Iphone, Blackberry Storm 2, Or Palm Pre?

My advice to you is simple. Do not listen to everyone else's opinions because they are biased. Ask yourself what do you want, and what do you need in a cell phone?

Now you've picked three great devices so i can not resist. I am telling you as an iPhone user, that the iPhone is an amazing device. It is extremely useful in so many ways, and the 3G is so affordable now.

Now is the perfect time to get an iPhone. The even better part, a refurbished iPhone on the AT&T website is only $49! I got a refurbished one about 2 months ago, and literally there is no difference between a new and refurbished product.

Here's refurbished products in a nutshell: when you return a phone after the 14 day trial period because you are not satisfied, the wireless providers ship it back to the factory where it's inspected, tested, and repackaged and sold as refurbished. Here's where you benefit: even though the iPhone may not come in the original box, it comes with all of the original accessories, documents, and phone, all in working condition. And if anything is wrong with the items shipped to you, Apple's policy states that it MUST replace any defective items.

Blackberry Storm's are all hype. I've used one before, and it's nothing special. It's by far one of the best blackberry's, but still no iPhone.

Now if you are a data oriented girl, i suggest go with the Pre. Sprint's 3G network far surpasses that of AT&T, and palm's are nice devices. The Palm Pre has a ton of great features, and it has the physical keyboard, similar to that of the Palm Centro (it's small and tight, but not too hard to type).

The decision is yours! hope this helped!


what does a solar storm do?

Solar storms occur as a result of events such as solar flares and coronal mass ejections. These events generate a so-called "solar wind," a gust of charged particles which can slam into the Earth's magnetic field in hours if the solar wind happens to be traveling in the direction of Earth.

The collision can generate quite a light show as a geomagnetic storm erupts, and the storm can last for several days under the right conditions. The most severe solar storm in recorded history occurred in 1859. Known as the Carrington Event, this solar storm caused electromagnetic disruptions all over the world, including auroras over the equator and interruption of scientific devices which relied on the Earth's magnetic field to function properly.

Lesser storms were also recorded in 1958, 1989, and 2000, and these events were associated with interruptions of the electrical grid and damage to satellites. Concerns about solar storms revolve around their ability to disrupt electrical systems. A severe solar storm could effectively knock out the electricity grid across a large swath of the world, which would have very serious consequences, as it would be necessary to replace large portions of the grid.

Solar storms can also disrupt communications and satellites, and they can be very dangerous for astronauts if astronauts happen to be in the way of the solar wind. A solar storm can also involve the introduction of tremendous amounts of radiation, which is dangerous for many living organisms. The disruption of the Earth's magnetic field can also be damaging for some organisms.

Some animals, for example, appear to be sensitive to magnetic fields and they could become disoriented in a solar storm. Due to concerns about solar storms, a number of agencies monitor solar activity for signs of events which could trigger a solar storm. Periodically, warnings or advisories may be issued to alert people to events which could cause disruption such as interference with radio signals.

In the event of a major solar storm, however, there is little that could be done to prepare or prevent damage

2. Why does thunder from a storm far away appear to roll while that from a close by storm cracks?

you ought to use thunder and lightning to tell how a good distance away a hurricane is, count quantity the type of seconds between once you spot the lightning and pay attention the thunder.

Take the type of seconds and divide by way of 5 and that allow you to recognize the way a good distance away the hurricane is in miles. for example: in case you counted 10 seconds between the lightning and the thunder, the lightning is two miles away! easy travels on your eye quite much at as quickly as, at the same time as sound travels as a plenty slower fee of velocity.

The formulation is derived at by way of employing the fee of sound

3. I have no storm windows...will plastic help?

Yes it will but first tear up some old towels into strips that you can put on the bottom sash and where the sashes meet in the middle.

Do not tape the plastic with duct tape. The residue is almost immpossible to get off. Use a masking tape to secure the plastic.

When you get your plastic dont get it too thin

About Iphone, Blackberry Storm 2, Or Palm Pre?

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