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Kemeco Lighting is always proud of vinyl fence post cap solar lights for being highly appraised by many international brands we have cooperated. Since its launch, the product has been viewed as the industry example with its exquisite workmanship and long-term stability. It is also the spotlight in the exhibitions. As dynamic adjustment is conducted, the product is ready to suit the latest demands and has more potential prospects.Kemeco has received word-of-mouth on the market since launching products to the public. The products are manufactured to have the advantages of long service life and long-lasting performance. With these advantages, many customers speak highly of it and keep repurchasing from us. We are very glad that we have been getting a lot of credits for our products bringing added values to customers.At Kemeco Lighting, our customer service team always puts a relatively higher priority on customer's commands. We facilitate fast delivery, versatile packaging solutions, and product warranty for all products including vinyl fence post cap solar lights.
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A Simple Way to Have the Best Wholesale Outdoor Solar Lights Options
A Simple Way to Have the Best Wholesale Outdoor Solar Lights Options
The introduction of wholesale outdoor solar lightsI know it's difficult to make good decisions when you are buying a product and thinking about how you will use it. It is really hard to find the right products for your needs. If you have already tried many different types of solar lights then you need to consider some basic information about them. You need to choose the right product that suits your needs and preferences. The best way to do this is to research what kind of solar lights you want and how much you will pay. I recommend that you read this blog because it will be very helpful for you to find the best solar lights.Rechargeable outdoor solar lights can be purchased from various manufacturers, but most often they are made from aluminum or plastic. It is important to note that many different types of outdoor solar lights are available, and if you have any doubts about what kind of outdoor solar lights you should consider before buying them. A good DIY guide will help you decide what kind of outdoor solar lights you should buy and how much you can save by buying them. If you are planning to buy outdoor solar lights then it is best to choose a reliable brand to sell it.Led solar lights are one of the most popular ways to generate electricity. They are more expensive than regular solar lights and have higher emissions. You can install them in your home or office, but you need to make sure they are small enough to fit in your yard. If you need to be around for business hours then it is best to hire a professional solar lights installer to do the job for you. It is not always possible to find the best price for solar lights, but it is better to have a local company that will provide you with the same.The specifications of wholesale outdoor solar lightsWiring Diagram of wholesale outdoor solar lights can be found here. This information is based on data from multiple sources and has been made available to all who are interested in buying wholesale outdoor solar lights. If you are interested in buying wholesale outdoor solar lights then contact your local dealer or post your inquiry on the web. You can also find out more about wholesale outdoor solar lights at article is about how to install solar street lights in your home. It can be used to make any kind of building and even create a greenhouse or power bank for your home. You can use it to add lighting to your garden, or you can make it into a beautiful home with the help of solar street lights. They are usually mounted on top of the house and they are attached to the house by welding.There are lots of options when it comes to buying outdoor solar lights. We have found that most of the people who are interested in buying outdoor solar lights use some form of electronic control system to turn on and off the lights. There are also some other forms of power outlets that can be used to keep the lights from going off when they are not in use. These types of solar lights are called energy efficient solar lights. You can choose from several different types of solar lights, including electric, solar, and wind energy.Most of the people who work in retail have to deal with getting their business up and running by selling their own products. The real challenge is finding the right way to sell their products, but if you can get your business up and running quickly then you need to start using your product correctly. You need to find the right way to sell your products. It is best to buy from a reputable retailer that sells their products in a reasonable price. If you are interested in buying from a reputable retailer then it is best to make sure that you do not get into any kind of scam.Related popular brands in the wholesale outdoor solar lights industryThis is an exciting time to be a part of the renewable energy industry. A lot of people are doing their best to use their hands and by using their hands, they are also creating jobs. It is not only about being able to use your hands, but it is also about making sure that you have a job that you can do at home. This is what will help you make sure that you have a job that you can do at home.Most of the world's businesses have come from China. Most of the countries that are importing or exporting to China have not taken advantage of the market opportunities and so they need to use more innovative technology to keep up with demand. The biggest difference between China and the United States is that there are many other countries that sell their products, but most of the countries that are importing or exporting to China are either Chinese or Japanese. It is very important to choose the right supplier for your needs.We are still talking about how they work. They have an amazing range of styles and designs, but there are a few main types of products that we sell. We know what is really important to you and we want to make sure we give you the best service possible. The good news is that there are many companies that offer these products and many more.Many of the people who work in the wholesale outdoor solar lights industry are trying to build a career as an electrician. They want to be able to go about their daily lives without needing to spend much money on anything else. For some it is because they have become too accustomed to making decisions that will lead to problems with finances and running their business. Others may just be looking for ways to keep their lifestyle simple and help them save money on their home.The benefits of wholesale outdoor solar lightsMost of the energy is imported from renewable sources, but you need to be careful about what you are buying. If you buy from an electrician or solar power producer, it is likely that the amount of energy that is used will be affected by the type of electricity used by the electricity company. The most important thing to consider is how much it will cost to install the solar panels and how much it will cost to install the solar panels. You need to have an idea of what kind of solar panels you want to buy and what type of panels you want to purchase.These are small, lightweight solar lights that you can put on your windows and even attach to your doors. They are easy to install and don't take up much space. You can set them up in the ground or in a container and they are also made from plastic. There are many different types of solar lights, but we recommend using them as a backup for your old solar lights. The first step is to find the type of solar lights you want and then add them to your system. If you have any questions about these solar lights, contact us.Rahul and Rahul, who own two large solar lights, say they can make a huge difference to the world's climate. And so it's no wonder they are interested in helping to build their own power system. With more than 100% of their money on hand, they're hoping to do something about it. But what if the people who work for them don't get enough? Why would anyone be interested in doing something about it? What if people didn't know how to do it? They might not even know how to do it.These types of solar lights are so powerful that they can save you money in the long run. They are perfect for residential and commercial use. The main advantage of wholesale outdoor solar lights is that they can be controlled from your smartphone or by a remote control. It is not necessary to set up your own power bank to keep the lights on and off, but it is always better to set up your own power bank than to buy one from a store.
Solar Street Lights for New Home, Solar Road Light, Solar Power Light
In 2019, solar street lights have become popular again. These solar street lights can save money in the long run, and help to cut down on energy bills. But, they also need to be installed properly as they are not just for show.Though LEDs are in the foreground when it comes to choosing a suitable light source for your home or business, there are lots of other options out there as well. Some other options that you may want to consider when choosing a solar street light is:The best solar street lights are those that can be installed in the shade and not in direct sunlight.Bright and colorful solar street lights are ideal for the many of our neighborhoods. The problem is that many of them are poorly designed, not very energy efficient, and even more expensive than the conventional ones.The author will explore the benefits of solar street lighting and also discuss their different types: halogen bulbs vs. LEDs; horizontal vs. vertical lighting; color temperature; light distribution pattern; incandescent vs.Solar street lamps are one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly sources of energy. They can replace conventional lighting systems in many areas due to their long lifespan, low maintenance costs, and higher efficiency.This article describes the different types of Solar Street Lights, its features such as cost per Watt Hour and life cycle costs. It also gives a brief overview on who benefits from a Solar Street Light system, what is the difference between an LED Solar Street Light and an incandescent Solar Street Lamp and also describes some recent advancements in the technology used to produce them.The solar street lights are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet. They generate electricity and help you save energy.It is about the world we live in. How it is powered and how it can be powered with solar energy. As a result, all of us are dependent on the solar street lights in our cities.Many of you have probably seen the solar street lights in a city. The solutions used by European cities are connected to the sun. They use solar power, which is produced from renewable sources. The most common solution for solar street lights is photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight into electricity and light up areas at night.Yet, there are still many methods and technologies that could be applied to solve the problem of light pollution in cities such as LED or ZEBION that should help reduce it even further.With the solar street lights, you will be able to illuminate your house from anywhere at anytime. These products are great for the environment and for improving your life.In 2017, the world's population will reach 10 billion people. This growth in number is expected to be even higher by 2050.The rate of increase in population will mean a huge demand for energy which will create a huge impact on our environment and the planet as a whole. Energy consumption by households has also increased drastically over the past few years, both from an economic and social standpoint. It is estimated that the world's population would reach 9 billion by 2050, which could result in up to 12 terawatts of energy production needs that year (the amount of energy produced per second).The solar street lights are one option for renewable energy producers to meet this demand but generating power from solar sources is not very efficient when it comes down to light generation. The best option would be using LED lights - howeverYou can’t tell the difference between a good and a bad solar street light.Our task is to compare two different types of solar street lights that we saw on the demonstration:Section topic: Best Solar Street LightsIntroduction:A solar street light is a great way to increase the efficiency of your electricity network. This article gives you the best solar street lights in different countries around the world. It also explains how to get a product installed and how much it costs. You can use this as a reference if you are planning to install solar street lights in your home or business.The solar street lights are currently the best option to warm your city up and save energy. There are many problems with solar street lights that you may face while choosing the right one for your project.
The Benefits of Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
The Benefits of Wholesale Solar Light Street Suppliers
Introduction to wholesale solar light street suppliersIt is always difficult to choose the right kind of solar light, especially when you have very limited resources. It is difficult to select the right kind of solar light and what kind of light will work best for you. Most of the people don't know about the technology or how to use it. They are not sure about the features of the solar light and what is the best type of solar light. So they recommend that you read this blog before you decide on the type of solar light.What is wholesale solar light?' A lot of people don't know what the term 'wind energy is. It is an electric powered fuel that uses electricity to produce heat. There are many different types of solar lights, and they can be bought in various forms. If you want to save money on your electricity bills then there are some good options available. They can be made from low cost materials, such as plastics, and they can be purchased in various forms. These types of solar lights can also be used in office buildings and other places where people can use them.It is important to note that in order to use solar energy you need to be aware of the risks. Solar energy is an electrically charged substance that has a low electrical resistance. It can be used to heat or cool buildings, such as schools, offices, homes, etc. This is because it is so volatile and cannot be released from the sun. There are many different types of solar energy systems available and they all need to be approved by the relevant authorities. A good guide for getting solar energy into your home is to get a quote online.All of the stock is processed by energy storage and these systems use electricity from renewable sources such as solar lights. There are many different types of solar lights, some of which are installed in factories and some are installed in offices. A good manufacturer will have an access control system that can be set up to shut off all the power when it is not in use. All of the components that are included in the solar lights are built into the wall and can be controlled remotely.First impression and using experience of wholesale solar light street suppliersAs long as you can tell us what kind of product you are looking for then we will give you the first impression of your products. You can choose from our vast range of items, such as barstools, sun loungers, outdoor furniture, mobile phones, night vision goggles, motorized backpacks, vacuum cleaners, security cameras, baby equipment, computers, energy efficient home appliances, floor lamps, bathroom fixtures, heaters, thermostats, washing machines, etc.I know that my choice of wholesale solar light products is not always easy. When I went to college, I was working in a field where there were many different companies out there. Most of them had been told by friends and family that they would need to use their skills to get their jobs done. But what about the people who work in the industry? There are many more companies out there that do this than others. The problem is that most of them don't have a job or can't find one. They don't have any time to put together a list of the best options.There are many types of solar lights available, and most of them are installed in homes, offices, schools, commercial buildings, etc. All of these lights can be controlled by an electricity meter or solar panel. The biggest advantage of wholesale solar lights is that they are very versatile and allow you to change the brightness of the sun without having to worry about a bulb being broken. You can change the color of the sun by changing the shade of the bulb to make it more visible.The industry is changing fast, and there are so many great things about it that we want to share with you. We have seen how people react to these changes, and in many cases they are becoming more aware of the power bills they are paying. In order to keep ourselves and our family safe we need to take steps to ensure that we can use our knowledge of wholesale solar light street suppliers to make sure that we can help them do their part to save the planet from getting sick or power themselves.Pros and cons of wholesale solar light street suppliersWe have been told by several solar lights that we can choose from anywhere in the world. Some of the options are to buy them locally or sell them online. When it comes to buying solar lights, you need to make sure that you get the best deal possible. Most of the options that we have available are going to be based on what we know about solar lights. This is because they are so simple to use and will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you want to buy solar lights then make sure that you get the best deal possible.We have seen some great deals on wholesale solar light fixtures. This year we have the first option to go to auction, so if you are interested in buying solar light fixtures then make sure you check out our selection of low cost wholesale solar light fixtures. Our goal is to offer a large selection of affordable wholesale solar light fixtures, but we also offer other options such as direct solar lighting and energy efficient solar light fixtures. The most important thing to look for when buying solar light fixtures is that they are going to meet your needs.With more than 40% of the world's renewable energy coming from renewable sources, it is important to consider the impacts of these trends on our planet. We need to know what is going to happen to our planet in the future, and how can we make sure we are investing in our environment to keep it clean and free from pollutants. This will help us understand the effects of climate change and make better decisions about how we use our resources.There are several types of wholesale solar light systems available, but there are also many types of wholesale solar light systems that can be used to illuminate the street. They can be made from plastics, metal, glass, plastic, or other metals. Most of the materials used in the solar light systems are recycled or compostable. Some of the materials used in the solar light systems are toxic and many are hazardous to animals. The problems with these materials include their toxicity to humans and animals, as well as their toxicity to animals.Features to Consider When Buying wholesale solar light street suppliersThere are lots of people who would like to buy solar light lights, but only a few people can actually do it. For most people, buying solar light lights will be an investment and not a permanent solution. There are many different types of solar light lights, but we have found that there are some very important ones that you should consider before you decide on buying solar light lights. The main thing to consider is the type of solar light lights you want.Some of the main benefits of wholesale solar light street suppliers include: Easy installation, low electricity bills, high quality and fast service. It is easy to install and saves you money on electricity bills. Also, it can reduce your energy bills by only paying for electricity from your own sources. Most of the people don't know about solar lights and if they do then they are going to need to pay for them.There are lots of things to consider when buying solar light street lights. One of the most important things to consider is how they will affect your home and what kind of home you will be living in. We all need to know what kind of home you will be living in and what kind of house you will be living in. It is very important to understand what kind of home you will be living in before you decide to buy it. The best way to make sure that you are buying the best home is to get a quote from a lot of places.As soon as you purchase a new car you need to make sure that you get the best deal possible. In order to make sure that you get the best deal possible, you need to be aware of the features that you will be using in your purchase. The most important thing to consider is the type of car you are buying and the location of the car. This is because if you are buying a car then you need to know what kind of car you are buying and how much it will cost.Reasons why you should buy a wholesale solar light street suppliersWhen you are buying a wholesale solar light street, you need to make sure that you have enough money to purchase the right type of solar light and be able to work on it efficiently. If you have not already, check out our FAQ for more information about how to use a wholesale solar light street supplier. It is always better to go with a dealer who has experience in purchasing solar light street.Most of the time it is difficult to make good money by selling your own money. When you sell your own money, you are creating an environment that is environmentally friendly. If you sell your own money, you will not be contributing to the environmental problem. It is better to invest in renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power than to use fossil fuels. You will need to choose the right type of renewable energy source and it will save you money.The best way to find out if a wholesale solar light street supplier is worth your money is to ask around. They have excellent reviews and can help you make informed decisions about which kind of solar light street supplier to choose. There are many kinds of solar light street suppliers, but there are some that will provide you with an answer on how to use them.It is very important to note that it is important to make sure that the prices are correct and that the price is accurate. Most of the people who sell solar light bulbs are not satisfied with the price and if they do not get the right deal then they will have to pay more for the service and there is no way to save money on electricity bills. This is what we do all the time. The only way to save money on electricity bills is to use solar lights.
The New Best Way to Get the Greatest Wholesale Outdoor Solar Lights!
What is wholesale outdoor solar lights?Outdoor solar lights are an important part of our everyday lives. They can be found at any hardware store, as well as at home and commercial buildings. We have come a long way since we started using them. It is because of these products that we have become very successful in our own backyard. This means that they are not just being a utility, but also as a tool for people to use in their daily lives. With these products, you can save money on your energy bills by reducing your need for electricity.Yes, we are all trying to save money, but how do we actually save money? In the United States, it is not always easy to get the best prices on solar lights. But in most cases, there are some things that are really important to us. When you look at what is happening with solar lights, you can see that they are much more expensive than regular solar lights. They are so cheap that they don't even make any difference to our everyday lives. When you buy solar lights, you will be buying them from a great store.No one knows how to use these lights and there are many different types of solar lights. They can be found in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Most of the best solar lights come from Australia, which has an area of 1,000 square kilometers. There are several different types of solar lights available and it is possible to find the best solar lights in the market. All you need to do is get the best solar lights that you can afford.Outdoor solar lights are made to withstand harsh weather and offer long lasting power. These solar lights can be used in combination with other energy efficient lighting devices, such as gas powered LED street lights. Most outdoor solar lights can be installed in residential or commercial buildings. This type of solar lights is usually called a lightbulb because they are designed to provide light for an area that is not large enough to house many people. It can also be used in conjunction with other types of solar lights such as flood lights, night lights, etc. Outdoor solar lights can also be used in place of incandescent lights.Types of wholesale outdoor solar lightsIf you want to get the most out of your solar lights then go for a great deal. A lot of people will choose to buy them from a local dealer or directly from the company, but it is important to make sure that they have all the necessary hardware and licenses to use them. There are lots of ways to get the most out of your solar lights, but there are a lot of different types of solar lights that you can choose from. We will take a look at some of the different types of solar lights and how they can be used in your home.In today's world, most people would rather buy their own power from a local source than to use it to produce electricity. They can save money by installing solar lights in their homes and also provide lighting to other areas of their homes. However, there are some very common questions that people have when it comes to buying a new solar light and how they can be used by others. These questions include: What are the advantages of using solar lights? Are there any risks associated with using solar lights? How do you know if you should use them? Do you know if you should use them properly?I love to be able to tell you how many times I've heard of a style of solar light. There are so many types of solar lights and there are so many different types of solar lights that I really enjoy using. There are different types of solar lights and you can choose from several different types of solar lights. You can find the best type of solar lights on the market today. It is always fun to have a few different solar lights in your yard and it is always fun to see what people are doing.What to Consider Before Buying wholesale outdoor solar lightsAll of the brands that have used outdoor solar lights in the past, we can tell you that they are all just as effective as new products. They are actually made from materials that are resistant to rot and other harmful elements. We know that many people buy them because they are durable and you can install them yourself. When you have an outdoor solar light, you can choose to use it for any type of work that you want.As a business owner, it is important to be able to find the best way to use your own resources. If you have been running your own business for years, then you will know how important it is to get the best possible price for your equipment. Most of the time, people just don't realize that they can do this work by buying products from other businesses. This will save you money in the long run and also allow you to sell products that you already have.No one wants to pay more than their local competitors. The average cost of buying a solar light is about $14. This is an investment in your future and not in your pocket. Most people do not want to pay more than their local competitors for their own home or business. They don't want to spend money on any type of project, so they need to make sure they get the best deal possible. It is very important to know what is best for you before you buy it.No one knows what will happen to the weather in the next few months. When you have your own rooftop garden, then you have to consider how much you will need to save in your home. If you are looking for the best way to get the most out of your home then it is always best to go for wholesale outdoor solar lights. There are several things that you can do to help reduce your energy bills and also increase your efficiency. It is also important to consider how much you will be able to save in your home and also what kind of investment you will need to make.
Leapfrogging to a Renewable Future.
The devastating typhoon that hit Mozambique in March 2019 gave terrible support to the widespread expectation that poorer nations will suffer from the impacts of climate change most. The reasons include poor infrastructure, the absence of social safety nets, limited financial resources, and often tenuous public order. Poor rural dwellers depending on subsistence agriculture can not count on crop insurance or government bailouts. Floods and storms add to the pain from water and insect-borne diseases, which are likely to increase and spread to new areas.As the challenges from climate change mount, building resilience to its negative impacts may be more important than trying to get the world's poorest nations to cut back their emissions. The nations of Africa, in particular, have contributed little to anthropogenic climate change, and it's quite possible that Africa will move forward with continued low emissions, especially in the realm of electrification. Climate Change and Renewable ElectrificationAfrica has the opportunity to leapfrog the carbon-intensive centralized development process and move straight into distributed electrification — especially through on and off-grid solar and wind power. The International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) estimates that 60% of Africa's electricity needs could be met through renewable off-grid solutions.Indeed, the majority of renewables development is now taking place in non-OECD countries. In 2017 this amounted to 94 GW of installed wind and solar globally — twice what was built in new coal plants that year.As electricity continues to spread, Africa would surely benefit from its own green new deal. But there's a real need to develop a trained workforce to fill the gap in skilled labour in the clean energy sector, to take on the skilled work of developing, building, and maintaining solar and wind projects, microgrids, and storage and local distribution systems, for the hundreds of millions of Africans who still lack access to electricity. Of course, as electrification penetrates further, it opens up many more new opportunities in a wide range of businesses, including IT, communications, and remote work.To now, most renewables development has taken place in wealthier African nations like South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda, and most commerce is happening in the cities, again among wealthier Africans. Not surprisingly, business is going where the money is. According to Gogla — the global association for the off-grid solar energy industry — most sales of off-grid lighting are similarly concentrated in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Rwanda.That means that for now the poor rural populations are largely left out, even while they could benefit most from even the most basic of off-grid technologies like lighting. Gogla notes that families with solar systems very often see an increase in income, while small businesses find new opportunities for efficiency and customer service. In addition, solar powered lighting expands opportunities for income generating work and education at home.Local clean energy systems can also help build individual and community resilience, particularly by providing water for drinking and irrigation. And they have a positive impact on health and cleanliness, by reducing indoor air pollution from kerosene lamps and improving access to clean water, communications, and health care. Putting the Leap in Leap-FrogSo the question is, how are poor communities going to gain access to these beneficial technologies? How are they going to be financed and built? And how can this be done without imposing the trappings of multilateral debt and the spectre of privatization, austerity, and neocolonial exploitation? How, that is, can the world's poor reap the benefits of an autonomous energy modernization leap-frog?Well, businesses are not entirely asleep at the wheel, and the growth of pay-as-you-go has gone a long way to proving the benefits of clean, modern energy. Gogla represents 130 firms, most of which it seems are using a PAYG model. PAYG grew at an average annual rate of 140% between 2013 and 2016, and was the model used with 80% of solar home systems sold in 2016, according to the World Bank statistics. But the very poor are still generally seen as too high-risk, and high cost (i.e. in reaching scattered rural villages) to be attractive for traditional entrepreneurs. These markets are often left to charities like Solar Aid, founded in 2006 to provide access to solar lights in Uganda, Malawi and Zambia, and to help catalyse solar markets and eradicate the kerosene lamp. SolarAid's charity work is largely educational, and the corresponding high cost of sales is what turns for-profit companies' attention elsewhere. SolarAid's "teams travel thousands of miles — spending days with local community members — sometimes only selling a handful of lights. Because that's what it takes to help people leave the darkness behind. "Another novel approach is SolShare, a Bangladeshi start-up that is developing local micro-grids "from the bottom up," to enable the 3-5 million solar-powered homes there to trade electricity, even with neighbours who do not have their own solar panels. This a truly localized peer-to-peer trading within the "last mile" of power distribution infrastructure. The SolShare network also generates a potentially valuable set of data on production and consumption patterns, and on how such a trading system functions. AfricaGreenTec (see images) is another group that provides electricity — and with it, clean water and internet connectivity — to whole villages. The key is their portable Solartainer — a solar power plant that unpacks like a high-tech butterfly from its shipping container cocoon.While bringing all the benefits of distributed solar to some of the poorest and most remote communities on the planet, AfricaGreenTech, SolShare and others also hold the seed of a much bigger shift. The next leap: Data-Driven TokenizationFor some months I've been working with innovators at Freeelio, especially around TheSunProtocol and the Electraseed Fund. These projects are creating ways to expand rural renewable electricity, and make it self-sustaining, through the application of blockchain technology and the drive of data valuation.While SolShare and Africa GreenTec have shown how power can be provided, Freeelio sees an opportunity to use blockchain and the token model to build incentive structures that enable autonomous social development through a meritocratic token distribution. TheSunProtocol, for instance, not only sees tokens being used to purchase electricity, but also aims to reward consumers for their productive electricity uses — amplifying, if you will, the economic returns on their activity.TheSunProtocol token provides a redeemable means of exchange, as its value (in kWh) remains constant. The token can be separated from the electrical supply; users could use the tokens to pay for a haircut or groceries, while their merchants could then exchange the tokens for electricity. The token could even be used in exchanges between users in separate villages, thus building an economy of value harnessed from the sun itself. This would be a leap far beyond what typical development experts typically prescribe, and reflects a far more sustainable economic vision for the future — one in which environmental and social values are reflected in something like a Quality-Adjusted GDP.Such a leap requires a takeoff point, and for now, that means the hardware, the education, and the technology development, needs to be financed, and that demand falls on donors or investors from wealthier nations. How can it be made easier for such investors and donors to be part of these initiatives? One of the big and quite reasonable concerns of financiers is in ensuring that the money they invest is achieving the returns they set out to achieve, whether these be monetary, or in the social and environmental sphere (ESG). Smaller or distributed projects are less "bankable" in part because the money can be hard to track, and the returns difficult to measure and capture. They also carry some risk (not absent from larger projects) of money being misdirected or connected with criminal activities, especially if KYC regulations have not been followed through the entire flow of funds. It's here that the ElectraSeed Fund can allow blockchain and especially smart contracts to shine. As an energy data-driven investment platform, the ESF invests in a pool of solar energy assets worldwide. It too uses smart contracts to improve data integrity and transparency, and to thus open up the scope of positive impacts for donors and investors. ElectraSeed Fund smart contracts can track investment funds down to the individual user and kWh. They may even be able to characterize the use of the kWh — in other words, the specific sorts of activities the electrical gifts support.The Electraseed Fund is thus designed to enable investors to see precisely how their investment is performing, especially in the ESG calculus, even while the Fund pools investments across a range of projects to reduce risk. Companies that seek to offset carbon emissions, or that want to verifiably achieve targets within their own ESG commitments, can access secure data on the results on the ground, half a world away, in real time.The Electraseed Fund is building relationships with host-country entrepreneurs like SolShare, to help ensure local uptake and reliability. Meanwhile it's engaging with western firms looking to build their ESG returns, and that want to find ways to better validate their investments. Another interesting model, called Energy Solidarity Token, entails the western company donating cost savings achieved through energy efficiency measures to purchase electricity to give away through the SolShare model. This allows the firm to leverage its investment to achieve environmental and social goals where they are most needed.Blockchain and decentralized renewable energy constitute a major leap for electrification among the world's poor, but the path ahead is promising. While the footprint is still small, it suggests huge potential to improve lives in Africa and South Asia, where hundreds of millions still lack electricity.A leap like this might not ultimately do a lot to reduce emissions or slow climate change, but these initiatives can make a big improvement in the lives of the world's poor, who in any case need to figure out how to live under changing climate conditions. Electricity, clean water, and communications connectivity are key elements of a resilient local infrastructure, and a radical localization - not just of energy but also food, water, and economic and commercial infrastructure - may well be what it takes to ensure rural Africans and others can continue to create and produce, to thrive in the pursuit of their goals, and to grow with their families and their communities. Are you interested to learn more about these opportunities and support? Leave a note in the forms for the research venture TheSunProtocol, pilot of Electraseed Fund, and Energy Solidarity TokenThe Advantages of Solar LightingLarge companies and homeowners alike enjoy the many benefits that only solar lighting can provide. Solar lights are ideal for areas that are off-the-grid, where energy is costly or if the company is looking to showcase their eco-friendly approach to energy. Installing solar lighting is considered one of the most cost effective projects to date as they do not require trenched grid power and the actual costs of installation are minimal. There are many ways to take advantage of solar lighting solutions. Some are as small or simple as a singular LED bulb or a solar lantern, while others are more advanced needing a battery and integrated panel. These lights are generally employed to light driveways or even 150′ spaces with floodlights. Solar is the best option when power is not available in a location or too costly to install. Using solar lights also eliminates concerns around a power surge. Of course, there are numerous advantages for choosing solar lighting over traditional methods. Great Way To Go Green! Solar power is the number one source of renewable energy; therefore, solar lighting is a great way to transition to going green. It takes absolutely nothing from grid power and is naturally produced. The LED lighting uses a battery that charges up on solar power during the day, and at night it dips into the power supply to illuminate the desired area. This is a process that repeats daily without using any other form of energy. Installation is considered low cost, in any case, lower than trenching grid power. There is no underground running conduit to the light poles like you would see with traditional power, however, poles, albeit much taller, are still employed in a safe manner. Installation is safe and not as difficult as it is considered low voltage power and the only wiring is located at the top of the poles. In some instances, it may carry across to nearby poles. Standard electric trenching is rife with difficulties, but that is not something experienced with solar power installation. The greatest thing about solar lighting is that it's virtually maintenance free. This is especially the case as LED bulbs last for 20 years or more. If properly installed, the system's batteries will need some maintenance only every 5-7 years. Visually checking and cleaning the glass grid is also recommended to prolong its lifespan along with checking the light fixtures themselves. Most other components can last 30 years or more without any maintenance whatsoever. The most convincing aspect of solar power is the ability to reduce energy bills to zero. Though a commercial system can cost a lot of money upfront, the savings by utilizing solar power will pay back dividends on this investment. In addition, commercial systems also receive significant monetary incentives to make the switch to solar energy. If you care about the environment and wish to reduce your footprint, solar lighting is a great option! It works just as well as traditional power while cutting your energy bills down to zero and providing a constant stream of LED lighting. Whether you have an expansive backyard or a large area in need of illumination, solar energy is here to help. Do you have other alternatives you like for your lighting needs? Just let us know as we would love to hear from you.
I Have a Whole Bunch of Solar Lights?
just daisy chain the positive and negative leads from the solar panels1. How do I get solar lights, which my company makes, to Africa - Mark, You worked in Africa, I suppose. You know how tricky it gets penetrating the market. Main constraint being the lack of awareness as also the advent of cheap "me-too" products from China. Promoting your product through NGO's is one idea that would make sense, but this too has its own negative effects, such as bureaucratic delays, etc. I am based in Mozambique and Tanzania. Do keep me posted about the availability of your Solar Flash Lights in these countries. I would like to see how they work. All the best in your endeavor. Satish2. where can i buy solar lights?you have not mentioned which country you are from. you should tell little more about your requirements. You have to search the Internet or ask the question with more details again.3. Can solar lights be charged from indoor light or has to be sunlight?They can be charged indoors but need to be placed in direct bright light (such as under the edge of a end table lamp) in order to charge at a decent rate. It will still take longer than in the bright sun though. Edit: If it is the kind that just uses rechargeable AA batteries or similar then they can also be charged in a regular charger outside of the light.4. where/whose are the best solar lights to buy?Himin Solar has many solar lights, including street lights, lawn lights, flashlights etc5. 10 ways to brighten up your garden in winterWith a little imagination and creativity, it's easy to add interest to your garden in the winter months. For the greatest impact, concentrate efforts on a few key areas that you see on a daily basis. These might include beds and pots close to the house, as well as the front garden, which you walk through every day. We've rounded up some of the best ideas to inspire you. Many require little effort and some are great value for money too. So, whether you step outside or look from your window, embrace winter and enjoy your garden at every opportunity. Brighten it up with simple lighting In winter, we often come home in the dark and miss seeing the garden altogether. Outdoor lighting can bring it back into play and transform the view from windows that would otherwise be dark, reflective panes. Try a few tea lights in clear jam jars to add seasonal twinkle for special occasions and solar lights to provide a few hours of decorative light. Fairy lights are fun draped in a tree and there's a wide range of lighting kits on offer that are quick and easy to install. Be sure to switch lighting off before going to bed, to minimise disruption to wildlife. Even just one piece of evergreen topiary will add interest to a pot or bed and hold an area together in winter. Formal shapes such as balls, pyramids and cubes work well, but if you like a more relaxed style, then the trend for looser 'cloud-pruned' and organic topiary shapes may suit you. Box and yew are traditional plant choices, but other small-leaved evergreens, such as Ilex crenata, phillyrea, Lonicera nitida and privet, clip well. For instant impact, you can buy ready-made, but more costly, topiary - expect to pay around 25 for a 30cm box ball. There are many fabulous winter flowering shrubs that deliver rich fragrance, such as chimonanthus, daphnes, mahonias, sarcococca, and viburnums. If they are tucked away at the back of borders, they will get overlooked and be under-appreciated. Plant them instead where their delicious scents can readily be enjoyed, such as close to the back door, in the front garden or beside a regularly used path. Many of these shrubs are happy in pots, so can be moved to centre stage for winter, then shifted to a less prominent position over the summer. Pots are the best way to add a seasonal splash of colour just where you need it. Opt for plants that look good together, such as cyclamen, heathers, hellebores, pansies and variegated ivy. In a large pot, add a shrubby evergreen plant for a bit of backbone, such as a rosemary or sarcococca. At this time of year, all these plants are available in garden centres in small pots, making it easy to mix and match. Warm up with a fire pit or brazier To use your garden on winter evenings, you need to make it as warm and comfortable as possible. There are some great braziers and fire pits on the market these days, which are ready to go and can be placed on the patio for people to huddle around. Most of us spend more time indoors over winter, so it really pays to have attractive views from your windows. Without redesigning your garden, consider what you can tweak to improve the composition. It's amazing what a bit of seasonal rearranging can do. Think about relocating anything attractive that is readily moveable, such as pot displays and garden ornaments, so they can be clearly seen from the windows. Or remove a few of the lower branches of a tree to reveal a view of something eye-catching beyond. Get creative with flexible twigs and weave them into an eye-catching feature. You can buy long lengths of hazel or colourful willow by the bundle, or perhaps you have a plant that can be coppiced? Then bend, twist and weave the stems together to create interesting shapes. Simple woven twiggy balls look great dangling from trees, or make something large and abstract - a representation of an animal such as a deer or an oversized rabbit? Use galvanised wire to link sections together. They wo not last forever, but they are a great project for children. There's nothing better than a project that enhances the garden visually and benefits wildlife. Bug hotels can be simple or fancy, and of any size. Think nooks and crannies. Small holes make ideal hibernating homes for ladybirds and lacewings, so cut bamboo canes into short lengths with the hollow ends exposed. Set them into an old wooden box, or forget the frame and simply tie them into a small bundle. Leftover lengths of wood can be drilled with holes to do the same job, and if placed on the ground then beetle larvae will feed on the decaying dead wood. Perk things up with a splash of paint Introducing permanent colour into a garden through planting alone can be difficult, but painting or staining will add instant colour just where you need it to set off plantings or act as a backdrop. A wash of a water-based colour on large terracotta pots is not permanent, but will jazz things up for a few months. Rendered walls can be painted, while wooden fences and structures such as obelisks or pergolas are best stained, as it's easier to re-apply. Think about which colours would work best in your plot and play around with them. There's a whole range of plants that hold their grey or silvery foliage all winter, fitting the season perfectly. These include: silver bush (Convolvulus cneorum), a compact, spreading shrub with shiny leaves that look as if they've been spray painted; Artemisia 'Powis Castle', with its soft, ferny, pale-silver foliage; and Helictotrichon sempervirens, a grey, arching evergreen grass. They all look great together in a large pot for seasonal interest and can then be transplanted into the garden next spring to provide interest for years to come.
How Mars Solar Street Light Bring Bright and Security to Ghana School?
In the night time,if it don't have light,it will prone to have criminal behavior.If it have light,then people will be more safe.In order to provide residents with a safe living environment, the government installed street lights as much as possible.Mr. Eddie is the purchasing manager of the Ghana government unit. He often helps the government to purchase some goods in China, mostly used to build schools, churches, and public areas. In March 2018, he found our company in Google. He said that they have a solar street light project. In this solar street light project, it need to install solar street lights in every school in the city. Then can provide more safe environment for children.Before the solar street light project begin, he needed to buy two solar led lights samples and test our quality. Both solar led lights samples were shipped via DHL and he was quickly received and tested.In April, he sent me an email,tell us that the solar led lights sample have passed government's testing. He needed to buy 20 sets of 80W solar led lights installed in a school. This is a demonstration project,if it is successfully then they can promoted to schools throughout the city.Because the length of the solar lamp pole is 8M, it can't be transported by bulk cargo, so I gave him two optional. Optional 1 is buy solar panels, lithium batteries, controllers, LED lights with us, buy the poles with locally. Optional 2 is 80W solar lamp system with pole will load a 40ft container and the transportation costs will be higher. Because he has tested the quality of our solar lamp products, even if the transportation costs are expensive, he insist on buying complete solar lamp system with us,then can have the best performance for the solar lamp system.After few months operation, he sent me an email and gave feedback on the installation of solar powered lights. He expressed his satisfaction for our solar powered lights and will continue to cooperate with us in the future·RELATED QUESTIONWhat is proffesional led stage lighting?When you're putting on an occasion, whether it is an unassuming school play or a party, stage lighting rental is an unquestionable requirement. Lighting is a main thrust of your production, giving brightening, center, detail and modifying the view of the group of audience. There is nothing that so vitally passes on an inclination superior to a decent lighting system, and with boundless inventive potential, will serve as an immense advantage for your creation.Focus, position and hanging:Conventional stage lighting must be set up because of these three contemplations. Focus refers to where the light will point; position alludes to where the light will start from; hanging refers to the real demonstration of hanging the light. Shading, force and example (assuming any) should be considered next.Types of stage lighting :Ellipsoidal - these lights are the conventional stage lights and thought to be the most critical. They are centering lights, the appearance in front of an audience of which can be adjusted by screens and channels.Fresnel - these lights are utilized for shading washes on the stage.Standard Jars - these lights are the sort you will see in even the dingiest of bars. Continuously a strong choice, standard jars can get hammered, are sturdy and simple to transport.Follow spots - these are spotlights used to pursue somebody around a phase.Obviously, there are increasingly choices accessible for stage lighting with the consistent progress of innovation. Presently you have the fundamentals; here are a couple of more alternatives:LEDs - these Professional LED Stage Lightingare useful for centered pillars and have been gradually supplanting conventional globules in stage lighting.Dizzies - these lights are round circles with a few Drove lights (more often than not of varying hues) covering the surface. The circle pivots in an assortment of bearings and examples, making a whirling, confounding example, consequently the name.Gels - this term alludes to the hues given to lights. They function as shading channels, and should work in congruity with the shade of the light itself to accomplish the craved impact.Once you have got your types of lighting down, you'll have to consider where to place them. Here's an essential summary of lighting positions:Front - This is utilized for the most part for perceivability and shading impacts. Side - can be utilized to awesome impact to complement activity.Back - Additionally utilized for impact. This kind of lighting can make the dream of profundity on a phase, or notwithstanding to silhouette a man totally.
Friday Links: Design Edition
Heres what weve been linking to in the chat flow from the Product Design department at Postlight. (Psst: Were hiring!)Huge news across all Design Twitter already, but: Dribbble got acquired by Tiny! Didnt see that one coming, but it makes total sense and were excited for what lies ahead for the product. You should also check out Postlights Dribbble profile. (via Skyler Balbus)Bakken & Bcks company handbook was getting a lot of love for its super-charming and goofy doodles. Fun fact: the drawings are all in one massive SVG. Were in love. (via Maxim Siebert)Mixed reviews all around the company for Mozillas new identity system. Back during the open call for design, we were definitely wary of where it was going to end up. Some anonymized comments: What makes this unique about Mozilla? my feeling is summed up by :// I actually like it in motion and a good step away from the crowdsourced stuff So so 1999 Photoshop how-to book I cant handle it. Everyones a designeroh wait actually we all are designers in this chat. (via Darrell Hanley)The League Extraordinaire has a pretty slick website, but its the crazy textiles that really steal the show. (via Skyler Balbus)This site from Acne Studios also caught our eye more for its design than the fashion, though we have respect for those #firejawns. (via Maxim Siebert)Take care of yourself this weekend, pals. Youve earned it. .·RELATED QUESTIONCan I use 14/2 indoor wire to wire a outside post light if I put the wire in conduit underground?You can but I would use the UF standard for underground installation. I would run it through a conduit for safety
How Not Talking About Sex Endangers Christian Women (and How Planned Parenthood Can Help)
I wasnt going to publish this post, because it is substantially more personal than Ive gotten before. But in light of this recent article about the intersection of purity culture and rape culture, and considering our Vice President has once again declared his dedication to ending safe abortion in the U.S., I figured it might be a timely and helpful addition to the conversation.I grew up in a household so concerned with modesty that I was afraid of my own body. I dressed in baggy clothes because I was ashamed of my womanly shape; even thinking about my own breasts made me blush with guilt. Colorful belts that drew attention to my hips were yanked off my size-too-large jeans by my angry father. He would also make me spin in front of him, displaying my frumpy outfits, to make sure it wasnt my fault when a stranger stared.Movies or television that had any nudity especially male nudity was strictly forbidden (even the one-piece suits from Star Trek were potential stumbling blocks and given a suspicious side eye). We were supposed to close or avert our eyes if two actors kissed on screen, and all sex scenes, no matter how benign, were fast-forwarded. Once the TV got thrown out altogether as a reaction to an actor with a tight T-shirt. Even to this day, when watching TV my littlest siblings are ushered out of the room at any mention of sex or the human body.Perhaps all of this, while stressful and oppressive, wouldnt have affected me as much if Id been attending a public school, but I was home-schooled and had maybe two friends my own age (neither of whom were allowed makeup or piercings well into their teens). We didnt have access to the internet in my house until 2010, and even then our use of it was heavily monitored. There was no way for me to gain information about the outside world, or learn about my own body how it worked, how to navigate it, what would make me feel good.Knowing all of this, it will come as a surprise to no one to realize I didnt lose my virginity until very late. I was already out of the house and living on my own. All preparation, all education on safe sex, contraception, STDs, plan B, was left up to me. How to enjoy sex how to say no when I didnt feel like it, how to make sure I got what I needed, how to make boundaries for my own mental or physical health was not even a consideration. That I escaped my first forays into that arena without mental scarring, diseases, or an unwanted pregnancy is still a mystery to me.How Planned Parenthood Came to the RescueWhen you hear testimonials about Planned Parenthood, they have a lot to do with large scale issues: terminating pregnancies, catching breast cancer, identifying sufferers of abuse. My own story is more mundane, but honestly changed my world by allowing me to exist with confidence, beyond the shame and fear that previously had been the only concepts associated with sex.An anxious person by nature, and paranoid to the point of tears at the prospect of sex-related complications, I had many questions after becoming sexually active. The only place I had to turn was the Planned Parenthood telephone number. I still remember ducking out of my catering job, leaving shaky messages full of questions I knew I should already know. Did breakthrough bleeding mean the pill wasnt working? If I missed a pill, should I take two at once when I remembered? If I was on the pill, but the condom broke, did I need to take Plan B? If I took Plan B but also continued taking my daily pill, did the effects cancel each other out? How long before I could take a pregnancy test?They were infinitely patient with me, and soon knew me by name. They didnt just answer the questions, they offered instruction and education, facts and statistics that I could carry into my next encounter. I was able to stop stressing, and learned how to be as protected (and as comfortable) as possible.Heres the thing, though. If I had still been a devout Conservative Christian while exploring my sexuality for the first time (Id distanced myself from the family faith a while ago), I dont know what I would have done. I certainly wouldnt have called Planned Parenthood. That nonjudgmental, infinitely valuable resource wouldnt even be a blip on my radar. All they did was perform abortions and sell body parts, after all!Now that I am older and watching my siblings begin wrestling with similar questions and concerns, I am frustrated. They are all still extremely embedded in the culture of the Religious Right, and even the name Planned Parenthood is taboo. Regardless of ones position on abortion, to even suggest this institution has value is scandalous.No Accessible or Acceptable Alternatives Exist For the RightPerhaps if there were less controversial equivalents, this censoring of the nations largest and oldest provider of sex education and preventative care wouldnt be as devastating. But as far as I know, there are no easily accessible, more ideologically acceptable alternatives (and if there were, they almost certainly wouldnt be a resource for LGBTQ individuals.) Of course there arent, because the Conservative Christian agenda has an intense hatred for the idea of women controlling the terms of procreation.This onslaught of ire against contraceptive measures is undeniable, even looking at this last year alone. In February 2017, Oklahoma Representative Justin Humphrey (R) stated that women are merely hosts for fetuses when trying to pass HR 1441 and HR 1559. In November 2017, Wisconsin Representative Scott Allen (R) said insurance shouldnt cover abortions because it would negatively impact the labor force. The Trump administration has not stopped its intense onslaught against affordable contraception since he took office in 2016 (and he ties these issues right back to the Christian faith).The reasons this barrage of attacks and dehumanizing of women is so popular on the Right is anyones guess (it cant be to actually prevent unplanned pregnancy because its been proven to do the exact opposite), but one cannot deny that it is happening. And regardless of whether or not liberating and nonjudgmental sex education is coming from the dreaded Double P or not, it is difficult to imagine it being accepted or accessible in those circles.Best Case Scenarios Are Still Bad Without Sex EducationI cant imagine what my life would be like now if I hadnt ditched the limited notions Id been raised with by the time I started having sex. Where would I be if I still felt that old shame when thinking about my body, if I still operated with a lexicon that didnt include words like contraception, sex education, and safe sex, if I still felt the same anger and disgust at the very idea of Planned Parenthood? The absolute best case scenario would be prolonged emotional and mental suffering from constant paranoia and confusion, a burden placed squarely and exclusively on the woman (at least in cishet couples).I dont want that for my siblings, or for the multitudes of young, sheltered women. I dont want them to be in a position where they have to deal with an unplanned pregnancy or an abortion that would wreck their lives and relationships because of a lack of sexual education. But when the biggest and best provider of that education is maligned, shunned, and actively attacked, the odds against that dont look great. And that terrifies me. It should terrify you too·RELATED QUESTIONWhat else should I check to troubleshoot an outdoor post light?Check on the walls of your garage, inside and out for a GFCI outlet. Also check at the base of the light post. GFCI's are usually used for light posts and are usually to blame for what you're experiencing.
Garden Lights Manufacturer in Gujarat
Hatkesh Engineering is making very good quality garden lights with varios colour Powder Coating. We are making Garden lights in CFL Base as well as LED Base. It is very useful in individual houses, Hotels, Hospitals , and corporate offices. We are also offering programming chargers for dawn to dusk lightings. We are offering Garden Lights in various designs and sizes. We are also making customize designs as require by customer. Looking for Garden Lights manufacturer in Gandhinagar, Garden Lights supplier in Gandhinagar ? Contact Hatkesh Engineering for Garden Lights exporter from Ahmedabad.Inquire at or call at 9898105579, 26461285.Website - Link - Captive Projects Developer Gujarat, Solar Street Light manufacturer in Gujarat, Solar Rooftop Developer in Gujarat·RELATED QUESTIONWhy do American men wear class rings, but won't use their postnominal degrees on door signs and business cards?American women wear class rings, too. I wear mine.Generally speaking, displaying where you got your degree from on a business card or a door sign would be seen as odd, at best. If somebody handed me a business card with the Harvard logo on it and he didn't work at Harvard, I'd probably ask about it: "Oh, do you do work with Harvard University?" and if the answer was, "No, I just attended" I'd find this an unpleasant level of showing off. Not classy.A lot of Americans will have college-related paraphernalia in their offices, though. Like, you may see a pennant or they may have their degree(s) up on the wall. This is a more casual display of affiliation.Likewise, the ring is casual. Class rings are usually not that obtrusive, particularly the signet variety.Usually, the signet is only immediately recognized by others who attended the university (though I have had people ask me to hand over my ring so they could take a closer look at it before), and thus it kind of acts like a secret handshake. I've had people from my college recognize my signet ring on sight, and then we have an instant connection.It's just a lot classier than shoving it in everybody's face all the time in an American social environment, basically.
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