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With ' Quality First' principle, during the production of smart solar whitehall lamp post, Kemeco Lighting has cultivated workers' awareness of strict quality control and we formed an enterprise culture centering on high quality. We have established standards for the production process and operational process, carrying out quality tracking, monitoring and adjusting during each manufacturing process.Kemeco products continue to dominate in the market. According to our sales data, these products have generated robust sales growth each year, especially in such regions like Europe, Southeast Asia, and North America. Although the large percentage of our sales is brought by our repeat customers, the number of our new customers is also increasing steadily. Our brand awareness has been significantly raised thanks to the increasing popularity of these products.At Kemeco Lighting, customers can get smart solar whitehall lamp post and other products together with more considerate services. We have upgraded our distribution system, which enables a faster and safer delivery. Besides, to better cater to customer's actual need, the MOQ of the customized products is negotiable.

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