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In the field of solar led deck post lights production, Kemeco Lighting has earned years of experiences with abundant strength. We insist on adopting the superior materials to conduct the production. In addition, we have obtained numerous certifications from international standards testing organizations. Thus, it has superior quality and performance compared with similar products and its application prospect becomes more and more extensive.Decades past, our brand recognition has spilled over to the global world and the increasing annual sale of our Kemeco branded products has become a stimulating encouragement and repayment to our hardworking work to build brand value in our products, through which we aim to march towards the global market. With our Kemeco brand influence continually expanding, we prove our brand-orientation policy is no doubt right.Customer's ideas and requirements for solar led deck post lights will be fulfilled by a team of dedicated and skilled professionals who find solutions to meet your design and development needs. At Kemeco Lighting, your customized product will be handled with the utmost quality and expertise.

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