them in the ground as far as installation goes. It doesn't get much easier than that. Traditional lighting requires digging trenching and laying wires. Then, you have to figure out how to connect them to a power source. Oh, you'll also have to put in a timer if you want them to automatically come on. Solar lights do this per the cycle of nature's own clock of dusk and dawn.However, here is another dilemma with solar garden lighting. The solar lights are less intense in the light they give off. Meaning, they are not as bright in some instances as a low-voltage system. The warm, muted hue that solar lights give off is perfectly acceptable for most homeowners in their given applications. Some people, however, would like to create a more bright path or brighter accents. Even if you chose to use a combination of traditional and solar garden lighting you would still be doing your utility bill and Earth a good deed.
Solar Garden Lights Vs Normal Garden Lights?
Solar garden lights vs normal garden lights?it's all about taste and where you live, I guess! solar garden lights are getting better but for my taste they are more like ambiance/decorative lighting. Just for safety in some area around my house I really need the real thing (electric motion detector).— — — — — —I have small to medium sized rocks. Don't know what to do with them.?if you have a garden make a little fence— — — — — —What garden feature should I include in my garden?A small fish pond surrounded by lilies of the valley and ferns behind the lilies. They are two of the few plants that thrive in shade— — — — — —What can you do on 2 acres of land?i dunno . mow it lol . you could put a dairy cow on it, use the poopy to fertilize a garden or two, have a few chickens and build a coop . depends what you want to do on it— — — — — —Anyone have pained mural ideas for bathroom?How about a french garden look.if you have a decent sized wall you could make it look like there's french doors opening out into a garden full of flowers and butterflies and such. Or a rustic Italian look.with the look of large pieces of plaster broken off and cracks in the walls. ADDED: with the french garden could also make it look like there's a window if your wall space is smaller that opens up overlooking the garden.and around the window or french doors can just be a solid color like you are looking from inside to outside.— — — — — —A world wide food shortage is being orchestrated. More food thats around the better Are you guys growing food?I hunt , I fish and I raise a garden every year. Cant do it yet as Im waiting for the ground to unthaw. edit. Ive been stocking up for months and months because I knew this was going to happen. people can laugh all they want , as many do. but I like you will be prepared.— — — — — —Is it possible to grow faerie rings? PLEASE ANSWER!?no you cant grow a fea ring they have to put it there them self's, i found one this summer on my lawn, it was about 4ft width we have mushrooms on our lawn but never had we a ring of them till this year and it most prob not be there next year as they only come once or twice in a garden unless it is a fae garden that they take over but i will say to those who will laugh at faes they love all flowers and my mum was throwing out some nearly dead roses so i took them home an replanted them and within a few weeks the roses had bloomed so much that my mother hd asked for them back, it is well known that fae will care for sick and ill garden plants all i can say is all my flowers are still in bloom even with the frost and small amount of snow we have had and next year i will not mo that part of my lawn just in case that fae ring comes back— — — — — —Best tasting tomato? About to plant my garden soon.?WE plant a garden every year and we get beefsteak tomatoe plant or big boy . dont forget to feed your tomatoe plants with tomatoe food. as your tomatoe plant gets bigger we use a steak our tomatoe plant and tie the plants to the wooden steaks with pantyhose other wise the plants will fall over and the tomatoes will touch the ground and rot. dont water the tomatoe plant . water around the plant near the gorund.— — — — — —How do I get night crawlers out of my garden?Why would you want to? Earthworms are the best thing to have in a garden, in fact people BUY them to add to the soil because the aerate and fertilize it. In fact earthworms are a major source of topsoil. People pay money for bags of their droppings.— — — — — —this one is for the gardeners?Yes, but it's a constant battle. You need to do a combination of motion-controlled sprinkler "alarms", olfactory deterrents (like HOT pepper powder or spray) and maybe a pet to stand guard meanwhile. I know rabbits are afraid of loud noises, too. You may need to build fences around your crops as well. In short, it's an endless battle and one that led me to declare endless war on squirrels. You will be wishing you were not so humane after they chomp on all your delicious tomatoes, at which point it's safe to buy a pellet gun.
A Day Free of Screeching Brakes and Horns
KBS Foundation is planning to hold a Car Free Day on February 21 and will encourage use of cycling and spread awareness about reducing emission.KBS Foundation is a non-profit and charitable organisation, based on community participation. It was formed by committed citizens of Khar, Bandra and Santa Cruz who have come together to voice common concerns of citizens . They want to fulfil an objective of greener surroundings by going eco-friendly and by taking measures to tackle global warming. "We have embarked on a mission to motivate people to take up cycling. To popularise cycling we plan to have many events on a sustainable basis, one being Car Free Day (CFD). This will engage people including school children, college students, housewives, professionals and businessmen to come out and enjoy a day of sports, entertainment and outdoor activities," said Ranjiv Jhangiani, trustee of KBS Foundation. In the past, the organisation has organised film screenings on cycle-friendly cities at Carter Road open air amphitheatre that had an attendance of 100 cyclists and over 200 viewers. The foundation of Car Free Day is to change the attitude of residents towards car use and get an alternative experience of better quality of life. The participants will be citizens and famous personalities. Ranjiv added, "I request residents not to wait for another 'Copenhagen' summit, rather wage a battle against climate change by organising small initiatives in the neighbourhood. We have already installed solar lights along the promenade's extension. Let us motivate the authorities for a Car Free Day to awaken Mumbai to the imperatives of tomorrow." The event will be inaugurated by flagging off a cycle, walking and skating rally. Throughout the route recreational activities like dance, aerobics, yoga, laughter club activities, mangrove protection drive will be organised. In addition to this, there will be tai chi, boat racing, aeromodelling, games, art initiatives, music concert, fashion show, painting and chess contests and a host of other recreational and fitness activities. Prominent citizens of Bandra like actor Salman Khan will help take this initiative forward. Locals have pledged their support to this noble cause and organised a Mumbai Cyclothon. Residents' associations, ALMs, housing societies, civic officials and students from schools and colleges will also be intimated about the elaborate plans in due course. "We seek whole hearted participation to make this event a grand success," says Ranjiv Jhangiani, trustee, KBS Foundation. KBSF has submitted a proposal for construction of 15 km dedicated cycle lanes for Bandra and Khar to the chief minister Ashok Chavan with the help of MP Priya Dutt and MLA Baba Siddiqui. The residents have proposed that the funding for the same will come from the JNNURM project from the Ministry of urban development. KBS Foundation's effort to initiate the 'dedicated cycle lanes for Bandra-Khar' pilot project is led by Ranjiv Jhangiani and supported by Seema Tiwari, managing trustee and strategic partner Centre for Active Transport (CAT). The mission of CAT is to create equitable cities with good quality of life based on zero pollution mobility by active citizenship and community mobilisation.
Top 5 Benefits of Using Solar Lights
Top 5 Benefits of Using Solar Lights
The SEZAC solar lights are perfect for patio, garden, yard, barn, boat or anywhere you need lightSolar lights are very helpful in a home because they can add some privacy to your home. They are quite small and have only about 4-8 watts of energy. The majority of these solar lights use 3-4W bulbs and can also be powered by 2 AA batteries. These lights can also be connected to any battery source that is available on the market. Solar lights can also be used for remote control devices and it is easy to find them on the market.They are an efficient way to use your sun and heat in the night. They have high efficiency and they last up to 45 minutes on the grid. You can easily adjust the speed of the sun by using the mains power supply. It is also very helpful to add some special features to the system that will make it easier to set up your solar lights.They are very versatile and can be used to illuminate any location in the garden. They are also great for school and church settings. You can use them for cooking, gardening, general household tasks and other home uses. They are lightweight and durable and will last a long time. Solar lights are available in many different styles and colours. They are ideal for all kinds of homes and offices.Solar lights are so popular in Australia that you can buy them online to keep your garden clean and free from pollution. They are very efficient and provide enough light to take your garden outside for a long time. It is really easy to install solar lights and they also provide an array of other features like shade, size, shape, etc. It is really easy to install solar lights and they are quite versatile. The main advantage of solar lights is that they are extremely safe and provide enough light to take your garden outside for a long time.6 Pack of SEZAC Solar Powered Wall LightsThe idea of using solar lights to add beauty to your home is pretty simple. There are many types of solar lights and you can choose the type of solar lights you want. They are very popular in homes and businesses and have become a trend in the world of solar lights. You can get a variety of solar lights from different manufacturers and they can be found in different styles and colors. These solar lights are easy to install and will help you to make your home or business more comfortable.Solar lights are becoming more and more popular as the popularity of them increases. With so many solar lights on the market now, it is important to choose the best one for you. They are going to work in your home, office, or other places where there is no need for a huge amount of electricity. You can choose the best solar lights to suit your needs and budget. It is very important to make sure that you have chosen the best solar lights to suit your needs and budget.Solar lights are really simple to use and can be used in any style of home. They are perfect for the garden or to give your garden a secure home. They are easy to install and you can have them installed in your home without any issues. You can buy them from the most reputable sources, like Scent Supplies, Yarm & many more. These solar lights are very small and light up the room easily. You can choose from several different styles and they are extremely useful for small projects.It is difficult to say what the most important thing is about solar lights. You can learn more about solar lights by reading this blog and getting the best advice from your local solar lights company. If you are planning to buy solar lights then make sure you get the best deal possible from your local solar lights company. They will give you the best service and have good support in their store. If you need solar lights then make sure you get the best deal possible from your local solar lights company.The 6 pack includes 6 solar powered wall lightsI love my ceiling light and this is one of the most stylish options I have seen in my home. This makes it easy to find the best option for me. You can also choose from our selection of top 5 ceiling lights. These are some of the things that you can do to improve your home's appearance and give it a more positive feeling. The main thing that you need to do is install solar lights into your ceiling so that they don't harm your eyes.This is the perfect way to set up a home or business in the future. Solar lights can help your home or business to have a safe and comfortable place to work. They can also be used to enhance your outdoor living space. You can use them to decorate your home, add lighting to your garden or even add some privacy to your patio. These solar lights can also be used to create an extra space for the children or guests. You can use them to make sure that the environment is safe for children.We all know that we need to use solar lights for our home or business. We have seen a lot of good and bad solar lights in the past and when you look at them you will see that they are really efficient and make your home look beautiful. If you have ever been in a car accident, you will know that the best thing about solar lights is that they are easy to use and very effective. It is not always easy to get solar lights installed on your property but if you have already started using solar lights then you will be amazed at how many different types of solar lights you can choose from.We are aware of the following issues with our use of solar lights and when they fail to work properly, it is very important to get them checked by a professional. The best solar lights can be installed in your home or office and will provide you with the best possible light at the right time. You can also install solar lights in your garden if you have one.
I Am Going Camping and I Need to Light an Area Without Using a Car, Fire Or Using a Generator, What
I bought Solar lights from an outdoor center, (OSH or Walmart sells them). The solar panel charges rechargeable batteries that power 3 LED spotlights during the day which provide enough light to keep a campsite lit well past midnight. Place the solar panel (about 6"x9") in sunlight for about 5 hours and you are good to go the next night.1. How long does it take for new solar lights to work?One good sunny day should give them sufficient charge to turn on for awhile. My mother has a set and they charge up and work pretty well after a sunny day. Make sure the batteries are installed OK and properly oriented and maybe double check the instructions for any tips you may have missed.2. Do solar lights work in colder cloudy climates?yes! but not as bright as it would if it was sunny all the time!3. What are your green gift ideas?Try google search with keywords like : 'solar panels', 'solar battery charger' , 'solar lights', 'solar ____' whatever you can think of like - garden lights. are newable energy', 'solar air conditioning' , Also give 'windpower' a try. There are allover some very successful and interesting projects that can be done. Enjoy.4. How to Make a LED Flashlight CircuitWhite LEDs have become so common nowadays that even school kids today know how to use them for making simple LED projects. LEDs are typically used for illuminating purposes, the discussed circuit is also intended for similar applications. The post talks about how to wire LEDs and battery to make a simple DIY LED flashlight. Before the advent of the efficient white LEDs, incandescent bulbs were the only option which could be used for making flashlights. Though not as bright as a white LEDs, filament bulb type flashlights served the purpose quite well, until LEDs were invented, which completely transformed the scenario. White LEDs are so efficient that they produce 4 times more light than a conventional incandescent type flashlight yet consume 60% less power. No surprise why white LEDs are being considered as the future option for all lighting applications. The LED flashlight circuit explained here is very simple, and it simply requires to follow the instructions as given for making it successfully. The proposed circuit utilizes just a single high bright white LED, three 1.5 volt button cells and a switch. As we all know, a white LED typically needs a 3.5 volt supply for illuminating directly, without the need of any current limiting resistors. Therefore here we connect the three 1.5 volt button cell connections directly across the LED terminal for switching it ON and for getting the intended illumination from it. Being low in current the 4.5 V output from the cells does not produce any damaging effect, rather automatically adjusts to illuminate the LED very brightly. Now add a switch anywhere in between the above cell and LED connection, it becomes switchable manually, your simple LED flashlight circuit is ready. The discussed flashlight arrangement will require a proper casing for holding all the parts in place securely so that it can be comfortably operated by hand. A sample design is shown below, which may be copied for making the enclosure for the above circuit. Due to the fact the full illumination of a flashlight is not always required, an appropriate dimmer might be a pleasant power saver. The device was created around an astable multivibrator whose duty-cycle could be adjusted through potentiometer P1. The diode is included to enhance the rise time. The diode can be a 1N4148. Through T3 the AMV switches transistor T4, which in turn switches the LED lamp. T4 can work without any heatsink. The control range is such that the lamp could be tweaked to consume at about one third of its total brightness level; which means the batteries will likely then continue to operate 3 times more than its normal life. The implementation of the circuit is naturally not restricted to flashlights alone; it could likewise be employed for solar lights, radio dial brightness, etc. If an LDR is used in place of P1, it might be possible to achieve an automated dimmer that self adjusts the illumination of the lamp depending on the background light conditions.
Solar Powered Garden Lights - Reviews and Suggestions -
Solar Powered Garden Lights One great way to upgrade the look of your garden or backyard this summer is to add solar powered garden lighting. Solar lights make for an ideal choice for outdoor accent lighting as they provide a green and renewable source of light that will not add any additional cost to your utility bills. They can be used to illuminate pathways, shine direct light on trees or along fences, or simply to set a certain mood in your garden by adding a splash of color. Carefully placed solar garden lights can help to extend your living area throughout your property and make outdoor living more appealing. Traditional outdoor lighting can be costly and often involves extensive wiring which can make projects prohibitive to the average homeowner. One of the biggest advantages to going solar is the ease and simplicity of getting started. You don't need to have any background in electric wiring and many of the outdoor solar lighting kits on the market today are sold 100% ready to use. The price also makes choosing solar an attractive option. It some cases, you can buy a set of 10 stake lights for as little as thirty dollars.Reviews and Suggestions If you have never worked on a project of this nature before, choosing an outdoor solar lighting solution can be somewhat of an intimidating task. Several years ago, there were very few choices and only a few major brands worthy of consideration. In recent years, the number of different options has expanded exponentially as consumer demand for renewable energy sources has grown. The good news is, with the rapid growth of the industry and increased consumer interest level; the quality of these products has improved significantly. This has lead to the development of outdoor solar lights to fit almost any project need. While the choices available to you will be extensive, I will provide my own personal reviews and suggest products that have broad general appeal.Moonrays Solar Garden Lights One of the easiest and best ways to get started is to experiment with a pack of garden stake lights. These can be used to place along either side of a path, to form a border around an area of interest, or to create gentle light between plants or within a flower bed. There are several reasons I recommend using Moonrays. First, they are very economical and can be purchased in a pack of ten for $29.95. I consider good stake lights to be a great starting point for any outdoor lighting project and the versatility as far as positioning is concerned is second to none. If you decide you want to move them and try something different in a few weeks or a few months, you have the freedom to make a quick adjustment. Each light has a single white LED light in a black casing which allows them to blend in with their surroundings. Installation is as easy as you will ever find with solar lights; pop in a battery and firmly push it into the ground wherever you want it. They are very sturdy and can stand up well to the elements. In my experience, I've always found these to offer good quality light and they hold up well even in difficult conditions.Moonrays Color Changing Glass Ball Stake Lights These are perfect for adding some color to your garden. Each stake light has a crackle glass globe at the top and gently transitions through seven different colors. The solar charged battery (included with the kit) will keep the lights going for up to eight hours at a time. I really enjoy these for a number of reasons. The first thing that appealed to me about them was the instant visual effect they add to your yard or garden. I have several of them placed throughout my flower garden and it's almost mesmerizing to watch the colors gently dance back and forth. It really adds a fun and stylish element to your outdoor property. You will be surprised at just how much beauty these can add to your backyard! They really do add a new dimension to your home by bringing to life an area that might otherwise not even be visible at night. I have several friends who use them to line outdoor swimming pools and the effect around water is nothing short of brilliant. These make for an instant and very affordable way to upgrade the appearance of your property and come highly recommended!In my search for a good outdoor accent lighting solution, I've had the opportunity to try many different solar powered garden lights. You will find that not all brands are created equally and many of them are of questionable quality. If you are just getting started with your first solar lighting project, I suggest starting with one of the Moonrays products as their quality is outstanding and in my opinion; you will not find another product that is easier to set up and install. In fact, after opening the box; my kids took the lead in placing many of the garden lights themselves. I did a lot of my own research prior to making a purchase and based on a lot of other reviews, they really do make some of the best solar garden lights on the market. When it comes to creating the perfect outdoor setting, everyone has unique needs but I believe that the two products reviewed above provide an excellent starting point. Like any other home improvement project, you can always continue to build and expand on it once you have explored your own creativity and developed your ideas.
A Brick Cottage Beckons
She moved from a big house to a little house and from the suburbs to the city and frankly, some of her friends questioned her taste in real estate.But now, Terry Lacorte can't imagine living anywhere but Victoria Avenue North."I've learned so much about Hamilton, about how welcoming it is," she says sitting in the backyard with her dog Ted on her lap, and her mother Betty Bradley at her side.Though she grew up in the east end, she lost touch with Hamilton during a busy career in finance and raising a family. By 2016 though she was retired, divorced and an empty nester. She no longer needed a 4,000-square-foot house in Ancaster.Lacorte floated the idea of sharing a place with her mom. Her mom said yes, as long as they stayed downtown.Betty Bradley was living in an apartment in the Durand Neighbourhood. The 84-year-old loved the core. When she was working she walked to St. Joseph's Hospital everyday, and still walks to the library and her church."My mom wanted us to find a little brick cottage," Lacorte says.After losing a couple of places in bidding wars, Lacorte found the petite century cottage for sale online. She saw it in the morning and owned it by nightfall. It was $190,000."I learned a lot about investing, especially working for Mike DeGroote for 15 years, but this was the best investment I've ever made," Lacorte says.The 1,100-square-foot cottage had good bones but was in rough shape. Beaten up inside, and, outside, the big backyard had the usual debris that collects over 120 years.Mother and daughter went to work. Lacorte learned how to garden with a pickaxe and her mother, carrying bags of rubble, wore a new path to the dumpster.Whenever they could they hired people from the neighbourhood for the heaviest work."I tried to hire people who needed the work and wanted to work," Lacorte says.It took about four solid months to get the house and garden into shape. Now, though the brick cottage retains its heritage look outside, the interior is sleek, modern and efficient. Neutral colours unite the open space of the living room, dining area and kitchen. Two bedrooms and a bath complete the ground floor living space.Losing thousands of square feet of living and storage space was the hardest adjustment according to Lacorte."But we're both neat freaks," Bradley says. "We have to be." Luckily the big backyard doubles the living space during the summer. The deck off the kitchen was expanded to make more room for dining with friends and family. In the lower part of the yard, another sitting area is perfect for cocktails.After excavating debris and replacing it with good soil, Lacorte and Bradley created more distinct garden areas. Shady zones are planted with hosta and ferns, and sunny spots filled with roses, clematis boxwood and cedars. A flagstone path is the only remnant that remains of the old yard.Living in an old neighbourhood, one often gets borrowed features to enjoy. A lovely brick wall from a neighbour's garage borders one side of the property and becomes a feature wall with a mirror, mantel and solar lights. At the very back facing a laneway is a curious two-storey brick building that may have been a shop at one time. It's empty but its potential is intriguing.Now with a pretty garden and a perfect sized nest, Lacorte and Bradley reflect on a move that some thought was chancy."We have such good neighbours here. They've encouraged us, liked what we've done, they look out for my mom if I'm not here," says Lacorte, who has a condo in Florida. "Even the ones who seem to have so little, they've been supportive." Since moving in two years ago, Lacorte says young people from Toronto have moved to Victoria Avenue North, six that she can count within blocks of their cottage.The newcomers, like Lacorte and Bradley can see beyond the four lanes of one-way traffic. It's a street of solid and elegant homes and a place where a brick cottage can beckon those who have vision.
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