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veranda 5x5 post cap has maintained a great reputation for meeting the most challenging and stringent quality standards. Moreover, the product has made a perfect combination of its attractive appearance and its strong practicality. Its appealing external appearance and wide application stand out with the efforts of Kemeco Lighting's professional design team.As we continue to establish new customers for Kemeco in the global market, we stay focused on meeting their needs. We know that losing customers is much easier than getting customers. So we conduct customer surveys to find out what they like and dislike about our products. Talk to them personally and ask them what they think. In this way, we have established a solid customer base globally.Strong business of Kemeco Lighting starts with superior analytics. Our team works across boundaries, learn and leverages information from all areas. Backed by these most cutting-edge and reliable sources of the industry, our team has the ability to accurately analyze customer needs, deliver customized products and tangible results, helping customers make better-informed decisions, minimize risk and uncover new opportunities.
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How to Decide on the Best Solar Lights
How to Decide on the Best Solar Lights
Why Should I Buy solar lights?I need a cheap solar light that is much brighter than the conventional ones. A good solar light will last you a long time and it will last you a long time. There are many types of solar lights, some of which are LED light bulbs, but there are also some which are fluorescent light bulbs. They are all kind of different in style and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best solar lights can be purchased from various sources, so it is important to pick the best solar lights that can work for you.If you are buying solar lights then it is time to consider your options. If you are looking for a good way to get solar lights then there are some things you should look into. There are many types of solar lights and they can be found in different shapes and sizes. They can be made from several materials and can be used in various ways. They can be attached to any kind of surface, or they can be placed on the ground or in a yard. You can choose the type of solar lights you want and choose the best one for you.It is very easy to get solar lights in your home. Most people don't have much money to buy solar lights, so there is no point in buying them if you don't have enough money to buy them. There are lots of options out there, but they all come with some caveats. Some people choose to use solar lights because they think it will save their energy bills and keep their homes clean. Others choose to use solar lights because they think it will save their environment.When you are looking for a new home or solar lights, there are two main ways to look at it. One is to use a little more energy efficient lighting system. This will help you save money on your energy bills. Solar lights will reduce your need for incandescent lights and provide much needed light in the dark. A good solar light will not only make your home feel smaller but will also increase your home's efficiency. You will also be saving money on your electricity bills.How to Choose the Right solar lightsWhen it comes to choosing the right solar lights, you need to take into consideration what kind of energy is needed and what kind of heat sources are needed. The following articles will give you some good tips on how to choose the right solar lights. If you are interested in buying the right solar lights then check out these websites:'Top 10 Solar Lights That Will Save You Money' where the section focuses on 'Solar Fence Lights' could look like this 'If you want to buy the right solar lights then check out these sites:'The most important thing to consider is what kind of solar lights you want.When you have an event in your life, it is important to choose the right solar lights. If you are not careful about choosing the right solar lights then you will end up with bad lighting and bad days. The wrong solar lights can cause serious health problems. There are some other things that you can do to avoid these problems and make sure that you get the best quality solar lights at the best price. You should know that there are many different types of solar lights and they all have different functions.This is how a solar light works. The lights we use in our homes can be switched on or off as well as turned on and off. We can choose to turn on or off lights using a standard switch, but they are not always available. They can also be switched on manually by the user or through a control panel. Solar lights can also be used to generate light signals that indicate when to turn on or off lights and then turn on or off them automatically.With so many options, choosing the right solar lights is difficult. Some people think that they need to make a decision on their own but it is very hard to know how to decide on the right solar lights. The next step is to go through the basics of buying the right solar lights and deciding on the right solar lights. A good solar lights will last you a long time and can help you save money on your electricity bills. There are different types of solar lights and there are different types of solar lights. You can get a quote online from a reputable solar lights company.Features to Consider When Buying a solar lightsNo one knows the concept of solar lights, but people are already thinking about it. Most people think of solar lights as being something that they can use to create an image in the dark. However, there are other options that people are going to use as well. These options include using a sun screen or a windscreen. A solar light can be used to help illuminate the whole area and also to control the lighting of the room. It can also be used to control the entire street.Before you decide on buying a solar lights, it is important to make sure that you are choosing the right one for your needs. There are many types of solar lights and the most important thing to consider is the kind of solar lights you want. It is always best to check what kind of solar lights you want before you buy them. If you have already bought a solar lights, then you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible for the solar lights you want.Before you start looking at any of the different types of solar lights, make sure you know what they are. All you need to do is compare their features and find the one that suits your needs. If you can afford it, then you will be in good hands. For example, if you are buying a solar lights then you will be able to get a much better quality from it. This will help you decide what type of solar lights you want.The industry is still figuring out how to do all of this, but there are some really big companies out there that are getting into the market. These companies include Samsung, LG, Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. If you have any questions about these companies then ask your question. They will provide you with all the information you need to know about these companies.
Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Lights?
Brands do not work, but like anything else, better brands will last longer and cost a bit more. As opposed to NiMH or NiCD: You really SHOULD use the TYPE and STRENGTH of batteries that come with the lighting fixture. For some lights, it does not matter, but most lights have internal controllers that are designed to work with the light that came with it when you bought it, or which is recommended in the user manual. If you use the wrong type of battery, you can end up frying the internal circuitry, and that would not only end the light, you would also void the warrantee. I know a lot of people say this is not true, but a different battery may work for a short time, but with a relatively short time, the efficiency of the light will be reduced and you may well destroy the fixture.1. Debate - Should Solar Power be necessary?Solar energy is a good supplement to our current energy needs, but it will never replace coal or nuclear. Solar is good for remote areas, single dwellings, and small office buildings. Otherwise, it's a good supplement but not a replacement for other power generation. --------------------------------- The bad side of solar is the solar panels are expensive, and since they are largely plastic, the materials come from oil. Solar also is dependent on the sun. If the days are dark and cloudy such they are a few months of the year, they may not generate enough energy as needed.2. If humanity were to colonize space, would it be more practical to terraform planets or to build artificial habitats in solar orbit?Terraforming will likely be done, but only for fun.Real colonists would live in rotating habitats. The comparison is... frankly, quite insane. Would you rather have two - maybe three Earths - or would you rather have hundreds - even thousands - of Earths, in this solar system alone?I use Earth here as a unit, specifically of area, but also of population. Orbital habitats can offer so much, and planets so little, the answer to the question is obvious3. How is solar energy used?South Korea - Famous South Korean multinational company, LG, finished building the largest solar panel of the country to produce electricity4. why do people still pay for electric?A variety of reasons. Inertia is one, but there are others. The initial cost of solar panels is high. Many Americans are poor savers and do not have the money for the initial outlay ( I am both an American and a poor saver). Solar panels also break and must be replaced. Broken solar panels are hard to dispose of and are not particularly good for the environment. As technology improves, the product gets better and the price drops, which will lead more people to solar. Another factor is that energy was until recently fairly cheap. As natural gas, oil, coal, etc get more expensive, solar looks cheaper by comparison. Telling people to pay more for something to save the environment has not been so persuasive on past generations. Similarly, only recently has vegatable oil become cheap enough in comparison to gas to make it worth it for use as fuel. If everyone used vegatable oil now, vegatable oil demand would increase and cause the price of vegatable oil to increase. Vegatable oil does not come in unlimited supply either - and food stores are beginning to fall around the world. Which means maybe you do not want to drive instead of eat. New eco friendly housing measures will no doubt become more and more popular as people work the kinks out and everyone gets used to the idea. For a lot of people, it comes down to 1) what do I think is pretty? 2) is everyone going to laugh at me? 3) is my roof full of dirt going to cause a lot of expensive (or dangerous?) problems that I did not see coming? 4) does it cost more? That's about it. I think eventually things will change, but slowly. You can not make other people change - you can only do a better job yourself and try to get others to notice. If it's important enough to you, you can find ways to do it. Do not get discouraged. Good luck on getting your own eco pad.
Can Solar Lights Be Charged From Indoor Light Or Has to Be Sunlight?
Indoor Solar Lights1. Camping Tips for Namibia Part 2I hope you enjoyed Part 1 of Camping tips for Namibia. I also hope you are busy planning your camping trip? If you are, keep reading for more clever ideas to help you camp with ease. When it comes to kitchen utensils and equipment, organization is important. It's vital to check your kit before leaving home. A very easy way to keep it organized is by using a shoe / tool organizer . Kitchen setup will be a blast coz you can hang it in the tree. Make sure food supplies are sealed as to not let in unwanted eaters like ants, wild animals or the midnight sleep eater. Struggling to get everything clean? An alternative to soap and scours for very greasy pots or pans is sand. It absorbs greasiness and gets the job done perfectly. Throughout the year, there is an assortment of items at home you should not throw away. Old shower curtains are a perfect example of things to keep as this comes in handy to use as ground cloths. Collect and clean empty vegetable cans. Take a bunch of them along when going camping. They are great for baking bread or to boil eggs over the fire. (Use the same recipe as the stick bread in Part 1 of Camping Tips for Namibia). Tuna cans serve as an excellent tea light candle holder. It's not always the easiest task to keep things dry and clean. Disaster is just a spill or a cracked egg away. Keep toilet paper dry and clean by placing it in an empty coffee can with a snap on lid or a large size ziplock bag While were on the subject of eggs and keeping them safe, here is a very handy tip: crack open the amount of eggs you are planning to use on your trip into a container with aspill free lid.Each day you can merely pour out the amount of eggs you are planning to use - keep it cold! Raise your hand if you have never tripped over a tent peg in your life. Never? I am here to save you some pain. It hurts your toes and there is a slight possibility that your tent is the break to your fall. A disastrous situation, causing your wife to scream, and bam! The whole campsite is awake. Prevent this by replacing the pegs with solar lights. Or peg the solar lights next to the tent pegs, ensuring you do not trip over them. As a bonus you light up the campsite. Another problem with tents are the strings. Add a bit of romantic flair to your tent, by twirling battery operated fairy lights around the strings. Now your tent looks like something from a 60's disco movie scene. Put on your Elvis costume and get ready to rock 'n roll. Alternatively, if you are not a Elvis fan, paint the top of the tent pegs with phosphorescent paint to make them glow. For a reliable and affordable camping experience in Namibia Gondwana Collection recommends: Camping is not camping without a fire. Acquaint yourself with the rules and regulations of making fires at the camping spot. Make sure it is a safe distance from trees, grass and your tent. Waterproof matches by dipping them in melted paraffin at home. Keep matches in prescription bottles and stick a piece of sandpaper at the top to light them. Did you forget your fire starters or is the wood wet? Here are some alternatives: Oily chips such Fritos and Lays serve as great fire starters. The downside is you now have less snacks. Another handy item to keep in your camping trunk is wine corks soaked in rubbing alcohol. Peanut and other nut shells are a great substitute to wood chips. Bugs like to hang out with you at a campfire. To keep them away, hang a light away from the chilling spot and they will immediately go to the light. For extra flavour to your barbeque vegetables and meat, add rosemary branches to the coals. Keeping everything together can be a big head ache, particularly something simple like a beer bottle opener. Tie it to your camping chair with a piece of string. This way its close by and will not get lost. Get up early. Camping trips are not for people sleeping until noon. Nooo. If you want to sleep, go home. It's for getting out and experiencing nature at its best. No hair gel, no high heels - no problems. It's a care free time. Please respect other campers and keep noise levels down. Gondwana Collection Campsites. Click on the images to visit the website : It was great sharing these tips with you. Did you miss Namibia Camping Tips Part 1 ? Click here Go on. Go camp it out. Jessica Schoombee is a local freelance writer. She is an eccentric young lady who has a love affair with writing. Get on board her journey of discovery.2. can you use real batteries in outdoor solar lights?A regular AAA or AA alkaline is 1.57 volts - a rechargeable is 1.2 volts -so-o-o-o- the alkaline would look brighter. No the alkaline cannot be recharged and either the battery, charger or both will be damaged. Bottom line - it may work but - - - not for long.3. anyvone know about outdoor solar lights?They turn on when the sunlight is gone...night lights
Powered Street Lamp Solar Working a Solar Street Light Ezinearticles
22/06/2020 solar powered street lights it is not wrong to call solar energy the new nucleus of the electronic world. This configuration makes sem integrated lamp cheaper and easier for installation that is suitable for rural area. On the other hand, from environmental d economical uses far more energy during its operational life S olar street lamp is a lamp that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrical energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then stored in the battery the energy saved in the battery is used to provide light o n are each component, i.e. lamp, solar cell, controller, and battery, separate from each other, as shown in Figure 1(a). For the measurement of the solar stre et lamp, t illumination of lamp was measured using lux meter. view photo of solar street light, moonrays 95960 tiki themed outdoor solar street light garden , led solar street china suppliers for more products and price. Mars solar powered street lights use advanced technology controller,it do not need to open the solar powered street lights by switch. Classic All In One Solar Street Light | 5 years mature The Classic All In One Solar Street Light have developed more than 5 years, and the product is a mature product now.22/06/2020 solar powered street lights it is not wrong to call solar energy the new nucleus of the electronic world. with its ever increasing popularity and unprecedented advantages, solar energy has found innovative applications in many fields. a lot of damage has been done as a consequence of the emissions of greenhouse gases and now we must [ ] so, solar pv led is an ideal combination for outdoor lighting. this paper explores this combination for street lighting purposes. depending on the yield of the solar pv and the traffic scenario, the intensity of the street light is being adjusted from 0 to 100 automatically by making use of a dc dc converter. working principle in the street lighting we have the charge controller circuit which is charged the battery in the day time by solar panel and by conventional power at night. this switching between conventional and solar occurs through the relaying action. the relaying action is done by two not logic operated transistor through ldr . photoconductive device ldr (light dependent resistor) whose as most new technology does, solar powered lights have had a rocky infancy. there are a lot of lights on the market that use outdated or incorrect battery technology. many use low quality components and have high early failure rates. sunna designs solar powered lights use well engineered and field proven technology to light the night, all night. the functioning of a fonroche lighting streetlight. daytime the photovolta c module captures the solar irradiation and converts it into electricity. this energy is stored in the power 365 battery.. night time the battery releases its energy to power the led fixture according to the required lighting profile. our anti blackout technology ensures permanent lighting throughout the whole night. 7 reasons why your solar lights not working & how to make sure you place your light at a location where it gets direct sun light. normally a solar light should get 4 5 hours daily direct sun light to effectively charge the batteries and shine brightly during night hours. 6. test the lights with alkaline (regular) batteries. most newly purchased solar lights come with rechargeable batteries. 14/09/2020 avoid placing your solar lights near street lights or porch lights. when solar lights are exposed to high intensity light in the evenings, their sensitivity will decrease over time. for best results, place your lights as far away from artificial light as possible when using them in the evenings.(PDF) Development of semi-integrated solar street lamp for rural areaAbstract. A solar street lamp is a lamp technology that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrica l energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then use the electrical energy to provide light at night. Sem i- integr ated lamp tries overcome complicated installation and expensive price of normally solar street separated using cable. This configuration makes sem integrated lamp cheaper and easier for installation that is suitable for rural area. Therefore, in this paper we - The illumination of semi-integrated lamp was measured using lux meter. The power of the la calculated to meet the energy needs for 12 hours. The results show that the semi- with low power LED 2W has been successfully develop ed. The solar lamp can be automatically tur ned for around 12 hours, from 5: 50 PM to 5:31 AM (UTC7). of th e lamp is 17.42 lux with 6. 97 lux deviation. The measurement result of illumination shows that the solar street lam p has maximum distance of more than Street l amp is a necessary part of every part of the street, with a primary function is to provide comfort to t he driver and pedestrian. Street lamp also has a sec urity function that is to prevent accidents and criminality. On the other hand, from environmental d economical uses far more energy during its operational life S olar street lamp is a lamp that utilizes solar cell to obtain electrical energy during the daylight hour by solar radiation and then stored in the battery the energy saved in the battery is used to provide light o n are each component, i.e. lamp, solar cell, controller, and battery, separate from each other, as shown in Figure 1(a). However, the lack of this solar street is in need of a complicated installation. Different from all the components of each la mp, as shown in Figure alth ough the component price of this type is expensive both problems, that is expensive and co mplicated is separated using cable. This configuration makes semi- Therefore, in this paper we new type solar lamp. For the measurement of the solar stre et lamp, t illumination of lamp was measured using lux meter. Furthermore, the power of solar street la mp was calculated to meet the energy needs of the lamp for 12 The Authors, published by EDP Sciences. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons AttributionHow to calculate the solar street lamp configuration_Ningbo Exquisite Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.Can calculate the amount of electricity to be sent per day. Case: In the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River (peak Sunshine 4H) Beautiful countryside construction process, installed 30W LED light source, every night Lights 7 hours, to ensure that 3-4 rainy days under normal lights; we calculate the power consumption of this configuration first: 30W LED light source, solar street lamp, normal to make 12V system, It can be concluded that the current size of 30W, 30w/12v=2.5a current, power consumption is 2.5a*7h=17.5ah per night, if there is no Sun guarantee 3 to 4 rainy days normal lights, the size of the battery is 17.5ah*4=70ahbest integrated solar street light used in communities(2)solar panel is the longest service life of component in the solar street light, which can be used for 35 years. and in use if it doesn t rain for days, the surface of the solar panel will gather much soil dust, which will affect the power generating ef ciency manual cleaning when necessary. high strength aluminium alloy shell all in one led solar street light 50w picture from shenzhen hxxy technology co., ltd. view photo of solar street light, moonrays 95960 tiki themed outdoor solar street light garden , led solar street china suppliers for more products and price.what is the principle of ufo solar street lampSolar street lights with is components and working principle the working principle of solar street light is very simple. photo voltaic solar cells convert the radiation of sun light into electrical energy. this conversion takes place by the use of buy outdoor lighting accessories online in kenya at jumia kenya. shop from a large selection of accessories for outdoor lighting at the best price. generic newest 500 lm 48 pir sensor led solar street light 50 watt factory led pir motion. ksh 1,690. ksh 2,360. 28%. 4 out of 5 (1) generic 22m 200 led solar lamp outdoor 8 modes garden lights solar powered holidayIntegrated solar street light In ThailandMr.Thanya is from Bangkok,Thailand. His company mainly do kinds of goverment projects in Thailand. This time we want to buy some 80W integrated solar street light, provide samples to goverment for test. Thailand have good sunshine, and the electricity are expensive. so solar power system,integrated solar street light system are widely use.We have a lot of shipping company contact,so in this sample shipping. Mr.Thanya only need to wait in his home and the integrated solar street light sample will arrive. He was so satisfaction for the service from Mars. After he get those integrated solar street light sample, he was so confused. How to make this solar powered street lights work? Because it do not have switch in the lamp. After talking with our sale,he know clearly that.Mars solar powered street lights use advanced technology controller,it do not need to open the solar powered street lights by switch. Just let the solar panel face to sunshine,let the sunshine active the controller. Then in the night time,the light will work automatically.Now Mars solar powered street lights have passed the test from goverment. Just wait for the solar powered led lights project budget to order big quantity.All in one solar street light | Factory Solar LightClassic All In One Solar Street Light | 5 years mature The Classic All In One Solar Street Light have developed more than 5 years, and the product is a mature product now. Please rest assured to buy. youngpower motion sensor lights outdoor, 56 app control integrated solar street light home | outdoor with motion sensor wall light solar powered security light spotlight waterproof 360-degree for wall patio porch gutter, 1 pack. 4.4 out of 5 stars 667. $20.99 $ 20. 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout save 5% with coupon.How to adjust the time video solar street lampsThe factory with cost-effective solar street light? Got a call from tongzhou customer said in the morning want to dress factory installed two 15 m solar energy lamp, want us to check the price, that is both convenient and do not have to pay the electricity bills, it's a good deal. But our sales people to listen to theled solar street light circuit diagram system design pdfDesign of such systems which have efficient applications do not only achieve energy saving but also extends the service life of street lighting equipment. Energy savings in public systems are discussed from different viewpoints here. Index Terms- arduino, led, solar, street lighting. ---------- ---------- 1 INTRODUCTION We need to save or conservesolar street lamps factory the pros and cons ofTwo ways teach you how to choose solar street lights Apr 10, 2020. The quality of the solar street light source directly affects whether the solar street light can work normally. I hope everyone can learn to identify the quality of the LED light source when selecting LED lamps. 10: Pros and cons of solar street light poles: Good solar street lights need high-quality light poles to support them. details about 1500w/2500w super bright solar lamp with motion radar pir motion sensor wall lamp w/ remote. 1500w/2500w solar parking lot light companies in Fiji radar pir motion sensor wall lamp w/ remote. item information. condition: new. 6v / 15w polycrystalline solar panel battery capcity: 3.2v / 18ah li iron phosphate battery Get a Quotesolar street light advantages disadvantages and uses oilAdvantages and Disadvantages of Solar Power Technology There is a lot of benefits and bad effects of solar energy for you, here in this article I will try to discuss all one by one in detail. 1 st I would like to discuss the advantages of solar energy technology, then I will be proceeding to the disadvantages of solar energy technology. china ip65 20w 30w to 200w waterproof solar street light in led outdoor light bulbs, find details about china light bulbs, solar light bulbs from ip65 20w 30w to 200w waterproof solar street light in led outdoor light bulbs - zhongshan shangde 80w outdoor adjustable led street light solar with enecs co., ltd. solar street light, bosun high lumen outdoor ip65 waterproof motion solar street light direct from. gebosunthe importance of solar street light green building canadaMaking use of solar energy is at the heart of sustainable building. In designing a green house, solar energy comes both first and last. The goal is to create a house that consumes at least 50% less energy than one built conventionally, with a corresponding reduction in heating and cooling cities are using solar street light to improve safetyParks can use SR panels for their playgrounds and sport courts too. Bike paths will benefit from the LED lights of SR panels. The lights can provide lines and signage just as for roads. Lanes can be created if desired. At night the lighting will enhance safety for cyclists. If desired, lights can be turned off unless they sense a bike. hitechled smart all-in-one integrated led ae6 solar led street lights solar lighting, off grids illuminates tawi-tawi island release time: march 9th,2017 . with the growing concern for pollution, dwindling natural resources and dramatic climate change, we need to find other forms of energy sources to adapt to today's business and technology demands. hitechled is determined to contribute to environment preservation byTips on How to identify genuine solar street light componentsPaying so much for counterfeit goods is never a good feeling. You end up wasting a lot of money and maybe disappointed with yourself. Street lights are no different. While they make the night more beautiful and safer, purchasing fake components will cost you dearly. Today's market is full of conmen eagerly waiting to prey on unsuspecting customers. They have mastered the art of fabricating original products which can only last for so long. You, therefore, need to be extra careful when purchasing such equipment. You also need to assess solar street light components to ensure that all the parts are genuine. This includes the solar panel and battery, light fixture and controls the mounting bracket and the pole.
Save Money with Led Garden Lights
Installing lights in the garden is a wonderful way to light up the darkness and continue to enjoy those summer evenings even when night falls. Before installing an outdoor system, homeowners should research the different types of lights available and what the impact to their utility bill will be. Other aspects to research are longevity of the bulbs.The rising cost of electricity and the recent concerns about rapidly depleting natural resources make the power used by outdoor lighting an important consideration. LED bulbs use much less power than their halogen counterparts do. These energy efficient bulbs can also be found in solar power options that don't use any electricity. These lights have bulbs that will last for many years and at the same time won't increase the power bill.These eco friendly landscape lights offer homeowners another advantage in that the bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs. Traditional halogen bulbs typically have to be replaced every 5,000 hours while LED light bulbs last 40,000 hours. This means that homeowners don't have to be concerned with changing light bulbs as often as they would if they were using halogen bulbs.The light that is emitted by LED bulbs can be a brilliant white light or it can one of 16 million color combinations created by combining various amounts of red, green and blue to get the desired hue. Landscape architects can use the colors to create dramatic lighting scenes. The low level light combined with the many different colors available gives these artists a virtual palette of colors and options to work with and design beautiful yards.Many energy efficient light bulbs and fixtures are an inexpensive lighting option for the garden that creates beautiful lighting patterns wherever they are placed. They can be installed in water features and used to light landscape pathways. The lights can also be placed strategically to brighten up natural objects in the landscape without overpowering them.Homeowners have many options when installing landscape lights and the use of energy efficient bulbs is an inexpensive option for adding garden lights to the backyard and creating a place to enjoy at night.
Go Carbon Neutral on Outdoor Garden Lights
How to get carbon neutral lighting in your garden.Installing lights outdoors can be a tricky business and if you want to be carbon neutral then the best option is to choose outdoor solar lighting.... How to get carbon neutral lighting in your garden. Installing lights outdoors can be a tricky business and if you want to be carbon neutral then the best option is to choose outdoor solar lighting. There are many different types of solar lights on the market. The older types used Nicad chemistry to power the cells, newer models now run on NiMH cells. Solar lights powered on NiMH will not suffer the memory effect of the old Nicad and will last for over 1,000 charges without any loss of power. By carefully placing each light in dark corners and making sure daylight will reach the solar panel they will continue to charge even on dull days. If you are lucky to have a south facing garden then positioning the solar lights will be no problem. For gardens facing north or if you have tall trees and shrubs make a map of the plot and work out the best angle for the solar panels. Ground solar lights often have spikes which can be pushed into the ground at an angle to face the sun. Garden items will weather, to avoid replacing worn , cracked or rusty lights the best option is stainless steelm solar lights. These will stay clean and bright for many years and just need a yearly clean to keep the solar panels clear. To replace the cells just remove the solar panels to access the cells. Most run on AA type cells and are widely available from hardware stores or visit
Rural Technology Park Promotes Indigenous Technologies
Not many would be aware that the National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad has a well established Rural Technology Park (RTP). Here, several relevant and user-friendly technologies are showcased which are useful for improving rural livelihoods.Training is given to interested budding entrepreneurs for their skill up-gradation. After training, they are also assisted, so that they can start their enterprises.The Institute has adopted more than 100 villages across the country where innovative ideas are implemented.Current focus"We are also focusing on "Make in India" theme. The idea is to identify critical gaps and address them by enhancing the quality and marketability of the products having an eye on market demand."As the Indian market itself is so huge, rural producers can tap it and in the process, create enormous value for their enterprises. This is a very important step, especially in creating opportunities for the rural youth across the country and also addressing the current unemployment scenario," says Dr. M.V.Rao, Director General, NIRD.For example, the Institute is promoting the concept of harnessing solar energy at a big level. Solar street lights have become very popular in all the villages adopted by the Institute.Lights have been installed in all these villages with community involvement."Earlier a solar street light used to cost more than Rs.20,000, but thanks to innovative designs, the cost is now reduced to less than Rs.4,000 and several such lights have been installed in remote villages in Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra," says Dr. Rao.Preserving food stuffTee Wave, a technology partner with the Institute is working on this concept for preserving vegetables, fruits and fish.Unlike traditional motors and appliances which run on high electricity, these appliances run on very low power DC motors. Hence, these are very useful in remote areas where electricity is a problem. For crops like soya, Saraswathi Mahila Gruha Udyog, a sort of self help group, has been created which is manufacturing a lot of products like soya milk, papad and soya powder.Honey beeThose interested in honey bee rearing can visit the honey house to learn how to set up bee boxes, honey extraction and value addition. NIRD has been training hundreds of entrepreneurs in bee-keeping as well as honey collection and preservation.Another component is the training programmes in bio-fertilizers and bio-pesticides. This is fast finding a lot of popularity among the farmers from several states.Emphasis is placed on how to manufacture bio inputs because sourcing inputs is a big problem for growers on time.The institute conducts training on neem based enterprises and vermi-composting as these are eco-friendly and are preferred in organic farming.Cooking gas is not available easily in villages. Rural women need to go to nearby forest areas to collect firewood for cooking.The institute has developed various models and efficient technologies for cooking. These include models developed by Centre for Science & Villages (CSV), Wardha and Appropriate Rural Technologies Institute, Maharashtra.Cooking stoveNIRD has tied up with both these organisations to popularise these cooking stoves and various innovative models so that cooking happens faster with fuel efficiency. In some of these models, as a by-product, cooking coal is also produced. This is used again as fuel."We invite farmers, rural youth, women self help groups and NGOs across the country to come and visit our technology park so that they can get a better idea as to how it can help them," says Dr. Rao.SuccessThe success of the technology park has encouraged the Government of India to commit setting up such parks in five African countries including Malawi and Zimbabwe to start with, as part of India-Africa partnership.For more information interested readers can contact Dr. M.V. Rao, Director General, National institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj, email : , Mobile : 09703440004.
How to Change the Outside Look of a Metal Shed
Consult with the paint store for advice on suitable paints for your metal shed. Choose paint colors that suit your garden decor. Generally, browns and greens help the shed "fade" into the surrounding garden, shrubs and trees. Paint the shed the same color as your house to tie the two buildings together. Hide unsightly items such as firewood or a lumber pile behind the shed, or move it to another location. A common homeowner's dilemma is the metal shed in the back yard. It is a practical, utilitarian structure that allows you to store all the garden tools, the lawn mower and perhaps a bicycle or two. Unfortunately, a basic metal shed is just plain ugly. An industrious homeowner, however, can transform that ugly blotch in the landscape into a decorative element in the garden in just one weekend. With the addition of paint, planters, trellises, plants and decorative elements such as faux windows, new doors and solar lights, an ugly metal shed becomes a statement of garden decor ingenuity.1. Solar pergolas, gazebos & patio covers: A quick guideWhen you think of solar power for the home, solar panels on the roof is what immediately comes to mind. But there are many other places you can put your panels to produce solar energy for your home. Some of the more popular alternatives available in 2021 are ground-mounted solar panels and solar carports. Another approach is to go for solar structures on the patio or in the garden, which are often referred to as 'solar pergolas' or 'solar gazebos.' Read on to learn exactly what solar pergolas and solar gazebos are and whether they make sense for you. What are solar pergolas, solar gazebos, and solar patio covers? They all refer to solar-energy producing structures built on your outdoor patio or backyard. They can be built upon existing structures on your property, or be custom-built with solar energy production in mind. You could use a small structure if you are just looking for enough energy to power outdoor lighting. But with a bigger setup, you could place enough solar panels for a 5 kW solar system or even a 10 kW solar system. A system of that size is usually enough to power your house as well as sell excess electricity back to the grid. Are solar lights and solar umbrellas different from solar pergolas, solar gazebos and solar patio covers? Yes, they are. You have probably seen solar lights and solar umbrellas, which are popular in people's backyards these days. Solar lights are smaller devices that use solar cells, which are either built-in or attached as a small accompanying unit. The cells charge an internal battery during the day and then power lights at night. There are many different types: solar path lights, solar spotlights, solar ambient lights, etc. Solar umbrellas, meanwhile, are patio umbrellas with inbuilt solar cells that power attached lights and sometimes even a USB charging station. Solar lights and solar umbrellas have limited power-producing capacity are not built-up structures like solar pergolas, gazebos and patio covers. Which is better? Rooftop solar vs. solar pergolas, gazebos and patio covers For most houses, the rooftop is the place with maximum surface area and highest exposure to the sun. It is usually also convenient to mount solar panels there, as minimal construction or modification is required. These factors are why roof-mounted solar panels have remained the most popular option for homeowners. However, in many instances, your roof might not the right place to put your panels. Here are some of them: Space constraints: Your roof does not have space for the number of solar panels your require. (Not what this figure is? Calculate the sq. ft. required for solar panels here). Shade: Obstructions like surrounding buildings or trees might block direct sunlight from hitting your roof. Unfavorable angle or positioning: You will not produce maximum power unless your roof faces south. The roof angle, or pitch, also needs to be at the right level (30 to 45 degrees) to work best. Aesthetics: Maybe you just do not like the way they would look on top of your house... Ground-mounted solar panels are one alternative to consider. But they have one big disadvantage: they require substantial amounts of real estate, space that you can not use for anything else. This is where the solar pergola, solar gazebo or solar patio cover-as well as the solar carport- enter the picture. They are all dual-use structures, so they are more space efficient than a ground-mounted setup. You might already have one of these structures out back, which you might easily be able to adapt or modify to hold solar panels. Otherwise, if you are building one of these structures from ground-up, you can go for a designed-for-purpose structure that looks looks great and is optimized for maximum solar energy production. Of course, opting for a whole new structure means adding construction costs to the cost of solar panels. Solar pergolas, gazebos, and patio covers are just one of the routes you can take to go solar. If you can not or do not want to put solar panels on your roof, you could use them in order to gain all the benefits from going solar. To see if they are right for you, find a local solar installer who can assess your property and provide recommendations.2. outdoor solar lights - not working after being flooded?I will politely disagree with the answer above. A bright white basking light is the best way to provide daytime heat for a bearded dragon. I have seen it for years, in many dragons, some over 8 years old. As for the specific bulb, most of the "specialized" reptile basking lights are halogen spotlights or floodlights. There is really very little difference in those and the halogen floodlights and spotlights you buy at the hardware store. There are some differences in the exact colour temperatures, but there are some differences in all bulbs, each "reptile" bulb from the other, etc. .. and they all work fine. You do still need a high output UVB bulb, and this can not be replaced with any other bulb. The halogen floodlights will not provide UVB, (neither will the halogen "reptile" basking lights, btw.) The only type of "all in one" basking lights that also provide UVB are called Mercury vapor bulbs. And they are usually pricey, and fragile, (they typically burn out easily). So, The halogens WILL NOT work for UVB needs3. Can i keep my solar lights outside all winter long even when it snows?You can certainly leave them out, but Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries, the kind of cells your lights will have in them, tend to not work well in the cold, so I doubt they will work well until the warm weather comes around. You will find they work great once they thaw out; in fact, a clever trick some people use to extend the life of rechargeables is to store them in the fridge in a Zip-Loc bag. Solar cells, light bulbs, and LEDs will not be damaged by the cold. Most battery technology does not work well in the cold, actually; that's one of the reasons it's so bloody hard to get your car started in a Prairie winter.
Best 30 Solar Lights in Bradenton, Fl with Reviews -
Read Reviews from Bradenton Homeowners Like You Read homeowners reviews before hiring the Tile and Countertop Contractor to help with your project in Bradenton. If you have questions, read other homeowners' reviews or our discussion forum for a second opinion. may 28, 2009 the supplier company is located in coimbatore, tamil nadu and is one of the leading sellers of listed products. powertec control instruments is listed in trade 's list of verified sellers offering supreme quality of solar street light etc. buy led solar streetlight shop in Philippines, solar equipment in bulk from us for the best quality products and service. Get a QuoteIs the movie Twilight gonna show in the Philippines?YES. But unfortunately it was postponed from November 21 to November 26! So let's wait for 16 more days... But if you want to see it in advance (1 day advance, that is), i saw this post from the twilightcoven site: ------- Prepare to be dazzled as the British School Manila Prom Committee 2008/09 presents... THE PHILIPPINE PREMIERE OF TWILIGHT An exclusive, red-carpet affair and the first screening in the country of the much-anticipated blockbuster in the biggest cinema in the Philippines. 5:30pm 25th November Premiere Cinema, Mall of Asia Tickets cost P500 each. To buy in advance, please email names, the number of tickets you want, and where you will pick the tickets up to Cesca at and claim your tickets from one of these places: Monday Nov. 10 & Thursday Nov. 13 - Outside Fully Booked on Bonifacio High Street from 3-6pm Wednesday Nov. 12 - Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar in Greenbelt 3, Makati from 4-6pm.Where is the beef in the Philippines imported from?Jollibee used to advertise that they get it from Australia, but that was a long time ago during the beef scare. Things could have changed by now, but Australia seems like a logical choice. If locally, I know there are still a lot of farms that produce our native beef (my Father-in-law used to raise a couple). And Tagaytay and Batangas are known for their beefHow many Provinces are there in the Philippines?81 provinces divided into 15 regionswhat country is the philippines in?Country = Philippines Language = Official ones are English and Tagalog, but there are approx. 130 other languages and dialects spoken in the Philippines (both native and foreign) Typical food = A LOT! Clothes = Traditionally, there is the "Barong Tagalog" for men, and the "Baro't saya" for women Music = OPM (Original Pinoy Music) sung in Tagalog and English, along with foreign music.stores that BUY used clothes in the Philippines?Used Clothes BuyersWhat are high schools in the Philippines like?I guess it depends on what part of the philippines you live. The person with hearts, he/she says that its horrible and stuff and he/she lives in the east. But i live in the North. Anyways, high school there is actually pretty fun. But my where my cousins go, it gets a little flooded when its rains a lot. Other than that theres not that much of a problem. Most of the books are in english. They also have this subject called "filipino" and you learn about the philippine history, they teach it in tagalog though, i dont know how they are gonna make it work with someone who dont know how to speak tagalog. Um, i like it better there. Theres definitely LESS drama with people. They are friendly. Although some are not so do not expect everyone to be smiling at you. If you came from the US or even a mixed filipino, there are definitely some girls who will give you the evil eye, dirty looks. And they will try their hardest to copy you and try to make you sad and all other things. Not all of them go that far though. Most just give you dirty looks. If you are going to high school there. A lil tip, always be happy around those peoe who give you looks, it bothers them a LOT. If you try to be friends with them, some will only be nice, so be careful. If they bother you too much, confront them or tell them to stop, show a lil mean side of yours so they wont think your a loser or something. Not all of girls are like that, some are incredibly nice. :D. And with boyss be careful. They are a HUGE flirt. When i went back home. Gosh it was so annoying they kept trying to get my attention. But the only boys i talked to were my cousins, my old friends, and my best friend. Well i think i covered everything there. Have fun if you are going :D
How Long Is the Service Life of Solar LED Street Lamps?
How Long Is the Service Life of Solar LED Street Lamps?
When choosing solar street lamps, everyone will be concerned about one question: how long can solar street lamps last? This question cannot simply answer an exact data, because solar LED street lamps are composed of five parts, including solar panels, LED light sources, solar controllers, solar colloidal batteries, lamp poles and solar LED street lamps. How long they can last depends on these five parts.The service life of solar panels is more than 25 years, and the service life of lamp poles is more than 30 years. Components with such a long service life can be completely ignored.Secondly, the problems of solar street lamp controller can also be excluded. Firstly, the controller is cheap, convenient in source and maintenance. Secondly, the controller is not easy to break down. As long as it is used correctly according to the instructions, it will not cause much threat.Here, the service life of LED light source and battery should be considered. If the battery is used correctly, the service life can reach more than 5 years. The so-called correct use of battery means that the manufacturer should consider the bearing capacity of the battery when designing and configuring. If the daily power generation of solar panel is 45ah, the selected battery capacity must be greater than 45ah, To avoid excessive discharge depth affecting the energy storage capacity and service life of the battery, the battery can be more than 50ah. Regular manufacturers here will choose batteries with slightly larger capacity, while some small manufacturers will choose smaller or just 45ah batteries in order to reduce the price. It is recommended that the customer understand the configuration clearly when purchasing.So how long is the service life of LED light source? At present, the LED light source with good quality has a luminous efficiency of 120lm / W and a service life of 100000 hours. If the light is on for 8 hours a day, it can be used for 12500 days, turning adulthood into 34 years. This is a long time. If you just say 100000 hours, it gives people too little impression. In fact, 100000 hours is 34 years. There is no need to worry that the service life of LED lamps is not long enough.As the service life of LED is much longer than that of traditional lighting technology, LED lamps and energy management will be sold as a continuous service, not just one-time equipment.
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