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Kemeco Lighting guarantees that each 6x6 fence post lights is produced using the highest quality raw materials. For the selection of raw materials, we analyzed a number of internationally renowned raw material suppliers and conducted high-intensity testing of materials. After comparing the test data, we selected the best one and reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. Kemeco is dedicated to providing a dependable product at an unbelievable value. High quality products have enabled us to maintain a reputation of absolute trustworthiness. Our products have been active in all kinds of international exhibitions, which has been proven to be a impetus to sales volume. In addition, with the assist of social media, our products have attracted many fans and some of them have the intention to learn more about these products.The related information of 6x6 fence post lights can be found at Kemeco Lighting. We can offer highly customized services including style, specification, quantity and shipment by 100% service standard. We are trying our best to optimize our current services so as to strength the competitiveness on the way to product globalization.
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DIY Solar Lights: for Any Home
DIY Solar Lights: for Any Home
The SEZAC solar lights are perfect for patio, garden, yard, barn, boat or anywhere you need lightSolar lights are very useful in every aspect of your home. They are small and simple to install and can be easily controlled from a computer. The light is ideal for homeowners who want to make their home as beautiful as possible. They are also perfect for many other types of homes as well. These solar lights are extremely efficient and cost effective. The most important thing to remember is that they are really cheap and easy to install. It is always best to use the right type of solar lights for your home.Solar lights are very helpful in helping to reduce your electricity bills. They can be used to help make your home more efficient and make it easier to maintain. It is really easy to use solar lights and also provide them with low power consumption. Solar lights can also be used to light your homes and businesses as well as other types of buildings.Solar lights are one of the easiest ways to brighten your home without much hassle. They can be installed in just a few minutes and they have a low cost option that will make it easy to replace your old solar lights every few years. They can also be attached to the top of the house and even into the foundation of the house. It is possible to install solar lights in a couple of minutes and they will make your home look beautiful.Solar lights are very versatile and can be used to add some excitement to your home. They are easy to install and take up less space than traditional incandescent lights. You can buy them online from a range of leading brands, such as Jell-O, eBay, Alamo, Aldi, WYUT and more. These solar lights are affordable and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most important thing to consider is that they can be quite large and require much less energy than incandescent lights. You can also find them at various retailers around the world.6 Pack of SEZAC Solar Powered Wall LightsSolar powered solar lights are available in various sizes and shapes. They are popular because they have been widely used in residential and commercial applications. The LED solar lights can be easily adjusted to fit your space. You can choose from different types of solar lights, such as 2 by 3 or 2 by 4'. This is a good option for anyone who wants to make their home a beautiful place to spend a lot of time with their family. These solar lights can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet or computer.Solar lights are very small and simple to install. They have no moving parts and can be powered by solar energy. You can also choose to have them charged at your local post office. These solar lights can also be attached to your building or power a central heating system in your home. The cost of these solar lights is quite high and they need to be cleaned regularly. This will save you money on electricity bills.I want to create a garden that is small enough to fit in my home and easy to clean. The space I have available will allow me to do some gardening. A good solar light will be able to make your garden grow cool and provide shade. You can also use it to add lights to your yard or patio. They are lightweight and they don't take up much space in your garden. I would love to see more solar lights come on the market.There are lots of different types of solar lights and we can make them as simple as possible. There are also many types of solar lights that we can use to illuminate our homes and business. These solar lights can be found in the local market and it is very important to choose the right one for your home.The 6 pack includes 6 solar powered wall lightsThis is the most popular solar powered wall light and it's only been around for a few years. It's amazing how many different types of solar powered wall lights are available. They have been installed in homes for decades and they're very durable. This solar powered wall light is easy to install and has an adjustable length and allows you to turn it on and off as you want. The top part of the solar powered wall light is also available in two different colors. They are great for night time use and can be used with anything.It is difficult to see how much of a difference solar lights make to your home and that is why they are so important. You need to choose the right light for your home and not just your needs. A good solar lights will provide you with enough light for your home. It is also easy to install and has many advantages. The best solar lights are rated at over $2000 and can be installed in an hour. They can be bought from local solar companies and they are great for beginners.With this style of solar lights, you can add any type of shade to your home. You can install them in any shape and size you want, so you can set them up in your home as well as outside your home. They are also easy to install and maintain. Solar lights are much more expensive than traditional lights and they require more power than traditional lights. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor use.No matter what kind of home you are in, there are two things you can do to save energy and your home is a source of pride. You can use your own money or solar lights to decorate your home, add value to your home and have a pleasant view of the surrounding landscape. If you have any questions about how to install solar lights in your home, please contact us at [email protected].
Solar Street Light Supplier
Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier that focus on professional, international, high-quality energy saving products.As it was established in 2009, the company has always been committed to the development, manufacturing, applications and services of high-quality energy saving lighting products, to provide one-stop service to production enterprise customers with energy-efficient and transformation, and to provide service of intelligent home energy efficient lighting solution for customers.The main business of the Yigang Group includes LED lighting, air purification and testing equipment, water purification equipment products, while LED lighting includes LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and LED solar products. Yigang Technology has independent brand, 'NorthTime' for LED products,and with the CE, RoHS, FCC, UL certifications. This can keep perfect balance of performance and price for LED products to all corners of the world, global sales has been extended to nearly 20 Country and region. ·RELATED QUESTIONWhy don't hotel rooms have ceiling lights?My hotel building is over 100 years old, so we have ceiling lights. We also need a ladder to change a bulb 11' from the floor. It can take 20 minutes for 1 bulb! This is one reason that we have changed to the longer lasting (and more economical) low-energy bulbs.I would be delighted to have wall lights instead. Retro-fitting them would however be even less economically sound.Higher than average ceilings mean ladders to change the bulbs in ceiling fittings, and this extends the maintenance time and convenience for staff enormously. Even normal height ceilings mean that a chair is needed to swap a bulb out. Wall fittings are so much more convenient for both staff and customers, reducing the time taken to get light again!As Michael Forrest Jones says - anything other than a simple bulb swap requires the power to be cut to the whole circuit (which may be more than just a few rooms). This makes it very awkward to do emergency repairs after dark! -- Been there done that... Go with wall fittings that can be isolated in-room!In short:I have ceiling lights.I don't like them, as they are awkward for maintenance.Replacing them would be expensive and extremely difficult - basically a total rewire of the hotel lighting system.Design engineers are not stupid. they note the first 2 points!
What Are Reasons to Chose Smart Solar Street Light Malaysia in Rural Road?
The emergence of smart solar street light malaysia has greatly facilitated people's nighttime travel activities.Now more and more countries attaches great importance to the development and construction of rural areas,China is the most valued country for rural construction.It also attaches great importance to the construction of rural roads. Smart solar street light malaysia illuminate the way home on the sides of rural streets. Smart solar street light malaysia has improved the living environment in rural areas and improved the energy consumption and environmental pollution of traditional street lamps.In the construction of rural roads,smart solar street light malaysia rely on technological advantages to convert solar panels into electrical energy for use in lighting. smart solar street light malaysia breaking the limitations of traditional street lamps which need to use utility power,realizing self-sufficient lighting in rural areas,and solving rural power consumption,solving many high electricity costs trouble.In the rural smart solar street light malaysia configuration, the system configuration scheme of LED light source,solar panel,battery,controller and light pole is inseparable and the lighting time and rainy weather must be determined in the control of rural smart solar street light malaysia.Generally, the rural smart solar street light malaysia configuration scheme is as follows the LED illumination source with a power of 15W-30W can meet the lighting requirement, and can be deployed according to needs. According to the different configurations of solar panels,batteries and controllers,in rural areas, the general lighting time of smart solar street light malaysia is set to be illuminated for 6 hours every day, and 3-5 rainy weathers are normally illuminated.From 6pm to 10pm,there are some people need to come across in the road.After 12pm,it do not have any people in the road. So it is suitable. So in the countryside, the smart solar street light malaysia should be configured according to the actual needs of the localities to ensure high-quality, high-efficiency and energy-saving lighting in rural roadsIs it easier to escape poverty from the cities or from the rural areas?In rural areas you can hunt, fish, and trap. Plus you can grow food. So you do not need much moneyDo you vegetarians live in big cities, small towns or rural areas?I live in a small town right now but even in the big city I used to live in I did not know any vegetariansHow we can improve education level in rural areas?Get the 3/5ther out of the top position of the United StatesDealing with coyotes in a rural area.?Cats can be taken by birds of prey, by raccoons and possums, other dogs, unkind humans, and hit by cars. So, yeah, it could have been anything. What to do? Keep small animals indoors when unsupervised. Yes, your dog's urine will be a deterrent. Not much of one, but it can not hurt either. Yes, coyotes are loud and run in packs, but they can be quiet and stealthy when needed. Especially in rural places where people shoot at them. No, you wo not be able to "stake out" the coyotes. They fear humans, and will avoid going near you. Your dogs should be fine. Chances are, they will never meet a coyote. Remember, your dogs stink of human. Coyotes will smell them a mile off and avoid them.Why do more rural areas tend to vote Republican?because now we are stuck with obama and have a atheist president which is not fair to all the believers i am not racists not all the way yes i tend to have a problem with some African Americans but republicans have you ever seen one who has ran for president atheist?? i think NOTIn what year do you think that fiber optic broadband will be available in rural areas of the U.S?2025. it IS pretty sad that the phone / cable companies have not opened their stuffed wallets and spent the money to bring it out here to the rural US . When we moved onto our ranch in 2000, the only thing available to us was dial-up . Since I would worked in telecommunications engineering. I got a dozen few friends, we bought a "cage" at the AT&T office 45 miles away. connected into their system, and then put up our own anntena pointed to towers we built. we started with a Wireless ISP system and now upgraded to WiMax (Wireless Microwave). So, we've now got 4G connectivity. and after 10 years in use, we've paid off the equipment .
Broke One of My Neighbors Outdoor Garden Lights, How Do I Cover It Up?
Well, consider where you can put the blame. Man, wife, kids, dog. Figure out the most likely person other than the bratty teenager and the basketball. What I think may work is if you can steal a drone from one of your friends and leave it in their yard near the broken light. Be sure and write his name on the drone. Then in a few days tell him that the neighbors have his drone and let him go get it1. How to tell if solar garden lights are working?-You would better ask your Friend who owns the Place. His solar lights not Working may not have ANYTHING to Do- with You. :)2. Where can I get best services for garden lights and outdoor lighting in Sydney?Maybe that's what you are looking for ...Waterproof Led Garden Lights3. How do I keep rabbits from chewing electrical cords on my garden lights?use rabbit wire4. How to Clean Solar Garden Lights | HomesteadyUse solar garden lights to light paths and structures to create whispers of brightness throughout your garden at night, creating a mood or making the garden safer to walk through. Solar garden light fixtures are only as good as the light they produce, which is diminished if the lights or solar panels are dirty. Clean the lights so you get the most from them. Solar garden lights are typically low-maintenance, easy-to-clean fixtures. They line paths, provide spot lighting or sit atop patio tables. Regardless of their shape or function, they are exposed to the elements. Their mini solar panels can become soiled from numerous sources, including garden soil that splashes onto them during heavy rains, dust, calcium deposits from water, bird droppings and pollen grains. Clean the panels whenever they look dirty. Check them after heavy rains or at least once every few months. Use a soft cloth or sponge to brush debris from the solar panels. Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with water and use a non-abrasive soap to clean the solar lights. Do not press or scrub the light. Use a gentle wiping motion. Remove all soap residue by wiping the solar lights with a soft, damp cloth or sponge after cleaning them.5. How to kill wasps that've built a nest INSIDE my sealed solar garden lights?once you progression the nest it many times dies anyhow. it incredibly is not something greater effective than a brood chamber for the queen wasp and something of the wasps are her infertile daughters. the employees do not lay eggs themselves. Use the spray and be careful to not get stung6. What types of solar cells does most garden lights use?Usually crystalline silicon7. Cool things to make in my yard?(: Bird feeders, humming bird feeders, ponds, decorative garden pots. Comfortable seating. Garden lights can be fun. They make these reflective twisty ties, that hunters use to mark trails so they can find their way around at night. Lost? Shine your light on that tree! They sell them in the sporting goods section of big stores. You could make little fairies out of them and hang them on plants that are illuminated at night. You could tell your cousin that fairies only come out at night and take him out to your peace garden at dark. I collect a lot of rocks and made a fairy park in a big garden pot. Made some miniature benches, a water fountain out of a geode and a white pebble pathway around the plants. If you do not have enough rocks, you could substitute various sizes of sticks. Tack them together to make a place for the fairies to chillax, when they visit at night. I hope you have fun with your fairy garden. Good luck! (:8. Replace NiCd batteries with NiMH in solar garden lights?Replace Nicd With Nimh9. Would it be possible to hack solar garden lights into one big PV panel?a garden light uses one LED, or about 30mw of power. you would need 2000 of these to power just one 60 watt light bulb. not practical or cheap. you would be better served to get a single 60 watt panel. a clothes dryer uses a tremendous amount of power, you should hang the clothes out on a line to dry in the sunshine instead
Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Light Lithium
[PDF] Lighting and Electrical Team Leadership and Project Delivery - Free Download PDFLighting and Electrical Team Leadership andProject Delivery2014 Building Technologies Office Peer ReviewLinda Sandahl, [email protected] Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryProject SummaryTimeline:Start date: July 2008Planned end date: 2015 or afterBuilding Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) InternationalKey MilestonesGreen Parking Council1. LEEP: 100 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by February 20142. LEEP: 300 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by December 20143. Interior Lighting Initiative (Campaign) ready for launch by October 2014International Facility Management Association Better Buildings Alliance Lighting & Electrical Team members LEEP Campaign Supporters (manufacturers, utilities, lighting designers, efficiency groups)Budget:Federal Energy Management ProgramTotal DOE $ to date: $2.288 M (2008 - 2014) Total future DOE $: TBDProject Goal:Target Market/Audience:• Commercial building owners and operators for BBA Lighting Team.• Larger audience of commercial buildingsector for campaign initiatives.- Manufactures, utilities, contractors, etc. 2Key Partners:To speed the market adoption of high efficiency lighting technologies and practices by utilizing the tools and resources developed by the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team and others to address the barriers faced by facility managers and operators.Project OverviewTask 1. Better Building Alliance (BBA)* Lighting &Electrical Team Leadership (2008 - present)• Over 60 organizations and over 150 individuals on listserv• Identify and address BBA member barriers & resource gaps• Jointly develop tools and resources• Annual outreach at the Better Buildings SummitTask 2. Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP)Campaign - (launched Sept. 2012)Collaborative development of resources• Specifications, tools, resources developed by Team rolled into larger recognition and guidance program (Campaign)• Industry partnership; PNNL tech. assistance to Participants• Surpassed goal of achieving at least 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking lighting installed or plannedTask 3. Interior Lighting Initiative Planning (2015)• Finalize plan in FY 2014; FY 2015 launch• Focus on high impact interior lighting applications andtechnologies• Currently identifying tools, resources, partner organizations.* Formerly the Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA)Purpose and ObjectivesProblem Statement: Lighting often provides some of the easiest, most costeffective energy-saving opportunities for building owners and occupants - but there are challenges to realizing this potential at scale.• Barriers addressed include: - unfamiliarity with new, rapidly changing technology or approaches - lack of reliable, actionable information that demonstrates real world applications of the technology and its cost-effectiveness, - difficulty in quickly locating applicable utility incentives, and - lack of market recognition for exemplary energy practices.Target Market and Audience: Commercial lighting uses about 16%* of total commercial building source energy use, more than any other single end-use, and the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team is pursuing projects that can reduce lighting energy use by 20% to 75% or more. Audiences includes:• BBA Members (building owners and managers, engineers),• Federal users,• the larger commercial buildings community, including: - offices, hospitals, higher education, retail stores, and hotels, and• other industry players that support efficient lighting.*EIA, Annual Energy Outlook 2014 Early ReleasePurpose and Objectives (continued) Exterior Lighting (LEEP Campaign)LEEP Planned Contribution to Energy Efficiency• The Opportunity - Nation could save ≈ 187 TBtu annually or ≈ $1.84 billion with high efficiency parking lighting 1 - LEEP award documentation represents only ≈ 0.10% of the estimated 505 million parking spaces in the U.S.2 Lots more opportunity!1. Project Endpoint - June 2015 LEEP Award Announcements - Suite of resources to support exterior lighting upgrades - Examples of successful implementation available2. Key Success Indicators - Phase 1 Goal (Year 1)• Participants agree to evaluate their portfolio to identify potential sites that can apply high efficiency lighting technology, and to use it where feasible and cost-effective• Goal: 100 million sq ft of installed/planned high efficiency parking space• Awards in up to 12 categories- Phase 2 Goal (Year 2) - Progress toward 300M sq ft goal - Phase 3 Goal (Year 3) - 300M sq ft achieved; new Participants, Supporters, and award winners - 1. DOE 2013 Adoption of LEDs in Common Lighting Applications 5 2. DOE 2011 Energy Savings Estimates of LEDs in Niche Lighting ApplicationsPurpose and Objectives (continued)Interior Lighting Campaign Planning (FY 2015 launch) Project Contribution to Energy Efficiency:• Interior lighting applications offer substantial savings, for example: - If all US troffers were replaced to BBA specification compliance troffers, could save ≈ 290 TBtu, or ≈ $2.6 billion annually - If all US commercial CFL downlights were replaced to BBA specification compliant downlights* the US could save ≈ 12.7 TBtu or ≈ $115 million annually1. Project Endpoint - 3 year expected duration starting 2015 -- 2 rounds of interior awards - Savings and costs calculated2. Key Success Indicators - Project plan draft complete March 2014; Final September 2014 - Organizing Partners who represent significant market share; responsive to industry needs; able to track energy savings and participation; document target applications and performance; provide resources and technical assistance to move idea to execution. - If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings *assumes 16W LED replaces 26W CFL lamp ballast 6Approach (General)Speed the adoption of high efficiency lighting by: 1. identifying technology and/or market adoption barriers to increased uptake of new/underutilized lighting technologies in high-use, replicable application categories through the BBA Lighting & Electrical Team; 2. identifying current resources available, and gaps/needs; 3. developing tools and resources that address barriers, in coordination with industry partners; 4. testing/vetting resources within and outside the BBA; 5. encouraging wider execution of energy saving practices in commercial lighting, once resources prove successful with BBA membership, document participation, performance and implementation via larger initiatives (e.g., Campaigns); 6. continuing to explore new lighting-related barriers and challenges with the BBA community via the Lighting & Electrical Team. 7. Coordination within DOE (FEMP, DOE SSL Program, etc.) 7LEEP ApproachCollaboration and ResourcesWebinars Better Buildings AllianceDOE provides tools and technical assistance to Participants in helping the Campaign Organizers maximize participationTechnical Assistance (limited)List of utility incentivesCase StudiesSpecificationsEnergy Estimator to compare against code 8Design VignettesM&V guidanceApproach (LEEP Campaign)Key Issues:• Long lead times for site selection ïƒ design ïƒ construction means that many sites will not have been completed by end of Campaign• Participants do not always provide all the needed site informationDistinctive Characteristics:• Collaborative effort with industry that leverages resources developed by the !'s Lighting & Electrical Project Team• Campaign offers unusual opportunity to count use of DOE resources in Participant facilitiesProgress and AccomplishmentsLessons Learned• Significant industry interest in a variety of approaches/technologies.• More interest in awards than we thought!• "ampaigns" are successful when you have; key partners with significant market share and parallel mission; market interest in the application; engagement and leadership by industry leaders; and recognition to help track and document success.Accomplishments• LEEP Phase 1 total installed/planned sq ft is over 270M sq ft - Goal: 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking installed or planned• LEEP Award submissions received from 21 organizations represents:- - - - -over 160M sq ft of installed parking space;about 45 million kWh/year (or ≈ 155 billion Btu of site energy) saved; about 500,000 parking spaces; about 600 parking facilities; and median energy savings of nearly 60% with some sites reaching over 80%.• LEEP Award winners in all 12 categories 10Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Over 100 LEEP Campaign Participants (as of March 2014)ABM Energy ABM Facility Services AGC Banquet & Event Center Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Allentown Parking Authority American Realty Advisors Arby's Restaurant GroupCushman & Wakefield Denver Office Park / CBRE Dept. of Defense, Joint Base San Antonio Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Perry Point, MD Evolvelectric Ford Motor Company Forest City Enterprises Inc.MGM Resorts International Midwest Moving & Storing Miller-Valentine Group MN National Guard Morlin Asset Management Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Parmenter Realty PartnersThe Hermitage Centre The Kroger Co. ThedaCare Tower Companies Town of Amherst Town of Mountain Village U.S. Army Reserve Parks Reserve Forces Training Area U.S. Army - Dugway Proving Ground Union StationAT&T Blue Hill PartnersFranklin Resources Inc Gaylord Nat Resort & Convention CtrPerry CSD Point Park UniversityBradford ExchangeGeorgia Building AuthorityUniversity of California at IrvineBrookfield Office Properties Brookshire Brothers Bruce Wayne KubenaGroupe Pacific Grubb Ventures Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.Prince William County Govt., Department of Public Works Prologis L.P. Providence Heath & Services Prudential Real EstateCBRE for Regions Bank CC Frost Properties, LTD CentraCare Health System City of Melrose City of San Jose, Dept. Transp.Hines Horizon Solutions LLC ibx lighting JBG Companies Jones Lang LaSalleUniversity of Colorado Health University of Maryland Medical Center University of Minnesota - Parking and Transportation Services PTP Management, Inc. University of Pennsylvania Regency Centers University of South Florida Reit Management & Research LLC Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Santa Barbara County US Air Force - Lackland, AFB Shelor Motor Mile Village of Great Neck PlazaCLTC Compass Properties, LLC Connecticut General Assembly Cox Enterprises Inc. Crescent Real Estate EquitiesJulin Realty Services, LLC Kimco Realty Group Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) MC Realty Group LLC MD Anderson Cancer CenterStandard Parking State of Missouri Sumner School District Supervalu, Inc. TES EngineeringVon Braun Center Walmart Wells Fargo Insurance USA WyndhamOver 100 organizations have signed up as LEEP Campaign Supporters (see reference slide)11Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Market Impacts - LEEP Phase 1 Award WinnersRetrofits Org. A B C D E F G H I J K LNew 3Other1011≈1.7 million ≈4 million ≈2 million65% >80% >80% >80%≈400,000>80%≈15.3 million>80% >80% ≈500,000≈70% X X 160Award CategoriesRetrofit 1 - Absolute savings - parking lot 2 - Absolute savings - parking structure 3 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 4 - Greatest % savings - parking structureNew construction 5 - Absolute savings - parking lot 6 - Absolute savings - parking structure 7 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 8 - Greatest % savings - parking structureOther 9 - Best use of controls 10 - Absolute number of sites 11 - Greatest percentage of portfolio 12 - Greatest overall savings kWhNotes: Savings are kWh/year; Additional savings from maintenance costs, etc. not included. • 300M sq ft Phase 2 goal may be revised to 500M sq ft based on Phase 1 results• LEEP Campaign could be extended or transitioned to othersInterior Lighting Campaign• FY 2014 plan will identify lighting applications and practices, resources andtools, partners, collaborators, and project milestones• Implement the plan in FY 2015• If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings17REFERENCE SLIDES18Project BudgetProject Budget Variances: No variances Cost to Date: $254K (41%) Additional Funding: Strong industry collaboration and in-kind support, but no other direct funding sources.Budget History FY2008- FY2013FY2014FY2015 - TBD(past)(current)(planned)DOE $1,670K19Cost-share $0KDOE $618KCost-share $0KDOECost-shareProject Plan and Schedule20Project Plan and Schedule (continued)21Project Integration and CollaborationCommunications:• LEEP Campaign Webinars - LEEP Launch (Sept 2012) - LEEP Campaign Progress - presentations from Walmart, MGM, Hines and Green Parking Council (Feb 2013) - CBRE Green Knights webinar (April 2013) - OSRAM SYLVANIA's sustainable lighting solutions (April 2013) - Using the Street and Parking Facility Lighting Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool webinar hosted by the Better Buildings Alliance and FEMP (Aug 2013) - LEEP Campaign / Lighting Controls for Parking Facilities (Dec 2013) - High Efficiency Parking Lighting for Federal Agencies: The Time Is Now to Join LEEP and Get the Resources You Need (March 2014)• Articles (print or web in Q2) by - Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, ParmenterGREEN, UCLA, etter Plants' Partners Newsletter, ENERGY ST!R, BOMA and IFMA.22Project Integration and Collaboration (continued)Communications:• • • • • • • • •Better Buildings Efficiency Forum Greenbuild International Conference and Expo Lightfair International National Parking Association (NPA) Convention & Expo Defense Energy Summit International Parking Institute (IPI) Annual Convention Midwest Energy Solutions Conference Better Buildings Alliance, GPC, IFMA and BOMA e-newsletters 38 Tweets and re-Tweets (GPC, IFMA, BOMA and Better Building Alliance members)• Several LEEP focused articles, blogs and press releases• IFM!'s Sustainability hapter meeting23Progress and AccomplishmentsLEEP Campaign Supporters (as of March 2014)24
What Are Principles to Be Followed for Automatic Solar Street Light Malaysia?
The maintenance-free battery for automatic solar street light malaysia has a service life of 5-7 years.The maintenance-free battery has many advantages, it is safe and reliable, is not afraid of vibration, and has a low self-discharge rate. If the user can pay attention to the following details during use, the service life of the automatic solar street light malaysia battery can be greatly extended.Principles to be followed in the use of solar street lights:Firstly,the normal operating temperature range of the automatic solar street light malaysia battery is theoretically -15 ° C 50 ° C,but if the temperature is maintained at 5 ° C 35 ° C, the battery life can be extended. Below -15 ° C, the chemical composition of the battery will change,resulting in failure to properly charge.Although the automatic solar street light malaysia battery operates at a low temperature, it can prolong its life but its capacity is small, while it operates in a high temperature environment, although it can obtain a higher capacity but a shorter life.Secondly,the battery of the automatic solar street light malaysia must be stored in a dry and cool environment.The maintenance-free battery has a self-discharge rate of 3%-4% per month in an environment of 20 °C,and increases with increasing temperature.The designed float voltage is 2.3V/knot, and the 12V battery is 13.7V.Moreover,when the automatic solar street light malaysia battery is floated or evenly charged, the gas generated inside the battery will be electrolyzed into water in the negative plate, and the capacity of the battery can be maintained without additional water.Thirdly,after the automatic solar street light malaysia battery discharge is over, if the battery is not recharged within 72 hours, the sulfate will adhere to the plate and damage the battery. Maintenance-free batteries mean that it is not necessary to add liquid, but it is necessary to periodically check the casing for cracks and electrolyte leakage.Pay attention to the above small details to ensure that the solar-free maintenance-free automatic solar street light malaysia battery operates in the best condition. On the one hand, it can provide reliable protection for automatic solar street light malaysia on the other hand, it can extend the service life of lead-acid batteries.Thereby saving a certain cost·RELATED QUESTIONWhat's the meaning of Sia's Chandelier song?Before Chandelier, Sia was a singer with mediocre success.She was really struggling to push her career when she lost her partner to an accident. She got addicted to drugs, suffered depression and even wrote a suicide note. Drugs and alcohol were her only coping mechanisms. This song is about the time she was addicted to alcohol and drugs and her struggle to get out of it.In an interview, Sia said that she always knew she was a drinker and that she must stop, her guilt, shame is what the following lyrics suggest:-Sun is up, I'm a messGotta get out now, gotta run from thisHere comes the shame, here comes the shame.. but, out of peer pressurephones blowing up, they're ringing my door bells, I feel the love..she did not stop.1,2,3 ... 1,2,3 drinkthrow them back till I lose countThe only time she could escape from reality was when she was high, under the influence of alcohol and drugs. She could be carefree, live like tomorrow didn't exist.I'm gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelierI'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't existLike it doesn't existI'm gonna fly like a bird through the nightChandelier is ultimately a brutally honest tale of substance abuse.Sia wrote the song for Rihanna but I am so glad that she kept this one for herself.
Solar Street Light
Solar street lights are an important part of the urban environment. They provide electricity to lighting and communication systems in the city. It is important to keep them up-to-date and provide clean energy to the people, who need it most.How to choose a suitable and good solar street light - Blog1. Firstly you need know detail condition of the road will be installed by solar street light. The basic details including road width, road type .Then you can according these parameters to choose how much watts lights you need refer to below figure 1. This figure is just for your reference. Actually you can send above base information to your supplier ,they can make a road lighting simulation by Dialux tool. By this way, You will also can distinguish your supplier is professional or not. 2. Secondly, Choose a good light source with type â…¢(Bat Wing) lighting distribution curve as figure 2. (Tips:this type is special for roadway.) This figure is from our Vega series all-in-two solar street light. If you want to more details of this product , you can click the web link: If your solar light is not for roadway, such as for walkway,pathway ans side walks, you can choose typeâ…; if for wide walkways, on ramps and entrance roadways, you can choose type â…¡. More type information, you can log into our to down load the PDF files named "LED Distribution Type". A good light distribution type will be with a wider lighting area to realize better lighting effect. 3. Thirdly, after above two steps, you already know how much installation height and how much watts light you will need. Now you can make a calculation for pole to pole space distance according these data. Normally, we recommend the installation space is 23 times of the installation height. Take an example, if installation height is 10m,we recommend space distance is about 30m. 4. Fourthly, after above 3 steps , you already can choose a how much watts lights and how much height installation, how much meters space distance. But you still not know these lights are mostly suitable to your location or not? Because this is a solar street light, so means it has relationship with local weather especially the sunshine.Therefore, you need query the last 5 years annual average sunshine hours, if possible, 10 years is more better. Take an example, if your query data is 4 hours sunshine per day, so the solar panel power is equal to the battery capacity(unit in Wh) divide 4. This is the recommended solar panel power, you can compare it with the supplier solar light technical specification on solar panel item. In addition, you will ask how to calculate the solar light battery capacity. It is related with lamp power, work time, work mode and backup time. Normally the supplier will give you some work mode options by setting a small remote control or mobile app control. Then compare them with your detail requirement to find a best solution.What is the role of solar street light controllers | Socreat Electronics Technology LimitedThe solar street light controller adopts an intelligent power reduction algorithm based on the remaining battery power to ensure that the battery works in the best condition. This will greatly prolong the lifespan of the battery. At the same time, the controller also has high-precision temperature compensation function. The solar street light controller controls the output voltage from the output terminal. Regarding 24V system, if the battery voltage does not reach the 36V, required voltage for normal lighting ON, the controller will raise the output voltage to achieve the lighting requirement. This function must be realized by the solar street light controller. The LED needs constant current or current limiting by technical means to perform normal work. Usually the LED lights are powered by an external drive power for constant current of the LED. A single night can be split into three-stages. Each section lights for several hours, generally 3 hours 3 hours 2 hours configuration, a total of 8 hours. Of course, you can also set it to only light for 6 hours. Road Smart, as solar controller industry-leading team, they have rich experience on intelligent solar street light development.
Creativity and Place
A body in motion precedes a mind in motion. Is what I told myself as I set out on foot in search of the perfect location in which to work on the writing phase of the AiR project. I auditioned a number of places from my living room to the Spruce Street Hammock Park and in each place I felt like my brain was bifurcated into two architecture firms, each commissioned to build half a bridge and meet each other in the middle of the river, but as we know from Abe Lincoln, a bridge divided cannot stand. Half of my mind bridge, the half that did the storytelling in the Smokies, is made of azaleas, branches, and mottled light. The other half, the half that is trying to write those stories in Philly, is made of metal, concrete, and noise. How, I wondered, do I stay true to the spirit of The Smokies when there are three power saws and six car horns ringing in my ears and the only vista is from the onramp to I-95?Even the book I was reading, Satin Island, takes place in a city. The main character, city dweller that he is, is all sharp angles; he changes his mind abruptly, is constrained by his own moral rigidity, and physically walks down many, straight corridors, and as a result the book reads like its shape: rectangular. This is not surprising seeing as cities are made up of boxes. We live in box shaped homes, commute in box shaped cars and trains, and the city itself is divided into box shaped plots of land. Location and creative expression are a feedback loop, each influencing each other.In the mountains, the feedback loop is different. Mountains are all curves and asymmetry and stories from the mountains are as windy, airy, and lilty as the land. Imaginations can certainly run wild in both cities and mountains but my own imagination, which gets claustrophobic and hyperventilaty in boxes (I like curves, dots, and, for the record, odd numbers), tends to run in one direction, that of the Worst Possible Scenario. I will grant you, The Worst Possible Scenario for this project being that I have to write stories about mountains while staring at a bunch of 90 angles listening to intermittent power saws is not exactly cruel and unusual, but I would like to give my imagination a little more fodder than that when writing stories about cloud lands and bear cub spirit guides.Now, I know what you are thinking: "Why did not you write rough drafts of these stories while you were IN The Smokies?." You have a good point. I should have done that. But I was busy being IN The Smokies. Besides, there's no use crying over spilt ambiance. I did not even know until my last few days in the park that writing was going to play a major role in this project and by the time I would figured it out my dance card was filled. Lesson learned.I have one year to complete a project that is tangible and lives at the park, which gives me plenty of time to get back out to some mountains for a while to write, but I want to start working on it now while the images, scents, sounds, and stories are fresh in my mind so for the last few days I've set out on foot to find a place to write that engages my imagination and puts my saw-sensitive nerves at ease. What I have have learned is that no matter where I walk to I am still in a city.My friend Sarah recently send me an article (from which both quotes in this post are drawn) that confirmed much of what I've felt in the last decade as I've cultivated loving but creatively unsatisfying relationships with the cities of Washington D.C., NYC, and Philadelphia:"A 90-minute walk through a natural environment had a huge positive impact on participants. In a survey taken afterwards, those people who took the natural walk showed far lower levels of brooding, or obsessive worry. The control group who spent that 90 minutes walking through a city reported no such difference."I know, I know, I am an artist, it's my job to be creative whether I want to be or not, whether I am where I want to be or not. And yeah, that's a pretty luxurious position to be in, but it's also a job. If a carpenter does not have a hammer it makes the job of building a house infinitely more challenging. Tools vary from trade to trade but they are essential to getting a job done. Nevertheless, there is work to be done so I have no choice but to fall creatively in love with somewhere- anywhere- in the city.Now, as pretty much anyone on the planet can tell you, you can not force love. But you can cultivate it. I've spent the last two years looking for things to love in this city and I've found them; from the gnarled tree grove at Penn Treaty Park to the cemetery on Belgrade with all of it's solar lights that looks like a little, outdoor, ghost rave at night. There is a crack on the wall in one of the studios at school that looks like Tigger and a hole in the floor on the way to our dressing rooms that I think leads to another universe.I fell in love with these places because I wanted to. Because I had to. Because in order to draw inspiration from the city I need to make meaning and mystery here. I have to work to love cities whereas I feel lovingly worked upon by mountains and forests. Wilderness I cannot help but love. I will chase it until I die. It is the Romeo to my Juliet; "My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite."However, I have another year of grad school and I do really and truly like cities so here's the metropolitan game plan: Keep falling in love with things. As many things as possible, as often as possible. Philly may not be my soulmate metropolis but it's great for doing boxy things like "getting organized" and "applying for grants" and it is filled with opportunities for cultivating creative love. Just last night I visited an open kitchen sculpture garden that has been built by and for the people of the community and which has as much heart as any national park I've been to. The national parks protect lands and animals, which I hold to be vitally important, but this sculpture garden (which is an actual garden with actual soil) in Philly protects and provides peace for the people of the community and while it might not be the perfectly serene place to write that I quest for it is an inspirational, connective force in this world and a community I am proud to be a part of. Maybe I will do a story share here and bring some of my mountain story skillz to bear the bearless, urban world. The bridge between city and mountain life might be tough to, well, bridge, but it's all one ecosystem and as long as I am a part of this world I am going to do my best to get to know it all, be it a city hammock park, a local sculpture garden, or a national park. Does this solve my writing problem? Probably not. I still focus and write more freely in quiet, nature-y space, but remembering that it is all connected makes it easier to tap into what I love about The Smoky Mountains portion of the ecosystem, which does not feel so far away as it did yesterdayResidential Solar Lights | Best Outdoor Solar Street LightsResidential Solar Lights are becoming more popular as a way to light areas without the use of general electricity. Some of the Solar lighting products come with batteries that take a charge during daylight hours and light up areas at night. Various output levels are available with different lighting patterns depending on your application. Most portable residential solar lighting products are easily installed and do not require electricians help. For larger lighting areas commercial solar lighting products are also available. Residential and Commercial Solar lights typically come with lithium-ion batteries that have a long life and are easily changed.
Solar Lights Explained
Solar lights use the sun's energy as their source of power, instead of electricity from the power grid. These lights have several advantages compared to the normal electricity-powered systems. Benefits include lower operating costs, less wiring, eco-friendly operation, and much more. Whether you're looking for garden lighting or solar security lights, this article gives you all the basic information to help you pick the right technology for you.Basics: How Do Solar Lights Work?A complete unit consists of a photovoltaic panel, storage battery, lamp, stand or fixture, and a box-type housing to house any circuitry. The photovoltaic (PV) panel, also called a solar panel, is what actually converts sunlight into electricity. It consists of numerous individual PV cells, which generate electricity when sunlight is incident upon them.The current produced by the PV cells is then transmitted through wires to the rechargeable storage battery. The battery stores the energy for later use, since additional artificial illumination is usually not required when there is plenty of sunlight.When required, the stored energy is then sent to the lamp, which may be switched on either manually or automatically. The lamp, mounted on the desired type of stand or fixture, then glows, thereby providing illumination.This technology is very versatile and has a wide variety of applications, from serving as decorative solar garden lighting to automated solar security lights. It's very easy to incorporate automation, such as light sensors, motion detectors, or timers that will automatically switch on the lights at a specified time or when it gets too dark or there is movement nearby.Benefits Of Solar Lights:As described in the previous section, each unit can be completely self-sufficient. Thus no wiring is required, since each unit is independent and does not need to be connected to a power grid. If you're considering solar garden lamps, for instance, this can save huge costs on long trenches for wiring, expensive insulation, and labour.Furthermore, the fact that solar lights aren't reliant on carbon-based electricity makes them eco-friendly. For any business, this is always a good statement to make, not to mention an excellent way of expressing social responsibility. Even for domestic use in homes, it makes great sense simply because it saves you on electricity bills!Applications:As discussed earlier, this is lighting technology may be used for many purposes. The lack of wiring makes it an excellent option for lighting in or around lakes, fountains or water bodies. It fits the bill for a solar shed light, and solar patio lights are also great for enhancing security for your porch or driveway.Even if the area where you want to install the light does not receive sufficient sunlight, you can still use solar lights by installing the PV panels in a different location. Of course, this has the drawback of requiring wiring between the panels, battery and the lamps. In the long run, however, it will still be more economical than conventional lights.
How to Plan Your Vegetable Garden Lighting
Growing a vegetable garden is a beautiful way to live more sustainably, cut down on grocery bills, and spend more time enjoying the outdoors. When many of us plan our gardens, we think of daytime splendor-sunny skies shining over the fruits of our labor. In doing so, however, we can deprive ourselves of the beauty of nighttime. With proper solar lighting, a vegetable garden can please under both sun and stars.Planning a vegetable garden with lighting in mind also gives logistical advantages. For those of us with hectic schedules during the day, tending a garden at night becomes an attractive opportunity and one that light would, of course, facilitate. Why go solar, then? Unlike electric or gas lights, solar lights prevent fire hazards and potentially damaging heat from coming into contact with any growing vegetables and plants. Additionally, solar lights are simple to maintain, as you can learn here.It may be challenging to know where to begin thanks to all the available options, but an excellent place to start is by considering the primary purpose/purposes you need these lights to serve. We start you out with some of the most common necessities below.As mentioned above, tending a vegetable garden at night can be an excellent option for those pressed for time during the day. Once the sun is down, however, navigating a garden can be much trickier. A misplaced footstep can cause you to crush a sprouting seedling or trip and fall. Use path lights to create a well-lit trail around your garden so that you can walk around more confidently.These lights are meant to be placed along a trail or path in your garden and enhance visibility as you roam the space to look over your vegetables or put in some work. One option we would recommend for those with modern sensibilities is the Gama Sonic Contemporary Square Solar Path Light, which brightens your way and comes with the flexibility of three ground stake mounting options.Another terrific choice would be the Solar Garden Light Shepherd Hook. This light is easy to assemble and install and features automatic dusk to dawn illumination, meaning these lights will be ready to work at sundown without you having to flip a switch.The vegetables you've grown may not only be delicious to you but any number of pests. There are many different solutions out there, from other pesticides to fencing to sound machines. If you are in the market for a solution that does double work, look no further than motion sensor lighting.Solar lights with motion sensors will turn on automatically upon detecting movement within a varying range of distances. Not only will they startle an uninvited critter guest away from making a meal of your vegetable garden, but should you decide to go for a nighttime stroll, motion sensor solar lights will light your way.The Gama Sonic pick would be our Solar Barn Light with Motion Sensor for its rustic-chic looks and 15 feet of range for motion detection. Its super bright LED lights are combined with weather-resistant composition for ultimate sturdiness and safety.If your primary concern is to create a fantastic moonlit garden to satisfy your landscaping dreams, highlight your garden's best features with uplighting: light that rises from low to the ground.Landscape lights are often subtle, blendable light fixtures that shine upon plants, paths, walls, or whatever feature you wish to create interest around. For a vegetable garden, they will make a lovely, bright ambiance while drawing attention to your harvest and allow you to notice any changes, good or bad.Two fantastic landscape lighting options are the Progressive Solar Garden and Landscape LED Spotlight and the 2W Solar Flood Light with Warm White or Bright White LEDs. Both lights are easy to install on your own and feature dusk-to-dawn technology.Still not quite sure which direction to go? Not to worry: we've also written an Ultimate Guide to Garden Lights.Can you charge solar light batteries with a charger?Very vague question. You had it jumped and what happened? Did it start and then it died? Did it not start at all? EDIT: all these people are throwing answers "its your battery" "its your alternator".there is a reason I asked you my questions. -If you had it jumped and NOTHING happened (did not start at all), there is a problem with the starter (altough other things can cause that, but if it cranks, the starter is good) whether its the alternator or the connections are loose. -If you had it jumped and it started and died while running, then it would your alternator. The battery is mostly used for initial start, after the engine starts, the alternator takes over to supply the power to the vehicle and to recharge the battery. -If you had it jump started and it ran fine until shut it off and can not get the vehicle to start back up, it could be 2 things. Either the alternator is bad and not recharging the battery, or the battery is simply not holding the charge and needs to be changed. Another thing to look into is the wires. Sometimes the battery will be unable to be recharged by the alternator if the wires or battery clamps are corroded. Or the alternator belt migt be too loose.
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