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Kemeco Lighting develops 3 light solar lamp post with the latest technologies while keeping the long-lasting quality top of mind. We only work with suppliers who work to our quality standards – including social and environmental standards. Compliance with these standards is monitored throughout the production process. Before a supplier is finally selected, we require them to provide us with product samples. A supplier contract is only signed once all our requirements are met. Since launched, Kemeco products have taken the greatest credits from clients. They have been widely sold at a very competitive price in the domestic and oversea market. Furthermore, the products present a huge development potential and enjoy a broad market prospect, which have attracted more and more customers to cooperate with us.At Kemeco Lighting, our unique in-house service level is the assurance of quality 3 light solar lamp post. We provide timely service and competitive pricing for our customers and we want our customers to have the perfect user experience by providing them with tailored products and services.
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Solar Lights - What You Need to Know About Saver Lights
Solar Lights - What You Need to Know About Saver Lights
The SEZAC solar lights are perfect for patio, garden, yard, barn, boat or anywhere you need lightIf you have any questions about solar lights, please contact us. We will be glad to help you out. They are so easy to use and well made. You can install them in your garden or they can be placed in your yard.Some of the best solar lights come from outside and we use them to provide our outdoor living space. If you want to have your home as beautiful as it can be, then we have some ideas about how they work. You can check out the video below to see how they work. There are a lot of solar lights that can be used in any type of house. You can choose from many different kinds of solar lights and there are so many types of solar lights that you can choose from. The different types of solar lights are very simple and they can be made from durable materials.If you have any questions about the best solar lights in SA, please contact us. We will provide you with all the information you need to make sure you get the best results out of your solar lights. You can find more information about the SAASI Solar Lights by clicking here. If you have any questions about the SAASI Solar Lights, please contact us.The South Florida Sun is an electric light that has been installed in many homes and businesses. When using the sun it helps to get some rays from the outside and can also be used to provide shade for people who live in the area. It is one of the most popular types of solar lights and they are great for using in any weather.With more than 200 years of experience in solar lights, we know how to choose the right type of solar lights. With over 2,000 different types of solar lights, we have come a long way since our last survey in 2006. If you are looking for a great deal on solar lights, then look no further. You can also find many other options on our website.6 Pack of SEZAC Solar Powered Wall LightsIf you are interested in buying solar lights then please read this blog and get more information about them.The best solar lights are small and lightweight, so they can be attached to any pole or pylon in your home. They have built-in LED technology that makes them much more efficient than incandescent lights. You can find these solar lights in different colors and shapes, so you can choose the light that is right for your needs. The main advantage of solar lights is that they don't require batteries, so you can install them as long as you want.Saving money and having better quality solar lights can be very helpful to your home. With these kinds of solar lights you can save a lot of money by buying them directly from the market. You can use them to light your home or office as well as other spaces in your home. It is best to choose the best type of solar lights for your home or office.Most of the world's electricity is consumed by fossil fuels. Solar lights are cheap and they don't require much energy to produce, but they do have a major downside. They can be very harmful to your health and if you are affected by them then you need to use them properly. If you have solar lights then you need to check that they are made from recycled materials. The best solar lights will last for years and if you have solar lights then you need to make sure that they are made from sustainable materials.The only way to keep your family safe from power surges is to use solar lights. It is the best way to keep your family safe from power surges. You can also choose from various other solar lights and have them lit up in the dark if you want to. There are several different types of solar lights, and they are easy to install and easy to install. They are all connected to a wall or switch that makes them very small and lightweight. You can choose from various other solar lights and have them lit up in the dark if you want.The 6 pack includes 6 solar powered wall lightsSolar lights are very useful for any home or business. They are often found in small homes and they can be used in many different places. Solar lights are useful for people who want to keep their home warm and away from the heat of the sun. It is also good for people who want to have some energy efficiency in their home or business. These solar lights are not as expensive as traditional light bulbs but they can cost up to $500. This will save you a lot of money if you use them properly.There are some very nice options in the selection of solar powered wall lights. They can be very small and very large, but they are also quite efficient. You can choose from a range of different types of solar powered wall lights, so you can choose the best one for you. It is really easy to install solar powered wall lights and has an integrated battery that will run for up to 3 hours. You can even buy solar powered wall lights that have built-in batteries for them.Most of the solar powered wall lights we use are built from durable plastics. They have a beautiful metal frame and can be easily set up in your garden. If you want to make sure you get the best deal on solar powered wall lights then check out our Solar Powered Wall Lights and find out more about them here. You can choose from different types of solar powered wall lights, such as outdoor solar powered wall lights, indoor solar powered wall lights, and even solar powered wall lights. All of these solar powered wall lights are affordable and convenient for home owners.You can save energy by buying solar lights now. If you are looking for a way to save energy then solar lights are the way to go. It is not only saving money but also making your home more efficient. You can choose from several different types of solar lights, and they can be installed in any type of building. They are simple to install and have many uses. You can use them for decoration, light up your garden, make outdoor lighting, add some Christmas lights to your garden, and so on.
Street Lights in the Solar Neighborhood
Solar street light is an alternative to traditional outdoor lighting, which has been steadily increasing in popularity.Solar street light is a type of outdoor lighting that uses solar-powered LEDs to generate the light. It can be placed on the ground or on a wall. Due to its low power consumption, it provides the same level of brightness as traditional lighting but with significant reduction of CO2 emissions and electricity costs.Solar street lights are gaining popularity not just because they are environmentally friendly but also because they are energy-efficient, affordable and effective in providing good quality light for your garden or yard.The benefits of solar street lights are not limited to reducing the carbon footprint and reducing energy consumption. The lights also have a positive impact on human health and safety.This article provides an overview of the state of the art in solar street lighting as well as its benefits and impacts. Along with this, it offers some practical advice for cities, businesses, and individuals interested in installing them in their environment.Before using solar street lights, it is important to understand the product instructions in order to avoid accidents resulting from incorrect use.Solar Street Light1) Put the solar panel in the sunlight and leave it there for a day or more.2) When you're done, remove the solar panel gently and store it in a cool place.The introduction is a crucial part in any formal document. It needs to be concise, interesting and clear. The introduction of this solar street light can help the customer to understand the product. By doing so, they will not have to go through a long and complicated manual showing how it works and how it operates.Solar Street Lights are becoming more popular these days. And they provide a great solution for energy saving. They also make it possible to have street lights in many areas where there is no access to the power grid.The article describes the different solar street lights available on the market. It also introduces the super bright LED street lights that can be used in specific areas like night clubs or large hotel lobbies.With the coming of artificial intelligence, it is possible to build a street light that not only emits light but also has other functions such as tracking and recognizing people.The solar street light is a new kind of lighting that can be used in places where there isn't enough power to illuminate the streets. The idea of the solar street lights is to give people an alternative source of energy, particularly in areas with limited electricity supply, such as remote rural areas and other places without access to electricity. This makes it possible for these people to use their own energy instead of relying on others who may not have much power at all.Solar street lights are one of the most visible and important parts of a sustainable city. They reduce energy consumption and provide ambient lighting. This section discusses how to choose the right solar light for your needs, where to install them, and what solar street lights are available.There are a variety of factors that make a successful solar light installation, such as choosing the right fixture for your particular application, budgeting for installation costs, and understanding local codes.Solar Street Lights - What You Need to KnowSolar street lights offer great benefits in terms of reducing energy usage while providing a better quality of lighting.Solar street lights have a long lifespan of 20 years and the solar panels are photovoltaic cells which generate electricity. They provide light by using energy from the sun's rays to charge a battery.The solar street lamp in your backyard or front yard will save you money on your electricity bills in addition to being eco-friendlyThere are many solar street light products on the market. It is important for people to look for a product that is suitable to their needs and budget.The size of the solar panels varies according to the different devices. Some solar panels are as big as a 2 liter bottle, while others are nearly transparent. There is a wide range of price points too, with some costing thousands of dollars and others costing just $10.Solar lights can be used in all types of weather conditions and they will work best when used in areas with cloud cover and shade, which increases energy efficiency.
This Australian Startup Is Bringing Solar Light to India's Slums
On the edge of Bengaluru, wedged between a railway line and a few dilapidated apartment blocks, squats an Indian slum.From a distance, it looks like any other impoverished settlement - a cluster of ramshackle tents, hordes of snotty-nosed kids and piles of rubbish crawling with fliesBut wander through the labyrinthine alleyways and you notice something a little incongruous. Here, 90 per cent of homes have small solar panels perched on their roofs that power the light insideThe 1,000 residents have ditched kerosene for clean energy, which has not only improved their health, it's provided a better quality lightThey're also saving themselves $100 dollars a year because they don't have to buy kerosene"We're very happy to have the solar lights now because we can work inside the house and the children can study inside," says Laxshmi, a resident of the slum.The slum dwellers bought their lights from Pollinate Energy, an organisation that works with India's poorest people in Bengaluru, Kolkata and LucknowSix young Australians founded Pollinate four years ago, including 28-year-old Alexie Sellar, a mechanical engineer from Sydney and the organisation's chief operating officer"I'm kind of amazed that we've reached 60,000 people already," she says"That's 60,000 people who have clean energy in their homes, something they would not have been able to access maybe for another decade at what's known as a social business - it aims to find a business solution to a social problemThe Pollinate team drew much of its inspiration from the work of Bangladeshi social entrepreneur Muhummad Yunus who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 for his work with some of the world's poorest people."He's been a huge advocate of creating business solutions that allow people in poverty to engage with the market and find the best solution for them to lift themselves out of poverty," says Ms Seller.The Pollinate team identifies Indian employees with an entrepreneurial spirit. These salespeople, known as Pollinators, work in the slums selling products on commission.Manjunath is one of Pollinate's best salesmen. "I'm very happy to do this job because we are working with very poor people. They are uneducated and don't know how to live in the city."Manjunath has worked with Pollinate Energy for three years. For the first couple of years he just sold solar lights, but this year the organisation has begun selling other products, including water filters and mobile phones.Pollinate Energy's customers go onto payment plans and have five-weeks to repay their product. Incredibly, the default rate is a tiny 1 per cent."We had seen microfinance operating around the world for many years before we started Pollinate," says Ms Seller. "The entire ethos of microfinance is that people who don't have much money can still take on a loan and pay it back, and often they make better financial decisions than someone who has a lot of wealth."Pollinate Energy has ambitious plans to scale its business across India and wants to be operating in 20 cities by 2020."We're seeing this work very, very well in the cities we're in at the moment and so many more people are going to migrate into the cities in future that we have the opportunity to serve," says Ms Seller.The immense scale of energy poverty in India offers them a vast market for growth. The International Energy Agency says 240 million people, 20 per cent of the population, don't have access to electricity."What overwhelms me, as an Australian, is thinking that's 20 times the size of Australia who still don't have access to electricity," says Ms Seller."But the other side of me sees that as a huge opportunity - that's why we're so focused on scaling this to so many cities across India, we know these people are there, we know we just have to find them and serve them."Ms Seller says if Pollinate Energy wins The Venture it will be able to move into another 5 cities. The winner will be announced in New York in July.Of the $US1 million in prize money, $250,000 is decided by a public vote.There are 27 finalists in The Venture, a global competition that rewards businesses creating positive change. To support the Australian team you can visit
How to Clean Outdoor Solar Lights?4 Exclusive Tips
Outdoor solar lights illuminate our home outdoor brilliantly and require regular maintenance for a longer lifetime and avoiding costly repairs. Sadly, most YouTube videos on how to clean outdoor solar lights are either too complicated or do not perform well. That's why I invested some time researching the topic and sought out the most convenient way to clean and maintain the solar lights. And guess what, it worked brilliantly. My solar light panels are clean and illuminating like a new one now. I thought this would be beneficial for many people like me. So, I am putting it up here.1. How To Make Solar Lights Last Longer?Well obviously solar lights need batteries. There is no sun at night when you would need the lights. The ones I have last about 3 years. Except for the really cheap ones from the mart stores. They lasted 3 months.2. How Complicated is it to Install Commercial Outdoor Pole Lights?Everywhere you go there are commercial outdoor pole lights. They are so common, so numerous, that you probably do not even realize they are there. Every parking lot, walkway, and park you've ever been to is dotted with tall light poles. But if a pole light is damaged or missing, that's the only time when we notice the difference. After all, for many people, there are few things scarier than a dark corner of a parking lot. There are plenty of reasons why people need commercial outdoor pole lights installed. Whether you are developing a new property or need to renovate an existing one, new pole lights can transform your parking and pedestrian areas. So exactly how complicated is it to install new commercial outdoor pole lights? Here are a few things to consider from Atlanta's outdoor lighting pros. The town or city your property is in has a say about how tall and bright your pole lights can be. If the property falls under the jurisdiction of a homeowner's association, you could have a second layer of restrictions to navigate as well. So before you go buying a bunch of new lights, make sure you understand the limitations placed on your property. Nobody stops to think about the varying conditions pole lights are exposed to around the world. Not every pole light is built to withstand the extreme cold of Minneapolis, the incredible heat of Phoenix, or the frequent earthquakes of Los Angeles. Take the time to do your research and find the outdoor pole lights that are built to tolerate your local conditions. With these pieces of information in place, you can begin to narrow the field of possible pole light purchases. This is the time to start considering the affordability and aesthetic appeal of each of your light pole options. Once you know the brightness and spread of your pole light bulbs, you can do a little math. Sketch your outdoor lighting schematic to figure out how many light poles you need to purchase for your property. Again, your local ordinances and the light manufacturer's information will help you decide where the poles should be placed to provide even, optimal lighting. The next thing to check is the integrity of the pole light installation sites. The concrete or asphalt surrounding the install site should not be crumbling or cracked. You will need to dig an 18-inch deep hole, approximately two feet across, to pour the concrete footing that will support the light pole. (Check your local building codes for accurate specifications in your area.) Once the concrete is poured, the pole should be inserted immediately into the wet concrete. Use a crane to hold the pole straight up until the footing dries. Use levels to make sure the pole is perpendicular to the ground during the drying process. The last thing you want is a crooked 25-foot-tall light pole on your property! Also, this is one step of the installation process when you definitely want a professional's assistance. Wiring the new pole lights is often easier when old pole lights are being replaced. The in-ground wires are already installed. Assuming the existing wiring works, this will save you a lot more excavation and billable hours of work. If the lights are being installed at a new or extremely old development, new wiring should be laid down. Alternatively, you could install solar lights, which do not require any wiring. Make sure the lumens produced by these lights meet your property's requirements and your local ordinances. What Happens When Pole Lights Burn Out? This is inevitable for all light bulbs - well, except perhaps the Centennial Light, which has been burning in Livermore, California since 1901. But your new light poles will definitely require service down the road. When this happens, call an electrical service provider you trust to change out bulbs and perform other routine maintenance. Arc Angel Electric Wants to Be Your Outdoor Lighting Specialist If you are in the greater Cumming, Georgia area, Arc Angel Electric can help with all of your outdoor pole light installations and maintenance needs. We are in our 16th year serving the Atlanta region's electrical needs, so we know your neighborhood like the back of our hand. Our skilled electricians can recommend the right light poles for your property. A team of experienced technicians can be on-site to start your installation right away. For your next commercial outdoor pole light installation, call Arc Angel at 770.889.9243.3. What can i do about hispanic neighbour he keeps running over my Outdoor Solar Lights because he keeps cutting?Let me see you told the guy 7 times he has broken solar lights and they say it's racist to ask him to not break your solar lights ? He has been told 6 times now he is at 7 times of being told and apparently he thinks it's ok to break whatever he wants and he continues to break them even after being made aware of it and it's racist to ask him not to destroy your property .After 7 times he is well aware of what he is doing, but elects to switch off the moral considerations by which normal people are bound. He knows what he is doing, he knows he is responsible for his action thus liable for its consequences and damages to your property. I do not how it is racist to ask somebody not to destroy your property ,then again of late hispanics are being told simple normal laws by which others are bound by, did not apply to them and if anybody is saying anything otherwise, whip out the racist card demand that said person apologize for even suggesting a hispanic would do wrong and continue to allow him to destroy your property or your racist and what next will happen will be reprisals will follow.You might wake up with 4 flat tires, you car can get keyed, sugar can be put in the gas tank.
30w All in One Solar Street Light in Lagos State Solar China Full Half Power 14hours Lights on Solar
gebosun led 30w solar flood outdoor street lights,ip65 high lighting 30w led mother natured solsen solar power plant, solar cfl street light, solar with 40 high favorable led lamp,generates 3000 lumens of treat wine mode with 6000k natural light treat. treat wine for a long time be sure to fine gebosun 30w solar make someone's hair curl flood lights in full sun for 8 time beforeDoes anyone have any information about Solar Trackers?The August 2007 edition of Nuts & Volts magizine has a Solar Tracker projectWill We Forget Gas and Go Solar?I believe that a great majority of our energy use in the (hopefully) near future will come from alternative sources like solar, wind ect. However, gasoline, (specifically diesel), will still probably be used by trucks and buses due to the fact that solar would not be able to provide enough power to move these vehicles. Honestly however, I believe we will always be using gasoline in some way or another.Current State of Solar Power?Almost sure that you will pick up everything that have to do with green energy at www.leafysolarwho.infosolar energy?I am confident that you might discover everything solar power at www.greensolarwho.infoWhat are young people hoping to gain with the climate strikes?If it was just young people, it would be less important. But it's young people and all the intelligent people in the world and almost all the honest and attentive people, against corruption and dishonesty and sloth.Just for a second, imagine that efficiency, wind and solar were cheaper than all fossil fuels, and the fossil fuels and nuclear industries were unable to compete on simple economics. Why would they buy an entire political party in multiple nations, mount a disinformation campaign on an unprecedented global scale, and receive the scorn of an entire generation of their grand-children?Hardly, because of an environmental issue.This is all about money, and it's a fight to the death for the lowbrows who can't figure out how to diversify, move to another industry, or just retire fat and happy.I'm a climate activist, but before I was a climate activist I was promoting efficiency to solve acid rain. I believed it would be slow, but I thought it was better to promote solutions which save money than to promote those which don't.Over 35 years I've seen more corruption and dishonesty than most people are comfortable hearing about. Most of it is from Republicans in public office. Dirty stuff, nasty people, and an utter disregard for their oaths of office.In the last two years, this story has changed. Now, instead of having a lot of things to do which cost less than what we are doing and reduce carbon, it is possible to eliminate all fossil fuel use and if not save money eliminating all the other greenhouse gases, at least pay for them, by saving money with efficiency, wind and solar. Anyone who refuses to accept that is obstructing progress toward a wealthier society, which just happens to solve climate change before it gets too severe to deal with.I'd be happy to have an honest debate, but the debate isn't honest. Climate deniers are fossil industry and nuclear industry proponents who like to shift the topic back to climate science because it is too easy to prove that renewables are cheaper, abundant and will move so fast once we get off the ground floor that the dirty industries will be hard to imagine by the time Greta Thunberg's children are old enough to consider how the world they live in came to be. I do, actually, spend most of my time preaching the wonders of a world with millions of new jobs, hundreds of billions of dollars of new economic activity, and a solution to climate change which is actually delightful. I just think it is sick to deride the efforts of people who are still in school, but have more awareness and concern and information than the people dishing out the criticism.If shame works, so be it. I've spent 35 years using reason and politeness. I've seen some pretty impressive accomplishments, but the dirty politics are just too much in the context of the real world we live in today. Save money, save the Earth, and learn why it all depends on efficiency, wind and solar. If anyone tries to persuade you that there are problems with that solution, consider their motives to be suspect. What are young people hoping to gain with the climate strikes?
Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Street Light Lithium
[PDF] Lighting and Electrical Team Leadership and Project Delivery - Free Download PDFLighting and Electrical Team Leadership andProject Delivery2014 Building Technologies Office Peer ReviewLinda Sandahl, [email protected] Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryProject SummaryTimeline:Start date: July 2008Planned end date: 2015 or afterBuilding Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) InternationalKey MilestonesGreen Parking Council1. LEEP: 100 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by February 20142. LEEP: 300 million sq ft of high efficiencyparking lighting by December 20143. Interior Lighting Initiative (Campaign) ready for launch by October 2014International Facility Management Association Better Buildings Alliance Lighting & Electrical Team members LEEP Campaign Supporters (manufacturers, utilities, lighting designers, efficiency groups)Budget:Federal Energy Management ProgramTotal DOE $ to date: $2.288 M (2008 - 2014) Total future DOE $: TBDProject Goal:Target Market/Audience:• Commercial building owners and operators for BBA Lighting Team.• Larger audience of commercial buildingsector for campaign initiatives.- Manufactures, utilities, contractors, etc. 2Key Partners:To speed the market adoption of high efficiency lighting technologies and practices by utilizing the tools and resources developed by the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team and others to address the barriers faced by facility managers and operators.Project OverviewTask 1. Better Building Alliance (BBA)* Lighting &Electrical Team Leadership (2008 - present)• Over 60 organizations and over 150 individuals on listserv• Identify and address BBA member barriers & resource gaps• Jointly develop tools and resources• Annual outreach at the Better Buildings SummitTask 2. Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP)Campaign - (launched Sept. 2012)Collaborative development of resources• Specifications, tools, resources developed by Team rolled into larger recognition and guidance program (Campaign)• Industry partnership; PNNL tech. assistance to Participants• Surpassed goal of achieving at least 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking lighting installed or plannedTask 3. Interior Lighting Initiative Planning (2015)• Finalize plan in FY 2014; FY 2015 launch• Focus on high impact interior lighting applications andtechnologies• Currently identifying tools, resources, partner organizations.* Formerly the Commercial Building Energy Alliance (CBEA)Purpose and ObjectivesProblem Statement: Lighting often provides some of the easiest, most costeffective energy-saving opportunities for building owners and occupants - but there are challenges to realizing this potential at scale.• Barriers addressed include: - unfamiliarity with new, rapidly changing technology or approaches - lack of reliable, actionable information that demonstrates real world applications of the technology and its cost-effectiveness, - difficulty in quickly locating applicable utility incentives, and - lack of market recognition for exemplary energy practices.Target Market and Audience: Commercial lighting uses about 16%* of total commercial building source energy use, more than any other single end-use, and the BBA Lighting & Electrical Project Team is pursuing projects that can reduce lighting energy use by 20% to 75% or more. Audiences includes:• BBA Members (building owners and managers, engineers),• Federal users,• the larger commercial buildings community, including: - offices, hospitals, higher education, retail stores, and hotels, and• other industry players that support efficient lighting.*EIA, Annual Energy Outlook 2014 Early ReleasePurpose and Objectives (continued) Exterior Lighting (LEEP Campaign)LEEP Planned Contribution to Energy Efficiency• The Opportunity - Nation could save ≈ 187 TBtu annually or ≈ $1.84 billion with high efficiency parking lighting 1 - LEEP award documentation represents only ≈ 0.10% of the estimated 505 million parking spaces in the U.S.2 Lots more opportunity!1. Project Endpoint - June 2015 LEEP Award Announcements - Suite of resources to support exterior lighting upgrades - Examples of successful implementation available2. Key Success Indicators - Phase 1 Goal (Year 1)• Participants agree to evaluate their portfolio to identify potential sites that can apply high efficiency lighting technology, and to use it where feasible and cost-effective• Goal: 100 million sq ft of installed/planned high efficiency parking space• Awards in up to 12 categories- Phase 2 Goal (Year 2) - Progress toward 300M sq ft goal - Phase 3 Goal (Year 3) - 300M sq ft achieved; new Participants, Supporters, and award winners - 1. DOE 2013 Adoption of LEDs in Common Lighting Applications 5 2. DOE 2011 Energy Savings Estimates of LEDs in Niche Lighting ApplicationsPurpose and Objectives (continued)Interior Lighting Campaign Planning (FY 2015 launch) Project Contribution to Energy Efficiency:• Interior lighting applications offer substantial savings, for example: - If all US troffers were replaced to BBA specification compliance troffers, could save ≈ 290 TBtu, or ≈ $2.6 billion annually - If all US commercial CFL downlights were replaced to BBA specification compliant downlights* the US could save ≈ 12.7 TBtu or ≈ $115 million annually1. Project Endpoint - 3 year expected duration starting 2015 -- 2 rounds of interior awards - Savings and costs calculated2. Key Success Indicators - Project plan draft complete March 2014; Final September 2014 - Organizing Partners who represent significant market share; responsive to industry needs; able to track energy savings and participation; document target applications and performance; provide resources and technical assistance to move idea to execution. - If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings *assumes 16W LED replaces 26W CFL lamp ballast 6Approach (General)Speed the adoption of high efficiency lighting by: 1. identifying technology and/or market adoption barriers to increased uptake of new/underutilized lighting technologies in high-use, replicable application categories through the BBA Lighting & Electrical Team; 2. identifying current resources available, and gaps/needs; 3. developing tools and resources that address barriers, in coordination with industry partners; 4. testing/vetting resources within and outside the BBA; 5. encouraging wider execution of energy saving practices in commercial lighting, once resources prove successful with BBA membership, document participation, performance and implementation via larger initiatives (e.g., Campaigns); 6. continuing to explore new lighting-related barriers and challenges with the BBA community via the Lighting & Electrical Team. 7. Coordination within DOE (FEMP, DOE SSL Program, etc.) 7LEEP ApproachCollaboration and ResourcesWebinars Better Buildings AllianceDOE provides tools and technical assistance to Participants in helping the Campaign Organizers maximize participationTechnical Assistance (limited)List of utility incentivesCase StudiesSpecificationsEnergy Estimator to compare against code 8Design VignettesM&V guidanceApproach (LEEP Campaign)Key Issues:• Long lead times for site selection ïƒ design ïƒ construction means that many sites will not have been completed by end of Campaign• Participants do not always provide all the needed site informationDistinctive Characteristics:• Collaborative effort with industry that leverages resources developed by the !'s Lighting & Electrical Project Team• Campaign offers unusual opportunity to count use of DOE resources in Participant facilitiesProgress and AccomplishmentsLessons Learned• Significant industry interest in a variety of approaches/technologies.• More interest in awards than we thought!• "ampaigns" are successful when you have; key partners with significant market share and parallel mission; market interest in the application; engagement and leadership by industry leaders; and recognition to help track and document success.Accomplishments• LEEP Phase 1 total installed/planned sq ft is over 270M sq ft - Goal: 100M sq ft of high efficiency parking installed or planned• LEEP Award submissions received from 21 organizations represents:- - - - -over 160M sq ft of installed parking space;about 45 million kWh/year (or ≈ 155 billion Btu of site energy) saved; about 500,000 parking spaces; about 600 parking facilities; and median energy savings of nearly 60% with some sites reaching over 80%.• LEEP Award winners in all 12 categories 10Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Over 100 LEEP Campaign Participants (as of March 2014)ABM Energy ABM Facility Services AGC Banquet & Event Center Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. Allentown Parking Authority American Realty Advisors Arby's Restaurant GroupCushman & Wakefield Denver Office Park / CBRE Dept. of Defense, Joint Base San Antonio Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Perry Point, MD Evolvelectric Ford Motor Company Forest City Enterprises Inc.MGM Resorts International Midwest Moving & Storing Miller-Valentine Group MN National Guard Morlin Asset Management Newmark Grubb Knight Frank Parmenter Realty PartnersThe Hermitage Centre The Kroger Co. ThedaCare Tower Companies Town of Amherst Town of Mountain Village U.S. Army Reserve Parks Reserve Forces Training Area U.S. Army - Dugway Proving Ground Union StationAT&T Blue Hill PartnersFranklin Resources Inc Gaylord Nat Resort & Convention CtrPerry CSD Point Park UniversityBradford ExchangeGeorgia Building AuthorityUniversity of California at IrvineBrookfield Office Properties Brookshire Brothers Bruce Wayne KubenaGroupe Pacific Grubb Ventures Hammerschlag & Co., Inc.Prince William County Govt., Department of Public Works Prologis L.P. Providence Heath & Services Prudential Real EstateCBRE for Regions Bank CC Frost Properties, LTD CentraCare Health System City of Melrose City of San Jose, Dept. Transp.Hines Horizon Solutions LLC ibx lighting JBG Companies Jones Lang LaSalleUniversity of Colorado Health University of Maryland Medical Center University of Minnesota - Parking and Transportation Services PTP Management, Inc. University of Pennsylvania Regency Centers University of South Florida Reit Management & Research LLC Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center) Santa Barbara County US Air Force - Lackland, AFB Shelor Motor Mile Village of Great Neck PlazaCLTC Compass Properties, LLC Connecticut General Assembly Cox Enterprises Inc. Crescent Real Estate EquitiesJulin Realty Services, LLC Kimco Realty Group Marine Corps Base Quantico (MCBQ) MC Realty Group LLC MD Anderson Cancer CenterStandard Parking State of Missouri Sumner School District Supervalu, Inc. TES EngineeringVon Braun Center Walmart Wells Fargo Insurance USA WyndhamOver 100 organizations have signed up as LEEP Campaign Supporters (see reference slide)11Progress and Accomplishments (continued)Market Impacts - LEEP Phase 1 Award WinnersRetrofits Org. A B C D E F G H I J K LNew 3Other1011≈1.7 million ≈4 million ≈2 million65% >80% >80% >80%≈400,000>80%≈15.3 million>80% >80% ≈500,000≈70% X X 160Award CategoriesRetrofit 1 - Absolute savings - parking lot 2 - Absolute savings - parking structure 3 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 4 - Greatest % savings - parking structureNew construction 5 - Absolute savings - parking lot 6 - Absolute savings - parking structure 7 - Greatest % savings - parking lot 8 - Greatest % savings - parking structureOther 9 - Best use of controls 10 - Absolute number of sites 11 - Greatest percentage of portfolio 12 - Greatest overall savings kWhNotes: Savings are kWh/year; Additional savings from maintenance costs, etc. not included. • 300M sq ft Phase 2 goal may be revised to 500M sq ft based on Phase 1 results• LEEP Campaign could be extended or transitioned to othersInterior Lighting Campaign• FY 2014 plan will identify lighting applications and practices, resources andtools, partners, collaborators, and project milestones• Implement the plan in FY 2015• If we demonstrate success we will have ___ participants impacting __M sq ft of interior space and ___TBtu savings17REFERENCE SLIDES18Project BudgetProject Budget Variances: No variances Cost to Date: $254K (41%) Additional Funding: Strong industry collaboration and in-kind support, but no other direct funding sources.Budget History FY2008- FY2013FY2014FY2015 - TBD(past)(current)(planned)DOE $1,670K19Cost-share $0KDOE $618KCost-share $0KDOECost-shareProject Plan and Schedule20Project Plan and Schedule (continued)21Project Integration and CollaborationCommunications:• LEEP Campaign Webinars - LEEP Launch (Sept 2012) - LEEP Campaign Progress - presentations from Walmart, MGM, Hines and Green Parking Council (Feb 2013) - CBRE Green Knights webinar (April 2013) - OSRAM SYLVANIA's sustainable lighting solutions (April 2013) - Using the Street and Parking Facility Lighting Retrofit Financial Analysis Tool webinar hosted by the Better Buildings Alliance and FEMP (Aug 2013) - LEEP Campaign / Lighting Controls for Parking Facilities (Dec 2013) - High Efficiency Parking Lighting for Federal Agencies: The Time Is Now to Join LEEP and Get the Resources You Need (March 2014)• Articles (print or web in Q2) by - Healthcare Environmental Resource Center, ParmenterGREEN, UCLA, etter Plants' Partners Newsletter, ENERGY ST!R, BOMA and IFMA.22Project Integration and Collaboration (continued)Communications:• • • • • • • • •Better Buildings Efficiency Forum Greenbuild International Conference and Expo Lightfair International National Parking Association (NPA) Convention & Expo Defense Energy Summit International Parking Institute (IPI) Annual Convention Midwest Energy Solutions Conference Better Buildings Alliance, GPC, IFMA and BOMA e-newsletters 38 Tweets and re-Tweets (GPC, IFMA, BOMA and Better Building Alliance members)• Several LEEP focused articles, blogs and press releases• IFM!'s Sustainability hapter meeting23Progress and AccomplishmentsLEEP Campaign Supporters (as of March 2014)24
Inflatable Best Solar Street Light Supplier  Types, Design and Benefits
Inflatable Best Solar Street Light Supplier Types, Design and Benefits
Manufacturing process of best solar street light supplierIt is not only about products, but also about quality. It is about product line and the type of work that will be done by the person who is responsible for manufacturing the product. In order to have a good product line and to make sure that the quality of the product is good, people need to look at their options. For example, if they are using solar street lights, they need to know how to use them properly. If they have poor quality solar street lights, they need to check their reliability and other aspects of the products before making a decision.Solar street lights are one of the most used types of lighting in the world. They are powered by solar energy and use no electricity. It is important to make sure that the lights work well and also that they have good performance. A good solar street lights will not only provide you with better lighting but will also reduce your carbon footprint. This is because they are less expensive than other types of lighting and this will save you a lot of money in the long run. If you want to buy solar street lights then it is best to get one from a reputable company.Solar street lights are widely used in industrial fields and commercial sectors. They are also used in many civil engineering industries, business organizations, academic institutions, academia, universities, etc. In the last few years, they have become very popular and people have come to know more about them. The market is booming and the demand for solar street lights is increasing. We can see that there are lots of new companies that are creating new products that can save our planet. We can see that solar street lights are not just decorative but also efficient.Applications of best solar street light supplierThe government has to work on all types of projects and not just the ones that have an impact on people's lives. It is important to note that this does not mean that solar street lights are useless or inefficient. They are made from cheaper materials and can be easily operated with little maintenance. The only thing that is needed is to make sure that the energy bills of the project are kept low and that the sun doesn't have enough heat to run it. Solar street lights can also save you money by improving the brightness of your home.This is a quick way to save the environment. There are several types of solar street light, but we will try to select the one that is the best for our needs. These solar street light will be available in different colours and designs. You can use it for various applications like indoor and outdoor lighting, commercial, industrial, etc. It is easy to use and you can get your own home with no additional charge. If you want to have your own home then solar street light is the way to go.Solar street lights are an essential part of any home. If you are looking for solar street lights then you need to make sure that you get the best deal possible. The right solar street lights can be very useful in making your home comfortable and convenient. They can also help you save money on electricity bills by using them as well as saving your family money. It is really easy to install solar street lights and has many advantages over traditional solar street lights. There are several types of solar street lights, but they are usually cost effective and provide enough light to keep your home comfortable.Best solar street light supplier has been awarded with the Best Solar Street Lights award in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The team of engineers at Solar Street Lights have worked on a number of projects in the city and now they have successfully delivered their project to their customers. The work is quite complex and not all solar street lights are created equal. There are many different types of solar street lights and some of them can be used for outdoor purposes. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. These solar street lights can be used for commercial purposes, such as camping, or to make patio or balcony lighting.Product Features of best solar street light supplierBest solar street light supplier has good reputation in the market. It has been providing quality solar street light to many people. They are well known in the market and it is getting much attention from many people. It is really important to choose the best solar street light that is right for your needs. We have all kinds of solar street light, so we can find the best solar street light that suits your needs. It is also very important to choose the best solar street light that is right for your needs.When we have good solar street lights then it is easy to get our hands on the products. The main purpose of solar street lights is to give people a way to go about their daily lives. We can find out how they work and how they are used in different kinds of buildings. They are useful for building energy efficient homes, and also for household use. When we use solar street lights then we have to be careful when we use them because they will make us ill and not give us any warning.The first thing I notice when I am driving is the impact of the wind on the vehicle and how important is it to have a clean driving experience? The problem is when you don't have a clean driving experience then you need to get a new one or try something new. It is hard to find the right way to use a good solar street light and when you can just follow the directions, you will be in a better position to use the solar street light. So if you are looking for a new way to use solar street light then check out this article about best solar street light suppliers.Product Range of best solar street light supplierWith many brands and models in the market, we can choose the best solar street light that suits our needs. This will help us to find the best solar street light for our needs. The most important thing is to make sure that the product has a good warranty and it will last you a long time. It is better to buy the best solar street light from a company that offers great service.Our customer is always happy to give feedback on our products and this feedback is very important to us. When we hear feedback from our customers, we tend to focus on how good they are at what they do. They don't want to buy anything that doesn't work as well as they should be. This is because people who have problems with their home can try to fix it by doing some research and find out what works best for them. It is also important to note that we use quality materials and know what works best for us.Led solar street light is one of the most used and most popular type of solar street light. They are installed in houses and business premises, which makes them very efficient and reduce energy consumption. The led solar street light can be attached to a small electrical outlet, or it can be attached to a high-voltage power source. This led solar street light is not only economical but also saves money on electricity bills. It can be used in homes and businesses as well as commercial buildings.The product range of best solar street light products in today's market is expanding rapidly. In today's market, there are more than four types of solar street light, which can be used in any application. There are three types of solar street light and they are available in different shapes and sizes. The most important thing to note is that these solar street light products are also durable and offer many other benefits. This makes them ideal for commercial use.
How Do I Keep Rabbits From Chewing Electrical Cords on My Garden Lights?
Find something that they do not like of a kind of smell they do not like and put it around the places you do not want them to get near1. deciphering growing lights specificsThe important factors are the light spectrum and the lumens , not the watts. I have found more information for aquarium light products than garden lights . A metal halide ( not halogen ) with a 5000 C temperature rating would be good but use a lot of power ; available in wattage from 150 to 500 and maybe more.2. How to tell if solar garden lights are working?pat,solar lights are NOT connected to an electric outlet,they get their energy from the sun,sometimes you have to replace the rechargeable batteries in the lights,the best way to tell is by putting your hand over the solar panel on top of the light, the light should come on,if it does not you may have to replace the battery,and i do not think they make a battery charger for solar lights,hope this helps3. how do i get rid of earwigs in garden lights there only in the battery departments?After you clean them out seal the compartment with some sort of caulking so they cant reenter. They are just going in there to get out of the weather4. What are the different types of solar garden lights available in the market?If you are trying to just shine light on the whole garden there are spot light and flood lights available. If you want to accent the garden, hang lanterns or add any number of ornamental figurines. There are solar rocks that can be strategically placed to shine across your garden to. Use several to surround your work. Solar lighting is an excellent choice. Just make sure to get your panels in the sun and keep debris off of them.5. How do I keep rabbits from chewing electrical cords on my garden lights?Try the dog hair. Go to local salon and ask for hair from the floor6. How to kill wasps that've built a nest INSIDE my sealed solar garden lights?Try spraying it really well and quickly tie a plastic bag over the light so nothing can get out. They cannot breathe and will die7. Cool things to make in my yard?(: Bird feeders, humming bird feeders, ponds, decorative garden pots. Comfortable seating. Garden lights can be fun. They make these reflective twisty ties, that hunters use to mark trails so they can find their way around at night. Lost? Shine your light on that tree! They sell them in the sporting goods section of big stores. You could make little fairies out of them and hang them on plants that are illuminated at night. You could tell your cousin that fairies only come out at night and take him out to your peace garden at dark. I collect a lot of rocks and made a fairy park in a big garden pot. Made some miniature benches, a water fountain out of a geode and a white pebble pathway around the plants. If you do not have enough rocks, you could substitute various sizes of sticks. Tack them together to make a place for the fairies to chillax, when they visit at night. I hope you have fun with your fairy garden. Good luck! (:8. What is the best brand of solar powered garden lights? Where do i get them?Any brand is good. Just check for voltage (or wattage - I am not sure on this) - they come in different strength. It depends how bright you want the lights to be. Usually you can buy them in garden centres, or DIY stores with garden centre, but these places would usually stock cheep and cheerfull lights. If you want something prittier or desighner stuff (you know, you can get brick-shaped solar lights, then you just incorporate them in your garden path or wall design) then a lighting centre is the place to go. They have loads of them on ebay too, especially in ebay stores9. Would it be possible to hack solar garden lights into one big PV panel?a garden light uses one LED, or about 30mw of power. you would need 2000 of these to power just one 60 watt light bulb. not practical or cheap. you would be better served to get a single 60 watt panel. a clothes dryer uses a tremendous amount of power, you should hang the clothes out on a line to dry in the sunshine instead
Tips for Solar Street Light
Tips for Solar Street Light
The solar street light is a promising technology, which has the potential to solve the energy problem. It can be used in many places in cities and by the people in order to provide energy.What do you mean by Integrated Solar Street Lights?SILAN Integrated & Intelligent Solar Led Street LightAll in One (10W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 42W, 48W & 60W)nSolar LED Street Lights present the perfect and cost-effective solution for residentialstreets, parking lots, security, roadways and yards for outdoor general area lightingapplications. Solar LED street lights can be more economically viable and efficient inareas where the cost of providing electricity is expensive due to non-availability ofgrid power or in remote areas or in unreachable terrains. Solar street lights using LED technology generate a very powerful and targeted crisp white light of excellent quality,which significantly enhances illumination and night visibility. LED Solar Street Light is an extremely versatile and robust solar parking lot light, it is perfect for all kind of weather conditions. This compact solar powered street lightprovides extra lighting easily in no time. Installation is straightforward; only 4 boltsneed to be tightened onto a pole. The unit can also be wall mounted. No trenching orconnection to the electric grid is needed. The all-in-one LED solar street light isperfect for retrofitting old electric powered fixture or new installations.· Elegant look IP 65 silver housing· Solar panel, battery, charging circuit, LED driver circuit are integrated in single casing· Aluminum alloy case, built-in pipe mounting bracket· Top quality solar panel battery· 120 degrees wide lighting angle· Motion and PIR sensor for longer battery life· Automatic dusk to dawn operation· No cabling , no battery box· Pole and wall mounting universal bracket· Use it at streets, roadways, sidewalks, gardens, parking lots, public square plaza,malls, resorts and farm house and wildlife area· Battery Backup: 3 nights· Auto dusk to dawn and motion sensor mode after 5 hrsThe Best Models of Solar Street Lights: Opinions, Features and PricesIn this article you can find Opinions, Features and Prices on the best models of Solar Street Lights currently on the market. The use of solar energy is rapidly spreading to the consumer and home level. This technology actually saves you money by offering a free, and above all eco-sustainable, alternative to the use traditional electricity. The best solar street lights are a practical and very economical solution to illuminate your garden or terrace during the night hours. They make paths and driveways visible, they illuminate swimming pools and, last but not least, provide valid protection against intruders as they provide lighting to the areas that otherwise they would remain in the dark. Resorting to the use of street lamps outdoor solar panels, especially in those areas of green space with difficult to access energy, has become a must. Among the outdoor lamps, the LED lights offer many advantages compared to (literally light emitting diode) is a very valid alternative to traditional incandescent lighting. LED lights, in fact, can be easily fixed to walls, driven into the ground, or placed along a path that you want to illuminate. Their extreme versatility is mainly due to the fact that they need no connection to the electricity grid because, as they self-power thanks to sunlight. All, without distinction, will allow you to choose a desired position, without the need for new connections. And all, without distinction, will provide great value for money because of the longer duration and do self sustained power. It is estimated that the lifespan of an LED lamp is 10 times longer compared to fluorescent lighting. In addition, the lighting produced from LED solar lamps can cover a period of time that varies from 6 to 8 consecutive hours, granting a much longer life cycle than traditional light bulbs, especially considering their 10,000 hours of activity. On our site ProduceShop it is possible to choose among many advanced technological and efficient models of solar street lights, made exclusively from high quality materials, with a advantageous quality / price ratio and able to guarantee extremely performing features. All of our products are available for immediate delivery and are covered by a 2-year warranty. What are the best solar LED lights models? • Solar powered LED lamp with 7000 Lumen of power, dusk-till-dawn and motion sensors MAZINGA The Mazinga solar powered LED street light is an excellent product that is equipped with all the latest generation options and able to give off a luminous flux of 7000 Lumens, perfectly able to illuminate large open spaces such as car parks, gardens, squares or streets. The included solar panel allows you to install this solar street lamp without the need for hookups or cables, so that it can illuminate areas with no connection to the electricity grid while saving on your electricity bill. This solar LED street light Mazinga is also equipped with both motion sensors and twilight sensor, the best options to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Mazinga is in fact able to work even more than 7 consecutive nights on a single charge, continuing to illuminate even after days of bad weather where there is not enough sunlight to ensure internal battery charging. The tempered glass and aluminum composition guarantees resistance to bad weather and wear. • The new MEGATRON street lamp is the most convenient and way to light the streets at night for excellent visibility of pedestrians and motorists, without the need to connect to the electricity grid. Street lamps like MEGATRON are highly reliable and thanks to the huge reduction in energy consumption you will be able to immediately amortize the initial purchase investment. Also, using a clean and renewable energy source such as MEGATRON, means investing in a better world. This street lamp outputs 4000 lumens and is a concentrate of innovation, technology and sustainability. Its sturdy aluminium shell and the latest generation polycarbonate ensure maximum resistance to wear. The body of the street lamp is unique and features all necessary components to function in full autonomy. The installation of the lamppost is quick and easy. This lamp is complete with a bracket and must be fixed to a pole with a diameter of at least 60 mm (not included in the product). Et voilÃ, your new MEGATRON street lamp will be ready to go. • The Terminator is a solar powered LED street light equipped with 21.6W integrated photovoltaic panel and 30W LEDs with a high power of 3000 Lumens. Perfect to illuminate any large outdoor spaces with no connection to the power grid or to illuminate without worrying about bills. Equipped with a powerful lithium battery capable of powering the device for more than 7 consecutive nights even in case of bad weather or poor exposure to sunlight, this Solar LED street light is the optimal solution to illuminate streets, courtyards, parking lots and gardens. This solar LED light is equipped with motion sensor and twilight sensor, revealing itself to be a latest generation product featuring the latest innovations in the sector. The aluminium and tempered glass casing ensures resistance to bad weather and wear, so that the 3000 lumens of flux can continue to illuminate for many years to come. Solar Led Streetlight 3000 Lumens With Built In Panel Motion And Dusk-Till-Dawn Sensor Terminator Discover the best Solar Lights in the dedicated section of our website: exclusive offers and unbeatable prices.
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