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round fence post lights is especially favored by customers among Kemeco Lighting's product categories. Each is made from only carefully selected materials and is quality tested before delivery, making it meet top-notch quality standards. Its technical parameters are also in line with international standards and guidelines. It will effectively support users' today and long-term needs.We draw on our people, knowledge and insights, bringing our Kemeco brand to the world. We believe in embracing diversity and always welcome differences in ideas, perspectives, cultures, and languages. While using our regional capabilities to create proper product lines, we gain trust from customers globally.With an efficient and quick global distribution network, the global needs of round fence post lights and other products can be fully met at Kemeco Lighting.
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What's Wrong with My Outdoor Solar Lights?
What's Wrong with My Outdoor Solar Lights?
If the batteries are A size and you have a battery charger that will accept A size batteries you can remove from the lights and charge them.After you charge them then maybe they will charge by the sunlight..I have charged before1. I'm thinking of buying Malibu solar lights for the outside. OSH is selling 10 lights for $40?I use them all over my back and front yard to light walkways (and to spy on the dogs at night when I let them outside). The solar lights have to be placed where they receive adequate sun during the day for optimal light at night. They are not as bright as the electric ones, so you need more spaced closely together so you do not get dark spots. If you place them near plants, you have to check them now and again to see whether the plant is obstructing the sun and prune it back if it is. The price OSH is offering them for is reasonable and I think you will be happier with the stainless if you treat it with the Zep stainless steel cleaner and protector first. The stainless ones tend to get a lot of water spots and get cloudy and crusty on the surface if you do not . Zep applied a couple of times of year keeps them looking brand new2. how can solar garden light solar lights be rejuvenated ... have tried cleaning the panels with negative result?take the top off it should pop apart, clean and replace the batteries3. Ideas on what to do with my back yard living space?Target has some hanging basket hangers that are black iron on clearance right now. Get a few of those and attatch to house, fence, or pergola to add interest with hanging solar lights, hang flower baskets, or hanging candle holders. It does not matter what kind of patio furniture you have, it could be plastic for all I know, but dress up those chairs with clearanced cushions (or make your own) and throw an outdoor table cloth with color! Potted plants in glazed pots, that you can get inexpensively from Mexico, with some grasses like Liriope, something hanging like an ivy or potato vine (Ipomoea batatas), and some color like sunflowers or hydrangea will give great color and will define the space a little more. Make sure these glazed pots are about 3 feet high. Lastly get some lights from IKEA that you can string across and that will lend a festive atmosphere that is also inexpensive, because you plug them in only when you have an outdoor event.4. How can I brighten dim solar lights?Hi, Do not forget to clean the small solar panel from time to time. If you do not the batteries will not recharge properly.5. What can i do about hispanic neighbour he keeps running over my Outdoor Solar Lights because he keeps cutting?Putting a board with nails is considered a trap and that is a serious crime. As tempting as it sounds, do not do it, it's not worth it. Call the cops on them. That should scare them enough. And no, it's not in the culture as far as I know. Your neighbors are just ignorant *******.6. How long do solar lights stay on?It depends on the type of lights you have. Accent lights will stay on all night with a few hours of sun, and often into the next cloudy/rainy night if the battery has stored sun. Lamps and Lamp posts are the same thing. You want to make sure you get good ones though, and look for ones with Lithium-Ion batteries. There are also decorative lights that stay on, such as lanterns or floating lights for pools. And floodlights/security spot lights that can stay on up to 2 minutes every time the go on for up to 100 times a night, or for up to 8-10 hours continuously.7. How long does it take for new solar lights to work?Hey, The top of the light is where the solar grid is. If you take off the top and underneath should be a AA battery. Just pull that out and it should light up. Then twist the top back on. -Gregg
Low Voltage Solar Lighting Has a Bright Future with ...
In today's day and age, one of the important things that people are starting to recognize is the idea of energy efficiency. More and more appliances, vehicles, household items, etc. are touting the label of being energy efficient. This benefits not only the owner of the appliances, but the world as a whole. Therefore, companies such as have begun to offer a wide range of landscape lighting options that are low voltage and/or solar powered. These lights can offer both plenty of illumination for any given area as well as the freedom to be without wires and the ability to save money. Furthermore, there many of the solar powered lights that are offered by have LED bulbs which, in turn, use far less energy than is normally consumed by traditional has solar lights that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are very attractive and can match with any style of outdoor décor. There are some that are lamppost style while others are cap lights that can be mounted to fence posts, guard rails, etc. These options allow the solar panels to receive plenty of light in order to charge the batteries for use during the nighttime hours. With the increase of technology in recent years, solar landscape lights that are offered by can last all night with the charge that is accumulated throughout the day. This is a vast improvement from some of the first solar lights that would only last a few hours at the most.One of the things that people may scoff at when looking at the solar landscape lights from is the initial price. The solar lights range in price from about $180 to $360 depending upon the model. However, when the cost of powering the light is taken into account, the price becomes much more attractive. This is because solar lights require no further investment after their initial purchase. There is nothing to pay for other than the light itself. It is also useful in the fact that there are no wires that run the risk of being damaged and must then be replaced.That leads to another benefit of solar powered landscape lighting. Since they are totally independent of any outside power sources, the setup and installation is incredibly easy. The only thing that must be ensured is that the light is located in an area where it can receive plenty of sunlight throughout the day. If the style that is purchased is a cap light, it should be mounted securely to whatever it is placed upon. However, there are no wires or batteries that need to be plugged in. This means that the owner is at liberty to place the lights wherever it is desired. This freedom of location is one of the biggest benefits to using solar powered landscape lighting.While they may initially cost more than a traditional light, there are many benefits to having solar powered landscape lights that can surpass the cost. USALight has several attractive options available for those who want to use solar power for their landscape lighting needs.
Led and Solar Lights Are Easy on Holiday Budget
Solar and light emitting diode (LED) lights are great options for those looking to save energy and keep on budget.Lighting up the home for the season is a great way to add warmth and a touch of holiday spirit. Both solar and light emitting diode (LED) lights are great options for those looking to save energy and keep on budget.The lighting team at Canadian Tire has some holiday d?cor ideas that add warmth and beauty without breaking the bank:THE BENEFITS OF LED LIGHTS - Energy efficiency - LED lights use 80-95 per cent less energy than conventional lighting, saving money on energy bills.- Safety - LED lights are made of non-flammable plastic epoxy that won't break, even when stepped on, and they run cool to the touch, making them a safe alternative for families with young children.- Convenience - LED lights last up to seven times longer than traditional holiday lights, with a bulb life of 200,000 hours. They also require no replacement bulbs and have end-to-end connectors, that makes it easy to plug in multiple sets.- Style -- LED lights have a unique shape and shimmer that provide a beautiful, bright look both indoors and out.THE BENEFITS OF SOLAR LIGHTS - Energy efficiency - Solar lights are charged during the day from the sun's light.- Safety -- With solar lighting there is no risk of electrocution and the lights are cool to the touch, making them safe for children and pets.- Convenience - Solar technology can charge lights even on cloudy, winter days.- Easy Installation - Solar lights can be placed anywhere outside your home without the hassle of extension cords.DECORATING WITH LED LIGHTS - Adorning the outside of the house with lights and decorations immediately sets a festive tone for family and friends. Try new LED fashion glow lights available in trendy colours such as tanzanite, lime green, purple and burgundy.DECORATING WITH SOLAR LIGHTS - Wire frame characters like reindeer, add a fun touch to the outdoors and are great for kids.- Look for wire frame figures that use warm white solar lights for a coordinated
As Solar Power Expands the Work Day, Incomes Rise in Eastern Kenya
EMBU, Kenya (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Violet Karimi spends her days as she always has, attending to household chores and working on her farm.But when the sun goes down, she now has a second job, thanks to the arrival of solar lights in this town in eastern Kenya.Each evening the widow leaves her three children studying at home by the light of a solar lantern and takes fruit and vegetables harvested on her farm to sell in Embu's open air market."I collect my stock and head to the market where I trade until late in the evening," said the 36-year-old. "This is possible because the solar lights in the market and the rest of Embu town are switched on the whole night." On a good day, she said, she can bring home as much as $30 - at least three times as much as she could sell in a shorter evening, before the lights made longer trading hours possible."Customers want to shop in the evening because that is when they leave work," she said. "The solar lighting has encouraged them to stay and buy as long as they like." Solar energy - for lighting and to power businesses - is gaining a foothold across rural Kenya. In towns like Embu it is opening the way for new businesses, or new business hours, and giving families a chance to boost their incomes.Karimi says the solar lights that shine over the Embu market each evening have other benefits as well. Even after working late into the evening at the market, she feels comfortable hiring a motorbike taxi to take her home."The streets are well lit with solar energy and so I am not afraid of traveling at night because there is security," she said.Others in Embu County have seen benefits for their businesses from the installation of the small solar grids, which collect solar energy, store some of it in batteries for use at night, and distribute it to customers.Joe Njiru pays $10 a month to the Embu County solar micro grid, but makes five times as much from his bar business, he said.The bar's eight light bulbs and satellite TV help keep customers chatting, debating local politics, and buying his beer past midnight.Two years ago, few customers would stay past 8 pm, he said. The bar had a power connection to the national grid, but was often beset by power outages."Every day there were blackouts in the evening because that is when people with illegal connections would interfere with electricity as they tried to switch on," said Njiru. "Customers could not stay long because they feared to be mugged on their way home." Energy company officials also sometimes visited to disconnect his power, saying he had not paid his monthly bill, Njiru said.Now he uses a mobile phone banking system, M-Pesa, to top up his monthly credit."For us, investing in the solar project is a double win," said Embu County Governor Martin Wambora. "Solar energy is cheaper to maintain in the long term and puts us in solidarity with the world's push for a global green economy." That's not to say solar energy is working for everyone. Susan Muthoni, for instance, would like to invest in a laundry business.But to power a washing machine and a refrigerator for serving soft drinks to customers she would have to pay as much as $150 every month in energy costs to the Embu County micro grid because of the large amount of energy the items consume.A typical solar energy customer, who uses the power to light up their home and run a welding business, pays about $10 a month, said Francis Muchiri, the communication and knowledge management officer with Advocacy for Gender and Energy in Kenya."This is where development partners should come in and support solar micro grids with finances so that they can be able to expand their generation and storage capacity," said Lois Gicheru, the chief executive officer of Solafrique Ltd., an enterprise that works with African communities to help them access renewable energy.Solar advocates say that with solar lighting established, Kenya's counties should now focus on generating enough power to run businesses.Mendi Njonjo, the regional director at Hivos East Africa, which works on sustainable energy issues, said Kenya's counties are diversifying into manufacturing, and will need to cut their energy costs by investing in cheaper sources of power.
Why Are Home Depot Solar Street Lights Popular?
The advantages of home depot solar street lights are of course many:1.Home depot solar street lights is energy-saving: Solar energy is used to provide electrical energy, which is inexhaustible and inexhaustible;2.Home depot solar street lights is environmental protection: no pollution, no noise, no radiation;3. Home depot solar street lights is safety: No accidents such as electric shock and fire;4. Convenient: Simple installation, no need for wiring or "opening up" to dig the ground, and no concerns about power outage and power limitation;5.Best solar led street light have Long service life:The best solar led street light product has high technology content, the control system and accessories are international brands, intelligent design, and reliable quality;6. Best solar led street light use high grade: technology products, green energy, the users pay attention to technology, improve the green image, and upgrade the grade;7.Best solar led street light is wide application: Solar energy originates from nature, so it can be used in places where there is sunshine, especially suitable for green space landscape lighting equipment, high-end residential and outdoor lighting, coastal landscape lighting and decoration of tourist attractions, industrial development zones, industrial and mining enterprise street lights , outdoor lighting of universitiesSolar Street Light Information-how To Choose The Best Solar Led LightsHow to Choose the Best Solar LED Lights for Your Garden So you want to buy lamps for your garden! Perhaps, you wish to highlight the elements of your garden. Maybe, you want to add ambiance to your outdoor space. No matter the reason, buying outdoor lamps can be an expensive proposition. Your budget could be hurt if you have a bigger garden. So how can you resolve this issue? The best answer would be a solar LED light for the garden. However, buying the right lighting can be a task. If you do not know how to choose the best garden solar LED light, here are handy tips that should help out. Tips to get the best solar LED lights In recent years, solar LED lighting technology has improved to a great extent. This is why many folks are switching from mains powered lamps to solar lighting. However, when you decide to go after this innovative option, you may want to take into account the following important things. So you've to take into account the type of bulb you need. Most of the solar-powered lamps use LED technology to generate light. These bulbs are extremely effective as they emit enough light and generate less heat compared to other bulbs in the market. That also means they will last longer with less battery charge. Since solar energy is stored in a limited quantity, such bulbs are highly recommended. Plus, energy-efficient garden solar LED light wo not lose energy like other outdoor lamps. As such, you can be sure that your landscape will stay illuminated for a long time period. No matter how efficient solar lights are, they will illuminate the space as long as they are charged. Once the charge is used up for illumination, the light wo not turn on. You ought to have the lamps charged all the time or at least for a longer time. So how can you do that? Removable lithium-ion batteries would be the best answer to this question. They are easy to replace. Also, they can be charged with the mains power in case the power of your solar panels gets exhausted. Additionally, removable batteries are easy to maintain. If a solar lamp is under-performing, the main culprit is the battery. In such a situation, you can take out the batteries and charge them for optimum performance. If the batteries are spoiled, you can replace them with the new ones. Such batteries are really beneficial during cold and wet seasons when there's little to no sunlight for sustaining the energy needs of your lamps. Another important point worth noting is to charge the batteries fully before putting them in the bulbs. In addition to this, make sure to have a duplicate set of batteries. That will ensure uninterrupted lighting supply from your garden solar LED light. When one set of batteries is in use on the bulb, the other set is getting charged Some solar LED lights have just one setting - a manual on/off switch. However, certain lights are more versatile and come with an automatic on/off switch. The switch turns on the bulbs in the evening and turns off when the sun rises. It's better to consider an automatic switch because you do not need to worry about forgetting to switch off the light in the morning, which could drain out the battery. Another important feature to consider is the dimming setting of the solar LED light for the garden. Certain bulbs have the dimming setting which allows you to decide the amount and level of brightness you want according to your needs and battery status (the charge in the battery). When you are choosing solar lighting for your landscape, you may want to consider powerful, efficient photovoltaic cells. These cells convert the light energy from the sun into electrical energy, which actually charges the batteries of your bulbs. Powerful cells are capable of converting more light energy into electrical energy, thus giving you more charge for the batteries. In the end, you have a better performing bulb, which means you have a brighter light for a long time. Different solar lights are available for lighting different areas of your garden. For example, accent lights produce an ambient light that lit up a smaller area. Such bulbs essentially highlight particular elements of a garden. For instance, accent lights can throw light on flowers in your garden to give better visuals at night. On the flip side, landscape lighting presents a spotlight for highlighting a larger feature of your lawn. These bulbs might be set along a tree to light it from various angles during the night. It's advised to choose LED lights depending on the functions you want them to do. A set of accent and landscape lights will make a perfect blend to ensure functionality all over the landscape. Of course, you want to add an element of style to your garden with lighting. So do not forget to match the new lighting with the style of your lovely landscape. Go for designs and colors that line up with the atmosphere of your beautiful lawn. Bulbs by themselves are fragile. In spite of this, some models are better than others. You want to buy lamps that will serve you for a longer time frame without wearing out. So do not forget to check the longevity of the bulbs in question. You can scan reviews and ratings of the bulbs to ascertain their longevity. Obviously, you do not intend to shell out too much money on solar LED lighting. So make sure you check the price of the bulbs. While you may wish to have low-priced lamps, do not go after cheaper models. Rather, try to have the right balance between quality and pricing. Explore good-quality bulbs that come with an affordable price tag. Buying solar lights for your lovely landscape is not an issue. However, picking the best garden solar LED light takes time and efforts. Yet, your efforts will be rewarding in terms of low cost, low maintenance, eco-friendly lighting, and a lot besides. But with alltopgroup light on your side, selecting high-quality solar lighting becomes easy and hassle-free.
Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Light Lithium
[PDF] Lighting and Electrical Team Leadership and Project Delivery - Free Download PDFLighting and Electrical Team Leadership andProject Delivery2014 Building Technologies Office Peer ReviewLinda Sandahl, [email protected] Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryProject SummaryTimeline:Start date: July 2008Planned end date: 2015 or afterBuilding Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) InternationalKey MilestonesGreen Parking Council1. LEEP: 100 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by February 20142. LEEP: 300 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by December 20143. Interior Lighting Initiative (Campaign) ready for launch by October 2014International Facility Management Association Better Buildings Alliance Lighting & Electrical Team members LEEP Campaign Supporters (manufacturers, utilities, lighting designers, efficiency groups)Budget:Federal Energy Management ProgramTotal DOE $ to date: $2.288 M (2008 - 2014) Total future DOE $: TBDProject Goal:Target Market/Audience:• Commercial building owners and operators for BBA Lighting Team.• Larger audience of commercial buildingsector for campaign initiatives.- Manufactures, utilities, contractors, etc. 2Key Partners:To speed the market adoption of high efficiency lighting technologies and practices by utilizing the tools and resources developed by the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team and others to address the barriers faced by facility managers and operators.Project OverviewTask 1. Better Building Alliance (BBA)* Lighting &Electrical Team Leadership (2008 - present)• Over 60 organizations and over 150 individuals on listserv• Identify and address BBA member barriers & resource gaps• Jointly develop tools and resources• Annual outreach at the Better Buildings SummitTask 2. Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP)Campaign - (launched Sept. 2012)Collaborative development of resources• Specifications, tools, resources developed by Team rolled into larger recognition and guidance program (Campaign)• Industry partnership; PNNL tech. assistance to Participants• Surpassed goal of achieving at least 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking lighting installed or plannedTask 3. Interior Lighting Initiative Planning (2015)• Finalize plan in FY 2014; FY 2015 launch• Focus on high impact interior lighting applications andtechnologies• Currently identifying tools, resources, partner organizations.* Formerly the Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA)Purpose and ObjectivesProblem Statement: Lighting often provides some of the easiest, most costeffective energy-saving opportunities for building owners and occupants - but there are challenges to realizing this potential at scale.• Barriers addressed include: - unfamiliarity with new, rapidly changing technology or approaches - lack of reliable, actionable information that demonstrates real world applications of the technology and its cost-effectiveness, - difficulty in quickly locating applicable utility incentives, and - lack of market recognition for exemplary energy practices.Target Market and Audience: Commercial lighting uses about 16%* of total commercial building source energy use, more than any other single end-use, and the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team is pursuing projects that can reduce lighting energy use by 20% to 75% or more. Audiences includes:• BBA Members (building owners and managers, engineers),• Federal users,• the larger commercial buildings community, including: - offices, hospitals, higher education, retail stores, and hotels, and• other industry players that support efficient lighting.*EIA, Annual Energy Outlook 2014 Early ReleasePurpose and Objectives (continued) Exterior Lighting (LEEP Campaign)LEEP Planned Contribution to Energy Efficiency• The Opportunity - Nation could save ≈ 187 TBtu annually or ≈ $1.84 billion with high efficiency parking lighting 1 - LEEP award documentation represents only ≈ 0.10% of the estimated 505 million parking spaces in the U.S.2 Lots more opportunity!1. Project Endpoint - June 2015 LEEP Award Announcements - Suite of resources to support exterior lighting upgrades - Examples of successful implementation available2. Key Success Indicators - Phase 1 Goal (Year 1)• Participants agree to evaluate their portfolio to identify potential sites that can apply high efficiency lighting technology, and to use it where feasible and cost-effective• Goal: 100 million sq ft of installed/planned high efficiency parking space• Awards in up to 12 categories- Phase 2 Goal (Year 2) - Progress toward 300M sq ft goal - Phase 3 Goal (Year 3) - 300M sq ft achieved; new Participants, Supporters, and award winners - 1. DOE 2013 Adoption of LEDs in Common Lighting Applications 5 2. DOE 2011 Energy Savings Estimates of LEDs in Niche Lighting ApplicationsPurpose and Objectives (continued)Interior Lighting Campaign Planning (FY 2015 launch) Project Contribution to Energy Efficiency:• Interior lighting applications offer substantial savings, for example: - If all US troffers were replaced to BBA specification compliance troffers, could save ≈ 290 TBtu, or ≈ $2.6 billion annually - If all US commercial CFL downlights were replaced to BBA specification compliant downlights* the US could save ≈ 12.7 TBtu or ≈ $115 million annually1. Project Endpoint - 3 year expected duration starting 2015 -- 2 rounds of interior awards - Savings and costs calculated2. Key Success Indicators - Project plan draft complete March 2014; Final September 2014 - Organizing Partners who represent significant market share; responsive to industry needs; able to track energy savings and participation; document target applications and performance; provide resources and technical assistance to move idea to execution. - If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings *assumes 16W LED replaces 26W CFL lamp ballast 6Approach (General)Speed the adoption of high efficiency lighting by: 1. identifying technology and/or market adoption barriers to increased uptake of new/underutilized lighting technologies in high-use, replicable application categories through the BBA Lighting & Electrical Team; 2. identifying current resources available, and gaps/needs; 3. developing tools and resources that address barriers, in coordination with industry partners; 4. testing/vetting resources within and outside the BBA; 5. encouraging wider execution of energy saving practices in commercial lighting, once resources prove successful with BBA membership, document participation, performance and implementation via larger initiatives (e.g., Campaigns); 6. continuing to explore new lighting-related barriers and challenges with the BBA community via the Lighting & Electrical Team. 7. Coordination within DOE (FEMP, DOE SSL Program, etc.) 7LEEP ApproachCollaboration and ResourcesWebinars Better Buildings AllianceDOE provides tools and technical assistance to Participants in helping the Campaign Organizers maximize participationTechnical Assistance (limited)List of utility incentivesCase StudiesSpecificationsEnergy Estimator to compare against code 8Design VignettesM&V guidanceApproach (LEEP Campaign)Key Issues:• Long lead times for site selection ïƒ design ïƒ construction means that many sites will not have been completed by end of Campaign• Participants do not always provide all the needed site informationDistinctive Characteristics:• Collaborative effort with industry that leverages resources developed by the !'s Lighting & Electrical Project Team• Campaign offers unusual opportunity to count use of DOE resources in Participant facilitiesProgress and AccomplishmentsLessons Learned• Significant industry interest in a variety of approaches/technologies.• More interest in awards than we thought!• "ampaigns" are successful when you have; key partners with significant market share and parallel mission; market interest in the application; engagement and leadership by industry leaders; and recognition to help track and document success.Accomplishments• LEEP Phase 1 total installed/planned sq ft is over 270M sq ft - Goal: 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking installed or planned• LEEP Award submissions received from 21 organizations represents:- - - - -over 160M sq ft of installed parking space;about 45 million kWh/year (or ≈ 155 billion Btu of site energy) saved; about 500,000 parking spaces; about 600 parking facilities; and median energy savings of nearly 60% with some sites reaching over 80%.• LEEP Award winners in all 12 categories 10Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Over 100 LEEP Campaign Participants (as of March 2014)ABM Energy ABM Facility Services AGC Banquet & Event Center Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Allentown Parking Authority American Realty Advisors Arby's Restaurant GroupCushman & Wakefield Denver Office Park / CBRE Dept. of Defense, Joint Base San Antonio Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Perry Point, MD Evolvelectric Ford Motor Company Forest City Enterprises Inc.MGM Resorts International Midwest Moving & Storing Miller-Valentine Group MN National Guard Morlin Asset Management Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Parmenter Realty PartnersThe Hermitage Centre The Kroger Co. ThedaCare Tower Companies Town of Amherst Town of Mountain Village U.S. Army Reserve Parks Reserve Forces Training Area U.S. Army - Dugway Proving Ground Union StationAT&T Blue Hill PartnersFranklin Resources Inc Gaylord Nat Resort & Convention CtrPerry CSD Point Park UniversityBradford ExchangeGeorgia Building AuthorityUniversity of California at IrvineBrookfield Office Properties Brookshire Brothers Bruce Wayne KubenaGroupe Pacific Grubb Ventures Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.Prince William County Govt., Department of Public Works Prologis L.P. Providence Heath & Services Prudential Real EstateCBRE for Regions Bank CC Frost Properties, LTD CentraCare Health System City of Melrose City of San Jose, Dept. Transp.Hines Horizon Solutions LLC ibx lighting JBG Companies Jones Lang LaSalleUniversity of Colorado Health University of Maryland Medical Center University of Minnesota - Parking and Transportation Services PTP Management, Inc. University of Pennsylvania Regency Centers University of South Florida Reit Management & Research LLC Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Santa Barbara County US Air Force - Lackland, AFB Shelor Motor Mile Village of Great Neck PlazaCLTC Compass Properties, LLC Connecticut General Assembly Cox Enterprises Inc. Crescent Real Estate EquitiesJulin Realty Services, LLC Kimco Realty Group Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) MC Realty Group LLC MD Anderson Cancer CenterStandard Parking State of Missouri Sumner School District Supervalu, Inc. TES EngineeringVon Braun Center Walmart Wells Fargo Insurance USA WyndhamOver 100 organizations have signed up as LEEP Campaign Supporters (see reference slide)11Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Market Impacts - LEEP Phase 1 Award WinnersRetrofits Org. A B C D E F G H I J K LNew 3Other1011≈1.7 million ≈4 million ≈2 million65% >80% >80% >80%≈400,000>80%≈15.3 million>80% >80% ≈500,000≈70% X X 160Award CategoriesRetrofit 1 - Absolute savings - parking lot 2 - Absolute savings - parking structure 3 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 4 - Greatest % savings - parking structureNew construction 5 - Absolute savings - parking lot 6 - Absolute savings - parking structure 7 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 8 - Greatest % savings - parking structureOther 9 - Best use of controls 10 - Absolute number of sites 11 - Greatest percentage of portfolio 12 - Greatest overall savings kWhNotes: Savings are kWh/year; Additional savings from maintenance costs, etc. not included. • 300M sq ft Phase 2 goal may be revised to 500M sq ft based on Phase 1 results• LEEP Campaign could be extended or transitioned to othersInterior Lighting Campaign• FY 2014 plan will identify lighting applications and practices, resources andtools, partners, collaborators, and project milestones• Implement the plan in FY 2015• If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings17REFERENCE SLIDES18Project BudgetProject Budget Variances: No variances Cost to Date: $254K (41%) Additional Funding: Strong industry collaboration and in-kind support, but no other direct funding sources.Budget History FY2008- FY2013FY2014FY2015 - TBD(past)(current)(planned)DOE $1,670K19Cost-share $0KDOE $618KCost-share $0KDOECost-shareProject Plan and Schedule20Project Plan and Schedule (continued)21Project Integration and CollaborationCommunications:• LEEP Campaign Webinars - LEEP Launch (Sept 2012) - LEEP Campaign Progress - presentations from Walmart, MGM, Hines and Green Parking Council (Feb 2013) - CBRE Green Knights webinar (April 2013) - OSRAM SYLVANIA's sustainable lighting solutions (April 2013) - Using the Street and Parking Facility Lighting Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool webinar hosted by the Better Buildings Alliance and FEMP (Aug 2013) - LEEP Campaign / Lighting Controls for Parking Facilities (Dec 2013) - High Efficiency Parking Lighting for Federal Agencies: The Time Is Now to Join LEEP and Get the Resources You Need (March 2014)• Articles (print or web in Q2) by - Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, ParmenterGREEN, UCLA, etter Plants' Partners Newsletter, ENERGY ST!R, BOMA and IFMA.22Project Integration and Collaboration (continued)Communications:• • • • • • • • •Better Buildings Efficiency Forum Greenbuild International Conference and Expo Lightfair International National Parking Association (NPA) Convention & Expo Defense Energy Summit International Parking Institute (IPI) Annual Convention Midwest Energy Solutions Conference Better Buildings Alliance, GPC, IFMA and BOMA e-newsletters 38 Tweets and re-Tweets (GPC, IFMA, BOMA and Better Building Alliance members)• Several LEEP focused articles, blogs and press releases• IFM!'s Sustainability hapter meeting23Progress and AccomplishmentsLEEP Campaign Supporters (as of March 2014)24
Walking with Heroes at Kokoda
NESTS of long, slender bird-of-paradise plumes sway on bobbing heads above painted faces streaked in yellow, red and black.Kauri shell vests tinkle in the tide of sound and boars' tusk grins leer from decorated mouthpieces. It is a scene the ancient razorback ridges of the Owen Stanley Ranges of Papua New Guinea have witnessed countless times over the centuries as the sound of kundu drums thumps through the green cathedral of the surrounding jungle. Through dancers' movements, the vibrancy of life pays homage to the mystery of death. But this year it is more significant. Early next month, the people of the Owen Stanleys will gather at Kokoda to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Kokoda Campaign in World War II. In previous years it has been called Kokoda Day, but two years ago the PNG Government initiated National Fuzzy Wuzzy Day to commemorate not only the Australian soldiers who fought and died on the track in 1942 but also the native porters who helped them. On November 2, 1942, advance scouts from the Australian Army's Maroubra Force entered the Kokoda government station to discover the Japanese had retreated. By evening, Kokoda was occupied by the battalion. The next day, members of the Australian 25th Brigade stood in silence at a memorial service followed by a flag-raising ceremony in which General George Vasey marked the recapture of Kokoda after three months of bitter fighting. In Kokoda on November 2, Fuzzy Wuzzy Day celebrations will be a mass of feathers, face paint and possum fur cloaks as the locals gather for this special sing sing. The Koiari are proud of their forefathers, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, who were among more than 50,000 tribesmen who worked as porters for the Diggers in Papua New Guinea during World War II. The "angels" helped stretcher out wounded Australian soldiers over countless kilometres of steep, muddy, slippery track. In the week leading up to November 2, Koiari families and clan groups walk the rugged Owen Stanleys, sometimes for days, to reach Kokoda for the ceremony. The Australian and Papua New Guinea flags are raised in a sombre memorial service followed by a re-enactment of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels carrying the wounded in stretchers made with blankets and sapling poles cut from the jungle, lashed together with vines. The dancing is held on Kokoda's oval, perched on the edge of a small, grassy plateau, less than 50m from the now-collapsed trenches desperately dug by the Australian militiamen of the 39th Battalion in July 1942. The dancers are crowned in spectacular headdresses, their faces painted in a rainbow of colours, their oiled bodies decorated with tropical flowers and draped in necklaces and vests of kauri shells. As a living, breathing war memorial, the Kokoda Track is unique. Trekking and tourism annually generate about $1.8 million, shared among the villages along the track. About 4000 Australians trek the Kokoda Track each year, says Professor Jack Carlsen from Curtin University's Sustainable Tourism Centre. When the young, untried soldiers of the 39th Battalion confronted the seemingly invincible forces of the Imperial Japanese Army on the Kokoda Track in 1942, little did they know the legacy they would leave for future generations. Like no other war memorial in the world, it is no sombre granite edifice, no sea of marble headstones or white crosses the Kokoda Track is 96km of mud and gnarled tree roots, hugged by dense, green jungle, blanketed by humidity and soaked by tropical rain. But there is also great beauty. In a high mountain village, trekkers are treated to the spectacle of the rising sun illuminating the cloud base far below as it makes islands of the mountain peaks. Looking like nature's avatars, vivid blue and yellow butterflies flit through the dense green of the jungle. They appear so sharp against the backdrop that they look out of place, as if they have been computer generated. Since the establishment of the Kokoda Track Authority in 2002, more than 30,000 trekkers have walked the track, their ages ranging from 12 years to more than 80. I walked it with 62-year-old trek leader Jim Drapes, of Brisbane-based Back Track Adventures. As a trek leader, Jim has crossed the track 28 times in the past decade and is on the track again next month to commemorate Kokoda's 70th anniversary. "The fitter you are, the better you are able to take in the experience, both at a historical and an environmental level," he says. "The track passes through a beautiful, dramatic landscape as you walk the ranges." --- The spirit lives on The Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF) is an Australian philanthropic organisation which aims to repay the help given to Australian soldiers during World War II by the people of the Owen Stanley Ranges in Papua New Guinea. Established in 2003, the KTF's goal is to improve the lives of the descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. In the 70th anniversary year of the Kokoda Campaign, the KTF is expanding its programs in education, health, community development and micro-business training, working in 40 villages along the track. -- The work includes: Providing 3500 solar lights, one to every adult living along the track in 2012. Supporting more than 350 primary, secondary, and tertiary students on Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Scholarships. Providing elementary, primary and secondary schools with educational resources and infrastructure support. Helping train 60 elementary school teachers and several primary teachers, in association with education authorities in PNG. With Rotary Australia, the foundation has delivered 80 classrooms' worth of furniture to 21 schools. Continuing the Archer Leadership Scholars Program, a scholarship awarded annually to six PNG tertiary students. Helping provide vital, village-based healthcare. In partnership with Rotary Australia, the KTF has provided 100 hospital beds to hospitals and health centres. -- For more information, visit kokodatrackfoundation.orOriginally published as
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Best are the best option for homeowners who want to maintain their healthy lawns. They give them a natural look and make it easier for them to maintain their lawns in optimum condition.Volkswagen, Emaar Properties, TIGA and others have launched their own artificial intelligence (AI) based text-to-speech programs in recent years. They provide the AI generated content in a way that is easy to understand and has a natural sound.The good news is that these features will be available at an affordable price with affordable hardware for home users. This will help you buy solar lights at a budget friendly price while increasing your savings on electricity bills; you can also get ideas from businesses that offer similar services with better quality of service at cheaper rates.Lawns look nicer when they are well-lighted. Solar lights can be used to light up any areas of the lawn in bright, continuous and long-lasting light. It is also a great way to save money on electricity bills.In fact, this topic is not very interesting to most of you. But we should not forget that a well-managed lawn can be the best indicator of a satisfied homeowner.After the sun sets and it gets dark out, no matter how well we are managed lawns are, they will quickly start losing their color due to the lack of sunlight. That's why we need to make sure that our lawns are properly cared for during those late hours.The next day after sunset, when you go out of your house and notice that your grass has lost its color and looks dull, you may think about using some products which can improve the color of your grass - but what? There is nothing so universal as "cost effective". And what is worse than spending money on something which does not workAs a homeowner, I have been using these lights for a while now. They are perfect for my yard because they are simple and don't require any maintenance.I also use them in our garden, because it's not very sunny here but it gets quite hot in the summers. Besides that, we also get lots of insects and other bugs in our garden during the summer months so this lawn light helps to ward off some of them.The best are those that illuminate your lawn without the need for electricity. They use less energy and provide more pleasant night lighting than other optionsThe solar-powered lawn lights are a great way to save money on lighting. By using the solar panel, you can power your lawn lights without having to pay utility bills for electricity or even owning a generator.The most affordable solar garden lights on the market and what they offer.Which solar lights work best for your lawn and garden?In the last century, the proliferation of solar powered products popped up everywhere. However, we are still in a dark period when it comes to solar powered lighting. There are a lot of options available out there and most of them have some cons. This is why we decided to take a look at some top rated solar powered lighting options out there that will be beneficial for your lawns and gardens.Solar lights come in different shapes and sizes ranging from small (for small lawns) to big ones (for large yards). They come with various levels of intensity which can be controlled by adjusting their power output. Some even come with motion sensors that can automatically turn on when they detect movement outside the yard or garden.They are also highly energyThere are many different types of solar lights; some are more cost effective than others.Lawn lights are a very widely used device nowadays. They have given an amazing and smart lighting solution to homeowners who want to keep the lawns clean and at the same time reduce the electricity consumption.There are a few things that you can do to make sure that your lawn light works effectively. The first and most important is to ensure that the bulb is fixed properly on the lawn light. This will ensure that it will be very bright even in the evening.
19 Solar Lights to Be Installed on Ghat Road
With the objective of reducing accidents, the Kozhikode District Panchayat has decided to install 19 solar lights on the Wayanad Ghat Road linking Kozhikode and Wayanad districts. Plans were also afoot to install signal lights in the section, district panchayat president Babu Parassery said at a meeting of the panchayat council here on Thursday. Permission of the State government would be sought to entrust the installation work to Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited (Keltron), he said.Likewise, the district panchayat would also take the initiative to restore the check-post of the Department of Forest and Wildlife on the Ghat Road. In its annual budget, the district panchayat has set aside allocations for improving the existing situation on the Ghat Road. A sum of ₹14 lakh was allotted for installing 30 solar lights. Besides, the budget had said that CCTV cameras too would be installed on the highway stretch at a cost of ₹58 lakh.Members at the meeting also pointed out that the directive of the Director of Indian Systems of Medicine (ISM) to deposit the fund of the Hospital Management Committee of the District Ayurveda Hospital in the district treasury was affecting the day-to-day functioning of the hospital. Steps would be taken to get assurance from the government to use the hospital development fund for the needs of the hospital. Mr. Parassery said that the interference of the ISM Director amounted to encroaching on the decentralisation of power of local bodies since these institutions were under the administrative control of the district panchayat. He said that district panchayat would allot ₹20 lakh for the Educare Comprehensive Examination project this fiscal. The scheme aimed at improving academic standards would be implemented in Vadakara, Kozhikode and Thamarassery education districts. He said that an additional amount of ₹5 lakh would be given to create a mobile app aimed at providing information to parents about their wards. Currently, the service is available in 39 schools.
Solar Street Light Supplier
Guangzhou Yigang Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. is a supplier that focus on professional, international, high-quality energy saving products.As it was established in 2009, the company has always been committed to the development, manufacturing, applications and services of high-quality energy saving lighting products, to provide one-stop service to production enterprise customers with energy-efficient and transformation, and to provide service of intelligent home energy efficient lighting solution for customers.The main business of the Yigang Group includes LED lighting, air purification and testing equipment, water purification equipment products, while LED lighting includes LED indoor lighting, LED outdoor lighting and LED solar products. Yigang Technology has independent brand, 'NorthTime' for LED products,and with the CE, RoHS, FCC, UL certifications. This can keep perfect balance of performance and price for LED products to all corners of the world, global sales has been extended to nearly 20 Country and region. ·RELATED QUESTIONWhy don't hotel rooms have ceiling lights?My hotel building is over 100 years old, so we have ceiling lights. We also need a ladder to change a bulb 11' from the floor. It can take 20 minutes for 1 bulb! This is one reason that we have changed to the longer lasting (and more economical) low-energy bulbs.I would be delighted to have wall lights instead. Retro-fitting them would however be even less economically sound.Higher than average ceilings mean ladders to change the bulbs in ceiling fittings, and this extends the maintenance time and convenience for staff enormously. Even normal height ceilings mean that a chair is needed to swap a bulb out. Wall fittings are so much more convenient for both staff and customers, reducing the time taken to get light again!As Michael Forrest Jones says - anything other than a simple bulb swap requires the power to be cut to the whole circuit (which may be more than just a few rooms). This makes it very awkward to do emergency repairs after dark! -- Been there done that... Go with wall fittings that can be isolated in-room!In short:I have ceiling lights.I don't like them, as they are awkward for maintenance.Replacing them would be expensive and extremely difficult - basically a total rewire of the hotel lighting system.Design engineers are not stupid. they note the first 2 points!
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