Is This a Good Camera Package for a Starter in DSLR Photography?

No. The only two good things I see in this package are the camera body and the memory cards (Sandisk Extreme III). The rest is nothing but cheap rubbish.

The Canon telephoto lens offered in that package is a cheap and crappy, $150 lens. You will need to spend more money on a telephoto lens if you want great or even sharp, image quality. If I were you, I would buy the camera with standard IS kit lens, a high speed SD or SDHC memory card and maybe a UV filter to protect the lens.

This lens (EF-S 18-55mm IS) will be perfectly fine to start with and once you have fully mastered your camera and it's manual features, then should you think about buying a new lens. But do not skimp on the's the most important part of your equipment. For great Macro images, you need a dedicated macro lens, something like the excellent Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro.

But like all good things, it does not come cheap. But, if you want great macro images, it's worth saving up for. Remember, with lenses, you usually get what you pay a good one, and it's an investment that will last you many, many years.


Isnt the molarity of standard solution altered on adding acid to the standard solution in permanganometry?

I think you are confusing molarity with normality. The old largely abandoned system using normality in calculations, used the number of equivalents per lit, but equivalent weight depends on what reaction is taking place so under neutral conditions a permanganate solution would have a different value of normality to that for a reaction in acid conditions.

Molarity is expressed in moles per lit and this is the same for all reactions and all conditions. Factors are introduced in calculations to account for reacting ratios

2. What are the standard Ramen Noodle directions?

hahahahaha. well lets see... boil water.

add ramen. add spices. done.


What is the point of standard symbology?

Summarizing: Standard Symbology is used for fast map reading.I think that's the point of standard symbology, when you look at it you know what it means. The legend is indispensable indeed.

But when you look at a standard symbol like a "body outline" the very deep of your subconscious tell you what that means so you do not have to go to the legend and compare symbols to know their meanings.

4. Electric razor or standard? Help!


Try one of those 4 or 5 bladed razors. They work great.

I never liked a electric razor. Those small nicks you get come from a dull blade

5. What is relationship is standard in our culture?

If you like her, and she likes you, wait til the perfect time and then kiss her! You will just have to tune in to how she acts toward you. I would not try and get more action unless it just happens that way.

Again, timing is key. Do not worry so much about it just let it happen and do not be nervous. The more you think and obsess about it, the more awkard it will be when you finally do it


What is the gauge of standard earrings?

when i got my ear pierced they told me 20g and i tried putting an 18 and it fit fine. so 20-18g range


Capacity of standard power outlet?

Outlets are usually rated 15 or 20 amps. The outlet should be matched to the circuit breaker to which it is connected.

(ie, do not switch the outlet to a 20 amp one unless you upgrade the breaker and wiring as well, or it will do no good). You will need to calculate how much power your server is going to draw to figure out if you need to run another circuit or not. Do not forget to add in anything else that may also be plugged in on the same circuit.


Standard/Conventions in Japanese

The primary word for standard is and the primary word for convention is . But there are many possible expressions

9. Is this standard procedure in pest control?

It's a FRIGGIN mouse...a FRIGGIN mouse. what do you suggest, talking them to death or making them read long dopey questions?

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